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  1. Matt Reeves and Dave Rennie were in the Soar Point the night we won the league, I sort of leapt on them horizontally when Hazard’s goal went and they caught me thankfully
  2. He’s got a bit more clout than Maddison though in fairness, when you’re a billionaire and you’re married to Beyoncé then can what the f uck you like
  3. Stadt


    He's had his issues in the past but the bloke is a superb professional these days
  4. Personally, I much prefer celebrating the balance sheet rather than goals and wins
  5. We don't need more numbers in midfield though. Our issue isn't retaining the ball - we have enough it's that we don't have any penetration when we have faceless players on the wings. Barnes stretches the opposition, Youri and Maddison then have the space to play in because we're not congesting the centre and can find pockets, feed the wingers/Vardy that way. We all knew Rodgers was stubborn but not necessary inflexible. If he can't see it you'd think the other coaches, Davies, Kolo and Sadler at least would. Rodgers doesn't trust Maddison and Tielemans as a pair defensively but totally stunting our attacking play because we might concede more isn't worth it and is so uncharacteristically conservative from Rodgers.
  6. Davinson Sanchez (the centre back) who has been playing at RB (and not doing very well) will nick the ball off Maddison playing (badly) at LW, find Eriksen who makes a mockery of our two defensive midfielders who plays in Alli to score his first goal since Diana died
  7. The booing was definitely the minority. As for the Maguire/Soyunchu song, United fans sing "he f ucked off Leicester for Manchester", that and the fact Maguire has been a PR dream with all the cliche stay stuff he's been saying has been nauseating. During the game he was being a whinging twat as well which (at least I think) he never really did for us.
  8. Italian ultras have deep rooted connections to organised crime and there's multiple groups at each club. Tarring them all with the same brush isn't fair - Juve have some proper dodgy groups though as one was raided a few months back and somehow the c unts had got hold of a surface-to-air missile. Book coming out about the Italian scene https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/sep/15/tobias-jones-ultras-critics-of-modern-football-interview
  9. I don't mean first team players but plucking the like likes out of Kapustka, Hughes, Thomas etc from clubs where they're playing regularly then to shove them into the u23s isn't on because I'm sure they were never told that when we signed them.
  10. We've picked up a nasty habit of stalling a few players careers recently, hope he's successful somewhere abroad if not here.
  11. He's got all the right attributes, he's not even as bad as a crosser as some on here suggest but he doesn't play as well as he should. It's interesting that the narrative around him was that he was great going forward as a really young player (which I personally disagreed with at the time) but not great at defending whereas now I think the opposite is true. He's an astute defender but has regressed offensively, unfortunately.
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