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  1. £10 on season card

    They had quite a lot in stock a couple of weeks ago
  2. £10 on season card

    I've not seen this mentioned on here and only found out the other day from a mate. But all season tickets this year come loaded with £10 to spend at the shop. I didn't know this when I spent £125 on 2 shirts, one with letters and the staff didn't mention it when I bought them. Found out a couple of weeks later so took the plain shirt back and got a refund. Then bought it again for £40. Luckily it was for a present so still had the tags on. Think you have till the end of the month to redeem it.
  3. Were you the fan in J3 who left after 10 mins?

    Off topic slightly but I sit in k. Some 'tourist young lady came in wearing a Chelsea tracksuit top with an elderly chap. The creature (looks partially like a lady) two rows in front went mental and reported her to stewards. She went n changed into another coat and took her seat but the thing in front wouldn't let it drop. A young woman with a bloke in his 70's wasn't going to cause trouble, just don't think they understood the football rivalry. If you are that creature be ashamed of your rantings.
  4. Was it anti Semitic?

    The old rhyme I was bought up with... Sticks n stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you
  5. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    He's renting a penthouse. Svens old one.
  6. Laptop slideshow

    Wow thanks mate. Works perfectly. Only one thing and this shows I'm a computer numpty, is there a way of getting the date and time off the lock screen ?
  7. Laptop slideshow

    Urgent answer needed asap if poss. Just got married abroad and having a reception tonight. New Mrs has just said she wants the laptop with all the photos playing on a slide show so people can see them. Obviously got personal stuff on the laptop so don't want people to have access whilst I'm getting pissed. Is there anyway I can start the slideshow but then lock the comp so the keyboard etc are inaccessible? Mods I've put this in general chat as I think it might get more views in the short space if time I've got as people in general everyday life could poss answer.
  8. Stadium Admission Issues - Club statement

    I moved seats this year. Original new ticket was sent to my old address even though I updated my details last season. Promised a new one would be sent to my new address asap. It never came so went in to shop and they printed me a new one, and told me this is 'the one ' and the other two would be scrapped. On Saturday my new card wouldn't work so had to go to ticket office and get yet another one, missing the goal.
  9. LCFC @ Luton Town (Friendly) - Match Thread

    Me too
  10. How long have you been a Leicester City fan?

    When I was about 8 in '75 I started to follow the club, posters on Wall etc . First went down in Jock's first season 1978. Spent many an hour in the school hols down the training ground getting autographs
  11. Matty James is going to the World Cup.

    Just read through the op's 13 posts. Good to have you with ft matty x
  12. Honeymoons - Where did you go!?

    Getting married in August, didn't want all the fuss of a wedding so just the two of us going here for 10 nights http://www.justseychelles.com/denis-island Then 4 nights in dubai on way home.
  13. Photoshop/ excel

    To start with I'm a total numpty when it comes to computers!! So here I go, I'd love to learn how to use photoshop , or another such programme. I'm told photoshop is quite expensive but there is another free option...GIMP (hope I'm not being set up here!) . I'd also love to learn excell. Just wondering what programmes you would recommend for a complete novice who is mature in age! And also the best/easiest way to learn, whether you tube or 'idiots guide ' etc Mods, I put this in here as the computer section seems full of gaming topics and thought people with experience of this subject would be more likely to be browsing this section.
  14. Ulloa in contract talks?

    As I posted on here weeks ago, will be a two year contract
  15. I pay for sky n bt. Have a season ticket but can't get to all away matches. If anyone knows of a legal way I can watch all away games please let me know!!!