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  1. What a ****ing joke after West Brom having a goal disallowed for ****ing nothing. Absolute fix.
  2. How the actual fvck has that been disallowed?
  3. Can't believe it!!!! Fvcking brilliant!!!!!!!!
  4. Maddison on for the 2nd half, think he could be the difference we need. He's much more comfortable playing against a pressing team than Perez and Iheanacho
  5. Brendan why We've seen Castagne at CB in a back 3 is shite, so why keep playing it
  6. We're too spread out over the pitch, need to be more compact and move the ball quicker
  7. Iheanacho needs to look to play the ball quicker and make a run, they're closing him down very quickly but it'll create space in behind if they move it quicker
  8. Smash these cvnts, imagine not wearing a suit or even remotely smart clothes to a cup final, what a cvnt Tuchel is.
  9. Great to hear some real fans in the stadium after all the fake fan sound bollocks we've had for the past year!
  10. It's mental isn't it? He's had an injury riddled season yet he's still our joint 2nd most productive player in the league
  11. at this rate we'd have been better off if the Utd fans got the game called off again and gave Liverpool the 3-0
  12. United are a predominantly 2nd half team so this is far from over. They're actually the best team in the league in the 2nd half: http://1x2stats.com/en-gb/ENG/Premier-League/table/second-half/
  13. This is far from over, Liverpool's defence is shite, United can still get something out of this
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