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  1. YES! The through ball direction really pisses me off!
  2. Going to play futchamps this weekend for the first time in months seeing as is it's the long weekend... Hoping the Totks promo also knocks down player prices so I can so the George Best prime moment sbc cheaper!
  3. Usually Friday early afternoon
  4. Just packed 90 Hummels from the Premium UCL SBC. Noice!
  5. Anybody tried out any prime moment icons? been playing around with the loan cards... George Best and Henry are absolute animals, I will probably do their sbcs when prices go down again
  6. Wowww congrats mate! You've completed fifa 19
  7. So if you guys had to choose a cam to play behind CR7 and Mbappe who would it be? I'm thinking either Cruyff or Neymar (totgs)... Any other suggestions? 2mil budget
  8. I don't know how you guys do it, played weekend league for the first time in months since I had some free time, got up to 4-0 thinking yeah cool... and then I just couldn't be bothered, couldn't even be botered to obtain the rank lol.
  9. Mate do you feel much difference between the two? Sold my 90 too to save some coins from the crash but tempted by the new lw card
  10. Man I used to love selling coins on ebay. Made about £400 on fifa 16
  11. Cheers bud, must be this coming Friday for sure. Last year they had players in packs if you can remember, they had a whole bunch of position change players. I'm sure they will do the same this year to sell more pack
  12. Any word on fut bday? Been saving all my packs from the sbcs and weekly rewards, but if it's not tomorrow I'll just open them tonight
  13. That is absurd if true, fair enough EA are a business and their main goal is to make profit, but to show utter disregard to their customers is becoming a joke, it's not just fifa, every game they touch is riddled with bugs, problems, stupid dlc and micro transactions.
  14. Promos rolling in one after the other jesus!
  15. Anyone have any idea what carniball is all about? Other than another money making scheme from EA
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