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  1. FIFA 18

    I decided to give my Prem team a rest after about 60 or so matches. I'll get back to them later and add some better players. I also put together a Bundesliga squad. I had a bunch in my club so just added some lower budget ones to fill the squad. Of course, had to buy Werner, but he's reasonably priced. Pulisic is a bargain at 800 coins so far. Having more success with this squad in SB five matches in. Also have Neuer, Aubamyang, Forsberg and Keita loans cards when I need them.
  2. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    The channel?
  3. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    I get home from work just in time to see that
  4. FIFA 18

    And once again for me in SB.... Gold 2! Did pack Immobile though. Up to 135K in coins.
  5. Fifa 18 PS4 Pro Clubs - Foxestalk FC

    Yeah, I noticed that with the heights Look forward to seeing you back on the pitch mate.
  6. Fifa 18 PS4 Pro Clubs - Foxestalk FC

    I think it was that one match when you played 'any' and we were getting clobbered. You got bored
  7. Fifa 18 PS4 Pro Clubs - Foxestalk FC

  8. Championship 2017/18

    That didn't take long
  9. Fifa 18 PS4 Pro Clubs - Foxestalk FC

    Great stuff tonight lads!
  10. League 1 & League 2 thread 2017/2018

    Back on top! Needed that win today against Barnet. Anything else coming after the two poor results and it'd be the same ol' Notts. Great stuff from Ameobi today. Next two matches are away. Keeping my eye on Luton. Won 7-1 today v Stevenage and are sitting 3rd.
  11. Fifa 18 PS4 Pro Clubs - Foxestalk FC

    Best match was when we were down 2-3 and I got tossed out for a 'slightly' dodgy tackle Lads came back to win it 4-3 with Swarles netting his first ever hat-trick!
  12. Fifa 18 PS4 Pro Clubs - Foxestalk FC

    Playing shortly, hopefully
  13. Flags Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 101 seconds  

    Patch is out now. I'm in the process of downloading it, but I'm hearing good things.