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  1. The fact you single out Amartey every time he plays yet ignore worse performers is scapegoating him.
  2. Ricardo shouldn't have to go down. If it's a foul VAR should give a penalty, that's what it's there for.
  3. He's Andy King without the goals. He's fine to bring on if you're trying to see out a game but offers 0 creativity.
  4. Tavares or Seungchitthawon? Both are attacking midfielders
  5. Why is Praet still on the pitch? We're 3-0 down, get someone on who will attempt to pass the ball forward please.
  6. The annoying thing is West Ham were absolutely shite until they scored, since then we've just let them walk all over us.
  7. Looking back at the 2nd goal, wtf is Schmeichel doing charging out to Bowen? No chance of getting the ball and it's not like Bowen is completely through on goal.
  8. We need someone more creative than Praet for the 2nd half. Time for Tavares to make a name for himself?
  9. Why the fvck couldn't they have just waited until the season is over, only just over a month left. Really thought our lads were better than this
  10. Take the club captaincy of Morgan right now. **** having him as our captain not only knowingly allowing it but going aswell. Fuming. Bunch of ungrateful twats.
  11. Andrew Omobamidele looks a great prospect at Norwich. Only 18 years old but looks a very good CB. Big, strong, fast and seems a very decent passer.
  12. Wasn't overly impressed with Soumare when we were initially linked. His stats on the surface don't seem overly impressive but when you look a bit deeper, he could be a real gem. This illustrates what he can do: I'd still rather we went for someone like Aurelien Tchouameni, as I think an actual Wilf back up is more important than any other midfielder.
  13. Good way to end the half, hopefully give us confidence to push on.
  14. Tielemans needs to up his game 2nd half, giving the ball away far too easily.
  15. Maddison on at half time, we need someone with a bit of composure.
  16. Man City's press is so impressive, they close down so efficiently.
  17. What a load of bollocks, how do they get away with that 'wildcard' shite. Absolutely disgusting.
  18. That's not how YouTube works. YouTubers get paid based on the type of ads they have and how many views and can range from around $2 -20 per 1000 views. The amount of subscribers means nothing.
  19. Doesn't make me angry at all. You're the one that's so bothered by it you felt the need to reply to me in the first place. Just find it weird that fans won't accept the obvious and have to make up some conspiracy theory with no actual evidence because they can't accept we overpaid for a player. So you're saying John Percy, a well respected journalist is lying in his article along with the rest of the media because Newcastle asked them to? And you have no evidence to back that up? Just a 'theory' of why Percy originally suggested the fee would be £16 million. Surely you realise how
  20. Where has this bs rumour come from? Can you back it up with any actual sources? John Percy who's as reliable as they come for LCFC news has said we paid his release clause of around £30 million. Why can't you just accept that? I have nothing against the lad, don't think I've been overly critical of him ever but it's obvious why fans aren't happy with him because for £30 million he should be one of our best players really.
  21. Can Hamza just break Fernandes' leg so we don't have to worry about finishing below them this season?
  22. He genuinely looks like a complete forward now. Good finisher, can run in behind, can come short, holds the ball up well and his link up play is sensational at times.
  23. Having 5 subs is so shit, it so blatantly favours the bigger teams it's unreal
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