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  1. FIFA 18

    Wow, the fut13 sbc will cost about 50k to do... they're not giving rewards based on completed sbcs like last year are they?
  2. FIFA 18

    I'm in 2 minds about doing this. I'll never use him other than using him for an sbc, but I can't think of any players that I'd want since you'd still probably need a shed load of other good players to trade in for the higher end prime icons. The packs seem decent enough but I'm sure luck won't be with me.
  3. FIFA 18

    Haha quality. Did the same thing last night, whenever I played against a team I gave the ball to my keeper and let the opponent score... found someone who played ball and did the Irish scorer objective in one game. However I did come across a dick who wouldn't let me score but expected me to let him score so I destroyed him
  4. FIFA 18

    I just realised i did score off the post yesterday... it was an own goal ha! Surely a glitch. Most probably Toure for my team and schweinsteiger to use for an sbc.
  5. FIFA 18

    Did anyone get Seamus Coleman's special card? I heard that you have to score off the post to get him. But when I logged onto the web app i got a message saying it looks like you weren't given Coleman when you should have got him and that he's now in my club. I don't even remember scoring off the post 3 out of 5 boys in green so far
  6. FIFA 18

    Mane as ST good lord
  7. FIFA 18

    Never used that formation before but have you tried switching to one where there is a set cdm in the midfield? Maybe a 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3, that will really help your defence out if you can get casemiro in that role. How many coins do you have for an Icon? Personally I would probably get an ST icon.
  8. FIFA 18

    What can we expect from the fut birthday event?
  9. FIFA 18

    Crespo is definitely appealing! Will loan him first to make sure he's worth it however.
  10. FIFA 18

    So anyone going to try the icon sbc? What are the odds on packing baby Ronaldo
  11. FIFA 18

    Sounds about right, I'd assume they'll do this for next weekends birthday promotion, they tend to leave a gap between promotions if I'm correct.
  12. FIFA 18

    Ohhh those SBCs look juicy, how sure is it that these will happen?
  13. FIFA 18

    I don't understand why players don't follow instructions, it's so frustrating, I'm running and 41212 and every st I've used in the Right ST position just doesn't work as good as the left, it feels like a curse
  14. FIFA 18

    Nice team mate, honestly I found Bakayoko far superior to Pogba. It's strange how some players who have incredible stats feel crap compared to the lower rated players.
  15. FIFA 18

    What formation do you play him in?