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  1. I'll take the generic one. Maybe slap an AC Milan badge on it
  2. Does he have a last name?
  3. The absolute easiest player to read taking a pen is Pogba. With that ridiculous "run" up, the white streak in his hair points the way
  4. No real shocks yet. I think France has a decent shot against the US in the quarters. Which would qualify as one, even though France are ranked 4th. I think out of the 8 left only Norway(11) and Italy(15) are ranked outside of the top 10.
  5. Someone here had to get him!
  6. Awesome!!! I had the Portugal flag, but it was Silva. Had him before and was really good, so I'm happy with that.
  7. Absolutely mind blowing. These people shouldn't be hosting a World Cup. They should be put on trial for crimes against humanity.
  8. Are we expecting a guaranteed Ultimate TOTS today?
  9. I didn't quite make it to the 14. Missed a couple last week from the objectives and can't be arsed for this weeks. Was a good plan, in the beginning Thanks for keeping count though fox81
  10. Why oh why would you not have Sinclair take that pen?
  11. That has to be a handball against Sweden!
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