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  1. Nope. Liverpool Away West ham Home Everton Away
  2. I dreamt we’ll draw this game 1-1. Go figure...
  3. Two years ago to this day we sacked Ranieri, think it’s time we did the same to Puel.
  4. The answer is 251,535. You’re welcome.
  5. The reason why he came was because he liked Nigel Pearson and wanted to play for him
  6. Should Liverpool win the league, would Shaqiri be the first player to get relegated and win the Premier League in successive seasons?
  7. No Hamza and Morgan, resting for Everton. Good stuff. No Evans on bench is concerning however. Perhaps Puel is looking to play Evans and Morgan vs Everton? Happy with the front four today. G’won boys.
  8. If we’re being pedantic, it’s pronounced “wu-kash”
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