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  1. He set the tone tonight... with being slow, second to the ball and wasteful with his passes. No one can deny that he is a talented footballer, but when he is bad, he is horrid.
  2. Watching him butcher chances week in week out over the past five months - and miscontrol the ball and misplace passes with equal frequency - is a torture I never thought we would have to endure. You hope that by some miracle he will score the winner in the cup final and cement his legend as the greatest ever Leicester striker - but sadly the way he is playing he is more likely to miss a huge chance. I certainly wouldn’t trust him if we were awarded a penalty...
  3. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not a case of being ‘entitled’ at all. The club’s expectations have risen massively since then - as, inevitably, have ours. (Ditto Man City from a bit further back.) No Leicester fan in their right mind can have felt anything other than overwhelming anger and disappointment at the way the team played tonight, potentially destroying all our hopes of reaching the Champions League - an objective we have been working towards all season.
  4. We have lost ten games at home this season - eight of them in the league - and we expect to finish in the top four?
  5. Utter humiliation despite the two late goals. All the persistent flaws of this team were exposed tonight: - arsing around unnecessarily at the back - not defending corners properly - slow ponderous, non-urgent side to side build up ending with a sloppy pass that sets up an opposition counter attack - leaderless and gutless in adversity - Vardy is a busted flush (and has been for months) If you don’t acknowledge your flaws, let alone try to fix them, they will ultimately cost you. Fact.
  6. This is the performance of a team shrinking at the enormity of what is at stake. Panic, nerves, lack of composure - every player is stricken. I am in shock how terrible this performance has been. How can Newcastle want it more??
  7. Need to get at these from the first whistle and show why we are third and they are 17th. Take our chances, play with pace and incision, avoid sloppy passes at the back - and we should beat Newcastle comfortably. That’s the theory, but in practice we all know it will be a heart-pounding, nail-biting grind... hopefully with a happy ending.
  8. Getting saturated by a biblical downpour on the walk to the ground from the Parcel Yard - where we’d sat outside in the boiling sun - but not caring. Going through the turnstile and joining the deliriously happy throng singing and bouncing to repeat renditions of “we’re all going on a European tour”. Crying tears of joy at Bocelli. Singing myself hoarse through the game, savouring the win and especially the trophy lift and celebrations. Going to Shimla Pinks on London Road afterwards for a curry and a few Cobras and singing along with all the other diners. I can remember all of thi
  9. Arteta taking a leaf out of Wenger’s book by giving no credit whatsoever to the opposition.
  10. Absolutely spot on. But I am going to enjoy watching a deflated Keown.
  11. I thought the ref was superb. Took no s**t from Arteta, who, as usual, was an embarrassment on the touchline.
  12. Only possibility is if Man United win Europa, Chelsea win Champions League and BOTH finish outside top four. That isn’t going to happen.
  13. Right. Fourth place is guaranteed a Champions League spot. Let’s do this!
  14. There are countless potential scenarios but the fact is that with four games to go we are masters of our own fate. Yes, I do fear that dropping two points against ten-man Southampton, with Vardy missing that huge late chance, could cost us, but that’s gone. The players have five enormous matches coming up - four of them very tough - in which they simply have to get their act together and perform. If they do, we will have something glorious to celebrate at the end of this weird and occasionally wonderful season. If they don’t, it will be a crushing disappointment, but th
  15. All logic points to this being played tomorrow. There are no other dates available. Sort out stadium security and it shouldn’t be a problem.
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