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  1. I have 1 ticket for Everton, SK4, sitting next to me. My daughter cannot get there as she is shortly to give birth early. Can meet at ground. If anyone interested.
  2. As a season ticket holder, he will get my support on Sunday and beyond,underwhelming as he may seem I think he is a safe pair of hands looking at his history. We have potentially a top 8 squad, as long as he gels with the players and gets his ideas across to them via Appleton it may be a successful signing. I pleased Appleton is the No2 still. Imo we have a better squad for him to work with. Let's all give him a chance.
  3. Koeman sacked. Leicester???

    No from me, I prefer Dyche, better fit for us I think. though now difficult as we are competing with Everton. I remember Koeman at Valencia, a disaster he was.
  4. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Yes the substitution was a mistake, we had Kingy available, like for like, would have been the better option, but I guess Shaky didn't want to sit on the lead? Great display really but gutted nevertheless, Iborra would have been ideal. More positives than negatives IMO.
  5. Like a lot Valencia. Lovely city. I'm lucky to be able to watch them a couple of times a season, best match when they beat Real Madrid 2-1, a couple of seasons ago,their fans can be fantastic but bloody awful when losing. Their owner is terrible, We are so lucky in that sense. Aberdeen. I had a friend up there, also I remember they were good to watch when Fergie was in charge. Liverpool. Enjoyed watching them when they dominated Europe. I like Klopp. My mate is from Liverpool and he likes Leicester. Northampton. I work there. Dislikes. Hate Arsenal. Villa and Birmingham. Shite City. Millwall. Same reasons as others. Real Madrid. They benefit from a corrupt league.
  6. Shocking first half, I can understand why we are not chasing around, but when we do get the ball that shows we are lacking in any class,definitely need a creative midfielder, hope the owners are taking note.
  7. Bad defending there, wolves taking the p!!s at the moment
  8. October 30 1965, we beat Arsenal 3-1! Next home match we lost 5-0 to Man Utd.
  9. Attendance vs Watford

    I try to time my departure less than a minute from the end when in injury time, to get to the aisle, row U in SK2, not bad compared to the top rows, l sit next to some lads who always leave before the end, sometimes 5 minutes. The goals they missed last season, especially the Ulloa goal against Norwich, what a moment that was!! I can only remember leaving early years ago when we were 5-0 down against Bolton. Peter Taylor era. First match I think, awful, think I had an excuse. Up to the individual I say. Pretty much the same in Spain, they leave well before time, not just at Leicester
  10. May 2nd 2016

    I was in Spain, watched the match at a bar where I never seen Leicester lose with Leicester friends. When Chelsea was 2-0 down, I thought well at least we will beat Everton Saturday to take the title at the King Power, and I'll be there. When Hazard made it 2-2 the bar erupted (almost all were neutrals) except for the corner where some Spuds fans sat. At the final whistle some Chelsea fans came over to congratulate our team. I got absolutely smashed, a good moment was when a Spurs fan came over to shake my hand and bought me a double cognac, we chatted for a while with him saying we fully deserved the title. The night ended with my mate carrying me up 6 flights of stairs to my flat. Next morning was fantastic but I so wished I was in Leicester that night. Saturday made up for it through, what a week!!
  11. Trouble in Madrid

    A friend of mine was at the Atletico v Bayer Leverkusen match in the previous round. About 45 minutes before before kickoff very close to the stadium, a couple of Atletico fans let flares off. The police reacted in the usual way, storming in with batons to get at the offenders, whacking any Atletico fan who were in the way. Doesn't matter who you are in these situations. The police react aggressively to any provocation. I was in Madrid, sat in the Madrid end, home supporters very welcoming, not sure if we would be as friendly mind.
  12. Everton v Leicester City match thread

    Ndidi precautionary rested, due to slight groin problem.