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  1. Can see Ndidi and Iborra sitting to deep, which can mean a big gap between defence and attack like we have seen a lot of in the past. Also if Chilwell is good enough to play in that way (not sure he is yet) what do we do after 60min when is knackered or when he’s injured.
  2. Lcfcbisto

    George Hirst

    Not really sure what the problem is or what people have a problem about with this. If Leicester has signed him then he would have been put out on loan anyway, probably to Leuven like others have. If in a season or two he is worth it Leicester will probably have first refusal. Its not like he’s going there for 3months and then suddenly be playing first team football here. As for Sheffield Wednesday, they should have tried paying him well and actually playing him. And now they need to stop whining and get on with it.
  3. Lcfcbisto

    Musa to Galatasaray loan

    Yes he played well and scored a couple of great goals. People seem to forget at the World Cup you get games that are championship level at best and sometimes worse, in this case lceland have some players that would struggle in the championship. Just because it’s a country’s name doesn’t make them any better
  4. Lcfcbisto

    England at the World Cup Finals Quiz

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  5. Lcfcbisto

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I do agree being brizillian would make a difference but If Mahrez was playing for a top 4 premier League side he would be 200m plus easily. His nationality doesn’t matter it’s the club he plays for
  6. Lcfcbisto

    Mario Gotze

    Same guy with a debilitating illness who will be well enough to get 100,000 pound a week in wages
  7. Lcfcbisto

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    After re reading your post again I’m wondering at what point you think we should be told what’s going on with transfers. This is a multi million pound business and you think think they feel the need to tell us what’s going to happen and when. Should they ring you personally or just put what there doing on social media
  8. Lcfcbisto

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I love this. So your fed up with stuff ,created by a forum talking about transfers. I’m sorry to tell you but what is said on here is 90% opinion. The reason we all look at this is to chat. What is actually true Doesn’t happen till we see it on the club website. The silva signing problem was not great. but you feel the need to mention it and think that it should have been done weeks/days before it was done, purely because people had mentioned it on foxtalk. Nothing to do with Ross Barkley running out on Chelsea and them taking drinky really late. Meaning we had to act. Why don’t we take every guy we are talking about signing now. If they don’t sign we are a massive failure 🙃
  9. Lcfcbisto

    Russia 2018 - The World Cup thread

    It’s World Cup eve. And I’m really excited, firstly because it’s football and I really want and need to watch football. and secondly because it’s the greatest football tournament ever, If we do well it’s a bonus and the fact we have a good chance of seeing two Lcfc played involved is even better. I can’t wait 😀🎉⚽️🍺⚽️🍻⚽️🍺⚽️🍻🍻⚽️🍺
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    The Crinkly Music Quiz No. 2

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  11. Lcfcbisto

    James Maddison

    I am glad the police have done there job, but I am slightly worried now that in 15 years a university or job she she is going for will look back and find this. She will then be found unexceptable and people will make comments about it, because they will take everything out of context and use small amounts of detail to make things sound bad, so they can moan about things that don’t really matter. 😀
  12. Lcfcbisto

    James Maddison

    I have called my 3 year old child a cheeky monkey for ages, she now calls people a cheeky monkey when there being funny, she has also shortened it to your a monkey, when we are playing. But don’t worry after she said it today I phoned the police and got her arested for being a racist
  13. Lcfcbisto

    Players hiding?!!

    So we found a way to join them and now are just forgetting it like it never happened, or was it Ranieri the drug mule. Or have the the elite clubs now found a bigger better secret drug. When players leave do they stop taking the drugs? When they play for there country are they all on the same drug or swapping drugs. When we sign better elite players will they bring elite drugs.complete joke
  14. Lcfcbisto

    Players hiding?!!

    We already have money in our game to moan about, plus refs and offside decisions. Trying to find something else to bitch about and trying to find a way of bringing down football makes you just like all the media in this country. If there was a drug problem in football like other sports do you really think a club that had no chance of winning the league plus doing well in the champions league would have got away with it. So we payed of all of the FA and UEFA. Induviduals from all clubs at all levels may try stuff I’m not denying that but to make out like it’s some sort of organised dopeing is amazing and laughable
  15. Lcfcbisto

    The Crinkly Video Gaming Quiz

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