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  1. Harvey Barnes is turning into the new Gareth Bale
  2. Always in the right place at the right time and his execution is superb.
  3. Get Perez off for Maddison, let Maddison drift inside and give Castagne the whole wing. Perez' touch has been awful and he wants too much time on the ball before doing anything.
  4. Good start, passing the ball around with a good bit of pace
  5. Think he'd fit in better at Arsenal after seeing that ūüėā
  6. Think Southampton had an issue with Alderweireld when they had an option to buy but he just rejected them and went to Spurs instead so definitely can be beneficial to have an obligation if the player does really well.
  7. They're actually best mates. Ofcourse not but if an employee is happier somewhere they're more likely to want to stay.
  8. Even if he's shit atleast it might convince Soyuncu to sign a new contract
  9. Tomori not even on Chelsea's bench, think he'd do well alongside Soyuncu and our back line would be very fast. Just what we need to play a high pressing game.
  10. He's class, drives the ball forward and makes things happen. Without him we don't win either penalty. He also played a great pass for Perez. Don't even think his misses were that bad. First one, on his weak foot and didn't have much time to react. Second, took a deflection I think and wouldn't be able to get it in the corner anyway because of the defenders positioning (the follow up wasn't a good chance, no time to react). Third, best chance he had, should be hitting the target but did very well to get inside and create the space for the shot.
  11. We're a CB and a right winger away from having a really good team
  12. Fantastic performance, constantly available for the ball and making good runs forward, decent turn of pace and what an engine he has on him!
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