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  1. He was underwhelming to say the least tonight. Not convinced he's the answer
  2. This is the kind of transfer target that makes you sit up and take notice. Loads of potential, and we would be an ideal club for him to develop at. Hope we can do a deal and it's not just a cock tease.
  3. Batshuayi could do that. He's available as well. Technically good, physical presence, able to link play, can finish. He's probably on big wages at Chelsea though.
  4. You're a fool if you think there's loyalty left in football
  5. I thought the home was bad but this is hideous
  6. Didn't know he got nine goals and seven assists for Monaco in 18 games. Fair play to him
  7. Definitely one for the future. I don't know too much about his all round style of play, but some of his goals for Swansea have been absolutely sublime.
  8. 1. Manchester City 2. Liverpool 3. Chelsea 4. Man United 5. Wolves 6. Arsenal ——————— 7. Spurs 8. Leicester 9. Southampton 10. Everton 11. West Ham 12. Leeds 13. Brighton 14. Newcastle 15. Aston Villa 16. Burnley 17. West Brom ——————— 18. Sheffield United 19. Crystal Palace 20. Brentford/Fulham Come back at the end of the season to see how wrong/right we were
  9. Stones is a good player but he's also known to make some horrific defensive mistakes. No chance he's better than Evans who has been faultless all season.
  10. He would suit us down to the ground.
  11. Really enjoyed watching that actually. There's been some great moments this season. Onwards and upwards
  12. I like Sarr and Benrahma but i would prefer a left footed RW personally. Feel like it would give us an extra dose of unpredictability in attack. Someone like Viktor Tsyhankov. No idea how to pronounce his name but it's clearly a matter of time before he gets a big move somewhere.
  13. We tried our best but we just didn't look like scoring. Lost our heads at the end with Hamza's backpass, Schmeicel getting caught, Evans getting sent off. We've been hit with injuries to crucial players, and we've slipped down the table. The Bournemouth game was the worst point in the season for me. I knew we'd ruined our chances then. I've got mixed emotions today. Because it's actually been one of our best seasons in history, and yet it feels like a disappointment.
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