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  1. Maaaaan f*** you EA you fuc**** cu** Second week in a row I don't get any main player picks. 6 players all from rotw ffs!!!
  2. I was just waiting for this icon tbh, i've got all the other teams ready to sumbit, just wanting to do some of the objectives (Jo and Renato) to save a few coins for any future buys, will probably have him by tomorrow. This will be the first time using him ever lol, but practically everyone raves on about him so lets see what he's all about haha
  3. There wont be any more guaranteed tots sbcs... now just maybe another 2 tots moment player sbc
  4. Hierro from the mid icon pack... straight into the gullit sbc thank you
  5. Got Koulibaly, I actually am ok with that... I just cant get him on perfect chemistry
  6. I genuinely am so happy for you! Glad someone got him haha
  7. Did the 82 rated sbc literally just for a laugh... got 91 tots Skov. I think I'll stop whilst I'm ahead
  8. 85 Valencia from rotw sbc...
  9. F'n same thing happened to me last night. Beating teams filled with tots and icons... come across a rather average Dutch team and EA says nope no win for you... 22 shots to his 5 and I lose 3.2
  10. Is there no ultimate tots? Can't see it on web app or other sites Never mind just popped up
  11. Me too, I fear for my furniture to be honest, I've had to move things around so I dont break anything...
  12. WOW Really?! I was expecting better tbh
  13. Would he be good in a defensive position? I usually have my two Cms (Viera and Pogba) playing defensively.
  14. Ah ok cool thanks for that. I always stop at gold 3, I just can't be asked with it
  15. Wtf i didnt get any ligue 1 players in my picks!? Had to settle for gignac and some other random guy I've never heard of
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