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  1. Vardy as a headliner. Nice!
  2. Rinsed out my club doing the upgrades... as well as opening up the saved packs ive kept, mustve opened 90+ packs. Kane and ericson my only walk outs ****ing kill me
  3. Leaked toty apparently. No cr7 for the first time in ages, bet theyll release him as a fan pick like they did with neymar last year
  4. Same with me, havent played for a week and a bit, havent even bothered to get ranked on div rivals which is unheard of for me. Have always held an interest till at least tots comes out, but for some reason ive lost interest in fut already. Im only playing it for pro clubs with friends
  5. Still not worth £2 to pack the inevitable nathan ake for the thousandth time
  6. Icon swaps are a bit meh tbh... game really is dwindling
  7. Sissoko is probably the best budget cm. Pogba is fantastic but im sure hes more than 150k so might be over budget. Just a thought, i never play a goal kick down the middle. Cant win a header ever so i always kick it the the right or left back and start my attack from out wide. Or play it short, at least these ways you're guaranteed to keep posession.
  8. Nice! How much better is he than his base card? I can never usually tell the different with smaller upgrades
  9. His sbc costs 300k lol, might as well just buy kante
  10. Been using sissoko all year, was expecting them to release a futmas card but theyre just taking the mick
  11. Trash from player picks and rewards... Anyone else feel like fut is dead? Ive got no desire to play anymore, not even that excited for the next batch of icon swaps.
  12. I swore never to play futchamps again but after spending all my coins i thought id take my new team in and did well finishing on 14-2, can never be bothered to play further than gold 3 Im just wondering with the toty nominees in packs does that mean the totw is going to end up being complete shite?
  13. I doubt it to be honest, probably only the very high end players, kimmich isnt really that good so his price may drop if anything
  14. Booo mane wins potm. Vardy robbed!
  15. Used him all of last year and in the draft this year. Awesome defender! Nice pull
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