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  1. Anyone free on Friday to drive him there??
  2. With the fifth round taking place the midweek before our home Prem game v Villa, it’s quite handy that that match has now been moved to the Monday night. The extra day or two’s rest before it should be beneficial
  3. He’s still finding his feet in England. He doesn’t have time to dwell on the ball as in Italy. I hope and believe he will become more dynamic and influential as time goes by but he has made a decent start. As for that pass to Justin today, if that was how he meant to strike it (only Praet himself will know) then it was truly world class. I have to say my first impression at the time was that he mishit it...but I sincerely hope I’m wrong.
  4. His ability to think clearly in promising situations and make the right decision is virtually non-existent. That lack of footballing intelligence has always held him back. He has NEVER had a sustained run of good form for us - just the odd decent performance that teases you into thinking that he really can be a top player. His legacy here will be one of eternal disappointment.
  5. A win is a win and all that but Jesus, how bad were Albrighton and Gray? A chance to make an impression and they totally screwed it up.
  6. Should have put this to bed. Gray and Albrighton so frustrating. Perez has to put that chance away. Nacho continuing his excellent form.
  7. Great result for us. Gutting for Wolves. Traore has to be the most exciting player in the Premier League right now. Lightning fast, strong AND with an end product. And Wolves have a top-grade centre forward in Jimenez too. We’ll have to be at our absolute best when we play them next month.
  8. Worth a calculated gamble, this one, so: Ward Justin, Morgan, Benkovic, Fuchs Choudhury Gray, Tielemans, Praet, Albrighton Iheanacho ... and a bench full of first teamers (maybe Schmeichel, Soyuncu, Chilwell, Ndidi, Maddison, Barnes, Perez).
  9. That skill he has when he kind of angles his body into the defender before rapidly cutting past him into the area/to the byline is just incredible. Gets me going every time. And what a finish by the way!
  10. When we press hard, run at defences, pass the ball with speed and precision and take our chances - like we did last night - we are a spellbinding team to watch. From the word go we were ‘at it’ and every player contributed to one of our best and most important wins of the season. It helped of course that we were playing a team led by one of the country’s most over-rated managers. I think (hope) they will go down with Moyes. PS Their penalty award was a disgrace. And for VAR not to turn it over even more so.
  11. We’ve had/are having an annoying blip but we’re still in a fantastic position thanks to our autumn brilliance and the inconsistency/inadequacy of those below us. The worst thing we - fans and players alike - can do is get stuck in a cycle of negativity. Tonight is time for a reboot. A win changes everything.
  12. One look at the table should lift everyone’s spirits. Yes, we’ve played crap of late, confidence is low and too many players have lost form at the same time. But a win tonight against a team we beat away with our reserves will reinvigorate everyone. It’s a pivotal game in our season. I just hope the players and management are up for it more than some of our fans.
  13. Our wingers are all much of a muchness - one good game to four or five bad/average ones. And Perez can’t even play in that position. It’s pot luck whoever Rodgers selects. We all know that the most dangerous and consistently productive winger that we have is our right back! So if we truly want to play in the Champions League why are we not looking to buy one?
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