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  1. Samsung mobile help needed

    This was disabled but not sure if I did after the issues ( memory clouded by holiday booze 😉) I will monitor it now. Did you have exactly the same issues?
  2. Pitchfork

    No one who has committed such a horrible crime and been convicted through DNA evidence should still be alive. Look at Lee Rigby killer. Even photographed with the knife still in his hand. How much does it cost the taxpayer to keep these animals alive? I personally would dispose of them if the job ever came up.
  3. Samsung mobile help needed

    I own a galaxy s6. Just recently when on holiday abroad I used the Wi-Fi in the bars I visited. Now I've started getting notifications that I'm connecting to various tv's, mostly sony ones. And I get a picture of a remote control on my screen allowing me to change channels, volume or even turn the tv off. I actually tried it one night and turned off the tv in the bar I'd visited the previous night next door. How can I stop this or have I been hacked. Can't find anything in my phone's settings and I don't even get the option to connect it does it automatically It also happens when on 4g as well.
  4. Smelly supporters

    I had a similar problem with a colleague at work and found the subtle but anonymous approached worked. Got him a lynx gift set for his secret Santa present. Worked a treat. So how about, buying a small can of deodorant (travel size) get to your seat early before anyone near you sits down and use the band on his clapper to secure it to it. Then clear off to the concourse have a beer and go back to your seat just before kick off. No one will know it was you but he will definitely get the message
  5. More attractive proposition?

    Yup I never mentioned Dyche. Wondered why he had gone off on one!
  6. More attractive proposition?

    Good point
  7. More attractive proposition?

    So with both us and Everton in the market for a new manager, and obviously the same names being linked to both clubs. Who is the most attractive proposition and Why?
  8. Stoke away - 12.30pm, Sat 4 Nov

    You still got these?
  9. Ticket exchange thread 2017/18 (Wanted/For Sale)

    Anyone got any adult stoke tickets they can't use?
  10. £10 on season card

    They had quite a lot in stock a couple of weeks ago
  11. £10 on season card

    I've not seen this mentioned on here and only found out the other day from a mate. But all season tickets this year come loaded with £10 to spend at the shop. I didn't know this when I spent £125 on 2 shirts, one with letters and the staff didn't mention it when I bought them. Found out a couple of weeks later so took the plain shirt back and got a refund. Then bought it again for £40. Luckily it was for a present so still had the tags on. Think you have till the end of the month to redeem it.
  12. Were you the fan in J3 who left after 10 mins?

    Off topic slightly but I sit in k. Some 'tourist young lady came in wearing a Chelsea tracksuit top with an elderly chap. The creature (looks partially like a lady) two rows in front went mental and reported her to stewards. She went n changed into another coat and took her seat but the thing in front wouldn't let it drop. A young woman with a bloke in his 70's wasn't going to cause trouble, just don't think they understood the football rivalry. If you are that creature be ashamed of your rantings.
  13. Was it anti Semitic?

    The old rhyme I was bought up with... Sticks n stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you
  14. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    He's renting a penthouse. Svens old one.
  15. Laptop slideshow

    Wow thanks mate. Works perfectly. Only one thing and this shows I'm a computer numpty, is there a way of getting the date and time off the lock screen ?