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  1. I don't get why people slag off their style so much. There's plenty of ways to try and win a football match, Burnley play to their strengths. They are physical, they put the balls into the forwards at the earliest opportunity. They shoot a lot. And they don't **** about with sideways or backwards pointless aimless passing. You can only get so far playing the way they do obviously. But it's there best chance of getting results and surviving.
  2. I'd much rather watch them play than us under Puel
  3. The fox wallpaper is the best... Been using it for ages!
  4. I'd like left back who can cross/shoot like Fuchs with the agility, speed and defensive capability of chilwell. But I'm not being greedy or anything.
  5. Take a look at Wayne's girlfriend, She's the only one he's got, Not much of a girlfriend, That's why he shags fat grans a lot
  6. Klopp raving about Hamza's tackle. Yellow yes but low to the ground and not dangerous. Usually I quite like him but on this occasion he's a funny looking german tosser
  7. Brendan's first words were "I'll give my life to make the supporters proud" He said the same thing for Celtic, and the reality is he'll probably be saying it for someone else within a season or two But i'm fine with that, especially if it comes off the back of us getting into Europe or winning something.
  8. I sneak out a few minutes early so I can see my girlfriend who works in the hot dog van, she always gives me great handjobs behind it. Sometimes forgets to wash her hands before serving you guys who've stayed until the end though
  9. They're going come for a point, defend in numbers. No space in behind for Vardy. I can see it being frustrating now. Just like last time. Hope I'm wrong.
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