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  1. I've enjoyed the three tracks that were released in video version. Thanks for the reminder that the album was out.
  2. That was my goto thing in 19, but it's been big time nerfed for 20 for sure. I've still scored off crosses, but the percentage is low. You can't just whip it in there and expect to score. Right now I'm more likely to just cut in with the player and try to draw the defender away from my striker.
  3. IF Adama Traore in my SB reward packs. Sold for 30K. Only 1 Icon Swap card so far. Working on a couple more. It would help if I didn't play like sh*t
  4. I can't make my point any better than that
  5. Amazes me that a country that produced Ian Rush can't ever field a decent striker.
  6. I swear they were here in grocery stores for a spell. It's probably better that there's a distance between me and those donuts.
  7. I agree. When it becomes a series of chores, it's no longer fun. I'm not stressing over the Icon swaps. If I get one doing the things normally do, with the team I normally use, then that's fine. I did slap together an Eredivisie squad. Just because they have some decent players and for cheap. Plus I had a bunch untradeable in my club. I like having a 2nd squad anyway to rest my "A" team.
  8. Where you getting krispy kreme donuts at?
  9. Great job tonight Pro Clubs team
  10. Actually just scored on a free-kick in a Pro Clubs drop in. First time I'd scored on one. Was a beauty! Just need to recall how the heck I did it!
  11. I'll look forward to your report. Sounded decent from Notts again today. Looking forward to seeing Brindley's goal when they put up the highlights. All this winning is really strange to me. Maybe that'll end next Sat at Chesterfield
  12. I've been playing them on Legendary, which once again seems a bit easier than WC, or even Pro for that matter.
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