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  1. Sean Connery has found his niche. She was in his back garden with his nephew.
  2. Spielberg's latest film looks a bit nuts...
  3. Forget which season but the episodes where he hires a prostitute to use the car pool lane, and the one where he insults David Schwimmer's dad and fakes a heart attack are brilliant
  4. Probably shouldn't post this after Bacongate last night but here goes...
  5. Ah ok fair enough. Don't watch much tv so the only things I know about Knowles are that he hosts DIY SOS and that he is annoying.
  6. Nick Knowles @ 350-399k for DIY SOS! seriously?
  7. Fellow BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty is on the list at 150-199k. She's lovely though so I won't moan about it.
  8. Chapman does loads of presenting for 5Live too, surprised it's that much of a difference in wages.
  9. Looks like the love child of Karl Pilkington and Lando Calrission to me.
  10. Hopefully there will be a funding page for the guy who confronted hims legal bills.
  11. I enjoy gambling... nags, football, online slots and roulette. Only ever use online bookies and have deposit limits in place so that I can't go chasing any losses. Also closed most accounts down bar 3 or 4. The lottery is probably the biggest con, although most punters have a couple of lines rather than lumping £100 over to the newsagent every Saturday. 3 numbers is about 100/1 now with 59 balls in the draw.
  12. I can see it. Did Jim'll Paint It do that for you? Quality bit of commentary after all these years as well.
  13. Having to apply for permits to take a van to the tip is always going to encourage fly tipping. I guess the cost of a dedicated free non-permit required tip for vans / commercial waste is more expensive than a cleaning team going round clearing crap up.