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  1. well i did 1 and got makelele, meh, on to the next one
  2. is dembele worth it? or should i just do 4 prime icon packs
  3. good suggestion, but tbh salah for me even on 7 chem is amazing! thats why im so confused what to do with my coins lol, team feels complete... might try moments dalglish just for fun probably
  4. Ive got 2 mil coins plus another 500k in the trade pile, have no idea what to spend it in
  5. haha yeah so useless, they should have made the reward packs better
  6. did another prime icon pack and got robby carlos, decent enough pull but now I have mendy 93 prefer carlos tbh so will probably chuck mendy into another sbc
  7. ****ing pack luck!!! 15 x 85-92 packs yielded 2x85 11x86 and 2x87 prime icon pack... litmanen again ffs!!!
  8. those cards make pack openings so painful! absolutely hate them!
  9. thats not bad, both useable I guess, I think the only icon players that will go into most teams will be the top tier ones which are impossible to get
  10. got koulibaly 92 and the rest 88s from the 5 x 88+ sbc... all fodder ah well but the 85-92 sbc is fire!! done it twice got 2 x 87 which is good for the value of the sbc, going to do loads and pump through to the icon sbc
  11. 5 x 88+ players jeez? must be a player pick or super expensive
  12. thanks EA ultimate pack at this stage... 83 kevin kampl woohoo Edit: Not even a board from the rare player pack from the silver objective ffs
  13. did the fabinho objective hoping for a liverpool win
  14. supposedly the next big objective card
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