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  1. It’s true. Even in a park knockabout like this he’s been dreadful.
  2. When Maguire has to sprint it’s like he has a sack of coal on his back. Cags glides effortlessly in comparison
  3. Hopefully Ashley Cole will put in a good word for him at half time
  4. How good has Maddison’s form been for us since he got snubbed by Crooked Face when England played in September? If he has something to prove to Southgate, he’ll be better for us. That’s fine by me.
  5. No sports fan ever - and I mean ever - can have felt as euphoric as we did at the final whistle of Chelsea v Spurs on 2 May 2016. The. Greatest. Sporting. Moment. Ever.
  6. Watching Cags playing for Turkey against Iceland atm and on edge praying he doesn’t get injured. His usual imperious self so far.
  7. Yes, this is the touchiest of subjects, but I actually find it disturbing and somewhat sinister that the football authorities are all too happy to sacrifice Bernardo Silva - and his public reputation - on the altar of political correctness when anyone in their right mind can see that he is not racist and neither was his tweet. It’s the scattergun victimisation and condemnation of innocents in trivial non-events like this that hampers, rather than helps, the fight against racism and the battle for true equality. But sadly many of those charged with pursuing that worthy cause are too blinkered or bloody-minded to see it.
  8. A great player for us (and, bar Algeria in the summer, only us) but, if these quotes are accurate, a slimy ungrateful toad of a human being.
  9. Guardiola’s interview did him no favours. Repeatedly calling his team’s performance “so good” is surely the last thing Man City fans want to hear. He just came across as a bad loser and a bit of a tw@.
  10. Or our victory on Boxing Night triggering a New Year meltdown. Believe.
  11. Did anyone else notice how the huge cheer at the final whistle was immediately followed by a moment of eerie silence as the Liverpool fans as one suddenly had this horrible thought: “Jesus, what if we fcuk this up now?!”
  12. If, according to some, Liverpool are now ‘nailed on’ to win the title - because they have an eight-point lead - then surely by the same logic we are even more ‘nailed on’ to finish in the top four - as we have a NINE-point lead over fifth. The truth is there are 26 games to go.
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