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  1. Where have you heard this? Haven't heard a single bad thing about his attitude
  2. Would be a really solid signing, quality right back who can attack and defend.
  3. Would like to see us go for Muhamed Besic, had a long time out through injury but if we can get him playing he'd be quality.
  4. Works both ways, what if we appoint someone else and it all goes wrong?
  5. Craig Shakespeare
  7. There's no way a tactically inept manager can go nearly 300 games without losing by more than 2 goals. He made a below average team competitive in nearly every single game, that takes tactical ability. I'm not saying he's some sort of master tactician but he's by no means a bad tactician as some on here say.
  8. The best manager we've ever had. Most Leicester players would tell you he's the best manager they're ever worked for. Him not being good tactically is an absolute myth. Pretty sure under Pearson we never lost by more than 2 goals. He sets his teams up very well and will always be competitive in every game. Given time and backing he will improve your club every season.
  9. Can't think of a single manager that could've done a better job than Shakey's done since taking over. We were 18th in the league and many on here believed we'd definitely go down. Since taking over he's averaged just over 1.8 points per game, if we had that form over this whole season we'd finish 6th. Not to mention 5 of those games were against the top 7 whilst balancing the champions league games in between.
  10. I've started playing it a bit, I'm only like level 5 or 6 i think, seems really easy to win, I just go mid with Cyclops, his abilities are ridiculous
  11. Think people are being a bit harsh on the lad, he'd only played one full 90 minutes since coming back from AFCON and that was at RB. Gets chucked into an already weakened side against the 2nd best team in the league. Think he needs a season in the championship playing regular football whether that be at CM or CB. He was getting better before AFCON when he was playing consistently.
  12. What a load of tosh, before last night Shakey averaged 2 points a game, that's top 4 form, if that isn't ambitious I don't know what is.
  13. I would rather have a manager who's willing to take chances to try and get something out of a game than a manager who is about damage limitation. Shakey isn't afraid to take those chances. Says alot about his character.
  14. It's one game with loads of players out injured. Shakey's a humble bloke he'll know he got it wrong tonight and he'll learn alot from it. Still deserves the job.
  15. Awful substitutions made a bad result an awful result.