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  1. “A friend of mine” that old chestnut eh
  2. Surely the club aren’t giving owt away with that sort of mark up in the club shop? I’d have thought it will be a blue snood with the badge on.
  3. Option one, European (winter) leagues should all close the transfer window before the season starts though.
  4. Anyone ever been to the Royal Oak? I'd imagine it's rough as most pubs over that way are
  5. We were the first English club to use Bad moon rising (loosely) for Ulloa and the first to use the Our boys in blue tune because of Socceroo Fox. Our song book would be a bit more original if other clubs hadn't latched onto them. One thing that frustrates me though is how out of tune we are, football isn't a choir but both big Glasgow clubs manage to do it so why can't we?
  6. Easy Life’s Junk Food EP came out last week, fun as expected.
  7. Allin-Khan has always been impressive whenever I’ve seen her speak on safe standing
  8. We never have any width, Ricardo takes up narrow positions for an attacking full back, Chilwell is often too deep and the wife players move too centrally too early.
  9. Bit of an airing in SK1, we were singing all our f ucking team did though
  10. So frustrating how often he fails to keep possession in relatively simple scenarios, he’ll receive the ball and instead of moving away from pressure he’ll try and back into a player and lose out. He’s agile and can control the ball well enough to turn out but rarely does, coaching staff should be correcting it
  11. For 90 minutes long, we’ll sing this song for Maddison running past defenders, try and stop him if you can
  12. Stadt


    His first touch is almost always so safe, as soon as you receive the ball and face towards your own goal you’re under pressure. Needs to be braver.
  13. Hate the match engine so much
  14. Stadt

    Raúl Uche

    Why isn't Pierre Larrauri getting any game time yet?
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