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  1. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    So Delaney is definelty worth it. He's all over the pitch and with 97 stamina he doesn't get tired fast. Scored about 2 mins into his debut for me with a great run into the box. Didn't even realize it was him at first since I have him at CDM. Might want to hold.off.for a bit though. As I mentioned, you'll be paying way too much for two of the teams.
  2. spacemunky

    Let's have a films thread.

    Oh okay, I didn't want to say how did you miss that
  3. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    And Nurnberg was even worse! Screw all you people that take all the players hostage and me for not thinking of doing it! Got Delaney, nonetheless. Hopefully was worth it.
  4. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    Dusseldorf is a bitch for the Bundesliga SBC.
  5. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    Got Gerrard's new card in the weekly objectives loan icon pack. Feels pretty average to me, at least as far as icons I've used so far.
  6. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    Got my 8 wins for Silver 2 and I'm done. Only took me 22 matches to get it!
  7. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    Im probably a bit biased, but i love that Alphonso too! I hope to reach gold 2 once this season. Won't be this weekend though
  8. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    Delaney's SBC card
  9. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    Loving Luiz. Well worth the cost. 89 TAA is fantastic.
  10. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    I had a couple of those packs yesterday. Just brutal. I'm 5 and 10 so far this weekend. Only been throttled in a couple matches, but otherwise lots of close ones. Not sure if I wanna grind out 15 more today. I need to stop f'n around with my players/teams every time I lose a few
  11. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

  12. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    They've put it up to 89 now
  13. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    Next promo leaked!
  14. spacemunky

    European Football 18/19

    I think Poland have their next Lewa.