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  1. Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    You been on the lash mate!
  2. Fleetwood Town (A) 0-0 FA Cup 3rd Round

    Far too much common sense in this post for this forum!!
  3. Huddersfield (H)

    Hi mate, got an adult and under12 together in the west stand cost me £58 would accept £50 for the 2
  4. A Tale of Two Cities

    You ok mate?
  5. Southampton (A) pre-match

    Couldn’t spell his name!
  6. Southampton (A) pre-match

    I Would try Ian Vardy Gray Mahrez Iborra Ndidi Chilwell Maguire Morgan Simpson
  7. Players Cars

    With a horses head on the front seat !!
  8. A different kind of pressure...

    Only pressure is to get 12 more points !!!!
  9. One Craig Shakespeare

    Pearson in the same boat! the club will need compensation as they all have another year after this one on their contracts!!
  10. One Craig Shakespeare

    His contract hasn't yet been terminated and is still paid by the club
  11. One Craig Shakespeare

    Nigel is still an employee of lcfc, hence Shakespeare and Walsh are still with us, the has been no settlement!
  12. Lcfc plane tracking topic

    Nigel is still an employee of lcfc!!
  13. Not an expert but thought de laet looked our best defender yesterday
  14. Mahrez

    Think the groans we just of disappointment rather than in anger! A lot seems expected of him now, agree a bit unfair