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  1. I was slightly inebriated when I posted that People are allowed out for food and essentials. She invited me over for dinner and I brought the essentials...beer! Not sure they can lock me up for that
  2. RIP to your cat. Great animals they are.
  3. Currently sleeping on my sister's couch. Had a night here, which is rare as she doesn't let anyone in on a normal day. Funny how helping her out during this time has brought us closer together.
  4. I ended up just taking PM Litmanen for the 6 swaps. He's really great with engine on him. Excellent finesse shot and crazy dribbling. Maybe I'll go for the prime pack next time.
  5. First WL for me in awhile. 2 and 6 so far. Finding it so tough with Fifa 20 in the few times I've done the WL. Just had the most epic sh*thousery win ever. Guy was all over me the entire match, but he just couldn't finish. He was spamming the drop backs and various other moves that I have no clue how to do Was still scoreless with just a couple minutes to play and I made a brain dead sliding tackle and got a red. He tries some fancy play from the FK and I intercept it, hoof it down field where Litmanen(prime moments from swaps) runs it down and smacks it Vardy style into the top corner for the win! He must have been fuming
  6. New promo and....down go the servers!
  7. Certainly an unforgettable season for Notts fans. First season in non league football, almost didn't have a team at all and now, well.... I just miss football, even the matches I can't see
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