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  1. Ok at this rate Manchester United will have to change their name to Manleicester United!
  3. We could do with another change, Fuchs and Perez on.
  4. 0 shots on target, 0 shots at goal. We really need to up our game in the second half.
  5. Because they're not winning 10 nil and we haven't had at least 3 players sent off.
  6. Maddison not getting in the team next week ☺️
  7. My stream is a bit behind but i knew we scored both times before i actually saw them! Ok lost the stream now got it back and we've scored another!!!! Yessssssssss
  8. He'll be down the club shop in the morning spending another £80 after their win today.
  9. I knew i should have said NEXT manager and not first 😢
  10. I know its very early in the season but just starting to wonder which manager will be the first to go, Solksjaer, Emery or Silva and maybe even Flores.My money is on Steve Bruce!
  11. I'm not sure which is worse, listening to Martin Tyler or listening to the commentry in Croatian. (which is what I'm doing lol)
  12. I don't know why i hate him but i could quite happily put a few drawing pins on the bench as Henderson is about to sit down.
  13. Have we ever had 2 of our players actually on the pitch for England? btw just noticed Ronaldo scored 4 goals tonight!
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