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  1. The passing I definitely agree with, what frustrates me so much is when the ball goes behind the player even when you time a great ball to match the players run.
  2. Just did the csl objective to get the futswap card. Never have I been so bored playing a game, I don't know why they give these objectives, why do i have to play with a team i have no interest in, feels more like a punishment. I might actually give the others a miss and not bother with icon swaps
  3. Zanetti is actually a good shout. Didn't realise it was his prime. Leaves enough for baby schmeical, which would be pointless really. Am I right in saying no sbcs this year will require icons?
  4. Are we all aiming for drogba then?
  5. So when's the auba sbc coming out. Glad I invested in him already 100k profit to be had
  6. De gea for sure bud, save with the feet trait is brilliant
  7. My first decent pull of fifa 20... sterling! Was getting pissed off from opening so many packs and getting f all and he calms my nerves
  8. I admire your loyalty to the foxes... but if I packed mbappe vardy would be on the trade pile lol. So yes stick him up top, fastest player and possibly best st in game
  9. First few weeks of the new fifa are always like that. You probably won't get any promo packs till black Friday
  10. For the past 3 fifas son has been my favourite and best player I've used. Quick, agile, 5*wf and his positioning and runs in behind defenders are amazing, better than any other striker imo. 500k for his base cards is nuts though hopefully that drops
  11. How are you finding sterling? Debating on whether to get him or just splash out on salah
  12. Did some of the advanced sbcs and saved up rivals rewards packs... 22 packs, one board... iniesta... tragic
  13. EA sent a message saying the otw players will be given on the 27th... best of luck! Hope you get someone decent
  14. Just started my 10 hour trial, my team comprises mostly of city players since they're relatively cheap but I'm so impressed with Madison, outstanding cam!
  15. I would definitely sell for that price... he usually averages down to around 60k after a few weeks basing it on last year's market
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