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  1. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    King is starting. Watch the match, you'll see him touch the ball as many times as he usually does!
  2. We all know where the problem is

    James and Amartey can try as hard as they want, give 110% every game, but they're just not of the standard required. We won the Premier League 2 seasons ago, we've had Kante, Drinkwater, and Cambiasso in the past 3 seasons, and yet we now have the worst midfield in the division. The recruitment has been terrible, and the integration of those we have purchased has been even worse.
  3. West Brom (H) Next Up

    Add him to the list
  4. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Imagine being the manager that drops Marhez, keeps Albrighton on, and keeps his job.
  5. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    We're not even pressing; strolling around the pitch like it's a training match.
  6. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Not to forget, Shakespeare basically has a team that another manager won the league with, and he is barely eking out a semblance of a performance and is leading the club into a relegation fight.
  7. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Either Shakespeare either has no ability or authority over this team, or he has no idea about tactics. Refusing to change from 4-4-2, players in basically their 'correct' positions but no partnerships, teamwork, or understanding between the players, and no discernible tactic or identity. Completely the wrong line-ups, weak all over the pitch, and none of our signings able to get in because he doesn't know how to change the formation or develop the team.
  8. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    Mahrez on the bench and Albrighton playing in his place. Shakespeare getting the team ready for when Mahrez leaves
  9. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    This lineup is just so disjointed. There are no partnerships and the team don't fit each other at all.
  10. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    We are playing proper hoofball.
  11. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    Everytime the ball is in the middle of the pitch, King is nowhere to be seen. What the hell is he actually doing?
  12. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    Ndidi playing as a midfield 1. Shaky
  13. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    The players don't even look fit, half of them are carrying some winter weight to be sure. Bournemouth cutting through us like butter.
  14. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    Bournemouth are all over us. Could be 3-0 by now
  15. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    If I was Mahrez I would be seething. Wouldn't let him leave in the summer unless 50m came in, and then dropped while King keeps his place. Even off form he is still our best player and only danger.