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  1. broughtonblue

    Last Minute Christmas Advice and ideas

    'My 11 year old has asked for books, I've no idea what he might like' ....really? Think you need to bond a little more!
  2. broughtonblue


    A dog is part of the family, absolutely destroyed me to have to put my 15yr old lab to sleep, which along with a couple of other things at the time spiralled me down into the depths of depression. It's 7 months, during which the dog will be well cared for. Please make plans for your new life to include your family member, after all you wouldn't leave a child behind, whilst you were busy enjoying a new city. Please reconsider
  3. No thanks, watched enough drivel lately
  4. broughtonblue

    In a word....

  5. 're balance a squad that he bought 4 defenders in and let 3 strikers go. Please dont let him spend any more of our money. Get rid
  6. broughtonblue

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    1st match I've missed in 5 years. Thank feck for illness 😃😃
  7. broughtonblue

    Claude's black eye!

    As in all his interviews , after the watford game he chatted sh1t, so he got banged
  8. broughtonblue

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Absolute waste of space and money. Shows the transfer policy in the summer was terrible, no back up for Vardy but bought in 4 defenders
  9. broughtonblue

    Everton (A) - 12.30 New Year's Day

    Come on?? Don't you agree with him then, as we are early 50's and looking for similar?
  10. broughtonblue

    The joke thread

    Just found out the word gullible has been removed from the English dictionary!
  11. broughtonblue

    LCFC official ebay

    Just tried to get on the site using the web address as In today's programme but no look. Wanted to bid on a poppy shirt. Can anybody provide a link as i cant find them on ebay
  12. broughtonblue


    What is the best way/site for downloading and editing you tube videos. Only want to download a few from out title winning season etc
  13. broughtonblue

    Everton (A) - 12.30 New Year's Day

    Haha, me n my mrs, both early 50's are looking at staying somewhere decent on Nye then go to the match, any recommendations @ScouseFox of a hotel with a couple nice pubs near by. Up to an hour away
  14. broughtonblue

    Royal Visit to the King Power Stadium

    Anybody got their confirmation email yet, after the 2 at the weekend?