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  1. Can somebody remind me how you can see how many tickets are left? Or before it comes to you priority, I used to use it all the time, but to be fair there hasn't been a need since Feb 2020, though it was handy for Wolves & Norwich away then!!
  2. Think on this one it should have gone to the STH's only, especially as they have paid £70 this season for retention. There are by now a decent percentage of the 23/23.5k that have not been STH's since we were promoted and have been to plenty of away games - YET - members will get 1st dibs over those below 2/300pts but plenty of aways. I have been both over the last 10 years, I would feel lucky if I got tickets as a member but may think on this occasion it might not have been the right approach.
  3. Surely he's a courier in Durham for specsavers??
  4. I actually think 68 will be enough. After today it’s a 6 horse race. If we can beat Sheff U, Palace & WBA we will be really close. 4pts from the last 2 away games where we played poorly with thin teams has actually been good. Post the window we will have numbers back for the last push. We’ll be playing in Europe again, just which trophy??
  5. Am I missing something, we don’t play them away twice in a season do we?? Didn’t we beat them for the first time since 1973 away. So aren’t we at the KP??
  6. He’s still a cool calm lethal finisher. Some parts have got worse, pace, some have got better - finishing, left foot, link play, football intelligence. But you can’t hold back Father Time BUT I have expected last season & this to be the last where he would be effective, but I expect a good last 13 games from him fitness permitting & probably feature prominently in 40 plus games next season.
  7. Not seen him before, little did like Thomas needs to get the game time but might be a player, ours always feel better
  8. For me his end product is too hot & cold, not reliable enough. If we can look elsewhere, he’s not the answer at those wages or the possible transfer fee.
  9. He makes mistakes, Nach at Bournemouth last season might have cost us 4th BUT for the 2nd season we are primarily in the top 4, winning lots of games. We could always get Claude or Craig back, he’s fine. The best out there, he’s generally getting a lot from that squad, with all the injuries. Lets get behind them & him, is this the best few years in our history?? Pretty much, cmon boys, champions league to play for.
  10. IF We had been ripped off or it was close it would have been painful. BUT We were SO shite all game & annoyingly they defended well & outworked us 2nd half. So after all that & the disappointment that reducing tiring squad will be glad of the games not being played & IF they can right the ship in the next 2 games, 3rd/4th at best & Europe almost certainly again will be there - I expect & maybe a cup win!!!!
  11. At this point we are averaging 2pts per game. Lets go really conservative- so 1.5pts per game so 19pts. We won’t collapse like last year as there won’t be a break mid season. Fofana will be back in a few weeks, Praet hopefully in April (1 month to go), Maddison will only miss a couple of games. Its a 7 horse race & we can say, we will be competing in a European competition next season. We are better than West Ham, Everton aren’t quite consistent enough. So that leaves Liverpool & Chelski. Who knows what’s going to happen with Liverpool, & Chelsea
  12. Thought he was excellent last night, he might make a run for the Euro's squad and last night would have helped, especially with Southgate there. His game awareness is really starting to improve, where to move, when to pass & shoot etc., his finishing is starting to improve, lets hope he can much further develop calmness in front of goal like the 2nd against Southampton. I have a mate who thinks he could be the next Lineker (I'm not so sure but....), i.e. started out wide and finished up down the middle, didn't actually know if these games without were a chance to try that as B
  13. Got to say till this season, aside from the initial loan period, he had good form 40-60% of the time which was somewhat frustrating but went missing much of the rest, but have to say this season he has been repeatedly very good, as had Maddison of late till last night. The goals he weights in with Maddison and Barnes point to a future after Vardy. A number of his passes are also very penetrative, he picks the holes and the runs (oeerr missus!!) and really is driving the team. Still always find him funny sprinting back to cover a break, he actually lacks 2-3 yards of pace not 1!!
  14. Wilf has been a monster since his return. Of course Mendy has turned into a player that can “do a job” BUT is Wilf’s name the 1st on the team sheet in terms of we are worse without him?
  15. It certainly helps him that the (mispelt) Ward-Prows can pass the 1st defender at corners, unlike most of the Premier League corner takers. Though tbf did transfer him in to my fantasy team last night swapping him (sorry) for JJ!!
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