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  1. By that logic we should be able to pummel Barcelona
  2. I mean, don’t just look at our success to prove your point but also look at Chelsea and how they’re performing after their transfer ban!
  3. 1-0 Ings goal written all over now
  4. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a nail biting 1-0 win mirroring that Norwich win in the 15/16 season after the international break
  5. Only one I can’t figure out is the belly flop celebration guy top left in blue
  6. This must be a record amount of haha reps used in one thread surely
  7. Just seen Ricky P’s goal. De Laet vs Derby anyone?
  8. Excited to see Praet more than anyone else. The Belgian midfield combo will be interesting
  9. Now’s your chance, Gray. Seize the moment.
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