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  1. If Arsenal are still winning that will go down to 1 minute.
  2. At least we can now concentrate on finishing 7th in the league.
  3. Can we at least have 1 shot on target please. 20 seconds later we hit the woodwork and force a save šŸ˜‚
  4. Just saw Evans smiling as he ran onto the pitch, that means hes scoring from a corner or hes he been told by Brendan to drop a fore-arm smash on Salah.
  5. Until he gets replaced by Gray the headless chicken.
  6. Liverpool really pressing us, 35 minutes gone and not a single shot from us.
  7. My cat went to sleep after the Everton goal.
  8. "being backed to take the Arsenal job" and "close sources" i.e. Paul Merson, Martin Keown and Ray Parlour.All pundits and ex Arsenal players. What a Co-incidence!
  9. I don't care if we win 1 nil or 9 nil as long as Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd all lose. šŸ˜Ž
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