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  1. Great Movie Soundtracks

  2. So what does everybody actually look like?

    Was wondering what happened to the Hairy Bikers.
  3. Anyone still have terrible internet?

    I've got BT Infinity 2 and get about 75Mbps but it dropped to half that just before xmas, plus the landline was crackling and kept dropping out. Did a line test from the BT website at about 10pm, it found a fault. Had an Openreach engineer at my door the following day at 8am. Fault traced to the manhole just up my street, another 2 Openreach engineers visited to confirm, another firm came along and dug up the manhole, followed by a further 2 Openreach engineers to fix the wiring in the manhole. Finally another 2 guys came along to reinstate the manhole and resurface the path. Took about 6 days from line test to completion, speeds back to normal, quite impressed by the response tbh. Fault was water ingress into the manhole and cable as it turned out.
  4. I'm Old Enough To Remember...

    Absolute monstrosity... how on earth that was allowed on telly i'll never know. Mr Blobby was pretty poor as well.
  5. Maybe he should have done three billboards outside Fosse Park, Leicester. Could have made a Hollywood film in a few years. Good luck anyway.
  6. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Not sure who made these maps but in Leicester its a cob
  7. Swinger’s Clubs

    Wonder if they were fans of watersports at their swinging meets? Would explain the wee Jimmy Krankie name.
  8. another school shooting

    It was 12 by February 1st this year... https://www.abc15.com/news/data/school-shootings-in-u-s-when-where-each-shooting-has-occurred-in-2018 School shooting classed as a firearm being fired in school, so not always resulting in a death.
  9. another school shooting

    Apparently its the 18th school shooting in the US this year.... and its mid-February.
  10. Swinger’s Clubs

    Its all about the Fab Swingers website these days.... no more car keys and bowls required (so i've been told)
  11. Swinger’s Clubs

    Ann Summers and the Rugby 'Private Shop'?
  12. Swinger’s Clubs

    Jezza is on the case...
  13. Swinger’s Clubs

    Do they still pick car keys out of a bowl these days to pick who you cop off with?
  14. No Questions Asked Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 93 seconds