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  1. Lcfcbisto

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    I can’t believe there are people saying Vardy deserved that red. Went in hard and clearly got the ball. The players tangled after. If anything there player has got nowhere near the ball and tangled with Vardy.
  2. Lcfcbisto

    Post match thread

    Amartey was I dick. Plus we should have had a pen. chilwell has no idea how to find a man with a cross if he did we could have won that.
  3. Lcfcbisto

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Make a chesse sandwhich and then add pot noodle of choice. Put in sandwhich toaster. greatest sandwich ever
  4. Lcfcbisto

    Danny Ings.

    I’m not sure at time but. formation not allowing certain styles of play to achieved. not having players to play in certain styles. a manager pushing a completely different style and players not being able to change things up. we tend to play wingers or wide men on the opposite side to there natural foot, which means they tend to cut back inside rather than the quick cross.
  5. Lcfcbisto


    Constantly selling your best players without a fight for low money may be a small club mentality but getting 70 to 80 million for a player that has had a half descent World Cup is just great business, he is replaceable. I really like the guy and would love him to stay but if an offer of that size comes in we should let him go.
  6. Lcfcbisto

    Danny Ings.

    I agree but that depends more on how you use the wingers. A lot of teams including us don’t just whip the ball in from wide. Teams like Burnley have done that well for years, which is why voles barns and wood score goals, we don’t so slim does not fit
  7. Lcfcbisto

    Danny Ings.

    Another player that has the ability if fit, he’s not a professional footballer by being crap. But will need the right type of service to really achieve. Slim would be great if he got the correct service. We need to know style of play and formation in plan A and plan B (hopefully we have one) before we can as fans really decide what fowards are good for us.
  8. Lcfcbisto

    Movie quiz for oldies

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 102 seconds  
  9. Lcfcbisto

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh - Brighton

    Never seen this guy play, but I love the way he’s going about his business, random photos keeping everyone waiting. If I was in his place I would do the same thing, it must be so much fun. Hope he signs for us just because he’s a proper lad ???
  10. Lcfcbisto

    Animal rights

    My dog is the same and shows love to me and the family all the time, but you can’t compare them with a bad bloke. Not all blokes fvck off to the pub and to be honest iv never met a dog that didn’t like a walk down the pub a little sleep and a few crisps from the locals
  11. Lcfcbisto

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Explained perfectly ?
  12. Lcfcbisto

    Patrick Roberts

    Yeah taking a chance on players with potential is just silly look how bad Vardy Kante, drinkwater and Mahrez turned out, we only won one title and made over 100 million pound in profit selling some of them ?
  13. Lcfcbisto

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I didn’t see it coming ?
  14. Lcfcbisto

    New season ticket/ card ?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so fcking funny obviously you have never been fcked by there ability to mess up simple things like renuining season tickets or even getting a name correct. It not about the thousands of pounds we have paid over the years for the tickets it’s about knowing we are going to get that seat we have been in for years the one we love and and want so badly . but don’t you worry about that, you keep taking the piss