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  1. Best atmosphere by the arsenal fans I’ve ever heard
  2. Ricardo’s injury has cost us champions league. also we were mugged off buying tilemans
  3. Should be about 6 mins extra time.....
  4. We could do with scoring a couple of goals here.....
  5. Bennett and JJ combining as our right wing attack
  6. We are never a top 4 side if Barnes is our best attacking option off the bench
  7. Not a mention of our disallowed goal or chances, just reel after reel of ‘Arsenal are great’
  8. All hope is lost, this is a foxestslk match thread
  9. Ricardo got injured and it all went to hell
  10. Looking forward to the half time sky pundits glee that we’re falling out of the top 4.
  11. Fell over in the rain, Leicester goal disallowed :-(
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