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  1. He and Evans are a great partnership. Maguire is a classy player - let's give him his dues - but there is a combined grit, determination and togetherness about these two that is not that dissimilar from the title-winning Huth-Morgan combo. And as an added bonus Soyuncu has that extra bit of crowd-pleasing swagger about him. That last-minute run will go down in City legend.
  2. It's moments like Maddison's goal that make life worth living! Oh and that Evans cruncher on Kane. Oh and that Soyuncu run at the end. Wonderful Game but, more importantly, Wonderful Win. And well done Rodgers for being brave and shrewd with both his starting selection and substitutes. As I mentioned after last week's faux pas, I firmly believe that unlike Puel he is prepared to acknowledge and learn from his mistakes. Exciting times ahead...
  3. Garth Crooks's team of the weekend? Do me a favour! Does he watch every minute of every game? Of course not. He probably watches MotD and a couple of live games like the rest of us and then just regurgitates what the pundits have picked up on. Easiest job in journalism. Can't believe anyone reads it. On that subject, does anyone else recall the moment when Crooks's career as a 'journalist' should have come to an end? Well, it was 25 years ago, at the 1994 World Cup, and he happened to be BBC's man on the spot in - if I recall correctly - Dallas when the massive news broke of Maradona having tested positive for drugs. Crooks was live to camera and completely froze, talking gibberish nonsense on repeat that told the viewer the square root of sweet fa. It was hilarious yet unwatchable at the same time. My opinion of Crooks has always been coloured by that moment.
  4. Fair enough - I get what you're saying - but we were all singing his praises after the Bournemouth game. If he gets us playing to our strengths and we beat Spurs he'll be a hero again.
  5. The good news is Spurs are playing in Greece in the Champions League on Wed evening. The bad news is that they are visiting the 'ever obliging Leicester City' without a Premier League away win since January (at Fulham)...
  6. I'm quite shocked by all this sudden anti-Rodgers beef on here after today's defeat - our first, lest it be forgotten, since we last went to Manchester and got beaten by that Kompany screamer at City (that's 13 games including friendlies!). I imagine he started Gray because he was so good when he came on v Bournemouth - and maybe because he scored that pearler at United a couple of years ago. But I doubt he'll do so again. I also believe he must now be convinced that playing Maddison out wide is a sinful waste of his talent - no matter who the opposition is and irrespective of his penchant for deploying two defensive midfielders. A defeat always bring criticism and Rodgers had a poor day today - he gave a bang average opponent far too much respect - but let's give the man some slack and see whether he learns from his mistakes. I firmly believe that, unlike his predecessor, he will.
  7. I support Leicester far more than I do England so delighted Maddison hasn't played. His hunger to improve and show Southgate what he's missing should benefit us in the weeks to come. And of course he hasn't got injured.
  8. I see Chilwell's crossing is still as dodgy for country as for club
  9. Fact 1: Sterling was all speed and nothing else at the last World Cup. And he was godawful at the previous Euro. Fact 2: since that Nations League qualifying win in Spain he has been superb for England. Tonight he's been sensational. Big question is can he do it for England next summer though?
  10. Good result for us. Third in the table for a fortnight. Happy days.
  11. Spurs haven't won away in the Prem since January. The worrying thing is if they don't win this one, their next away game is against... us - and we all know how obliging we are at ending other teams' bad runs. just saying...😟
  12. Privacy and confidentiality exist for a reason. For example, some people prefer not to have it widely known - even to their nearest and dearest - that they have a serious illness, whereas there are others who want to write a book about it. It's down to the personal choice of the individual. What bothers me is this over-the-top obsession of media-encouraged pressure groups to ignore personal choice in their self-righteous, pseudo-virtuous crusades for change. if someone wants to keep their sexuality, health, salary, even football club allegiance private, then they should be allowed to without feeling harassed or bullied into an against-their-will confession.
  13. If a Premier League footballer came out as gay, then I have absolutely no doubt that in this day and age he would be glorified and lionised beyond belief by the media (whereas most reasonable people - and that means the vast majority of football fans - wouldn't be the slightest bit bothered). But why the hell should he 'come out' if he doesn't want to? Sexual preference is such a personal and private aspect of human nature that it should be kept as such. I am sure pressure groups like Stonewall have their uses for some, but it is not unreasonable to accuse them and their ilk of self-promoting bullying tactics that potentially create more problems than they are attempting to resolve.
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