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  1. It’s the darker evenings. The Grim Reaper Sect love the long hours of darkness sitting in front of their lap-tops and Smart phones.
  2. I think Edison should fight Tyson Fury next. He packs a strong punch to worry Fury. Ridiculous decision not to red card him.
  3. Stupid penalty as he had pushed the ball out of reach and waited to receive a perfect little clip followed by a superb dive.
  4. Watford look a decent side. Hope they take some from this. But my money is them being shagged over by VAR before Full Time.
  5. I was not suggesting every week! Just for games against the more attack minded teams.
  6. I am currently watching a re-run of the game and seeing it again and I am totally confident we are back on track for a top 4 finish. This formation should be used more often that’s for sure. But that cuddle between Pep and John Toss was disgusting.
  7. I was more surprised and gob-smacked MattyJanes was anywhere the match-day squad.
  8. I wonder if that Mega Bell End Aka David Coote will be allocated another Foxes game before the end of the season? Hopefully, he will be demoted quite soon. So out of his depth, really.
  9. A voice of reason on FT.....incoming ban.
  10. We must change. Bring in a Argie or Italian cheating coach. If you cannot beat them, join them.
  11. True. If a normal worker performed like Coote did yesterday, they would be justifiably sacked.and His decisions could cost us a UCL place and potentially 100m UPK in additional revenue. The Club should demand he is relieved of duties with immediate effect.
  12. If you were an official of Burnley, Manure, Livarpool or Mancamel City - why would you complain??
  13. I think Geoff Hurst would have been improvement on that second half showing.
  14. What a totally baffling and useless substitution. This shows the strength of the squad.
  15. Good of them not to drop out of the top 4 and allow Manure into the UCL spots.
  16. Does anyone actually know what the law says on handball? Forget VAR, non straight officials and free Business Class tickets on Etiad, there is confusion enough on FT!
  17. Has the save been ruled out by VAR? My Malaysian Stream has just died
  18. Because they are coached to do so. We are just not very good as this cheating lark.
  19. Pointless going over previous decisions. We were shagged, but it is how it is. Let’s get into them from the off.
  20. Need Wes and Matty on straight away.
  21. Off to join Pep next season as he want CL football.
  22. He did enough of that in Dubai.....according to the Sun.
  23. Until that is, the Man City FT match day thread is up and running.....
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