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  1. Stadt

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    It’s a massive unit and it’s never seemed busy enough when I’ve gone by.
  2. Stadt

    What grinds my gears...

    Doesn’t matter what I drink, I usually barf
  3. Stadt

    Brexit - Has anybody actually changed their minds?

    Leave, now would vote remain.
  4. Ah yeah the solution to us missing and not creating enough chances is to play with five defenders on the pitch, two defensive midfielders, one winger and an attacking midfielder upfront
  5. Stadt

    Adrien silva

    goodbye shite prince
  6. Stadt

    Netflix Sunderland Documentary

    Twinned with Essen , both ugly shitheaps. I'm sure Krefeld is lovely
  7. Stadt

    Bochum - Sheff Utd

    I’ve seen one of those stickers in over a year in Sheffield Reading have a ‘friendship’ with Bochum too, it’s one bloke with a flag.
  8. It's quite similar to when pundits come out with their "they're at their natural level" shite, historically we're performing better than our average position but it doesn't mean we should resign ourselves to being content with abject performances. We are an average premier league team but considering our expenditure it naturally feels like we're underachieving, Everton and West Ham have spent big too, admittedly, but they've both had new managers and gone through a high turnover of players yet it feels they're on an upwards curve whilst our progress is glacial. Puel's had 54 games in charge and it doesn't feel as if we're benefiting from stability but we most probably are, it's just difficult to tell. On one hand I feel as if we're completely anaemic, lifeless and risk averse; things will continue as they are but on the other I feel like we're missing chances at rate which will eventually level out to normal. I don't like Puel (I don't dislike him either) but it's hard to make a case for sacking him when both the alternatives aren't there and we're awful at recruiting managers anyway. Rightly or wrongly, if he was a bit livelier in press conferences and interviews he'd have more fans on board, it's not something I'm bothered by but it definitely helps a manager's case.
  9. Stadt

    Adrien silva

    The fact a few of those cost almost nothing makes it even more embarrassing
  10. Stadt

    What floats my boat.....

    I laughed at this post at the time but I just remembered it again, superb
  11. Stadt

    Danny Drinkwater

    There are big concerns over his fitness, loan fee/transfer fee, his attitude and motivation but I want him back here tbh. Has more to his game than all of our other midfielders.
  12. Stadt

    Andy King to..........

    Will get between between five and ten goals if he goes there until the end of the season
  13. "If he improves his passing" what do you think he's been doing in training for almost two years? If players improved so easily every footballer on the planet would be outstanding.
  14. Stadt

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    A handful of pubs were over £4 a pint unfortunately, I was surprised