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  1. kid looks really good, will be difficult games ahead, and times when he wont perform. all about how he responds to those types of situations now, cause he clearly has the tools to succeed.
  2. we have won 3 of our last 6 games against them, and drew one. and one of the losses was carabao cup dross
  3. no one ever thought he was the next messi, but there was defo a period where he was performing well for a few games. just couldnt remember if it was his first few games
  4. wait no i think it was actually a few games in when he went pretty ham against porto then burnley
  5. didnt Islam Slimani score like 4 goals in his first 2 games or something...
  6. how long does Kaspar have left... i get hes a real influence in the dressing room. but tbh if i look at our best 11, hes next to be upgraded
  7. nah remember raheem sterling bottled his finishes until he was about harveys age. hes still got time to get it right
  8. also you guys getting upset about out performance, do remember quite literally our 4 best players are injured. and our 5th best player has only just come back to fitness...
  9. Harvey is honestly a good finish and slightly more consistency away from being unreal.
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