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  1. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    So I buy a few Premium gold packs and.....
  2. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    So this first Icon SBC is a total fail again by EA. To get one of the 5 primes available you need a baby icon. Well for Gattuso his baby now costs almost as much as his prime and then there's all the other cards you'd need on top of that. Well done EA
  3. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    I have mine always set to attack, even when I'm ahead. Every time I've switched to "defensive" I get scored on
  4. spacemunky

    Fifa 19 PS4 Pro Club team - FoxesTalk FC

    I figured we weren't using headsets since we always played late(for you guys). Mines busted atm, but if we are going to use them I'll grab a new one.
  5. spacemunky

    Fifa 19 PS4 Pro Club team - FoxesTalk FC

    I'll be in the lobby.
  6. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    I had to join the "party" and add Davinson to my back line. Hated to do it, but had to drop IF Harry to the "B" team. After a 5-0 loss in Rivals, something had to be done
  7. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    Depends who you have I guess? I haven't used him this year, but he was great in '18. I use Vardy and Zaha as his backup, so I'd sell.
  8. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    Wow, nice! I got an IF Ruben Diaz. Wasn't worth much more than the 10k discard, but not bad. I had a decent weekend in Rivals.
  9. spacemunky

    UEFA Nations League

    Italy has Lasagna on their bench.
  10. spacemunky

    UEFA Nations League

    So Welbeck is starting now?
  11. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    Coman Her Face Sorry Buzz. You're still my favourite player though!
  12. spacemunky

    League 1 & 2 Thread - 2018/2019

    Nice one! Notts off this weekend. At Bury next Saturday and hoping to continue our climb upwards.
  13. spacemunky

    FIFA 19

    I'm killing it in Rivals div 6. I almost feel bad sometimes for thumping guys I'm sure I'll be back down to reality when I move up a division 89 Scholes is brilliant for me. The ginger general of my midfield. I have Joe "bargain" Bryan at LB. With shadow, he's solid. Nice this year with rivals and squad battles it look like it'll be an easy 50k a week.