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  1. I didn't even realize there was an online single match mode until just now. I'd never flipped that part where it says friendlies. How long has that been there? On second thought, don't tell me
  2. I was trying to do that too. Is it for Rivals or do you do friendlies? I had a team that had IFs and did Rivals and it didn't count. Then I switched to just base rare Golds and it still didn't count
  3. Story of the season for us unfortunately. Always finding a new way to shoot ourselves in the foot. We need it. Can't stay up without a win/win or possibly win/draw in the final two. That seems like a large mountain to climb though
  4. Ben Barclay with maybe one of the worst looking tackles I've ever seen Notts deservedly down to 10 men with the score 1-1.
  5. Good start for Notts with an early goal at Crawley.
  6. I think it's the hate It's always been the Caps(not so much after winning the Cup), Blues and Sharks.
  7. Raptors absolutely thrash the Magic in game 4. Two game sweep there and a 3-1 series lead!
  8. Excellent version of a great book.
  9. Leafs couldn't get it done at home today. Don't like our chances going to Boston for game 7.
  10. Wicked pen by Milner. Edit: Bonus points for the celebration
  11. Much better as a nice guy temp, but that was bound to wear off and the eventual players revolution to commence in...4...3.....
  12. I think a loan spell at say...umm...Notts County would sort him out.
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