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  1. What is your favourite music video and why? I’ll start of with mine. There was a comment in the YouTube video that made me chuckle Band “hey dude you get an idea for the music video?” Director “what if fish start beatboxing and cars float into the sky” Band “how high are you” Director “like 5”11”
  2. Wolfboy


    I’m wanting to buy a classical guitar but I’ve got no idea what I’m looking for. Really want to get into playing more bosa nova/jazz to develop new ideas on my electric. Anyone got any ideas on what would be best?
  3. few tracks I’ve been listening to a lot this week...
  4. Kooks for some reason feels like a guilty pleasure to listen to but it’s actually a cracking album. Matchbox Has got to be my favourite tune from inside in inside out.
  5. Olugbenga Adelekan from Metronomy has got to be one of the coolest bassists I have seen live.
  6. Groove of the 60s. the brass section is particularly beautiful in the 1:20 - 1:50 minute.
  7. Ricardo - £60m Odriozola - £25m Soyuncu - £70m Ake - £55m Chilwell - £80m Telles - £25m Ndidi - £80m Maïga - £20m Maddison - £80m Grealish - £80m £165m profit to spend on some juicy players
  8. Great to see Matty James back in the squad
  9. Eberechi Eze would be my preference - The kid is quality. 10 goals and 6 assists for a team 16th in the championship (Nigerian too, could link well with Ndidi and Nacho)
  10. Wolfboy

    Ryan bennett

    Imagine wanting Vestergard instead of Ryan Bennet
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