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  1. Booo mane wins potm. Vardy robbed!
  2. Used him all of last year and in the draft this year. Awesome defender! Nice pull
  3. Spent all my coins on neymar and mbappe... i dunno the game kind of feels dead though. Never lost interest in fut so quickly
  4. This is what i was thinking about doing! Thanks for the suggestion, had him in the draft and I know what you mean, hes insane!
  5. 2 million in the bank... no idea what to do with it
  6. Just packed a shadow card, what a pull!
  7. I got baby dalglish in the draft, couldnt understand why he was so expensive... now i understand why brilliant in game
  8. People have been begging EA to do that for years but they never do unfortunately. Worst was last year when reus wont potm like 4 times in a row and they never once did what you suggested
  9. Vardy for another potm? Yes please!
  10. Jesus whats with stupid volley objectives this year
  11. Well i enjoyed doing the flash sbcs and getting 80 rated players as the highest rated cards in all the packs... super!
  12. Fcuking finally!!!! Fcuk this game
  13. This is so true even these lightning rounds, people are so quick to buy packs which arent cheaper or have better % of getting higher cards
  14. The only thing i can think of them releasing is a best of totw. Im sure they did that last time
  15. And thats me done with futchamps... i just cant get any good player picks with all that stress of playing. 3 years of this bollocks and not one single useable card to show for it
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