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  1. Sorry I meant I would not want him here
  2. He was sometimes reckless at Valencia, out of position often, but to be honest very few players shone for Valencia last season. I think Valencia only kept a couple of clean sheets. I would want him here, he would struggle with the English game.
  3. I try to time my departure less than a minute from the end when in injury time, to get to the aisle, row U in SK2, not bad compared to the top rows, l sit next to some lads who always leave before the end, sometimes 5 minutes. The goals they missed last season, especially the Ulloa goal against Norwich, what a moment that was!! I can only remember leaving early years ago when we were 5-0 down against Bolton. Peter Taylor era. First match I think, awful, think I had an excuse. Up to the individual I say. Pretty much the same in Spain, they leave well before time, not just at Leicester
  4. I was in Spain, watched the match at a bar where I never seen Leicester lose with Leicester friends. When Chelsea was 2-0 down, I thought well at least we will beat Everton Saturday to take the title at the King Power, and I'll be there. When Hazard made it 2-2 the bar erupted (almost all were neutrals) except for the corner where some Spuds fans sat. At the final whistle some Chelsea fans came over to congratulate our team. I got absolutely smashed, a good moment was when a Spurs fan came over to shake my hand and bought me a double cognac, we chatted for a while with him saying we fully deserved the title. The night ended with my mate carrying me up 6 flights of stairs to my flat. Next morning was fantastic but I so wished I was in Leicester that night. Saturday made up for it through, what a week!!
  5. A friend of mine was at the Atletico v Bayer Leverkusen match in the previous round. About 45 minutes before before kickoff very close to the stadium, a couple of Atletico fans let flares off. The police reacted in the usual way, storming in with batons to get at the offenders, whacking any Atletico fan who were in the way. Doesn't matter who you are in these situations. The police react aggressively to any provocation. I was in Madrid, sat in the Madrid end, home supporters very welcoming, not sure if we would be as friendly mind.
  6. Ndidi precautionary rested, due to slight groin problem.
  7. Try flying to Alicante or Valencia, daily flights to Alicante, fast train to Madrid takes 2:40 minutes, Valencia fast train is 1:50. Flights available Tuesday and Thursday . I guess most already know this
  8. Yeah, I noticed the same earlier this week, rang them and they were putting things right, but I may contact them again regarding May payment
  9. I,m there tonight so can anyone let me what time it starts?
  10. I would like to see Feghouli play for Leicester, he can be a match winner
  11. I forgot about De Laet. Wonder which his next club will be.
  12. It was well organized,memorable occasion,I know that half the crowd have not been to a match before, but this was for the City of Leicester, as well as the team.It was a family do, impressed with seeing so many cultures and mixing, I saw no trouble, smelt the weed on the way out, reminded me of my youth. Missed Kasabian, but shall be at the KP on the Sunday. Only gripe was the park and ride, on our return he got lost and we ended back at the starting point on Regents road, took an hour to get back to Enderby, driver was from Birmingham, well embarrassing for him
  13. I would love to see him make it at Leicester.
  14. Have they got programmes from last week?