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  1. My bad, I read it as with add ons meaning including add ons
  2. Our club is a joke if we're not willing to spend over £20 million on this lad. He's proven quality, he fits in well and he's only young.
  3. Wish they'd do something to stop tactical fouls that stop teams breaking, should introduce a sin bin for 10 minutes or something
  4. Given the amount of money we've wasted on awful players, I'd much rather us pay slightly over the odds for a player we know is quality.
  5. matty98


    Right, so where can I find this interview?
  6. matty98


    Any links to back this up? pretty much everywhere online says Everton walked away
  7. matty98


    Where has this come from that Tierney turned down a move to Everton? Everything I can see online says Everton weren't willing to pay £25 mil.
  8. Much better for Maddison to be playing every game in a competitive tournament than being a bench player for the full team
  9. His dribbling looks quite good and he seems in control to me, think he just looks a bit unorthodox because his legs are so long
  10. Steven Bergwijn would be a great signing. Probably a bit out of our reach though.
  11. Can't see how anyone can defend this appointment. I'm not having the mentality of some fans basically suggesting he could've just been unlucky with what signings went through at other clubs. He's been a complete failure everywhere he's been. It's a disgrace that our club has considered this failure of a head of recruitment worthy enough. We should be matching our supposed ambition in every appointment we make. Why we didn't get Paul Mitchell in when we had the chance I'll never know.
  12. Ridiculously unprofessional from the club, surely head of recruitment should be responsible for recruiting the manager not the other way round. Why on earth would the club recruit someone with a record like his?
  13. I can take our players missing good chances but he looked like he couldn't care less that he'd just missed. Waste of space, give the spot on the bench to someone who actually wants to be here
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