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  1. Is Vardy unfit? Or just playing crap? I think it’s the latter.
  2. Tested the lace tension on his corset with that amazing save from Wood.
  3. Re-read my post. It’s a general point I’m making to reinforce what peach0000 said, nothing personal.
  4. I respect your opinion but I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick here, fella.
  5. This. We all feel the emotion and passion of following and supporting our team and express that in our own diverse ways. That’s the whole point of a forum. It engenders debate. Arrogant, holier than thou posters who condescendingly slap down others for making any kind of criticism of the team/management/individual players - even very considered, constructive criticism - annoy me more than any others on here. And yes, we all know who they are.
  6. That would have been my take on it a few games ago. But it hasn’t happened and doesn’t look likely to. I wouldn’t even trust him with a penalty right now.
  7. Vardy doesn’t need to be rested. He needs to be dropped.
  8. I’ll take the point as it helps protect the points buffer before the injuries subside. For a so-called ‘elite manager’ Rodgers doesn’t half baffle with his selections sometimes. But at least he changed to a back 4 before we went behind. Thanks to Schmeichel and that wonderstrike from Nacho we got out of jail with a draw, which, crucially, stops the rot. Choudhury, Amartey and Soyuncu all had shockers, with Mendy not much better, but what on earth is going on with Vardy? He is as threatening as a popgun right now. Looks like he’s never played with these teammates before,
  9. Choudhury, Amartey and Soyuncu - hang your heads. Defending at its worst.
  10. I muted the build up after Cole’s opening comment. This doesn’t surprise me. But will Sky be embarrassed? Sadly, no.
  11. Andy Cole says he doesn’t think Brendan wants to miss out on the Champions League this season. Oh the insight. How much do they pay these idiots?
  12. Given the injuries and decimation - and the fact that would bring up the 50 points and stop a losing run - I think I would take that.
  13. If this Cobbled Together XI can beat (pretty much) Burnley’s first-choice team, I’ll be amazed. But bloody elated.
  14. Can’t remember the last time I anticipated a Leicester game with so much nervous trepidation and unease. God, I hope the players don’t feel like I do. This fixture list is ridiculous. We should have had a week’s rest after Arsenal.
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