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  1. Why the hell would anyone spy on the Bengals?
  2. Was always going to be one of these games somewhere. Take the point and learn from it.
  3. Leeds with the full on bottle job today. Is this where they start heading back down the table?
  4. Every pass seems to be just off today. It's like I'm playing Fifa.
  5. I've been stuck in 10 for awhile now. I'll play well and get close to moving up, but always have a bad patch that keeps me from doing so. Still I enjoy it though.
  6. Vardy not a TOTY nominee?
  7. What a shot by Coutinho, even though it wasn't a goal.
  8. Lo Celso should get a red for being a little b*tch
  9. Awesome to see Alphonso Davies starting for Bayern. Bit odd though seeing him at left back.
  10. Wouldn't of thought she was 61. 17 year battle with cancer. RIP Marie
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