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  1. Stadt

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    He's showed more guile than Gray has for us, admittedly it's a very small sample size but backs up my view that Ghezzal is a better creator.
  2. It's so short sighted the argument that Beaglehole must be doing something right if Barnes, Chilwell and Choudhury have all come through recently. It's fairly obvious these are players that needed a chance at first team level which it seems Beaglehole is actually a barrier to by trying to win the U23s and a reluctance to loan players out (whether that's him or Rudkin it's still pathetic). It's a concern of mine that we're building top of the range facilities and we're leaving a bloke that has a height fetish in charge of the under 23s, whilst Rudkin is DoF and academy director I can't see it changing.
  3. Stadt


    Don't think I've ever liked a player so much after one game. I'm not old enough to remember Laczcko Very encouraging that he's spoken well about the club and the city, it'd be easy to come out with baseless, neutral statements which ironically Silva did (or worse). Personally, I think us as fans could very much influence if he wants to sign here by singing for him and receiving him well because Monaco's fans are shite and it seems he didn't make a connection with the club.
  4. Stadt

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    We owe these and our performances recently should suggest that somebody is in for a hiding sooner rather than later, so; Leicester 0-2 Crystal Palace 12' Milivojevic, 36' Batshuayi.
  5. I can’t get over “Maddison is no better than Gallagher”
  6. Stadt

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    Definitely, I read somewhere (another forum possibly) that somebody had a mate at Sky that said Merson was on because he’s relatable to the 50+ year old Everyman in the pub who also can’t promounce foreign names
  7. Stadt

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    I don't care either way whether she's left to rot or returns to the UK and has a long stint in prison. I think the only news I'm not completely apathetic to these days is football related
  8. Stadt

    Questions Thread

    Why did Summer Sundae discontinue?
  9. Stadt

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    Definitely not but it's the most immediately accessible feedback available. There is an issue with some fans being dicks and whinging at any criticism at all but I'd suggest that overwhelming majority can take informed criticism but there just isn't much of it about.
  10. Stadt

    Let's have a films thread.

    Watched the Grand Budapest Hotel yesterday, cracking film. Wes Anderson’s cinematography is so enjoyable
  11. Stadt

    Is the City of Leicester a dump?

    I agree but even St. Martins square has gone downhill a bit, a fair few vacant units, there’s that Norwegian craft beer place opening up soon but besides that it’s lost that buzz it had round it a couple of years ago
  12. Stadt

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Maguire Chilwell Ndidi Tielemans Iheanacho Maddison Barnes Vardy Should be enough creativity in the side at an individual level to compensate for our systematic, rigid attacking play.
  13. Stadt

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    I'd much rather have journalists on that actually research clubs rather than regurgitating the same storied myths that tell us nothing. There's not many ex players that are worth listening to but Danny Higginbotham and Pat Nevin should get more high profile gigs because they have professional insight as well as the ability to research, write and articulate themselves well. Broadcasters either think the majority of their pundits do well (unlikely, a cursory glance at social media will tell you otherwise) or more insidiously, they consciously select wank pundits as it creates controversy and generates more publicity and clicks. Even people that aren't interested in football would be able to tell that Danny Mills or Dean Saunders are thick twats without knowing anything about the game themselves. 'Spontaneous' banter and disagreeable and mouthy pundits are more of a commodity than genuine insight and analysis. For my money the European Football Show on BT was one was probably the cream of the crop because it avoided all the usual pitfalls but it canned without much reasoning as to why.