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  1. Why does Maddison keep shooting from the edge of the box with about 5 players infront of him?
  2. Simply not putting in the work. Hope Rodgers calls the players out in the post match interview.
  3. Pretty much the same as what Soyuncu did...
  4. Iheanacho and maybe Tielemans on now please
  5. He's clearly massively overthinking everything he's doing at the minute. He's definitely good enough, there were times in the 2nd half of last season where he was unplayable skipping past players for fun. I want him to succeed because he seems like a nice normal lad but he needs to start showing that he really wants it when he's out on the pitch.
  6. Complete lack of effort apart from 5 mins when Albrighton came on. Unacceptable, Liverpool played 120 mins of football a few days ago and looked plenty fresh enough.
  7. Wouldn't sell Ndidi for any amount, he's probably our most irreplaceable player apart from Vardy.
  8. Hope we absolutely shit house a win with a dodgy VAR pen in the 90th min
  9. If we could find a way to get him on the ball 1v1 vs fullbacks how Man City had Mahrez I think he'd do well
  10. Disappointing because we're better than that, too many players having an off day.
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