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  1. Anyone ever tried butragueno? Thoughts on him?
  2. Omg the party bag sbc is such a scam
  3. One technique i learnt from someone was when defending, especially on the counter, select your cdm or cm to chase the ball... the defenders should fall back and keep their position giving the opponent less space and you an extra man to defend... it works really well. That being said, the games AI can screw you over at any time so theres no sure thing when it comes to defending
  4. Never used an icon keeper but a lot of people swear by van der sar
  5. Mate at this point id be happy with just pique Congrats though!! 500k right?
  6. Unfortunately you have to wait for the next season when the next set of swap objectives come out which is like 20 days or so away. They do them in two parts.
  7. Exactly the same thing happened to me!! I was 8.0 and cruising then EA decided to put the sliders on
  8. Played futchamps for the first time in months to get the icon swap. Still hate it, people are so toxic with their shush celebrations and watching replays of everything little thing trying to get you to rage quit lol. Luckily i was the comeback king this weekend and got 14-6 Flashback rooney is the best card ive used this year, its a shame hes got that dirty derby kit on in his dynamic pic
  9. Isnt desailly good lol?
  10. Maybe as everyones on lockdown the pressure on the servers is worse? But yes, the servers are atrocious. Ive disconnected a few times myself this weekend
  11. In the end a win for you nice! Ive got enough untradeables to do the mid icon sbc... but after packing litmanen im scared ill get him again
  12. They really should release objectives at least, give people something to do
  13. Litmanen in my prime icon pack ffs I havent had a decent card since i pulled mane back in november so ****ing annoying
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