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  1. It really is starting to get ridiculous with these handballs. If we felt like there was any consistency I wouldn’t mind the handball given today, but then you compare it to the one not given last week it is very, very hard to take. It’s sad that we are now at the stage of hoping those in charge of VAR really are just that incompetent rather than it being something much more serious than that. Assuming all the penalties were scored, these handball decisions have cost us at least 8 points and a League Cup Final.
  2. I volunteered at a non-league club in the North-West for a couple of seasons while I was at uni and produced the programme for them. The only reason it was financially viable for us was that we had a sponsor who printed them for free but as you say it meant a small print run. A few of our regulars would pick them up every week but I would say the main market for them are your ‘groundhoppers’. The type that visit loads of non-league clubs and blog about their experiences - they seemed to like having something tangible. The League used to only allow a digital programme if paper ones were produced. That changed this year but most still produce paper ones. It used to take me around 10hrs to produce a 32 page programme and I’m not sure there would be the motivation to do that just for a digital one!
  3. It’s worth mentioning where these calls to review tv content are coming from. In the case of Ant & Dec, they came to a realisation a few years ago that some of their segments were wrong and they were embarrassed by them. They also didn’t want to legacy of these programmes to be tarred by a continued association with them so made sure that any future broadcast would show an edited version. Is it not highly possible that these calls are now coming from those who were involved in producing/broadcasting these programmes and are now uncomfortable with some of the content?
  4. With all the talk about ‘erasing/ censoring history’ etc, isn’t this exactly what we have been doing for centuries? As the saying goes - History is written by the victors. All our history books have been written to frame Britain, and Western Europe generally, as the good guys when we were invading countries and stripping native people of their lands. We have tried to claim we should be praised as the people that advanced civilisation. Surely this is just time for a national conversation where we accept and understand that we have committed some awful acts across the world and suppressed the development of so many other nations? Unfortunately, due to our past, a lot of the people we consider to be worthy of praise are not seen that way across the rest of the world. As a country it is long overdue that we take an honest look at the impacts of our history in the rest of the world. This is not to say we have to tear down every statue, just that people should be able to openly discuss the figures like Churchill from both sides of the argument without being shot down. Part of the reason the Colston statue was pulled down by protestors was that despite going through the ‘proper channels’ for years there had been no action taken. Until we start to properly discuss this can it really be a surprise that people try to instigate change by other means?
  5. So glad he is finally finding the end product and proving why Brendan has stuck with him all season long. I also cannot wait for summer to come round and so we can watch the media try to claim that Barnes is a lifelong Arsenal fan who has always dreamed of playing under Mikel Arteta.
  6. In all fairness, he is spot on in the point he is making here. It has been statistically proven many times (combined with a few conversations around game theory) that going straight down the middle provides the highest penalty conversion rate. Part of that is down to the fact that a keeper isn’t blamed for diving the wrong way but would be for staying still when the penalty is put into either corner.
  7. I don’t think it is anything to be worried about at all, just making cash available for the training ground and stadium expansion. The bank knows we will be able to pay them back, with or without European football, and enabled us to get the ball rolling on the developments sooner. We are far from the only club transfer factoring either - Liverpool did it with the Coutinho transfer and I don’t think they are having any financial troubles! In regard to it being a loan, often the agreement will be such that the buying club is paying any interest that is due, so the selling club is not losing out by doing this. On a side note, Kieran Maguire (the expert mentioned in the article) does a podcast called the ‘Price of Football’ - a really good listen for those interested in Football Finance or just generally want a better idea of how the money within the industry works.
  8. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but either way: https://www.againstleague3.co.uk/2020/02/02/2019-english-footballs-best-owners/ Top officially voted the second best owner in English Football, but if you look at the breakdown he out scores Accrington Stanley’s Andy Holt by miles in every department. After dubious (at best) ownership in the past, we all know how lucky we are. Hopefully we show Top and his family just how much they mean to us. (p.s. be forewarned, there are some horrendous attempts at Vichai’s name in here)
  9. https://twitter.com/jamess800/status/1224031605485973505?s=21
  10. For all the criticism of Chilwell’s defending, surely this is at least in part due to our style of play? Our defence (baring the obvious matches against Man City and Liverpool) has been outstanding all season, thanks to two very impressive centre backs. As a result, the fullbacks have been left to attack which is always going to lead to extra vulnerability at the back. While Fuchs may offer a more defensive option, he was at fault for the West Ham goal and I don’t think anyone will be comparing the talents of that side to those of Riyad Mahrez. Yes, Ricardo manages to do both with ease but I think even we underestimate just how good he is at times. If that is the bar for a good fullback we may as well scrap the position now.
  11. A friend of mine is Turkish and reckons he is better than Soyuncu, although I can’t see why Juventus would let him go.
  12. The 5 - 1 against Forest for me too. As a 12 year old going to school in Nottingham, I have had better Monday mornings than the one that followed that defeat.
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