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  1. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    Diabate hair.

    i have to take this as satire... not sure ill be able to go on otherwise.
  2. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    Diabate hair.

    Really is that how free will works is it? I understand that he did it cause he wanted to, more just an inference to its strangeness. im not against it, just seems funny to me.
  3. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    UK Geography Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 69 seconds  
  4. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    Diabate hair.

    So whats he done this for then
  5. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    James Maddison

    So why do they operate differently to the rest of england?
  6. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    James Maddison

    no it isnt... This isn't America my dude.
  7. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    James Maddison

    depends, is it still march?
  8. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    1st Player to be sold Summer 2018/2019 - who and why?

    huths gone as well
  9. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    Jack Grealish

    right, but villa fans love him, because he gives it for the team, thats what makes a **** one you can get behind. Dennis Wise was never really 'our ****' just someone who was on the payroll. you give everything for the team, then you become our ****. Grealish does do that in fairness to him.
  10. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    Jack Grealish

    oh yes boi i love it.
  11. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    Jack Grealish

    People saying you dont want him because hes a ****... please. Vardys a ****, thats why we love him. Huth is a ****, which is why we loved him. being a **** is fine as long as hes your ****.
  12. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    Champions League 2017/18

    as a Spaniard I take offence.
  13. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    Ben Arfa 2018

    No thank you. Great player on his day but old now, and pretty unreliable.
  14. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    wait kiev? xD
  15. JamesfromlondonLCFC

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    oh he will definitely be there, but i think he should be starting.