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  1. Away for three weeks in Argentina for family reasons. Will sign a two year deal on his return.
  2. Cos he's a former player that played a part in our recent history. I'm not sore about it, just saying if it had gone in he would have been feted as a hero for having the balls to try it. Take a chill pill xx
  3. He scores a pen in a play off semi final for the first time!! Quite liked him at our place and could easily have been a hero instead of a villain if it had gone in Also Liam Moore might get another crack at the prem
  4. Have you ever seen spurs win the prem Have you ever seen spurs win the prem Premier league champions You'll never sing that Please don't do champions of England as spurs have been more times than us
  5. Is signing a new contract , but reason he's not been in the squad last two games is he's been given 2 weeks compassionate leave to return to Argentina as a very close relative is quite ill.
  6. Definately true. Will be revealed next week.
  7. Signing a two year contract on Monday.
  8. Booked to go to Denis private island (seychelles) in August for 11 nights to get married . Then stopping in Dubai on way home for 4 nights
  9. Had an accident at work nearly two years ago but because of person circumstances it's not Been the right time to put a claim in till now. Can anybody recommend a firm that they have had a positive experience with?
  10. Yeah my partner has been before and she says craps is the best thing to do as its more sociable ? Whereby your playing with the whole table? I not got a clue
  11. Haha, as I said I'm going with my partner. If I was going with my (ex) wife she would be the target at battlefield vegas !😂😂 My lads are 23 n 24 so I think they might be having a go with the guns as well
  12. @Ross-Kemp @Steve_Walsh5 I'm staying at the venetian. It's a 50th present from my partner. She's paying for me and my 2 lads for 5 nights. (She's coming as well) but she was there about 7 years ago and seems to remember at night the casinos are a bit more fussy about dress code than during the day? Anyway safe option is to pack a pair I suppose
  13. Going vegas tomorrow for the first time. Just been told there is a dress code of long trousers for most casinos? With the current temp at about 27° is this correct? Seems shorts would be a more comfortable option. And any more tips from anyone who's been there? 😂
  14. Something to do with leaving Europe and Brexit? Along the lines of.... We've left Europe We've left europe Just like Brexit We've left europe