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  1. I rent a room in a house that I won't be living in for the foreseeable. Ideally I'd like to move out as it's going to be costing me a lot of money. Would it be acceptable for me to travel to the house to move my stuff out and end my tenancy or would this be considered breaking the rules of the lockdown?
  2. Lack of pressing, dropping too deep and no confidence.
  3. Why isn't James Justin given a chance? Chilwell has been poor 90% of the season
  4. How is that not a penalty? Wolves player barges into him with no attempt to get to the ball?
  5. People thinking they own the street parking where they live. I couldn't park right outside my house as there was no space so parked just round the corner (about 10 steps from my front door) and someone who lives on the street had a go at me
  6. Why does someone always have to be to blame? Maddison was fine and we should've won the game. It just wasn't our night.
  7. Why does Maddison keep shooting from the edge of the box with about 5 players infront of him?
  8. Simply not putting in the work. Hope Rodgers calls the players out in the post match interview.
  9. Pretty much the same as what Soyuncu did...
  10. Iheanacho and maybe Tielemans on now please
  11. A confident Barnes is a class act
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