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  1. Fofana's passing makes such a difference, always looks to play it forward.
  2. Fvck me, 1-1 and we bring on players with 0 goal threat.
  3. I just don't get, you have our best midfield 2 fit and neither are playing in their best positions.
  4. Just can't see how we're going to create anything, Ricardo and Castagne need to be on top form today.
  5. I doubt it, can't imagine he has the fitness to start a game at this level yet, he's barely played this season.
  6. We're completely fvcked tbh. Barnes and Maddison have been our only goal threat for about the last 4 months.
  7. Praying that Vardy's groin is slowing him down and it's not permanent
  8. Thomas is going to get sent off if we don't take him off, move Ricardo to LB and put Under or Albrighton on.
  9. Managers don't just pick the team, they dictate how they play. Rodgers has us set up playing way too passively.
  10. Player for player our team is far better than theirs, why the fvck are we letting them dominate the game?
  11. can we stop playing this pathetic anti-football now?
  12. We simply have to get a proper dedicated set piece coach in. It's shambolic the amount we concede and our lack of threat from them. It's costing us big time.
  13. Gutted with the result but atleast Rodgers showed some class at the end, rather than the bollocks certain managers come out with after an unexpected loss.
  14. You can tell he's a confident lad, could maybe do with bulking up a bit though.
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