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  1. The last time a non big 6 club did this was Villa 2008-2010
  2. Top 4 is achievable again next season but likely a fair bit tougher than this season. Liverpool will have a more intact squad and probably add to it. Chelsea look worryingly strong and you’d expect us to get nowhere near them. Man United are unconvincing still (nothing to do with today), whilst Solskjaer remains in charge it benefits us. Spurs and Arsenal don’t have the squads or management atm. Everton and West Ham would be outsiders but if they recruited well, they could compete.
  3. I agree, there’s no definitive measure. League position and cup success together are what distinguishes a club as successful. Spurs have finished above us every year bar two or three over the last decade but we’ve had a more successful decade. Had they won an FA cup, or even a League cup - they’re the club with the better decade
  4. We’re big on analytics, by now most clubs use a lot of data scouting but how much they trust it differs. Arsenal actually bought a football data company about a decade ago but they’ve never really utilised them properly. We semi-regularly hold conferences on sports analytics too which shows we’re one of the leading lights in the field. We recruited Mladen Sormaz as Head of Analytics who was formerly at Huddersfield and Statsbomb. We’ve since signed up with Statsbomb and they provide more insightful data than opta, generally. Football hackers by Christoph Biermann i
  5. Villa 21 Forest 11 Wolves 9 West Brom 7 Post war Villa 8 Forest 8 Wolves 7 Leicester 4 We're the 12th most successful club going on trophies won post war. If we win on Saturday we go level with Leeds as the 11th.
  6. The armoured division of the Leicestershire People's Liberation Army on the Uppingham front, 1974
  7. Villa have 21 major honours Forest 11 Wolves 9 West Brom 7 We’ve won 4. Still a long way to go trophy wise. This is why winning the FA cup is a much bigger occasion than qualifying for the CL. In 60 years time nobody will be talking about our 2021-2022 balance sheet but there’ll be discussions about trophies.
  8. Man City have spent probably the best part of a billion over the last decade and have only just gotten into a CL final. There’s no harm in being ambitious but we’ve only qualified for the CL once and have thrown one good opportunity to get into again already. We have to regularly qualify for European competition before entertaining that sort of talk. Winning domestic cups and going deep into the Europa should be out short-medium term goals.
  9. I never rated Gray but selling him in January has really hindered us now, we have absolutely no pace out wide with Albrighton and Perez. Given Maddison is offering nothing I’d go with this. Vardy Albrighton Iheanacho Pereira Tielemans Ndidi Thomas Evans Soyuncu Castagne Schmeichel Which is more or less the same side we played at Villa Park and looked quite good with.
  10. Quite often when a side has problems they’re really easily identified. At home under Rodgers, we’re almost inexplicably bad. Even when we’ve had a squad at close to full fitness - we’ve put in turgid, complacent performances. The slightest bit of pressure and we’re liable to losing against worse teams. Villa in the league cup last season was a warning. We’re a fair weather team, Maddison flourishes when everybody else is playing well. Tielemans either controls a game or is a passenger, there’s no in between. They’re supposed to be our creative outlets and they come unst
  11. This is what I hate any pathetic, self defeating talk from Leicestershire fans about becoming a minor county. We've got a great track record of producing talented cricketers.
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