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  1. credit where it's due, that was a fantastic bit of play by Braga for that goal
  2. Don't think you can play him and Tielemans in a midfield without Ndidi. They don't cover enough ground to win the midfield battle. Ndidi is a ball winning machine.
  3. He's lost that bit of tenacity that he seemed to have in his game in the first half of last season. He clearly has the ability to a top player but needs to get involved more and force his way into games when the ball isn't falling to him normally.
  4. He's cost us a fair few goals from his individual errors but still feel like we probably need him for his organisation. Will be interesting to see how we got on with A pairing of Soyuncu and Fofana.
  5. Think he'll learn a lot from that game. Needs to stay on his feet more and keep his discipline rather than running out to challenge for 50/50 (at best) balls.
  6. We really miss Ndidi defending from set pieces, he has a huge leap on him. Also missing Castagne who offers decent height in the box. Hardly surprising we're conceding more from them with such a small team and a keeper who won't come out and claim anything.
  7. Dunno about that, we had a fantastic run with them both in the team last season. Just clearly isn't his day today so should've been subbed off.
  8. Can't understand why we kept Maddison on and took Barnes off. He's been completely non existent.
  9. He created about our only chance of the game
  10. What is Brendan waiting for? We're 2-0 down and offering nothing.
  11. Albrighton and Maddison off for Praet and Under needs to happen very soon
  12. Every game we play against Liverpool we get slaughtered by Thier full backs but never do anything to try and counter it.
  13. You have to make atleast 1 change after that half surely?
  14. Right Under on for Maddison at half time and go for it
  15. Maddison needs to come deeper and get involved more, offering nothing just floating around
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