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  1. I don't think he understands why people are complaining, it has nothing to do with our league position. It's how we approach games with a negative and defensive mindset. I don't think it's completely his fault as I don't think we have the personnel to play attacking football without a CM that can either pass well or drive the ball forward. As to the people quickly forget comment, I highly doubt he's talking about the fans.
  2. I can accept the odd poor performance but what the hell was he doing pretty much refusing to pass to Barnes?
  3. matty98

    Jarrod Bowen

    Mahrez signed for us when he was 22 and was definitely better then than Gray ever has been.
  4. I've been critical in the past of him but he's right, it's about the bigger picture. Our net spend since he's been here has been low yet he's managed to turn us into the youngest team in the league with some great players coming through. Yes, we've had some awful performances but that comes with a young side. I'm 100% behind him now.
  5. matty98

    Barnes coming back

    I'd put him straight in, what do we have to lose? Our current wingers aren't producing anything so he can't do any worse than that. Plus Southampton have been experimenting at right back with youth players which Harvey would absolutely rinse
  6. matty98

    Barnes coming back

    Good decision, we absolutely have to give him consistent game time for the rest of the season now though, it can't be like last year.
  7. matty98

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

    There's absolutely no way we should consider selling him until we have another half decent striker on our books
  8. matty98

    Who do you want January 2019

    Victor Moses Apparently available for £12 million. We're lacking a winger that knows how to use his pace.
  9. matty98

    Che Adams

    It's a yes from me, only question is whether he'll get enough game time with Vardy being the main man unless we go 2 upfront
  10. matty98

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Pathetic performance, no where near enough effort bar Albrighton. Fair play to Newport they were brilliant.
  11. matty98

    Newport away match thread

    King has been as non existent as ever
  12. matty98

    Newport away match thread

    So embarrassing
  13. matty98

    Newport away match thread

    Get Ricardo on upfront, best finisher in the squad.
  14. matty98

    Newport away match thread

    This is why we 100% need to get Harvey Barnes back, no goals in our team.
  15. matty98

    Who is our okayest player ever?

    Greg Cunningham