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  1. Would love to have him in our team, could be the long term replacement for Vardy we've been looking for.
  2. Alex Pritchard, fits the behind the striker role we've been looking for. Works hard, creates chances, scores goals and he can take set pieces.
  3. Ulloa when we played Brighton, he was awesome. Probably because all our players were still hammered but still was unplayable.
  4. Can't understand why anyone wouldn't want Shakey as our next manager. To those saying he won't be able to attract player, do you really want us to sign players that are only coming because of the manager? I want players to come here because they want to play for Leicester City.
  5. Made a huge difference coming on, worked hard and was always in the right positions. Very bright future ahead of him.
  6. When someone asks for your help at a specific time and when you arrive they're not ready.
  7. How that Benteke goal was allowed is ridiculous, went through Benny before getting to the ball. Surely we've banked enough awful refereeing decisions for us to have a few in our favour now, preferably 3 dodgy penalties against Atletico.
  8. If Jeffery scores we're on the pitch?
  9. Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Benaloune Chilwell Amartey Ndidi Kapustka Gray Vardy Musa Really want to see Kapustka play behind a pacey attack, think he has the ability to create a lot of chances. Bit worried at the thought of Zaha running at Chilwell, will be a good test for him.
  10. Hamer's better than him anyway, rather have him as our no.2
  11. We played the game we had to, 25 degree heat doesn't suit a high intensity side who aren't used to it. Think we'll give them a good game at home. Shakespeare got everything spot on.
  12. He used to be fantastic defensively, recently i'd disagree, always seems to be in no man's land never close enough to his midfield opposition when they're around the edge of the box.
  13. Good result considering pretty much everything went against us and it would've been near impossible to play our normal game in 25 degree heat. Think we'll be much better at home.
  14. Hope we show the players all the refs shite decisions that'll really get them wound up, 2nd half 2 goals, vardy to go up to simeone and deck the c@nt
  15. Great read, the end sent shivers down my spine, they really do believe. If there's one simple message from this which sums us up as a club it has to be "why not?"