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  1. So many good cards in the SBCs, but my club is rinsed. Player prices are so high right now. Great for selling anyway.
  2. He definitely deserves it, but thats terrible timing as far as FUT goes
  3. This chap for WI can really toss them in there. As far as tossers go, he's right up there. Side note: I'm still trying to understand this sport
  4. I just got 2019 too, so I'll see how that goes first and see what you all say about 2020. Certainly would love to race Zandvoort.
  5. You could slot CR7's LW card in there for Salah.
  6. My teams dipped a bit over the last month or so with some bad choices with SBCs and using coins for packs. But this lineup, which has a lot of options off the bench, has been effective and fun to use. I don't do WL much so don't need the "meta" anyway.
  7. Looking forward to this returning.
  8. I don't have a lawn, but I see them all suffering. Looks like some rain is coming this weekend though.
  9. Over 40C with the humidity here today. Decided to visit my brother in law, or more importantly, his pool.
  10. If it was possible to field multiple same players, I'd have a few Bruno Fernandes out there. Love all his cards. Up to the 91 now. Wouldn't mind getting the 92 for the 5 star weak foot.
  11. I've had the "spacemunky" name on forums/messenger/etc pretty much since I've been online. Ive been asked if if was inspired by Tyler Durden's quote from Fight Club. Love the film, but I had the name a few years before it came out in '99. It was really just something random and since "spacemonkey" was taken(on either yahoo or AOL ), I went with the "munky" spelling after Korn's guitarist. My current profile pic is the kit of the team from where my dad was born and the team he supported: Notts County.
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