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  1. @pubhistoryproject (exclusively Leicester pubs) on Instagram is depressing. There was hundreds at one point - not sure if it was the all time cumulative total or at the active peak but 800 pubs is a figure that rings a bell 🤯
  2. Like I said, I doubt it. We could fetch somewhere between £7-£12m for both of them, it just depends on how interested any suitors would be. Tom Lawrence went for £6m IIRC about 5 years ago so we’d be looking north of that now. Mendy, it’d be a move back to France so it would massively depend on which club, back to Nice maybe and we could hold out for nearer 10m than 5m.
  3. Neither him or Mendy are good enough. Probably not even as squad players. If we could get circa £20m for the pair whilst bringing in KDH and Anguissa we’d be laughing, but I doubt it.
  4. We should have gone with the same side as the weekend but with Amartey in for Evans. Playing all 4 of Mendy, Ndidi, Choudhury and Amartey wasn’t going to lead to spot on build up play from the back.
  5. The punditry prematch was horrendous. I have low expectations and still it was abysmal. There’s no meritocracy with pundits, doesn’t matter how many basic errors they make they’ll have a comfortable gig for ever. I’d much rather listen to a random analyst from Norwich who could offer a unique insight than Andy Cole mumbling through factually incorrect statements
  6. Far from a nimby but the planned Filbert St (Filbert village iirc?) is rank. The club should object on the grounds it’s a huge eyesore and build something better near our patch ya cùnts
  7. By now every fan of PL clubs should have realised that unless you overpay - you’re not gonna buy a player from within the PL. Especially if there’s some parity between the clubs.
  8. Until probably two years ago you’d see Everton fans saying they should sign Vardy Twitter isn’t the best barometer but it’s like the past 35 years haven’t happened. We’ve been in the league 7 years and surpassed them and it’s as though it’s some sort of syntax error for them
  9. If there’s a space in the squad and they’re a free agent, they can be signed.
  10. We have a space or two in our 25 man squad IIRC. Ramires is currently a free agent and would offer something a bit different to our other deep midfielders
  11. Couldn’t hold out for 39 minutes against a terrible Arsenal team. Given we’re so bad at defending set pieces, you’d think we’d try not to play so deep and invite a lot of pressure on. Don’t think we have the legs to take the game to them now. I think this might be a good game for Choudhury actually, he could inject a more energy into our performance.
  12. We need to push 10 yards higher up and defend with the ball more.
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