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  1. That Vardy challenge was amazing! Seemed so frustrated that none of his teammates were bothering to go for the ball so ran across the pitch to do it himself
  2. I still think we have good cover already. I may be wrong but would be comfortable for us not to replace.
  3. Wow... my comment did say I suppose there is the exception to the rule referring to the fact that it was just a few idiots. If it’s 1 person or 1000 I don’t want to hear it. I can can only say what I heard. Shame that you seem so defensive about this. Why has it offended you?
  4. I was at the Cardiff home game and the racist abuse towards Sol Bamba was horrible! It saddened me as I thought the majority of Leicester are above this but I suppose there is always the exception to the rule...
  5. Sat on Bede park with a can of lager in the rain after watching Stoke condemn us to League 1...
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