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  1. This season screams of 12/13. Tale of two halves. Like a flick of a switch. Absolutely baffled. Haven’t got any confidence going into any game now.
  2. Mods, have a word. Mods, mods, have a word.
  3. Chow Chowlar Soyuncu
  4. And Liverpool were sandwiched between Everton, Watford & Stoke. How quickly things can change
  5. I remember when we were like that EDIT: Puel In
  6. I mean I’ll take that just to see Vardy getting on the scoresheet and running towards his favourite corner giving it the big’un
  7. Weren’t we once linked with Lewandowski or an I making that up?
  8. Sheffield United 1-0 up at the Etihad!
  9. I’m liking the look of Vinagre down the left for Wolves. Playing with no fear.
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