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  1. It’s not the 80s anymore, Leeds fanbase are just like every other clubs except they’re actually loud. If they were as vile as a few on here are saying then you’d definitely hear about it
  2. A sound broke the plane barrier
  3. I’d be content with Burnley, Fulham and Newcastle. I’d rather Palace and Villa went down though but can’t see it happening.
  4. Nob surfer Puel in the mud, SIUUUUUU
  5. I got crowd surfed by coked up Bochum ultras on that train
  6. The correlation between not having a display photo and slightly off beat posts is strong
  7. He's a massive hypocrite and a bit of sinister character in my eyes. Dresses up his anger as a joke and deflects all of the time - his players love shoulder barging their opposite numbers into the hoardings and he had the temerity to whinge about that Choudhury tackle.
  8. Kipre did well with Wigan and got a move. Hopefully Johnson can do the same because he's not going to make it here
  9. We were lucky at Man City. I’m a bit fed up of seeing Rodgers’ tactical genius praised when we were lucky to be in the game at all going into half time. The second half we were excellent but only after we abandoned being horrifically passive. Luck plays a far bigger part in football than we all like to admit
  10. It’d be nice if they ran for difficult fo get to away days or games that have been moved for TV on Friday or Mondays. I looked at trains for Norwich away and I think the last train back was before kick off.
  11. He had one (?) effort yesterday from outside the box which hit Ederson. If that was another player nobody would have batted an eyelid
  12. I think we’ve been a bit lucky so far but more importantly we’ve played well and banished any hangover from last season. I still think we’ll finish mid table because the fixture congestion will take its toll and we’re already picking up injuries. Hopefully the biggest positive from today is that Rodgers realises he has to be a bit braver against the biggest sides if we want to take points against them. Bizarrely, West Han might price to be our toughest game so far because they’re not injury ravaged and they’re physical which is normally what we struggle against
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