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  1. Used to do it pretty much only on skybet, doing the superboost and free bet offers. Got really unlucky and kept winning on my skybet account rather than the exchange so they restricted my account when I got to about £2k up on them.
  2. What we've learnt today: Maddison shouldn't ever play out wide, it's a complete waste, he's a central player. Don't play 2 defensive midfielders at home. Move the ball quicker. Soyuncu is good enough.
  3. Is Mendy still injured? Surprised no one's mentioned him for a starting spot as the lone DM. Thought he looked excellent in pre-season and his passing range was brilliant.
  4. Tbf to Norwich they do have their captain Zimmermann out who is a great leader at CB and organises their defence.
  5. Cantwell wasn't great last year but looks a real good player now
  6. I'm getting these a lot today aswell
  7. Just click the arrows on the right of each section that look like this '<'
  8. Gray needs strict instructions to not shoot from outside the box, it's so wasteful
  9. Was just trying to show that the actual odds of winning compared to your stake are horrific as some people might easily be roped in by people saying my mate won a car for £20.... If you want to do raffles fair enough but I'm sure there are websites which offer much better odds in comparison to your stake than this site.
  10. Looking at 1 of the raffles on that site, a Nintendo switch, costs £2.49 to enter and they'll sell up to 299 tickets. £744.51 max income they'll make from a product worth about £250. Absolutely no value in it at all.
  11. Pogba has a negative overall impact on the team because he's a c*nt, Tielemans and Maddison are good lads who have a positive overall impact. No one's denying that Pogba is a better player than both but the negative impact he brings on things such as morale of the rest of the team outweighs what he can do on the pitch in comparison to our players.
  12. If I book an open train ticket which has a change in London, can I get off in London and spend the day there before continuing the journey later on in the day?
  13. How is expecting to be able to sit in my seat without it being kicked for 4 hours straight thinking I own the plane? Just expect parents to be able to control their kids a bit before taking them on a fairly long flight
  14. Parents who take young children on flights that aren't short. If your kid can't keep reasonably quiet and not kick the back of people's chairs they shouldn't be going on any flight over 2 hours imo.
  15. Wish they'd do something to stop tactical fouls that stop teams breaking, should introduce a sin bin for 10 minutes or something
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