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  1. We talk to fellow Trust's about how our loan players are doing, so will try to remember to link the articles here, we have had 2 pieces this week Millers Welcome to George Hirst – Foxes Trust Josh Knight – Foxes Trust
  2. Fans Groups associated with Leicester City are asking fans NOT to purchase the forthcoming game against Arsenal on Sunday and any future games whilst the fee for these games remains at the high price of £14.95. Foxes Trust, Union FS, LCFC Disabled Supporters Association, Foxes Pride. Suggested charities to donate to instead are detailed on our website https://foxestrust.co.uk/8487/boycott-of-pay-per-view-games
  3. On 15/10/2020 at 13:09, hejammy said: I'm surprised no-one has created a poll to see who will purchase the PPV for the villa game and who won't. (or who will wait till Sunday and then decide)...... Casablancas - can you point us to which topic the poll was under, PL Fans Groups are using the various fans polls that have been created as part of the next stage of lobbying
  4. We totally agree with all the elements detailed in the Union FS statement, so 2 fans groups certainly speaking on behalf of their members and on this topic we do believe the vast majority of LCFC fans Would be interested to know why any posters don't agree with the Foxes Trust & Union FS on this topic ?
  5. We have expressed our opposition to the proposal, but also published this article to increase awareness of the Football Supporters Association and the "Big 6" Fans Groups speaking as one voice to condemn the proposal https://foxestrust.co.uk/8477/foxes-trust-oppose-the-project-big-picture-power-grab
  6. Fans Groups were not informed this vote was taking place. We had previously talked to LCFC about paying to watch games (as the FSA campaign was not based on free access) but those discussions were based on £10 max (as per the EFL) and about access for Season Ticket Holders & Members (so fans who had committed some money to the club this season). This was one of a number of pro-active conversations we have had with LCFC since season 19/20 was stopped in early March
  7. Fans of Premier League clubs are rightly angered by the latest announcement to charge £14.95 to view matches. Leicester City apparently the sole vote of reason Full Trust Statement https://foxestrust.co.uk/8474/pay-per-view-offer-is-no-deal-for-fans
  8. Discussions between the Premier League Fans Groups are currently underway to decide the next steps, an initial statement was issued by the Football Supporters Association and a couple of individual Trusts have already published their reaction, we are currently working on a statement
  9. With no away fans allowed in the grounds, why would anyone still travel, is anyone on here seriously considering it ? So far based on the posts to dat only ones thinking about it have either changed their mind or had their flight cancelled
  10. You are all very welcome to join the Foxes Trust Superbru one too https://foxestrust.co.uk/8429/join-the-foxes-trust-prediction-league-20-21 We will investigate the broken link mentioned in earlier posts, but you should be able to join by following the instructions on the link directly above
  11. The result of the campaigning over the last week, particularly the focused twitter campaign to politicians today Thanks to all who re-tweeted from this board
  12. The campaign to get live coverage of PL games for fans in the UK is escalating on Wednesday Latest news here https://thefsa.org.uk/news/premier-league-fans-still-facing-tv-lockout-as-season-begins/ We would like to ask every LCFC fan who is on Twitter to follow @WeAreTheFSA and re-tweet the campaign We are keen for fans to share the tweet with their MP as we increase political pressure If you want to see the first home game of the season, play your part in trying to make it happen
  13. Steve Moulds, who represented the Foxes Trust at the meeting said, “Currently we are faced with the ridiculous situation where fans across the world can watch every Premier League game live, but fans who live in the UK and have attended matches for many years cannot”. Read full press release below https://foxestrust.co.uk/8408/city-fans-groups-back-call-for-live-game-broadcasts
  14. The campaigning steps up a few gears https://thefsa.org.uk/news/influential-mp-and-fans-call-on-premier-league-to-reverse-broadcast-lock-out/ Please have a complete read of the PDF, it's shocking that fans who have attended games for many years won't have access while the most of the rest of the world watches games https://thefsa.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Broadcast-access-for-fans-during-Covid-19.pdf
  15. We have continued dialogue with the club and along with direct individual fan feedback to the club, this has now been changed (see first 3 paragraphs of enclosed) and the payment split https://www.lcfc.com/news/1758561/updated--202021-season-season-tickets-memberships-and-planning-for-the-return-of-supporters/press-release
  16. If we went for all fans we have zero chance of winning the argument, but if access is restricted to fans who have paid some money upfront to their clubs (be that Season Tickets or Memberships) its a more sound argument
  17. We have spoken to the club today, to clarify, once you have been told you have won in the ballot, you will be able to chose a seat online from a seating plan. The system will only show the relevant seats to your situation - so if you are in a family bubble of 4, it will only show you where blocks of 4 are available etc
  18. The concept we are proposing relates to Season Ticket holders, who would normally be at the games and have no need for a TV subscription service, so having paid their £70 holding fee would quality for a paid for match by match stream, a bit like a NOW TV day pass. There would be an argument to include Members too (who will have paid an upfront £35 fee) but they wouldn't be certain to be at every game normally, so it weakens the argument
  19. Many of the posts on this thread discuss the merits of various streams & packages but don't directly state the posters support for our campaign. so yes someone creating a poll pm here would be a good idea. It's best if one of the posters do it rather than us, then it can be stated as another supporters group
  20. The Foxes Trust has been raising the issue for several weeks (both with the club & nationally) Our representative was in a meeting with the Premier League earlier this week, working with other Trusts and following that meeting decided to start this public campaign We are contacting all the other main LCFC Fans Groups and asking them to back the campaign On this message board, perhaps someone could create a new post on here asking all posters to back it - if we can have focused responses making it clear you want access to all games & the numbers are good, we coul
  21. The Foxes Trust is working with fellow Supporters Trusts to highlight an issue which needs urgently addressing ahead of the new season. Under current plans, unlike Project Restart, not every Premier League game will be televised, with 160 matches receiving no live coverage in the UK. Full Details HERE
  22. We have been working behind the scenes with Kat from the Spurs Trust (quoted in the BBC article) over the last couple of weeks when it became apparent that our concerns were not being listened to, Kat speaking to the media today is only the start of this campaign. We are going to contact all fellow LCFC fans groups & ask for their backing over the next couple of days. The club is aware of our views, but while we can lobby the clubs, it's the TV companies & political pressure that we need to target, the PL itself is too scared of losing TV revenue to lobby itself, so the pressure needs
  23. The Foxes Trust has been contacted by a student who is currently working with Loughborough University and a number of Premier League football clubs to investigate how the football stadium experience can be improved for fans. The focus of this research is to investigate how the football stadium experience will need to evolve in order to attract and retain Gen Z fans. For more details and to take part click Here
  24. Note that the BT pass is for a Brighton home game (there is no mention on the Arsenal site for the game), if BT were doing them for away fans we are sure the club would have posted a story by now ahead of the Watford match
  25. We hope everyone on this thread has completed or will do the survey, the last section gives the opportunity to make individual points (although they are more difficult to summarise) it would be interesting if any consistent themes occur from completing that section
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