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  1. I've read a fair bit about the development (oh god I'm sad) and they've built an entirely new engine for it including new industry leading graphics - the night vision is photorealistic realistic now. The trailers are filmed all on a PS4 pro as well.
  2. Stadt

    James Justin

    Intelligent signing, even if he's just ok and doesn't pull up any tress we can sell him to some Championship mugs for the price we bought him for like Derby.
  3. Fûck Everton And Rudkin
  4. Ironically, Wan-Bissaka is a converted winger haha. He got 3 assists last season which I genuinely think is more than Simpson got in his entire time with us - he was also playing for a really unadventurous side under Hodgson too. Apparently the fee accounts for United not removing the 25% sell on clause for Zaha which could be worth 10s of millions in itself. It's not the best business in the world but it seems to me he'd only cost more in a few seasons and they're not playing Ashley Young at RB
  5. I completely forgot about him AWB will still get plenty of caps, I’m not convinced TAA is great defensively whereas the former is solid.
  6. Was announced a few weeks ago, reboot of the franchise set in the modern era. Much more grounded and more like Battlefield/Rainbow than classic Call of Duty according to the devs
  7. “yOu cAn TeLl It’S sUmMeR aNd ThErE’s No fOoTbAlL oN !!!” In response to threads about inane topics, yeah no shit but there’s inane threads during the season and what else are people on a forum going to talk about?
  8. Wait and see how he does first. In the current economy it’s a better signing than Calum Chambers/Darmian/Emerson/Rahman + other failed full back signings - the worst thing is they’ve basically written off Dalot. AWB is raw but defensively he’s great as well as being incredibly athletic. They’ve probably signed England’s starting RB for the next 10 years. There’s no chance a top 6 side is buying a young English player from a mid table premier league club for sub £40m these days, granted he’s not the finished article but him and Daniel James are better business than going after players that won’t join them.
  9. I don’t buy kits from China or the club but besides reasonable ST prices the club try to fleece us as fans in anyway possible. It’s £2 for a bottle of water in the ground, match day tickets for kids are obscene and if a family of 4 wanted shirts then it’s setting them back, what £200? I understood the ‘stealing from the club’ argument when we were in the Championship but not when we’re receiving revenues of £120+ million every season.
  10. You could tell immediately with Pep and (less so) Zidane that they are elite coaches. Lampard’s Derby underachieved considering their team and resources.
  11. Didn’t Peter Clarke have the role at some point? I remember Tom Lawrence saying nobody had contacted him at all when he was on loan at Ipswich, clearly an important job
  12. That’s a superb signing, Dembele was a one man midfield at times and Tanguy Ndombele has got huge potential as his successor. Spurs are fairly switched on as a club - they’ll be the main beneficiaries of Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea ****ing up because as long as they keep hold of Pochettino (or replace him well) they’ve got a Champions league place secured for a few seasons
  13. Pure number 8s/box to box midfielders seem to be dying out generally though. Liverpool and Man City play 433s but their midfielders are mostly converted DMs or AMs. Gundogan and Keita (Milner formerly) are the only pair that jump out at me as natural central midfielders
  14. Someone on twitter pointed out that the ram on Derby’s badge has eyes which they’d never noticed and neither had I
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