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  1. If he goes he goes. I won't be angry at him, and I think we will be just fine without him. I'm just excited we are in a position as a club that we don't have to jump at 70 mil as soon as its offered. We have some power now. It's great.
  2. this window is weird, i havent read Leicester, Everton and West Ham in close proximity of each other all summer. Madness.
  3. there are leicester fans who think the owners are in on some conspiracy to promote leicester in thailand and commandeer the club with thai fans. theres defo some nutjob out there who aint happy about this.
  4. so 2 pints in london?
  5. These days it seeks like we agree a fee 100 times instead of having 100 medicals. It's a nice switch in a weird way
  6. I doubt he will continue to wear number 21 tbh
  7. Do we like to announce on the hour?
  8. ffs pls no more fake insta stuff
  9. you know im so glued to knews specifically about tielemans, we could have signed messi and i wouldnt even know.
  10. its foxestalk, joint hysteria over the slightest thing is our collective right.
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