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  1. New DMAs is out today
  2. You see it on here all the time that “he’s not a wide player, he’s better in the middle” but that’s not true. At West Brom he got more goals and assists playing on the left (14 apps, 6 goals, 4 assists) than he did centrally. On the few occasions he’s played centrally for us he’s not played particularly well.
  3. Stadt

    Adam Lallana

    If we signed him on a 4 year deal I’m jumping into the soar wearing a concrete suit
  4. Stadt

    Adam Lallana

    £5-10m in wages
  5. At the time I was adamant he didn’t but looking at it since I think he probably did, I doubt he meant to get him in the face but he wanted to leave some on him
  6. The both played in an England team that got to the semis of the World Cup
  7. I disagree with that, loves nailing players
  8. Arteta’s a perfect fit for Arsenal’s loser mentality. It’s entirely their own fault they didn’t win that game. Blaming the ref is just silly when they should have been 2 or 3 up in the first half.
  9. Today on mental South American fullbacks
  10. Wonder if Karloff will get involved again? I don't know why he left in the first place but maybe him, Serge, Matthews and a new lead will form a different group.
  11. Varying attitudes to the postal service
  12. I can’t find a video of Iheanacho’s ruled out goal anywhere
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