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  1. Surely we aren't going to spend this sort of money on another midfielder then splash another £30m on a winger? If it's one or the other, we should be going for a winger.
  2. Ziyech would be the perfect signing for us, can play on the wing or as an attacking midfielder. Creative, good finisher and works hard. I think we could be competing for a champions league place if we got him in. The longer he stays at Ajax with no real interest the more likely he is to consider us. It won't happen but if it did...
  3. matty98


    Didn't @LinekersApples say Townsend was defo coming in a few windows ago on deadline day only for skysports to go to Crystal Palace's training ground and him say he's going nowhere?
  4. Pogba has a negative overall impact on the team because he's a c*nt, Tielemans and Maddison are good lads who have a positive overall impact. No one's denying that Pogba is a better player than both but the negative impact he brings on things such as morale of the rest of the team outweighs what he can do on the pitch in comparison to our players.
  5. Just seen Nakajima has joined Porto for 12m, for that price he would've been a great signing.
  6. If I book an open train ticket which has a change in London, can I get off in London and spend the day there before continuing the journey later on in the day?
  7. matty98

    A. Perez

    Drinkwater, Gray and Ulloa off the top my head
  8. matty98

    A. Perez

    We love signing players that have ripped us apart in the past
  9. matty98

    A. Perez

    His output is pretty good considering Newcastle are a very defensive team. Wouldn't want us spending much more than £25m on him though.
  10. Would rather we got 2 wingers than splash crazy money on 1. For about £30 million we could probably get Bowen and Benrahma. I'm fully convinced Benrahma will be as good as Mahrez in a few years.
  11. If Che Adams goes to Southampton for £14m I'll be gutted. He's surely a player we should be looking at.
  12. How is expecting to be able to sit in my seat without it being kicked for 4 hours straight thinking I own the plane? Just expect parents to be able to control their kids a bit before taking them on a fairly long flight
  13. Parents who take young children on flights that aren't short. If your kid can't keep reasonably quiet and not kick the back of people's chairs they shouldn't be going on any flight over 2 hours imo.
  14. Aston Villa supposedly after Benrahma bidding around £9 million, if he was obtainable for anything less that £20 million, we should be all over it. I think he’ll end up being Mahrez level
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