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  1. Because they struggle against systems that match their own and we played well last time we were in a rut against them.
  2. I’m a big fan but he needs to improve in tight spaces, his dribbling and touch can be a bit loose. This is where he should have been coached better but “muh we have lots of academy graduates in the squad so there’s nothing wrong”
  3. They really struggled against our set up last season, I’m not a fan of three/five at the back generally but I’d play it here. Schmeichel Justin Evans Fofana Morgan/Fuchs Thomas Ndidi Tielemans Praet Barnes Vardy
  4. Castagne will be back soon as well
  5. Mladen Sormaz was formerly at StatsBomb who we’re now partnered with and they run set piece courses. The expertise is there so it’s down to the management to instigate change. As far as I’m aware it’s normally Stowell that does set pieces and if that’s the case obviously he’s just not good at coaching them. Maddison’s delivery isn’t good enough and we don’t seem to try different routines enough. Definitely a big area we can improve - Midtjylland won the Danish league a few years back basically because they aggressively targeted set pieces. There’s a huge edge to be gained here
  6. Regardless of formation we look really poor in possession which is an issue, the West Ham and Fulham games were really similar and we set up differently which denotes we’ve got an underlying issue. Personnel will remedy this to an extent but Rodgers needs to adjust our tendencies in possession
  7. Getting into good positions is a huge skill in itself, there’s a study - I’ll find it later - that reckons 90% of goal scoring is down to getting in to the position to shoot in the first place. Perez is a better finisher than Barnes but that’s no good if you convert a higher number of much fewer chances. Barnes’ ability to sniff out space is really undervalued
  8. Did that Beat The Odds SBC mindlessly whilst having a shit
  9. 5 goals and 1 assist in 920 minutes from 10 starts (15 apps). He puts the ball in the net even if he isn’t the most efficient scorer yet.
  10. It’s a shame the East Midlands has a relatively weak collective identity, you only get anything in the UK by pooling your collective grievances and whining until you’re placated for now
  11. We’re playing with a system that puts a lot of strain on him, when a CB is as active and aggressive as he is it’ll go wrong occasionally. Mendy and Tielemans don’t cover ground particularly well nor do they win the ball back much so we’re asking a lot of our defenders
  12. If Fulham go down I’d have Anguissa in a heartbeat
  13. Southampton would rightly hold out for far more than his worth. What the would the point be in them selling for any less than £50m+? Any replacement is going to cost them £30m. The same for Soucek to a lesser extent. Buying players from other PL clubs just isn’t worth it generally. Ndidi is really consistent with his defensive work and that’s what we’re missing.
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