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  1. I think Maddison is great but he’s often ineffective in games where we have less of the ball. His tackling stats are surprisingly good but he’s obviously much better attacking than he is without the ball. Ndidi is obviously a better ball winner, Tielemans and Maddison are better creators but Praet is the most well rounded and I think that’s hard to argue against
  2. All night, all drinking, birds - full of 'em* *not really the case
  3. What was the point in spending £12m in Ward? I think he’s a decent keeper but spending that much on a back up is unnecessary
  4. Spurs stumbled into some success, they had a reasonable squad with some decent scouting but ended up with a world class striker and one of the better managers in the world at the same time. If one of those had missed the other they’d be finishing 5th-8th. Levy just isn’t arsed enough to make more of it
  5. Stadt


    Good to see Villa start to dislike us more because I despise the pricks, never really liked them but after seeing their mouth breathers crawl out for the league cup semi I hope they rot
  6. He’s an average height winger, what are you on about?
  7. That system is fairer, national champions should be playing in the Champions League.
  8. Nope, just my third year of uni to be getting on with
  9. American football is naturally much slower though and in my opinion the culture of match going fans isn’t the same
  10. Broke my wrist at 5 aside yesterday, it's rubbish 0/10 would not recommend
  11. You were saying there was no chance we'd get a top 4 spot at the start of the season as well tbf
  12. Trump genuinely believes you have a finite amount of energy and that if you exercise you use it up
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