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  1. Clear some space in the trophy case! Oh....wait
  2. I've been watching it too. Almost finished the 1st season.
  3. Awesome play by Mahomes. As much as I was rooting for the Bills, I can't help but root for him and it'll be a better SB with the old legend vs the new.
  4. I like Mahomes, so I'd have no problem rooting for him, if the Chiefs beat the Bills.
  5. Oh well 10th SB appearance for Brady and...he gets a home game for it. Go Bills!
  6. Wouldn't have bet on Brady throwing 4 interceptions. Would have been a huge payout! Or maybe it was just the 3, so far
  7. I guess the Pack forgot Gronk was playing too.
  8. Amazing how things turned in this one. I feel like this was the turning point
  9. Big drop though on the 2 point attempt.
  10. Did they say Brady is now the all-time leader for the Bucs in playoff TD passes? He's been there 1 season
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