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  1. I'd absolutely love this, he's going to be an absolute monster of a striker. He can do everything. He's tall, strong, fast, excellent technically and a decent scorer and creator.
  2. Ndidi must've taken my advice, didn't lean back and bang, gets himself a goal
  3. As long as Albrighton keeps putting in the performances he has been he's undroppable. He's been phenomenal.
  4. You can tell Maddison just loves everything about football, he's like a kid just living the dream. Love his interviews.
  5. Absolutely brilliant team performance! Everyone put in a massive shift and it was a thoroughly deserved win!
  6. That run from Albrighton to get back and stop Chilwell putting a cross in You don't get that from any of our other wingers.
  7. how on earth can that be a foul, what a joke.
  8. Why didn't JJ just shoot? We know he can bend them in
  9. Brilliant ball, Justin should be scoring, doubt a full back practices headed shots though
  10. Can't believe how Naive Lampard has been not starting a defensive midfielder
  11. Just watched the highlights, really like the look of Wakeling, seems like he has a bit more grit and determination to him than your typical academy player does.
  12. He gets in good positions to shoot on the edge of the box an awful lot. Surely a bit of shooting practice would do him the world of good? I'm sure he's capable of atleast getting them on target, just needs to stop leaning back so much when he strikes the ball.
  13. That's disgraceful from Perez, I'd sub him off for that, unacceptable.
  14. Wtf sort of challenge is that on Soyuncu, surely a booking, clatters him no where near the ball?
  15. remember when people were saying Praet should start ahead of Maddison
  16. I'm not too worried tbh, Southampton tend to be much better in the first half due to their tempo, 2nd half they'll start to tire. Stats show they score more and concede less in the 1st half.
  17. Our squad depth is actually looking quite good at the minute, Ricardo, Under and Perez can all be game changers and we also have some decent defensive cover in Soyuncu, Amartey, Mendy and Thomas.
  18. He reminds me a lot of John Mcginn in terms of the way he plays. All action midfielder who can tackle and play progressive passes. Also pops up with a decent amount of goals and assists like Mcginn too. I really hope he gets a good go with us next season, have a really good feeling about this lad.
  19. Between matchday 4 and 14 he was fit, yet only played 200 minutes of league football. I would've thought if Brendan liked him he'd have played him more than that. I hope I'm wrong and he does rate him because I think he's looked pretty good when he has played.
  20. I don't know that he isn't, but considering the amount of game time he's had in the league, it seems like he doesn't rate him to me.
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