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  1. How has Sancho not even played a minute? Creative and an excellent setup man.
  2. At least when I was in Burlington I felt a bit better balance. Always lots of English flags. Dutch was probably right up there.
  3. Price continues his great play. Fleury, not so much
  4. Portugal might wanna put someone on/near Gosens at some point.
  5. Absolutely one of my all-time least favourite players.
  6. Hummels did well to get his head out of the way there.
  7. I'm in Stoney (aka) "Tony" Creek, so I echo your sentiments!
  8. Should have stayed home to watch this.
  9. Tough here on the patio, outnumbered by Scots and the rest are Croatian, who are rooting for Scotland. We need a damn goal!
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