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  1. Wesley Hoooooolahan! I'll take that 1-1 with the Italians.
  2. Notts fvcked up the stripes once again Away kit is rubbish too.
  3. Chilly was cool as ice.
  4. Congrats!
  5. I like trying guys out as subs in my PL team. I'll give him a go.
  6. Turned those into the SBC TOTS tradeable and got Klaassen, who's worth maybe 25K Knew I'd regret it
  7. Bought three 100K packs and best I got was Mahrez. Rest were 83 or lower
  8. Ok, I won my opening match in the daily knockouts. Just need to find three more guys as bad as him
  9. Thanks guys. I'm tempted to splash some cash. Working 15 to 20 extra hours a week right now and I have to get rid of some of this money! I'll know I'll regret it big time though
  10. So close to Leo Messi! If you buy one of those Ultimate packs(125K I think) and you get a blue, is it automatically one of the Ultimate team of the season cards right now? And if so, how long does that go for?
  11. The Golf Club 2 Read Dead Redemption 2 Project Cars 2 F1 2017 Uncharted Lost Legacy Fifa 18 or PES 2018(kind of) NHL 18(since I skipped the last one)
  12. I try to catch most Toronto FC matches. Bit better now that they're actually good. I've heard about Harrison, although I haven't seen him play yet this season.
  13. I saw it coming too. That's why I was pulling so hard for Stroll to stay in 2nd until the last lap. Love the Baku circuit. I actually popped in F1 2016 for the first time in awhile and did a bunch of laps there. Fun track when you get it right.
  14. Geez, a single ticket to a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game here can cost more than that.
  15. First time in a long time I've been that nervous at the end of a race. I was standing for the last few laps Can't be mad about losing out on 2nd. Great job Stroller!