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  1. Dragovic's squad number

    Does anyone know why Dragovic doesn't have a squad number yet? Or at least it isn't shown on the City website
  2. Is anyone else having problems watching this. I saw about the first 15 minutes, then it froze and now keeps asking me to sign in and nothing happens until I get timed out
  3. Where is Ulloa?

    Ulloa hasn't been in the last two match squads but he doesn't appear to be injured. Does anyone know what has happened to him?
  4. Strip against Atletico

    Does anyone know which kit we will wear next Wednesday? The Atletico home strip is red and white vertical stripes with blue shorts, which appears to rule out all three of our strips! I would guess the white one but really have no idea.
  5. Post horn

    Does anyone know why Paul wasn't there to play the post horn yesterday?
  6. Net at Barcelona game

    Did anyone else find the net in front of many of the City fans annoying? It spoilt my view of the game and I didn't know why it was there. Are we going to see a net at every CL game?
  7. If media reports are to be believed (difficult I know) can someone explain to me how 'representatives' of Vardy and Kante can approach another club and ask if they want to buy the players? This has to be immoral if not illegal - or am I missing something? Either way, it is another facet of modern football that should be outlawed.
  8. A curious stat

    I've just realised that the three managers who were sacked after the game against Leicester this season all have a surname beginning with M - Gary Monk (Swansea), Jose Mourinho (Chelsea) and Robert Martinez (Everton). Very odd!
  9. Liam Moore - Bristol City

    Thanks, I didn't know that
  10. Liam Moore - Bristol City

    Yes, he is on loan at Bristol but so is Hamer and he is listed in the squad
  11. Liam Moore - Bristol City

    Has anyone else noticed that Liam is not listed in either our 25-man or under 21 squads? I'm very sorry to see this.
  12. Did anyone understand Albrighton's gesture? He seemed to cross the fingers of one hand across two of the other. I couldn't make head nor tail of it!
  13. Non-substitution

    Do anyone know why it looked as if Liam Moore was coming on for Jeff Schlupp after Morgan was sent off, and then it didn't happen?
  14. Big Nige: I cleared out Sven's rubbish

    Although I agree with Nigel, I was rather surprised that he apparently said this publicly, it doesn't fit with his normal attitude to the press. I wonder if he has been mis-quoted?
  15. I want us to win the FA Cup - and glad to see that others feel the same