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  1. Not sure why, but I wasn't expecting to see *spoiler alert* Fuchs in the top 10 PL players so far. He's been decent, don't get me wrong, but he's only played the last few games hadn't he? Or has he been performing well on the quiet and I've just missed it?
  2. As I understand it PA is waiting on postal votes and Philadelphia's votes (which is a democrat stronghold), so that could realistically still swing far enough to become blue. I can totally see why Trump is trying to deny the people their democracy. It's something you'd expect of a Belarusian leader, not an American one. As tragic as that is, I think the real threat to the loss of life whichever way this election goes is as big a stain on the way Trump has divided a nation in the space of 4 years. Madness.
  3. Signing Mendy as a free agent was a master stroke!
  4. I agree regarding Villa, thought they looked very organised at the back and threatening from midfield, so credit to them. I thought it was a decent game and exciting in the sense that the game could've gone either way at any time, despite them being the marginally better. It might be my imagination, but the slowing down and fizzling out of momentum is almost guaranteed whenever the ball goes to Perez, and I hate to single one player out, but it really is bad.
  5. Harvey's buzzing to be back in Maroon isn't he?
  6. I genuinely think he'd be the hardest player in our XI to replace, much like Kantè was in 2016. (But then we replaced Kantè with Ndidi, so perhaps my logic is a bit flawed)
  7. I see your Michael Hector and I raise you a Tim Ream... I genuinely can't believe they're still starting him. I remember him being directly responsible for like 3 Cardiff goals last time they were in the Premier League 2 years ago.. absolutely doggo.
  8. The whole thing about the sun is overstepping the mark, but taking offence to a song about Boris taking their benefits is pretty pathetic. I'm sure they've sang worse too.
  9. Yeah, I thought it was benefits too. That's what we sang in the home game on boxing day anyway.
  10. So what you're saying is you'd like to swap the kop with the family stand? 🤔 Why has no one mentioned it before!
  11. "With all due respect" - when talking about a Leicester player who is clearly too talented to be playing for us.
  12. He'll be up to the job and we should credit him by calling it 'the Beaglehole way'
  13. Not enough players in the opposite half
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