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  1. We'd have no creativity if we tried to play 433 with our current team, you need atleast one central player to be creating chances which we don't have.
  2. If Jake Livermore can get in the England team then I see no reason why James can't
  3. Matty James is playing well. I like how he keeps overlapping Mahrez to make space for him to get central
  4. Why is Callum Elder still on our books, he's 22 now and looks awful.
  5. Thought Stringer was leaving Radio Leicester and going freelance?
  6. Players develop at different speeds. Ndidi is an exception, It's very rare that you see defensive midfielders do well at a young age.
  7. He's 19 years old and plays in a very physical position, way to early to rule him out.
  8. Just watched the first episode of Salvation, could be a really good show.
  9. They got 8 million for Will Hughes who isn't as good at James, anything less that £10 million is an insult.
  10. There's no way a player at Wolves is going to get picked to play for Portugal while they're in the Championship
  11. What's Lamela up to these days, think he'd be worth a punt
  12. that's not the official leicester instagram, god knows how they got a blue tick, the real one is @LCFC
  13. Does Jonny not realise Theo is fookin huge, would knock him out in one punch
  14. Look at his Twitter handle, I'd be amazed if he's older than 14, definitely not ITK