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  1. Can see this being another 0-0 yet that of a different kind in terms of match performance.
  2. I’m changing my mind about Bournemouth, I reckon they’ll gatecrash the top 10 now.
  3. I too thought we haven’t progressed as much as West Ham, Wolves, Everton, etc. However if you think about it, before the transfer window opened, we we’re in a stronger position than all those teams. They all had to strengthen in more areas than ourselves. They’ve made more signings than we’ve done because they simply had to. In a nutshell, we’ve progressed nicely, making subtle improvements where it’s needed. One or two more would cap it off for me.
  4. Fox42


    Fell to the ground? Lewis Sunk
  5. Same hairstyle I’ll give you that
  6. Loving how comfortable the young’uns are playing from the back with attacking opposition looming and closing in.
  7. Manchester City Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur Arsenal Chelsea Manchester United Everton Leicester City West Ham United Wolverhampton Wonderers Watford Southampton AFC Bournemouth Aston Villa Norwich City Burnley Brighton & Hove Albion Sheffield United Crystal Palace Newcastle United
  8. This. I got proper angry when Ghezzal was greeted with boos when Maddison came off Man U home game last season.
  9. The Cambridge goalie has had his weetabix this morning
  10. He’s not that old, geez
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