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  1. What a player he's going to be. You could just see the confidence flowing through him tonight and the ball for Perez's goal was sensational.
  2. Something's clearly clicked between Chilwell and Barnes, they've been awesome down that left side
  3. Jarrod Bowen has to be considered. He's been producing great numbers for a very poor Hull side for over 2 years now. Also his contract runs out at the end of the season.
  4. Heard him speaking on 5 live (I think it was) yesterday and he said how Brendan has instructed him to come inside more and not stick to the touchline. Personally think he's much better when he stays out wide and uses his athleticism to get up and down the pitch and carry the ball.
  5. Could be Praet out wide, played there a bit for Anderlecht
  6. Just go for it, don't pick a team to counter theirs. Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Praet/ Tielemans Ndidi Maddison Perez Vardy Barnes I understand the logic behind wanting Albrighton to track back and mark Trent but personally would rather play Barnes and exploit Trent's weakness in defense.
  7. Used to do it pretty much only on skybet, doing the superboost and free bet offers. Got really unlucky and kept winning on my skybet account rather than the exchange so they restricted my account when I got to about £2k up on them.
  8. What we've learnt today: Maddison shouldn't ever play out wide, it's a complete waste, he's a central player. Don't play 2 defensive midfielders at home. Move the ball quicker. Soyuncu is good enough.
  9. Is Mendy still injured? Surprised no one's mentioned him for a starting spot as the lone DM. Thought he looked excellent in pre-season and his passing range was brilliant.
  10. Tbf to Norwich they do have their captain Zimmermann out who is a great leader at CB and organises their defence.
  11. Cantwell wasn't great last year but looks a real good player now
  12. I'm getting these a lot today aswell
  13. Just click the arrows on the right of each section that look like this '<'
  14. Gray needs strict instructions to not shoot from outside the box, it's so wasteful
  15. Was just trying to show that the actual odds of winning compared to your stake are horrific as some people might easily be roped in by people saying my mate won a car for £20.... If you want to do raffles fair enough but I'm sure there are websites which offer much better odds in comparison to your stake than this site.
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