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  1. Male solo singers/warblers with an acoustic guitar. Absolutely saturated market and most just sound like your average spanner at a party who brought the guitar no one asked for.
  2. Nalis


    Sorry to hear that, what a pain in the arse. Sounds like you like your current place so its good you have that as your back up plan.
  3. 'I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.' - Demarai Gray
  4. 'Guys should we discuss how we strategise the incredibly difficult task of balancing public health and the economy?' 'Stop getting distracted and focus on the task in hand - circuit breaker, firebreak or Paul's suggestion of 'The Ultimate Switch Off?''
  5. Santa must be in the high risk category the big bastard.
  6. Agreed, all knobish soundbites to make the actions should edgier.
  7. Arsenal away : 3 Leeds away: 1 Wolves home: 0 Liverpool away: 3
  8. I'm expecting the government to hire Michael Van Gerwen and Phil Taylor throw the vaccines into an crowd at an anti vax protest.
  9. Ah yes, the losses are bad management but the wins are pure luck, got it.
  10. We're shite at corners in the box though.
  11. That's comparing apples to oranges though in comparing the official positive count at the time vs the ONS figures now. I'm sure the ONS figures were higher back then in comparison with the official figures at the time. Anyway, point of my post was that any prediction any estimated at the time is probably irrelevant now anyway so we can move on, my post didnt come across that way on reflection so my mistake on that.
  12. To be fair: A - it was an estimate and not a statement of fact B - some scientists get it wrong and can only work off the information at their disposal C - he got it wrong but I think we can move on at this stage
  13. I would hope/think there would be enough people who want to be vaccined to create a certain degree of immunity in the community.
  14. The less undecided voters there are, the better that is for Biden. Know its not exactly a neutral source but found this interesting from Channel 4 on Trump's 2016 tactics which were basically undemocratic, 20 min video is worth a watch: https://www.channel4.com/news/revealed-trump-campaign-strategy-to-deter-millions-of-black-americans-from-voting-in-2016
  15. A sad, tragic waste of a life.
  16. I find the Benedict Cumberbach / Dominic Cummings channel 4 drama and the Trump 2016 tactics fascinating on voter behaviour and manipulation.
  17. I fully agree with him taking a stand too, so should everyone in the north if they dont get sufficient funding if told to be in tier 3 otherwise the north/south divide will grow even more.
  18. The only size options should be 'three sizes too big'.
  19. Well yeah, the priority is education for the reasons you've mentioned but my point is that hospitality is getting most of the blame for the rise in cases. I dont get why it cant just be said by the media that schools and unis have been the major driving force in the hockey tick in cases and closing pubs and restaurants are the trade off in trying to negate it, as opposed to just blaming hospitality outright? Think that key piece of clarification and transparency from the government and media outlets would gain a modicum of respect from the public.
  20. How dare you claim that with your common sense?? The narrative in the media is that its the evil hospitality sector with their dastardly pubs causing the recent spikes despite data clearly suggesting otherwise.
  21. I guess you go to those type of resorts knowing want the clientele will be like and accept it for what they are. Glad you had a good time anyway, any trip away this year is well deserved.
  22. I live about 30 minutes walk from them and only heard of them about a year ago so I'm not surprised! Never been to their ground though, should try to at some point.
  23. Clicked on page 4 by accident instead of the latest page, this was the first thing I saw. Laughed out loud instantly. This thread man...
  24. I'm false positived/negatived out.
  25. I'm a proud Norn Iron man and I agree. Our big match was against Bosnia, the other two should not have mattered as much and no way should a player have played all 3.
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