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  1. Completely the wrong system tonight. I get playing defensively against the big teams that will come at us, keeping things solid, playing on the break, and bringing the creative players on with 20 minutes to go to give them the best chance against a tired defence, but it seems like Rodgers thinks 'well it was good enough to beat Arsenal and Man City, so why would it not work against West Ham, Aston Villa, and Fulham?'. I don't understand why he doesn't field attacking players from the start in these matches, take the game to the opposition, put the game to bed, and then rest the key
  2. Brendan played the wrong system tonight, and Fuchs was a victim really because of that. Why Rodgers wanted to play three at the back with.... A) Not having three fit central defenders B) Playing against the team in 19th ....boggles the mind.
  3. Probably when we have a full strength squad back? still playing with half the first team out and having to play emergency backup and youth team players 3 times a week. Ndidi Richardo Soyuncu castigna all still out (spelling excuses pls)
  4. He tried, Brendan wouldn’t let him. he was planning to be a kicker in the NFL now, living in New York, running soccer academies and selling aftershave
  5. He’s supposed to be emergency backup, not playing 90 mins 3x week
  6. We’ve not tested the Fulham goal once. They are 19th and not yet won a match this season
  7. To be fair to Fuchs, he’s nearly 40 and was expecting to play 15 mins in the league cup this year, not be first choice centre back for the first half of the season
  8. Why are we still playing 5 at the back when we have 30 mins to score 3 goals?
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