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  1. They've always got a mental match or 2 in them. Remember that 5-4 or whatever it was against liverpool a couple years back?
  2. So like... at this point done have arguably the best defence in Europe? Obvs with current injuries taken into account 😂
  3. was shite for us. but also we were a ticking time bomb as he says. dont hate him at all.
  4. great to hear our lot singing lloyd dyers name. absolute hero, and a crucial part of our stunning journey.
  5. tbf we really did jump the gun in shipping him off. lad was young and got given very few chances
  6. cant wait to see lloyd dyer again what a man.
  7. theres a reason 0 people like the EFL.
  8. the fact maddison didnt get a decent run out is shocking. he is literally being kept out by a guy who cant into chelsea starting 11 behind a guy who had one decent season in the championship, and a few good games for chelsea. Maddison is more deserving of a spot than the two of them combined ffs.
  9. also we have been consistently finishing top 10... literally only finished outside of it once in 4 years, and we got to a ucl quarter final that year so yano i understand this midfield has only been a part of it for about a year, but still
  10. https://eplfootballmatch.com/leicester-city-vs-bournemouth-full-match-premier-league-31-august-2019/
  11. I really think Maguire leaving has galvanised him. He has seen this as an opportunity to show us what we have been missing week in week out. I really believe it. He looks focused, determined and able. Only a couple of game of course, but I really hope he can keep it up.
  12. Looked absolutely lost and tired first half. Came to life in the second tho. Good backup for chilly
  13. id genuinely trade kelechi for nowadays matty fryatt
  14. barnes needs to work on his finishing, hes really promising otherwise.
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