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  1. Never in doubt, the lad is destined for big things. Next season he'll get 20 goal contributions easily. Thought he was fantastic in the free role, makes it hard to mark him out of the game.
  2. Why take off our best player? Awful decision. Vardy should be going off
  3. Iheanacho and Perez are linking up well
  4. Started well, then sat back and played too slowly. So depressing because we have the players to play so much better.
  5. Is Dewsbury Hall eligible to play for us? Can't understand why we have no attacking midfield options
  6. He needs to be benched, doesn't seem fit and isn't playing with any aggression
  7. Soyuncu has been phenomenal today
  8. Our whole game plan seems to be get the ball wide as slowly as possible and just punt it into the box and hope.
  9. It was a clear handball, however Calvert Lewin blatantly fouled Soyuncu before the handball so how on earth was it given? VAR is a complete joke
  10. Iheanacho and Maddison on for Barnes and Albrighton for the start of the second half
  11. Barnes and Chilwell on the same side doesn't work. Either try Barnes on the right or drop one of them.
  12. Praet didn't look happy with whatever Rodgers was saying then, shaking his head...
  13. Why is Albrighton playing ffs, we need goals. I'm not a massive fan of Perez but atleast he scores.
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