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  1. Come on Harvey! We know what you can do.
  2. Youri just not the same player as last season
  3. That should have been Gray's moment
  4. It wasn't that bad a half for us. We had quite a lot of chances and shots on target. Don't know why so many people complaining about Hamza. He's had a good game so far.
  5. He could start instead of Harvey and Perez next match.
  6. Man City have got one and so have we. Ours can walk on water to score a goal.
  7. Yeah! We got to get to 40 points! Before Christmas! You know we can do it. We've done it before!
  8. Then we might have received the same fate as Chelsea just did.
  9. Youri's assist with Vard's goal can only rub salt into Bournemouth's wounds
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