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  1. https://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/lawsandrules/laws/football-11-11/law-14---the-penalty-kick There's a handy table there too. I'm not saying the rules are great, but if they're going to penalise the goalkeeper for being 5mm off his line then they should also apply the rules for the attacking players too.
  2. Sorry, but that's not the rule. It doesn't matter if they're involved or not, the rule is that if the attacking players encroach then the penalty is supposed to be retaken again. You can't penalise the goalkeeper then ignore the encroachment.
  3. Crazy how the penalty is retaken when the keeper is 5mm off his line, but if you look at the retake one of the Leeds players is encroaching at least two yards inside the box before the kick is taken and they do nothing.
  4. Thanks. Some really interesting responses. I wasn’t necessarily criticising Schmeichel’s kicking - it was more questioning a tactic and technique that asks a lot of his distribution and seems to be inviting more and more pressure in the past couple of weeks. I agree, it worked better when he had Chilwell as that outlet on the left, as he had a good leap on him. With Castagne and Ricardo back, then it might be more successful, but it doesn’t seem to be working well at the moment and I was wondering why they keep persisting with it. For sure, it would be good to see Schme
  5. Could one of the tactical analysts help me out? I’m struggling to understand the tactical thinking behind Schmeichel’s constant lofted passes to the right wing well inside our own half. These passes either go straight out for a throw-in to the opposition or the lofted trajectory allows the opposition player the opportunity of a great run and jump to win the ball in a dangerous area. Our central defenders who have split wide to offer Schmeichel the alternative short pass are then scrambling to get back in position. It happens every game. Braga’s second goal c
  6. Ahhh couldn't resist Solsbury Hill: Climbing up on SK1 I could see the floodlit sight Whistle blowing, defence long gone Football flew out of the night Vardy - something to observe Another goal for us to cheer Crowd standing, stretching every nerve I had to watch, I had some gear I did not believe the information Another year, no relegation My heart going boom, boom, boom "Son", he said, "grab your charlie, we’re going to have a party”
  7. YOU'RE JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE You're just too good Soyuncu Can't take our eyes off of you You've got a heavenly touch We f**ked United so much At long last you've arrived With Evans by your side You're just too good Soyuncu Can't take our eyes off you We love you, Caglar And if it's quite alright We need you, Caglar. Maguire's gone now he's shite We love you, Caglar, Trust in us when we say Caglar Soyuncu We love to watch you play Caglar Soyuncu We hope you’ll always stay Leicester loves y
  8. I’m going to get lynched for this, but Srivaddhanaprabha is pronounced See-wat-ta-na-pra-pa, so it scans perfectly with Queen's Radio Ga Ga: All we hear is radio ga ga All we hear is radio goo goo Radio what’s new? Someone still loves you. Which becomes: We love you See-wat-ta-na-pra-pa We love you See-wat-ta-na-pra-pa We love you Vichai Vichai we love you. I can’t get this out of my head. I'll step away from the internet now...
  9. Sorry - I’m obviously not explaining this very well. VI - CHAI is chanted on the drum beat. No counting or keeping time necessary. Just chant VI - CHAI on the drum beat. Then clap. Couldn’t be simpler to do. (Or more complicated to explain evidently!)
  10. City fan since early Seventies. Long time reader here, but this is my first post here as I think it’s important to honour the man who brought so much joy to all of us with a special chant. With respect, WYS often gets lost. Half the crowd are at a different pace and the other half don’t know all the words. It’s also not specific to Vichai. All the other chants people are suggesting are getting complicated. How about something really simple - our own version of the Viking thunder clap: Drummer in SK1 gets it started and holds the beat for crowd
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