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  1. The buzz of match day is irreplaceable. I miss it so much.
  2. I think that’s a very fair assessment
  3. Leave Evans and Tielemans at home. They desperately need a rest.
  4. Looks jaded and perhaps (worryingly) starting to show his age. But the whole defence (and midfield... and attack) was a shambles tonight - exposed by a significantly superior side.
  5. Talented player who is excellent on the half turn in between the lines... but lacks aggression and is really really useless at corners.
  6. People are being kind to Fofana. He was brilliant in his first few games but today the Liverpool forwards rinsed him more than his hairdresser.
  7. When are we ever going to sort out our corners? Both in attack and defence. Am I the only one who thinks we will never score from ours but are sure to concede from one of theirs?
  8. That’s the only time Vardy has figured though. He’s our prime asset and he’s barely getting a touch.
  9. Liverpool’s passing and movement is cutting us to shreds but the two goals are just defensive howlers by Evans and Albrighton. Defence exposed time and time again. Tielemans, Maddison and Barnes not in the game. And as for Vardy... Woeful all round.
  10. Sign of the times. They all do it. Pathetic but fashionable.
  11. Another victory for injustice. And another reason to detest Manchester United just that little bit more than before.
  12. He is. Touch of the Vardy about the threat he poses with his pace.
  13. You aware of the ever-obliging Leicester City thread? 🤦🏻‍♂️
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