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  1. New chants and songs

  2. Bottom of raw dykes road (near stall that sells scarfs) , West ham league cup match, Sept 2015. Now happily married after living the dream in our title winning season❤
  3. Leicester City-Champions Party

    I'm binning sky soon as well. Will check as I got a DVD recorder and should be able to do you a copy. I got loads to move off. Everton last home match. Seville etc. Linekars programme on us ....
  4. Refunds

    How about refunds for those that bought tickets for the arsenal match but poss won't be able to go now as it's moved. No fault of theirs ?
  5. Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    Why can't it be Friday? Really hope it's not as I don't think I will get away with my car wouldn't start that's why im late for my night shift again like I did against Sheffield 😃
  6. Car parking on Match Day

    Saffron lane stadium.£5

    Where were you when we were sh1t
  8. Adidas

    Nah thanks he's past it, but still probably better than ieanacho !
  9. Mahrez being booed?

    Didn't boo but also didn't give him a standing ovation when he went off.
  10. Well done the Thais

    If the mardy arse doesn't want to play for us and refuses then he shouldn't play for anyone . Kneecap him. Will teach all the other spoilt bratts a lesson who are thinking of going on strike.
  11. Bt email address

    My Mrs has had the internet through bt for years but wants to change her internet provider to virgin. All her email content for everything is through her bt internet address. She's been told by bt if she moves to virgin her email will be stopped. Obviously this is a massive issue as to change every account she has, whether eBay,Amazon or the insignificant ones will be time consuming and a pain in the arse, plus there' the liklyhood she will forget some. Is it right she will no longer be able to access her emails through bt ? I moved from aol years ago but still have access to my aol account
  12. Escorted out

    Saw a bloke being escorted out of L block on Saturday, lot of commotion just before with police having video cameras trained on him. Any idea what cracked off?
  13. Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Going Venice for 4 nights in May with my Mrs for a romantic break, any tips on where to go would be great, I'm staying in st marks square so hopefully local to everything suggested
  14. New chants and songs

    Can be sung to anyone except spurs 2016 2016 You cheered for Leicester 2016
  15. Dragovic

    Tbf I thought he was one of the better performers against Watford in a very poor team display