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  1. Standard grout is fine on porcelain. There are some epoxy resin grouts out there for water proof and high traffic areas. Great products but I doubt they have used that.
  2. Porcelain tiles especially if smooth should be pretty easy to clean off, the chances are they were not cleaned off properly after grouting. You can pick up grout remover from various places, they all sound magical but depending how bad it is they may back a few goes to get it off properly. Places like tops tiles will sell you stuff but it’s probably no better than some cheaper options in screwfix or tool station. you can also try scraping the worst off but depending on the tile you would be better off using something plastic so you don’t damage the tile. as for the ceiling have you got
  3. So yes the boards should be staggered, like a brick bond. You still end up with straight lines but in the opposite direction to the joists which makes it more structurally sound, and stops cracking where there is movement in joists. It sounds like like they did not tape the joints (skrim tape) this is a big mistake and is very hard to solve after. Any plasterer would know this and should be held accountable. the tile problem shouldn’t be to hard to solve, depending on the tile. If it’s a natural product and the grout has been smeared and not removed properly it can be really hard to g
  4. The Punisher or Winnie the Pooh. early jan is so unpredictable after all the booze and food ?
  5. Yeah hopefully he has learnt from his time there and can keep us pushing onto a place in Europe
  6. Not sure I didn’t ask. I only asked him for a laugh. im not even puel out. Just wanted to show what people think from a true saints source. maybe he didn’t like watching boring football with no goals as they only won one game in there last eight,and scored just one goal in there last 6 under him. people can think differently to you ?
  7. I’m not being defensive at all, I’m calling something out as complete bollocks. And the political polarisation at the moment means some albeit the few (using your words) are now slagging off black players more than they would have in the past, so your saying last year the same fans would not have felt comfortable being racist but it’s fine now. and are you saying we are going backwards when it comes to racism. i totally agree that racism does exist in football and it need kicking out for good, but bringing it up in this situation is nothing more than provocative.
  8. Why is there a racist undertone, that is complete bull sh1t. I can’t talk for every fan but why do you need to bring racism into it. Iheanacho is getting stick for no reason I agree but not because he is black, it’s because vardy walks on water. mahrez got criticised a lot for his lack of work but made up for it with world class ability. It had nothing to do with his colours, he didn’t put in much work tracking back and went missing in games. albrighton will never have the skill of mahrez but constantly works for the team, he just happens to be white. gray is s
  9. A lady near me spends 90 minutes shouting FORWARD, FORWARD when we have the ball, no matter what is going on on the pitch. She even explains to people that she just wants us to kick it forward.
  10. Rondon is a very good player, it was a couple of years ago against west brom watching him live against us, that I realised how good a player he is. Great work rate for a big guy and worked the defenders constantly, plus he can hold a ball up. Would have loved Lcfc to pick him up.
  11. I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 167 seconds  
  12. In the last couple of seasons we have seen loads of games that vardy gets no service and we don’t create anything and vardy gets minimul sh1t. Ihaenachos does the same runs in the same team with the same service and he’s fckin sh1t. Neither are shit and neither are getting the right service at the moment.
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