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  1. It has worked for us in the past. Reminds me of the Ranieri sacking and look at the run we went on. I'd like to think that BR, JV & KS will inject rockets up their bums and they will respond in the best way possible starting at Wembley. There's a lot riding on those individuals and their careers as well for different reasons - the aspirations of JM and HB as well as the reputation and expected responsibility of WM and his future at he club after playing the game.
  2. The car horn amuses me so. Leicester City FC FA Cup Semi Finalist Car Horn Chant | heycar
  3. I’m quietly enjoying the visible pessimism on this thread...
  4. I now have the sudden urge to go on a picnic
  5. I actually voted for England. Hear me out. When England win a trophy, it’s a multinational event - the scale feels bigger when it comes to the World Cup, Euros, etc. compared to the FA Cup. Obviously the question is quite vague when you say trophy - if the domestic trophy in question is tournament based, I’d say England. The Premier League title is the only trophy I would categorise above the international trophies (minus the likes of Nations League). It’s strange that I answered England, believe me. I’m fully in the camp of Leicester > England when it comes to who I
  6. Another forgotten gem: Konchesky vs Wolves away Sept 2012 when we lost 2-1. Absolute piledriver. If I remember correctly, there was a nutmeg along the way into the net. Also all of Ben Marshall’s goals. Whatever happened to him
  7. If we’re talking about which goal has produced the most insane reaction from yours truly it would be... Cambiasso vs Man United. I was standing in the kop end. There was a wall of bodies and I couldn’t see the ball, then out of nowhere, this fella pops up and smashes the ball into the bottom corner. There wasn’t enough time for me to take in the fact we had a chance on goal and it was pure elation. Celebrated far harder for that goal than Vardy’s to make it 4 as it felt time stood still when he was 1 v 1 with De Gea.
  8. Great, that’s stuck in my head and now I need to listen to it on YouTube. Cheers, Geoff.
  9. What a beautiful goal from Belg- ...Wales
  10. Considering how we embarrassed them in September, they will look to seek revenge and go into relentless mode. We need to watch out and probably play anti football again. I’d stick to the 3-5-2 formation that we played against the Blades - good balance of being pragmatic in defence and attack going forward as we seem to have found our rhythm up front.
  11. So I’m seeing “Oh Gary” trending on Twitter at the moment. My initial thought was correct...
  12. Schmeichel’s best performance since Denmark vs Switzerland.
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