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  1. What's the parking like round the ground. And the talk of no friendly pubs, but is there somewhere we can get a meal and drink as going for the afternoon?
  2. broughtonblue

    Nacho man assist appreciation thread

    15 goals each? Between them how things are going
  3. broughtonblue

    Nacho man assist appreciation thread

    Jury's still out for me. Not sure if he has the quality needed. Man city have something like 30 players out on loan, but took the first offer on nacho
  4. broughtonblue

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    What amazes me is the people who leave early only to sit in the car parks. As I come out of k block after clapping the players off there are loads of cars queued up to leave but can't. Also if you hang about for 15 mins after the final whistle there is hardly any traffic
  5. broughtonblue

    puel chant - or lack of

    You boring French tw@t Get out of our club
  6. broughtonblue

    So, 5 games in...

    Good window that included buying 3 more centre backs. When we are so weak up front. Shows his tactics !!
  7. Anybody who supports this bloke who actually watches us regularly live must be watching something different to me. No plan a let alone plan b. Brings in 3 centre backs when its up front we lack personel. Just shows his mentality and the style of play we now try to use. I asked some saints fans when we played them a couple of weeks ago if they would have him back under any circumstances and not one yes. Says it all.
  8. broughtonblue

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Get clueless claude out of our club
  9. broughtonblue

    Away priority points

    Bloody hell bayfox I was depending on your help like you've in the past🤣
  10. broughtonblue

    Away priority points

    Can someone tell me how to check how many prority points people in my friends and family have that are linked to my account on lcfc.com? I can check mine, i can see the people linked but cant find away of seeing tgere points. Im using an android phone or tablet but no luck on either
  11. broughtonblue

    What are you reading at the moment?

    Just started frank Bruno latest book . All about his battles with bipolar and depression. As someone who has and still does suffer from depression it's fascinating and something I can relate too.
  12. broughtonblue

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    1 week till a safari in Kenya. Bit worried about mossies though as I've been bitten to bits this summer and been on anti biotics 3 times cos they've got infected 😢
  13. broughtonblue

    New chants and songs

    Can we get the old Ben Marshall chant going for chilly. He's one of our own but we don't have a chant for him. The Marshall one is the same and got most of the stadium involved
  14. broughtonblue

    Kasper signs a new contract until 2023!

    5 more years. Still a chance then I will see one of his long clearances stay on the pitch or even better, find a teammate
  15. broughtonblue

    LCFC Owners Racehorses

    Sounds very painful whatever spreading their assess is!🤤😲