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  1. jim5000

    Jamie Vardy

    Kane was playing too deep, Vardy would have been on the shoulder and given Sterling some to pass to. Although admittedly, no-one would have played the pass to Sterling if Kane wasn't the one there passing to him!
  2. jim5000

    Jamie Vardy

    Vardy would have scored 2 in the semi
  3. jim5000

    James Maddison

    It's basically wanting to be one of the teams that focus on how high up they finish rather than thinking about relegation. At the moment we are at the top of the second group. Relegation is still a possibility for us next season, and most of the other clubs in the league apart from the current top 6.
  4. jim5000

    Jamie Vardy

    He just doesn't seem to be involved in the matches as much as the other England strikers. He plays on the last man constantly, but the rapid counters of our style aren't replicated by England and he doesn't have Marhez to play him in. That last friendly with Welbeck scoring seemed to push him down to at least 3rd place after Kane and Rashford for playing spots. Still hopeful he gets on and scores a couple, hopefully in the knockout rounds
  5. jim5000

    What happened to the Jamie Vardy film ?

    The film will be released in September after Vardy scores the winning goal for England at the World Cup.
  6. jim5000

    How City may line up next season ...

    The dismantling of the title winning side will go into full swing this summer. Probably only Vardy and Kasper will remain from that team.... Signing Ben Arfa should be a given if he'll come and he's a free agent, he could be a straight replacement for Mahrez's creativity and Puel got the best out of him at a previous club.
  7. jim5000

    Name a better option than puel

    The previous appointments by the Thai's are Sousa Sven Pearson Ranieri Shakespeare Puel It seems when appointing externally, they look for managers with PL experience, and experience of managing abroad. Pearson and Shakespeare were both part of the club already, so I expect if Puel does go (and he probably should), they won't limit themselves to managers currently in the UK but will look for Premier league experience. They also seem to like the 'big name' factor.
  8. Looking for 2x adult ticket to West ham, can pickup locally or at the ground, or post if quick enough. PM me!
  9. I'm joining the Claude out brigade. The performances recently, against teams struggling at the bottom of the table, have been horrendous. Our players are limited but he doesn't have a clue how to coach them, we've not created a goalscoring opportunity for weeks! Why did he let our two tall strikers leave on loan when his only tactic is our fullbacks crossing into the box? There is no interplay between the players on the pitch, we are all over the place and today's result was a direct result of his terrible management, lineup, and tactics. He's not going to turn this round. He's tried all our players and can't get anything out of any of them. Why let him spunk away £50m this summer?
  10. Despite the misfortune, Puel did himself no favours with the starting line up, and having to waste 2 subs at half time. Ending up with Silva as our defensive midfielder and Maguire as the attacking midfielder is in-excusable!!!!!
  11. jim5000

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    Hamer diving out of the way of the penalty
  12. jim5000

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    What a total cluster**** this match has been. Puel got everything wrong from the start
  13. jim5000

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    penalty for palace 5-0 coming up!!
  14. jim5000

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    Place quicker, stronger, more creative, harder working We just try and cross it into Vardy against 5 massive defender over and over again /facepalm