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  1. My bad thought I was in the Soumare thread ahhaha
  2. Looks mint, reminds me of a younger Busquets - virtually impossible to get the ball off, a very frustrating player to play against.
  3. Really enjoying it! Has a gorgeous tone, extremely light weight too. Is your hohner tele style?
  4. Bought my first 12 string the other day...
  5. Schmeichel Ricardo soy/fofana Evans JJ Castagne Praet Ndidi Youri Barnes Vardy Castagne and Ricardo constantly overlapping on the right side would be deadly. JJ has to keep his spot!!
  6. Mexican player, I have never bought a brand new guitar but I heard good things about this, and was affordable too for a fender.
  7. Just came today😳
  8. I’m self taught been playing for about 15 years, I started off buying myself a little Beatles guitar song book. I learnt the chords for each song I wanted to play (Shows you how to play the chords on top of each song) and then eventually learnt how to play with the music - good fun, and I learnt all the chords fairly quickly.
  9. Old poster for My Heads Going To Blow Up, My mums old band, if anyone remembers them would love to hear some stories?
  10. Sometimes the best thing to do is to leave it - the more you put pressure on it the less enjoyment you’re going to get out of it - so leave it alone bring it out as a treat and slowly get yourself back into it.
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