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  1. theres no earthly way Maddison could ever justifiably be behind Barkley or Alli.
  2. the English media have an Anti-Leicester agenda im convinced of it. Maddison mate switch allegiances and play for Ireland, youve only played one game, you can still switch, ****ing do it.
  3. or someone could be a champ on host a watch party at their gaff, and invite everyone here.
  4. Reckon you could hide a packet IN the facemask as well!
  5. I miss doing drugs in the toilet.
  6. Living in Greenwich i get it all the time from my friends who aren't fans of big clubs (usually West Ham or Charlton.) Not so much West Ham at the moment though since they're living pretty good. But Charlton as a club have been ruined by corporate greed and poor decision making from both the directors or the club (up until the new ownership) and the football league. Fair to say I sympathise with them, but they definitely regularly tell me how jealous they are.
  7. Nicky Maynard been crying into his Rice Krispies every morning for a decade
  8. Honestly i remember how baffed i was when i discovered this was a thing. like honestly who designed their website? its so easy to fix as well lol.
  9. be a big statement to sign messi, ronaldo and invent time travel to get maradonna on a contract also.
  10. tbh it doesnt really matter even if it is true. Because if it is the club have been operating in the knowledge that this is the case. The only issue we have had financially is the pandemic giving us (and everyone else) the biggest rodding ever dished out. Either way, the people in charge will know what they have to do to recover. Also doesnt everyone actually get a lot more tv money this year, because they bumped up the deal to show near enough every game?
  11. For comparison, other PL accounts. Everton lost £140m, Southampton £75m, Brighton £67m, West Ham £65m, Spurs £64m, Arsenal £48m. Honestly dont read into this too much. We have been quite unfortunate, in that we have been trying to build our club and progress massively, and then a pandemic has happened. We will be fine.
  12. Same, we have to break top 4 sooner or later, or players will stop believing in the project. Its crucial we get champions league this season, or the opportunity to take that next step as a club could completely pass us by
  13. JV reinventing himself as a player for like the 4th time. What a man.
  14. Very professional performance so far. Not blown them away but not really given them a sniff either, eased them out of the game really. Also without our 2 best performing forward players this season. Good stuff
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