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  1. Wouldn't be against it as I think we need a target man in the squad. Would prefer Dzeko though
  2. The real worry is if Vardy got injured and the goals dry up. Nevermind Top 6 we'd be bottom three with our current options!
  3. So the Tielemans deal could rest on us signing Arjen Robben?
  4. I've got a bad feeling that he's not going to come here
  5. Who cares. He's a monumental bellend
  6. I'd take a 40 year old Robben over them tbh
  7. If this happens i'll lose my shit
  8. Imagine the amount of penalties we'll have awarded from him and Maddison diving. Oh wait... VAR
  9. I'm voting lib Dem as well. Farage is a pound shop Enoch Powell. All Brexit is doing is distracting us from all the important issues in the country, protecting public services, climate change, knife crime. Kids being stabbed everyday in London and yet all our attention is on this mess and it has been for the past three years.
  10. You'd rather have three more bang average players at £13 million like Rachid Ghezzal and Namaplys Mendy would you???. Tielemans will be worth double £40m after a year, he's been remarkable since he joined us, we should move heaven and earth to sign him!!!!
  11. Morgan has been given another year so we won't be. CB is easily our strongest position. You could make a case for any of them starting.
  12. I would fall off my chair if he came
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