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  1. Mate that hazard card is something else! Play him as a ST or Cam and watch him fly, absolutely loved him
  2. Desailly from the prime icon packs, lovely I can drop the fraud Van Dijk now
  3. Do you guys reckon there will be another promo before tots? Just wondering whether to save a pack, I'm going for the 81 and 82 so I can do the prime pack
  4. Cheers man, I've seen some youtube reviews everyone seems to rate him, will wait a few days to make a decision lol, bailey might be worth doing tomorrow
  5. I've got fodder coming out the yazoo! But I just cant seem to find the will to do any bday sbcs as they don't fit my team... I could fit sanches in however, how are you finding him?
  6. After regurgitating players into the 81 SBC and doing around 40 packs and getting mostly junk I finally landed a big one!
  7. Card looks good but somewhat overpriced considering the other sbcs and players out atm. Will probably get him though
  8. Mandanda objective was so fun if you've got ederson stick him upfront, proper rapid for a keeper!
  9. Oh that's such a shame! I might save mine till next friday, not really feeling the fut birthday players this week, hoping they release some better names... not that I'd pack any
  10. EA the multi billion pound business is currently experiencing high volume of sever traffic so I cant play fut... ffs sort it
  11. Haha me too! They f'd up the rewards so we got lucky
  12. Me too, thought we'd get an ultimate pack again but guess they weren't that generous
  13. Sorry to hear about that That's why I would never do a goalkeeper sbc, the fact that an 82 rated pope or areola outperforms a icon moments keeper just goes to show keepers are pretty much useless in game unless they are lanky and fill up the goal
  14. I'd have to guess it would be fut birthday this coming Friday?
  15. Must say I've been really fortunate with pack luck this year as this is my untradeable team, trading has gone well too... but now I cant make up my mind, who would you play up top with lewandowski in this team? I was thinking mid eusebio, tried mid puskas but didn't find him to be all that... I play 41212 narrow in game
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