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  1. If you’re ever going to do your ACL, now is as good a time as any. He probably won’t miss too many Leicester matches and he certainly won’t miss Euro 2020!
  2. Imagine if this virus had struck four years ago and the league had been stopped, say, before our game at Old Trafford and we had been awarded the title ‘by default’. I, for one, could never have accepted that. The joy is in getting over that finishing line. I’m sure Liverpool fans must feel the same.
  3. My brother constantly reminds me that I said “I can die happy now” when we finally lifted a proper Cup at Wembley, so I guess it has to be 2000. And it also meant we became the first club in Europe (maybe even the entire world) to lift a major trophy in the new millennium. No one can ever take that away from us (well not for another 980 years)...
  4. Finishing this season is imperative - whenever that happens to be - because the following season would be pointless without doing so. Once we get this season completed, and all the major issues are decided, including European qualification, then we can consider the options for the following one.
  5. We’d be walking out at Watford just about now. God, I’m bored already.
  6. If this is Armageddon, then praise be that our last footballing memories will be of Leicester whopping the Villa 4-0 and Liverpool suffering the double whammy of losing their European crown and being denied the Premier League title.
  7. This on top of all the coronavirus sh!t Life’s a bitch. But it carries on.
  8. Owen even more so. What a complete tosser!
  9. BT should realise that most people watching this are delighted that Liverpool lost. Even more so after listening to McManaman and Owen. So why is Lineker having to make out he’s so sad?
  10. Something along the lines of “wait till we get them back at our place” 😁
  11. McManaman and Owen - very good footballers, atrociously biased ‘bad loser’ pundits. Which actually makes Liverpool’s exit even more enjoyable.
  12. It’s a shame he can’t get in the team right now because he’s looked really lively on his last two sub appearances. He’s a more inventive passer than any other player in the squad, Maddison included.
  13. Excellent all round performance underpinned by four key factors: - the return of a fully fit Wilf - Jamie finally ending his goal drought - the dynamic Justin/Barnes combo on the left (proof if ever it was needed of just how much Chilwell has held us back on that flank) - Villa are garbage
  14. At the moment it’s a toss up between Evans, Ndidi, Ricardo and Vardy, but there are still at least ten games left so my vote will go to whichever one of that quartet finishes the season the strongest.
  15. £25 would have been more appropriate given the inconvenient kickoff time, our lousy current form and the coronavirus situation. I foresee a lot of empty seats...
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