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  1. I didn’t literally mean he’s better than 2 players but if you took the best qualities of both and put them into one player - De Bruyne would still be better.
  2. I can’t say I’ve watched Morelos too many times but get him back n just for the shithouse potential of a strike pairing of him and Vardy
  3. Difficult to hit the target when there’s so many players in the goal mouth. I think the only way 95% of players are scoring from there is if they shift the ball first to disrupt the positions of the other players That screenshot also shows just how dominant we were, we’ve got 2 players in their 6 yard box, our RB so far up the pitch he’s not even on it, 3 players in loads of space including our DM who’s the one shooting
  4. Finished Jack Ryan S2, definitely better than the first because it's slightly more grounded (i.e no Ebola terrorism). It progresses really well and I'd imagine it reflects intelligence work fairly well in a lot of cases but then it can't control itself in the finale and goes full Michael Bay. So many glaring plot holes.
  5. Probably in the same boat as Håland in terms of (un)likeliness but Marcus Thuram would be a unreal signing
  6. I hate to break it to you lads but I don’t think Tielemans and Maddison are getting any taller
  7. Rogue One was so good, give it 15 years that will be the only new Star Wars film that will be held in high esteem (maybe Solo too).
  8. Southgate can't even keep the media on side anymore and that's the one thing he was good at. Stupid clown bastard
  9. The mental thing is that De Bruyne is better than Maddison and Tielemans combined, plus he's taller, quicker and stronger
  10. Maddison is better higher up the pitch because he's more agile and carries the ball better. Tielemans is better deeper because he has better vision and is generally more of a controlling player than Maddison because of his superior decision making.
  11. Only one goal off his total from last season (7). I think he only got 3 open play goals last season so his improvement under Rodgers has been superb.
  12. Probably the only player that had more chances under Puel, should have had a trick in the Spurs away game. In the build up for Maddison’s goal, he made a really good run - potentially if side’s start playing really deep we might have to get Vardy moving in more unpredictable ways to create more space for Barnes and Perez
  13. Merson is well inconsistent with us, loves us one minute, despises then next.
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