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  1. I would have loved to have seen Harvey on. So many opportunities were there with a tired Chelsea at the end.
  2. Without a doubt the better team. I had 3-1 for City and with some better decisions in the final third it would have been.
  3. Thought Youri was going to bang home the winner there.
  4. Need to sharpen up on these chances.
  5. Nice tackle by Hamza on N'Golo there.
  6. Always harder to tell from just having the audio, but Notts are sounding better. Booty seems to be a decent player. Thought we could have have 3 points today against Wrexham. Take the 1 and move on. Ebbsfleet away next.
  7. Chelsea, much like me in my teen years, blew their wad way too early. All pink in the second half!
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