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  1. We really shouldn't have taken Barnes off, we have no out ball now
  2. Ref won't let the game flow at all, blows his whistle for every tiny bit of contact
  3. Benkovic and Soyuncu / new CB, starting next year please
  4. I can't believe the club will let him come, surely they'll look at his diabolical record and immediately rule it out? We can't just give one of the most important roles at our club to him because he's mates with Rodgers.
  5. Fuchs vs Crystal Palace, half volley from a corner, obviously not the best but still a fantastic goal
  6. Started watching The Passage, first 2 episodes have been really good
  7. Wish our players would stop this "we were unlucky" or "deserved more" crap. It's so counter productive. You make your own luck in football.
  8. Need to get Tielemans on the ball higher up the pitch
  9. shocking passing, some of the most simple passes going straight out of play
  10. He's through on goal, has to be a red
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