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  1. Having supported Leicester for the best part of 40 years, I just appreciate how well we are doing, how far we have come, and am realistic that we’re only a couple of bad managerial appointments from finding ourselves at the wrong end of the league or back in championship. Obviously I’d love us to win the FA Cup and secure top 4, but I have a bit of perspective and understand the challenges the squad have faced over the past two seasons. To be where we are is an amazing achievement, there are 85 odd clubs in the football league that would swap with us in an instant, and
  2. If we go to a back 4 we don't have the players available to make the midfield work properly. Also Fofana and Soyuncu were a bomb scare. Granted, the midfield was not working properly anyway, but switching to a back 4 would have compounded the problem. I agree with Rodgers, it wasn't a flaw in the system that caused us to lose, it was the players playing shite across the board. Back 3 or back 4, Soyuncu was having a nightmare, our wingbacks were completely ineffective, Nididi couldn't pass 5 metres, Maddison was miles off the pace, Vardy was labouring, and Nachoman was n
  3. Got a feeling Maddison will be dropped for Perez, given Rodger's post match interviews after Newcastle.
  4. 4th place and FA Cup final would represent our second best season of all time. Honestly, the entitlement of LCFC supporters that has crept in over the past few seasons. We're Leicester City, we're living the dream! In 5 years time we could very realistically be playing in the Championship again and people are upset that we haven't quite kept pace with Manchester United and Chelsea over the first 35 games of the season, and only made it to the FA Cup final and a semi-decent run in Europe
  5. I'd rather win the FA Cup to be honest. Champions League wouldn't realistically be that much different from the Europa League, we'd get through the group stage (probably) and then get knocked out in the second round. The FA Cup could be a once in a lifetime trophy for all Leicester supporters. Sure, it's diminished a little in the modern game, but its the one domestic trophy we have left and the one that was the biggest one when I was growing up.
  6. Maddison planning his next party
  7. This. It’s Newcastle and Steve Bruce ffs. This is a joke
  8. Our piss around at the back and then lump it into the box tactics aren’t working.
  9. Chaps, I don’t think the comeback is in here.
  10. I think they have genuinely just run out of steam. It’s been a very compressed season, we had Europe, went far in the league cup and have got to the final in the fa cup. Huge amount of matches without the squad depth to cope. We literally have no first team player available to play on the left and haven’t for about half a season. Its just all catching up with the players and you can see it in the performance drop off over the past month. Run out of steam.
  11. Not a great first half from the boys in blue
  12. Fuched it last year when he booted that Brighton player while the ball was in our net and got himself banned for the run in
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