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  1. I remember playing for Wigston Boys Club against Blaby Boys Club on Saffron Lane. We lost 12-0 and I’m pretty sure their centre forward got a hat-trick. His name? Peter Shilton who, apparently had insisted on playing out for once, so he might at least get a touch of the ball. Yes, Blaby really were that good in those days!
  2. 1 we’re 2 top 3 of 4 the 5 league 1 it’s 2 app 3 nin 4 a 5 gen simples
  3. We used to sing “We’re Leicester City, we’re top of the League”! Now we could sing (when/if appropriate!) “We’re Leicester City, it’s happening again”! Maybe integrate or tack on to the end of the Vichai song?
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