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  1. I'm sure when it was built in 1410 they didn't envisage to be sandwiched between a university campus and a major road through the city, blame the town planners for its odd location
  2. I have to work on the London Underground, some of the rooms I had to go in today were well over 35/40 degrees. Amazed the equipment in these rooms works at all considering the heat, dust and mouse droppings there often covered with. The trains are just as bad as well.
  3. I spent 4 days there when I was backpacking around the world back in my youth. Very overrated, smoggy and hot. I was in a hostel in West Hollywood, did a movie stars homes tour, went to the universal theme park, the chinese theatre in hollywood,,, that was me done so got on the train to San Diego... much nicer place.
  4. Got asked the time by a Yodel delivery driver earlier. I told him it was sometime between 8am and 6pm
  5. I quite like watching freight hopping videos on YouTube (ie. climbing onto a freight train and travelling across the US and Canada). There's an English guy called Brave Dave who did it across Canada and an american guy called Stobe The Hobo who does it across the US. Interesting videos though I wouldn't do it myself. Brave Dave Stobe The Hobo
  6. Bit off topic but theres a shoe shop on the Kings Road called R Soles... always makes me chuckle when I go past it on the bus.
  7. A day trip across the border into Tijuana is always fun when you're in San Diego. The border crossing is easily reached by public transport from downtown SD. Much prefer San Diego to LA personally.
  8. The date of that tweet is in American format, not that thats proof of where it was sent from
  9. What good would a political shake up do though? These terrorist atrocities are being committed by 2nd or 3rd generation British citizens from immigrant families. We cant close borders or deport them, its too late for that. Surely some sort of education is the way forward. How that would happen or even if its possible I don't know.
  10. There is.. over £500k raised I think
  11. Sir Rog undoing the zip on a girls dress with his magnetic watch,... don't think thats what Q had in mind when he made it. My favourite Bond
  12. Anyone hear the interview on 5Live earlier with a guy caught up in the explosion. Pretty horrific the things he had to say but it seems he help save a 14 year old girl...
  13. Scene at a donor centre in Manchester earlier today.
  14. Legend, RIP, what a shit day its been
  15. The bomber has been named as Salman Abedi, and was known to the security services. EDIT : Think this is the guy arrested today, not the bomber.