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  1. With the lack of action Dennis has had so far, I was thinking this. If Maddison leaves in January or next summer, we take the 80 million and pull out a better midfielder that we had in our pocket all along, with the benefit of having a year of integration with the squad
  2. Tielemans is like Zidane whereas Maddison is like Gazza
  3. They were already talking about this on 5Live immediately after the match. "Should Aresenal hold on to summer and then go for Rogers?" for a good 10 minutes. Thing is, Leicester are becoming one of the top teams and clubs. Kids in their early teens will only remember Leicester as a top team, winning the title, Jamie Vardy, and if we keep it up for a few years we should be able to firmly establish ourself up there. Maguire leaving was probably good for us, it's shown to all the other players at the club that moving away right now to a traditional 'big club' is not always a great idea. Yes, Maguire is wearing one of the most famous badges in the world and playing in a massive stadium, but he is being coached by a chancer, has poor players around him, and is at a club that most football fans are loving watching them flouder around from disaster to disaster. Maddison must surely look across and say he is in a far better place for his football development and at a club challenging at the top and really moving forward. The moves to elite clubs might come later, but if we do get in the Champions League, I don't think any key players or management would leave in the summer for a non-CL 'big' club.
  4. for all our chances, their keeper hasn’t had to make a save yet
  5. I hope we win the league
  6. We could probably do with a couple more central midfielders
  7. We seem to be working out how to break down teams that park the bus. The movement of the ball combined with patience around the penalty area the last few games has been sensational. I think we have the beating of teams that will sit back and try and counter. Our only fear now should be the teams that will actually come at us, and have the quality to hurt us - City and Liverpool. As long as we don't give the 'big' teams too much respect, like we did against Utd, we are ahead of the rest in the PL right now.
  8. Thursday morning on the Zoe Ball breakfast show (Radio 2).
  9. Nacho in for Carry, albrighton for Barnes. preat for maddsion
  10. The losses against Its and Liverpool really hurt. Utd because we didn't take the game to them, and Liverpool because of that fact last minute penalty. Could easily have had 4 points more and unbeaten after 10 matches.
  11. Possibly Vardy's last major season next year, it would be amazing if he had another Eruopean tour to finish off his career!
  12. Bit harsh Albrighton, he barely gets on the pitch despite being one of our most consistent performers over the past 4 seasons
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