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  1. I'm pretty sure Musa fits in to both of those brackets to be fair
  2. There's that, and then there's the bit where he's actually Flemish so it should be 'Welkom'.
  3. Every time my stream catches up with the action we're at the opposite end of the pitch. Like a basketball game at the minute!
  4. Our passing play in general has been atrocious in the second half. (Didn't watch the first, but I can't imagine it was much better)
  5. Was about to ask why I can't vote for Simpson. 😂 It will be him, for sure.
  6. If it isn't sold to HighPeakFox can I have it please? 🙂
  7. You'll never die, you'll never die, We'll keep the blue flag flying high, We'll always remember All you have done / did for us, Vichai!
  8. Edited my original 'attempt' Vichai had a dream, for Leicester city FC, he took us under his wing, we started to win, Big Wes at the baaackk, Vardy in attaaaccckkkk, We lost at Watford, and never looked back.
  9. Vichai had a dream, at (or for) Leicester city FC, he brought us back from the brink and decided to spend ... we had Vards in attack, Big Wes (or Rob Huth) at the baaackk, We lost at Watford, and never looked back. What does everyone think, it's always an upbeat tune that we can hopefully use to celebrate our association with a truly great man. Feel free to add to it or edit it.
  10. They should be ashamed regardless. It sounds as though there could've been a hundred coppers and paramedics near the scene free to help and it wouldn't have made a difference, based on eyewitness reports. So, so sad. **** the whole line of "repurcussions to our football club" line Dorsett used, I couldn't care less right now. There's a chance a man who has done so much for our club AND city is in a bad way that the future of our club can be thought about at a future point in time.
  11. LA Rams are looking pretty good, that's where my money would be going.
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