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  1. Knowing us, we’ll go on an unbeaten run in those four games. 8 points
  2. Feel more confident looking at Lineup, not as bad as we all feared. Would’ve preferred to see Ünder for Perez but still strong enough. C’mon lads!
  3. Castagne is fast becoming one of my favourite Leicester players right now
  4. Anyone else looking forward to watching Belgium tonight more than England? Haha
  5. All well and fun watching this but we’re watching our next opponents...
  6. Still think Leeds will win 3-1. Got a funny feeling here
  7. Azerbaijan, Israel and Turkey. Proper European group, that
  8. Fulham - They don't deserve to be at this level. Wish it was Brentford that went up instead and saw BMW in action in the Prem. West Brom - Only reason why I wouldn't want them relegated is just to see Vardy sh*thouse a celebration at the Hawthorns every season but apart from that, they bore me. Crystal Palace - They play crap football then turn into peak Barcelona when they go to a top 6 ground. Frustrating team to witness. EDIT: to add, I'd love to see Forest, Derby & Cov come up. Three local derbies and three historically bigger teams than Fulham, Palace & WBA
  9. Got a mention on The Chase a while back... certified best forum around
  10. I find myself agreeing with this statement less and less as the weeks go on. It seems whenever someone gets injured, another player slots in and does a comfortable job. It's a pattern that we're starting to see as the injuries are romping up - Praet for Maddison, Castagne for Ricardo, Amartey doing a job in a back 3, Mendy for Ndidi, etc. Of course injuries mean thin squad but knowing that we have few individual backup plans across the floor, it gives me a lot of promise when we do have a fully fit squad once again.
  11. The sort of fixtures we would’ve slumped in six months ago. And we didn’t just scrape past them, we scored seven goals in the process. The signs are there and gives us massive belief going into the Man City game top of the tree (even if it’s just after two games).
  12. Have to say, it’s nice scoring four goals and we’re not talking about Vardy for once. It shows we’re not reliant on his attacking efforts so much now and can score from other sources.
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