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  1. 8-1 aggregate over West Ham. first double of the season
  2. I can’t believe he plays for us. Wouldn’t look out of place at Real Madrid.
  3. It’s a cold night and Vardy’s pulled his ass muscle. no fear, Nachoman is here
  4. To give him 10 minutes at the end and see how he feels. Not 60mins 12 days after surgery!
  5. Drop Vardy, he’s touched the ball 8 times in our last 7 matches.
  6. We’re throwing away Champions league. We need reinforcements ASAP as the squad has run out of ideas. otherwise, yes, we’re Leicester city and we won’t get this chance next season when all our good players are poached
  7. He’s just not involved in games at all at the moment.
  8. We’ve turned to shit since Christmas. Goodbye European tour next season
  9. Looks like young Ian Nacho is coming on
  10. We’re going to have to try to pass the ball to Vardy at some point during this match
  11. 3 goals chalked off for offside, a little bit more concentration and that would be 4-2. Their penalty that was denied for VAR was a joke tho, should have stood. The heavy winter schedule has caught up with us. Chillwell knackered, would prefer to have Fuchs in for a few games.
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