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  1. used to sit in the office and do the same thing, now I'm checking the app on my phone every hour! For me I could never get into selling badges/kits, I think it's harder to do so now anyway as the market gets flooded with them so quickly, always used to stick to players and position cards.
  2. This! Haven't spent a single penny on FUT ever and still make a few million coins a year trading... this year I've got around 10mil coins from trading and rewards. Trading is one of the aspects of fut I enjoy the most, that's the sad businessman in me coming out
  3. Cant believe the cow compared loot boxes to kinder f'n surprises!!!
  4. This is what I'm hoping!
  5. Does the beta carry over to next year? They gave me 30k and a few packs so wondering if I should start trading
  6. Playing fut on the fifa 20 beta... pretty much everything is as you were lol, gameplay seems slightly slower and more technical but I'm sure that will change back to EAs bollox in time. Only addition I like are the season milestones where you get coins and packs for doing random stuff... e.g. 25k for scoring 100 headers
  7. He's been brilliant for me tbh, it's funny how some players you just can't get on with... with me at the minute its Prime R9... he's on the bench, just does not make any impact for me such a shame.
  8. Despite this fifa being absoloute dog doodoo at times fut has been fun becuase of the better rewards. Been able to get this monster team, debating whether to spunk the remaining coins on packs or do another icon sbc
  9. Doing Icons sbcs is so fun right now, packing so many tots players, R9 on Futbin says it costs 3mil... so far its cost me 1mil with one 88 team left to do
  10. Tots dimaria and mendy whilst doing the r9 sbc 89 rated team.... 500k discount
  11. There are still 9 icons left to be revealed interesting. They're also brining in the house rules match modes to fut. And tifos for your stadium... great more nonsense cards to pack
  12. Zidane is an Icon next year omg!!!
  13. This has happened to me a few times, I assumed it was for chemistry purposes, then I played against some one who subbed off a regular gold Prem card for another Prem card
  14. I got Yashin, though to be honest it didn't matter who I got it would've went straight into the Ronaldinho sbc
  15. Awesome mate congrats! My best pull has been tots Benzema, sold him for 1.5mil
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