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  1. Good point, but while as individual events they are more likely to happen than not, for all four to go our way would be pretty miraculous. Wonder what the accumulator odds would be?
  2. Tells you everything you need to know about Savage.
  3. Privately: “it’s United, we always favour them. That’s what the Premier League and Sky tell us to do.” Publicly: “there was not enough evidence to overrule it so the referee’s decision stands”
  4. Conversation in VAR room: ”shit, Moss has given it as a pen!” ”oh god, it’s never a pen. You sure? Are we looking at a red card for Fernandes’s stamp” ” no, look, the fat bastard has actually pointed to the spot” ”shit, what do we do?” ”we do what we always do. It’s United ffs. Penalty!” ”yeah, I agree, let’s play it safe. Penalty. Did you get that, John. Great decision!”
  5. Fernandes is not ‘clever’, Neville, you twat. He is a CHEAT. As are all the officials. Disgusting decision.
  6. Oh look. Two ex-Man Utd players in the Sky studio. What a surprise! Is Neville on commentary by any chance?
  7. Or, preferably, their embarrassment of a manager.
  8. Arrogant waste of time that should be punished with an increase of his ban.
  9. Every time I watch Sheffield United, they impress me. They knock the ball about well, compete for everything and never give up. Beating them next week will not be easy.
  10. I see the big story today is Arteta taking a leaf out of Wenger’s well-thumbed book of entitlement and embarrassing himself by moaning about how hard done to his team was by the refereeing decisions. And nothing - as a counterpoint - about the apparent injustice of Iheanacho’s disallowed goal and the ridiculously hasty decision by the lineswoman to flag for a foul that she couldn’t properly evaluate from her position and if anything looked to be the other way round (not that Sky could In any way be bothered to clear it up). Don’t you just love our national media...
  11. As ever, Dan, you see it pretty much exactly as I do. Great post.
  12. Sky’s Big Six focus and favouritism is so deeply entrenched within the organisation that I swear they don’t even notice they are doing it. To not have a proper all-angles look at the alleged Nacho foul before his goal at half-time is one thing, but to not even mention it is outrageous. You’d think Alan Smith would be balanced In his comments given that he played for both clubs. Not a bit of it. He was as Arsenal-centric as Ashley bloody Cole!
  13. The old hands Schmeichel and Vardy (welcome back, Jamie!) were head and shoulders above everyone else tonight. Ndidi the biggest disappointment. Really sloppy. And Justin is no Ricardo - we really miss his world-class quality. As for Perez, he is obviously better suited to that position than on the wing but remains a frustrating player to watch.
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