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    Spurs Home Match Thread

    In the last couple of seasons we have seen loads of games that vardy gets no service and we don’t create anything and vardy gets minimul sh1t. Ihaenachos does the same runs in the same team with the same service and he’s fckin sh1t. Neither are shit and neither are getting the right service at the moment.
  3. Yes he is good and that’s great. But hamer was a decent keeper (not first choice at all) and also a massively loved part of the title winning squad by his team mates. Love the fact you forget we also signed jakupovic ahead of him. Why do you feel the need to slag people off. So he didn’t play a lot here, that makes all the scouts and coaches that got him to his first professional contract are crap, and all the clubs that have signed him and payed him good wages are stupid and don’t know what there doing. Or you don’t really know what your talking about, and thank god you don’t pick our side. You have fun on fifa 19, and have fun winning the champions league
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    Brands Brands Brands

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  5. Hi I very rarely post on here and although like many people I have been constantly looking at fox talk, I have not known what to write. I almost felt silly as a grown man finding myself as early as Sunday morning with a tear in my eye for a man who was not family. I don’t live in Leicester and never have but iv always been a Fox from birth. My dad is the reason I’m a Leicester fan and I’m so glad he brought me up like he did. Iv been going since I was six, not all the time but when we could. I grew up with the playoffs with Swindon (that’s near where I live) and with derby and league cup wins and loses, I was lucky being a kid in the O’Neil era. Like lots I didn’t get on with my parents as much as I should have growing up, but the one thing that stayed the same was Lcfc, I could still go there with my dad. I started going more and more in my mid 20s and got my first season ticket 8 years ago, me and my dad have seen some good and bad times since then Like the cardif and Watford disappointments. We then won the championship and it was like the greatest thing that could happen especially with my first child on the way. Me and my wife lost our son and it was and still is the worst moment of my life, the opening game of the season a month or so later I took a shirt with Rory’s name on it and hung it over the boards at the stadium, it was something that I needed to do, Lcfc felt like family and his shirt needed to be there. the great escape happend next and that great year was just the start, I had a baby girl that summer and she,with me and my family witnessed the greatest sporting achievement ever, I will never forget holding her above my head on the day of the parade, as I will never forget the nod and smile I got from Vichai. We then had champions league a moment that I could not let pass, but buying Copenhagen away tickets for me and my dad without telling the wife showed after a lot of grovelling that she knew what it meant to us. Now this season has been hard for me to get to games as we now have a another little boy. I was there on Saturday night and it all still feels like it’s not true. i drove up on Monday with my wife to pay our respects which helped allot, sorry for this rambling on and stuff you didn’t need to hear. But what I’m trying to say is I now know why I cried so early on, and it’s because he is family, and every single Lcfc fan is family. Vichai turned us into more than a club with his generosity and kindness, he made me feel at home at Lcfc in the worst time of my life. His legacy will live on with top I am sure, thank you Vichai
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    The Gang's All Here Quiz.

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    What's that thing called quiz.

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    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    Sorry swap Shearer for Jermaine Jenas.
  9. Lcfcbisto

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    You will get to see shearer talk about Newcastle and how there may be a new takeover bid, that should wasn’t enough time to completely forget Leicester we’re envolved 👍😂
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    Movies and Actors quiz

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    Burt Reynolds RIP

    Squeal like a pig 🐷🐖 still haunts me to this day
  12. Lcfcbisto

    House subsidence

    Hi not sure if this will help but all foundations digs would have needed to be passed by building control before being poured. I would get in touch with your local building control and find out if it was passed. If it wasn’t wimpy will be negligent and in the crap. If it was and I’m guessing it will have been then they have done nothing wrong and it’s down to the building control. When passing foundations they go on lots of different things. Obviously the dig depth and width that are on the drawing but also actual ground condition on each dig, ground type, non virgin ground and even trees can effect each job individually. They may have failed to take these things into account which would put them at fault. unfortunately the recent unusually hot weather is something many people won’t have experienced and if the ground is clay which is prone to shrinkage, that could have caused massive unforeseen problems. on personal experience drawings and building control are normally massively over the top as they all won’t to cover there arse, so they are not to blame. If it is to do with the ground I would expect others to have similar problems.
  13. Lcfcbisto

    Do you drink too much?

    I disagree about the buzz, I enjoy a drink ( not getting hammered) and I don’t get hangovers. Reading some of your other post in the past you love to smoke, that’s never done anything for me. Guess everyone is different
  14. Lcfcbisto

    Do you drink too much?

    Fully stop never drink again, no. But to be fair that’s because I don’t want to. i never make an excuse for a having a drink, I like you just enjoy it. I don’t get drunk and I make sure it never gets in the way of my family life. but yeah it’s an odd thing to get out of the habit
  15. Lcfcbisto

    Do you drink too much?

    My answer is yes. I have done for years. A few beers in the evening is a nice way to relax after work. it becomes an every night thing after a while, I like you don’t need a drink and can go without, but find myself drinking most nights due to habit. I’m 35 work full time in a great job but I find it easier to unwind with a beer