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  1. Anyone else not worried about Vardy’s absence? We’re a well-oiled and we’ll drilled side from the bottom and midfield and when we have so much nous and quality in those fields, it shines through at the other end of the pitch. I just feel that we’re that strong where it doesn’t matter who plays in for Vardy, it won’t significantly affect us. I like having Perez playing the false 9 circa Fabregas Spain 2012 position as he brings in everyone around him in play. I’m quietly confident about how we conduct ourselves whilst Vardy is away from the side.
  2. Jamie Redknapp with mad praise for Fofana tonight. Rightly so. My MOTM.
  3. This was going to be my answer, too. Very aptly, it was against Chelsea at home in the 2014-15 season.
  4. Okay seriously, what is it with referees and their positioning of late? I’m seeing this way too often recently where they’re interfering play and it ends up in a drop ball situation.
  5. Outrageous effort. Shades of Vardy vs Spurs & Bournemouth
  6. Could be referring to Gray?
  7. We forget how good our form is vs Chelsea in the league; presumably because of all the cup defeats against them. Haven’t lost to them in the PL since September 2017.
  8. Interesting half. Southampton all over us yet stole a lead from them. Let’s keep it up
  9. We shouldn’t moan about that. That rules him out when we travel to Craven Cottage.
  10. Someone on here called Newcastle “Black & White Burnley” when we played them couple of weeks ago. I echo that wholeheartedly.
  11. All the best, Sol. Loved his mazy runs from defence to attack!
  12. It'll be something shite like Fulham at home...
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