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  1. Tell him to shave his head.
  2. Wasn't it not long ago that he won English Player of the Year?
  3. I was trying to think what song from the 80s that reminded me of. Thanks to the comments its "I Melt With You" by Modern English. Excellent video.
  4. Neymar really has that triple roll down pat when he gets "fouled"
  5. Dortmund know how to put on a home display.
  6. Had to do a double take when I saw that Ashley Young had the Inter goal
  7. So I guess it was everyone who finished gold 1 that got this pack that shouldn't be there. EA say they are "actively" working on the issue. 8 and 1/2 hours later.....
  8. Shot himself in the foot. Or foot in the mouth, after he shot it.
  9. Just opened my squad battles rewards and there an unidentified pack with 60 rare golds in it. It wont let me open it though. EA are just trolling me now!
  10. I wouldn't go with Gerrard at CAM. Too clunky. Bergkamp might do you well but I don't think he'd be an improvement over KDB. It's nice to use Icons, but if your not using them to "hybrid" your team then there's often better options for less coins. Of course if you have major coins to spend then get any version of Eusebio Maybe upgrade Madders to the HL version?
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