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  1. Welcome Claude .... positive posts only

    Fascinated to see what he does with Gray - if it's true that he was responsible for developing Henry's trademark 'cut in from the left and curl it in the corner' move, give him a couple of months with Gray and we could have something seriously special on our hands
  2. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Yeah your probably right, but not many teams have spent 50m on a striker. They should be challenging, even if they won't
  3. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Agree the second sub was an odd one. But people are reacting like this is our tenth defeat in a row, not an unlucky if a bit dumb defeat to a title challenger, after outplaying them away from home for most of the game
  4. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Agree bringing iheanacho on then was an odd one, but laying into Shakespeare because we lost concentration at a couple of corners is ridiculous. We were set up excellently for most of the game, played very well for 70 mins+, and had subs forced on us through injuries and lack of fitness in centre midfield, against a team who just spent 50m on a striker. Fair enough it was a bit Mickey Adams at the end, but come on, Shakespeare deserves more loyalty than this.
  5. Lost to a dodgy pen to a vv good team. Superb. Tactics and subs were spot on. One lucky deflection and I reckon we would have done it. Immensely proud
  6. Atletico Madrid 1 Leicester 0

    Good rule of thumb (judging from various forums and comment threads today) is that anyone who insists on calling Atletico 'Atleti' is a sanctimonious, condescending ****
  7. Huth and Morgan looked decent again...

    I do wonder if we'd had ndidi from the start of the season whether ranieri would have changed the style to that extent. Our centre mid pairing was invariably dire before he joined, whichever combination ranieri tried
  8. Jamie Vardy isn't a cheat!

    Yes precisely, the fact they both got booked completely negates the cheat accusation from the get go. He is a nasty piece of work tho, just glad he's our nasty piece of work. Was immense last night, appalling finishing aside!
  9. Kante at tonight's match

    He was grinning ear to ear at the end
  10. Mahrez

    His defending was unreal tonight. Never thought I'd say that in a million years. Superb
  11. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    When he plays well he allows us to play like last season again. Perhaps the fact we didn't have him at the start of the season contributed to Ranieri trying to play the slower game, to his and the team's detriment
  12. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    This is amazing. Last season coming flooding back. Top's reaction was great to see as well, he seriously cares about this
  13. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    The difference is extraordinary
  14. Shakespeare

    I think the role of Shakespeare in all this is crucial, and possibly more important than the whole 'player rebellion' narrative. Fine, we can all agree that the players, especially the 'stars' have been atrocious this season, both in performance and general attitude. But Shakespeare is widely admired within the game, and has been with us throughout all our achievements from League 1 to winning the title. If he's fallen out with Ranieri to the extent that is being suggested, there was clearly something seriously wrong - are we saying that he's got an attitude problem, become too big for his boots too? The thing is that the Ranieri we see via the media - genial, funny, nice old grandpa etc - was always a media construct, which ranieri himself has created in order to fend off 'the sharks'. In many ways its a work of creative genius. There is no way he is like that within the club, neither last season nor this. You think you can manage 30 20-30 year old working class men by being Mr Cuddly the whole time? No chance. Some of the articles giving the backgroudn to all this have mentioned the players getting fed up with Ranieri's temper, as well as the last minute tactical changes etc. If he has alienated Shakespeare as well, the problem is clearly deeper than just arrogant players. None of this takes anything away from Ranieri's achievements, nor am i suggesting that he's two faced - he clearly is a very nice man most of the time, and i would support any campaign to get the guy a statue. Nor is this all his fault - what's sad about the situtation is not so much the sacking as the fact its got to this point. Recruitment last summer was the real killer - if we had more strnegth in depth, then it wouldnt matter if he fell out with some players, because we'd have others of equal ability to bring in. We clearly don't, and Rudkin (and indeed Steve Walsh, given most of the players we signed were scouted under his watch) must take as much, if not most, of the blame. But to cast Ranieri as some kind of 'Bambi' figure here and the players as evil mercenaries doesn't make any sense to me, unless you're willing to put Shakespeare in the latter category as well, which I'm not willing to.
  15. This is such bollocks. Fans of other clubs didn't give a sh1t about Leicester the club last season and don't this season either. What they care about is the 'fairytale'. Here's the thing - it wasn't a fairytale, it wasn't a miracle, we were overall the best team on and off the pitch in the league last year. This year, so far, we're the worst. That is certainly not all down to Ranieri - recruitment is the big issue imo, he can only work with what he's got - but all this crap about how leicester have now 'ruined the fairytale' is complete rubbish, and in fact sums up the patronising attitude weve had to put up ever since we were first top of the league.