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  1. When I was about 8 in '75 I started to follow the club, posters on Wall etc . First went down in Jock's first season 1978. Spent many an hour in the school hols down the training ground getting autographs
  2. Just read through the op's 13 posts. Good to have you with ft matty x
  3. Getting married in August, didn't want all the fuss of a wedding so just the two of us going here for 10 nights Then 4 nights in dubai on way home.
  4. To start with I'm a total numpty when it comes to computers!! So here I go, I'd love to learn how to use photoshop , or another such programme. I'm told photoshop is quite expensive but there is another free option...GIMP (hope I'm not being set up here!) . I'd also love to learn excell. Just wondering what programmes you would recommend for a complete novice who is mature in age! And also the best/easiest way to learn, whether you tube or 'idiots guide ' etc Mods, I put this in here as the computer section seems full of gaming topics and thought people with experience of this subject would be more likely to be browsing this section.
  5. As I posted on here weeks ago, will be a two year contract
  6. I pay for sky n bt. Have a season ticket but can't get to all away matches. If anyone knows of a legal way I can watch all away games please let me know!!!
  7. It is last season?
  8. Bloody hell calm down!! From what I understand they got them at the renewal price of £465 so I was £30 out. Why would I do ought about it? I'm a very happy season ticket holder thanks. Just put the info out there cos I thought it was news worthy
  9. Paid £900 for two tickets
  10. Just been speaking to friend who somehow has managed to buy 2 season tickets in block A2 today, friend of a friend works in the ticket office!! Not even a member last year.
  11. Virgin were doing an offer on this match whereby if you sent them your used ticket they would refund the difference. Just wondering if anyone has actually had anything back as I've not yet ?
  12. Sign him up now!
  13. Away for three weeks in Argentina for family reasons. Will sign a two year deal on his return.
  14. Cos he's a former player that played a part in our recent history. I'm not sore about it, just saying if it had gone in he would have been feted as a hero for having the balls to try it. Take a chill pill xx