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  1. Just watched this back, and my god is his quality obvious even back then. He is clearly worlds ahead of anyone on the pitch, and im not just talking about pace and aggression, he shows many moments of having the touch, technique and understanding of the game that premier league players have. Back heels, well times balls across goal, runs in behind, dinks over the keeper, quality passing. The guy was always class, just needed someone to give him the chance. Thank Fuchs it was us aye
  2. Love to see that. Everyone has bad halves, responding to it well shows a good mentality from the players.
  3. hes way worse than schlupp tbh. as much as schlupp loved a row z hitter, he certainly has some fairly consistent strengths.
  4. ye the torygraph as you aptly named them are too damn stupid to code a website properly it would seem
  5. just stop it from loading before the paywall pops up.
  6. Genuine hero of our club. May he never be forgotten. Happy Birthday Captain Morgan
  7. the thing is, vardys legs havent gone yet. he would essentially be signing knowing hes only gonna be first choice IF Vardys legs go, or he retires. Would he be willing to accept that in his prime?
  8. have to say its encouraging to see us performing well recently. even tho he hasnt necessarily been great. gives me a bit more faith about us post-Vardy
  9. nah the one where vardy wondered up to the two on the pitch after we won the title. most genuine interview ive ever seen.
  10. ye im pretty sure i read somewhere hes doing a degree in business management, with a look towards building businesses in africa after his career or something.
  11. isnt he doing a degree in leicester? when i read that it pretty much gave me confidence he wouldnt be leaving any time soon. strikes me as a lad with both ambition, but also the maturity and foresight to not jump at an easy move. of course if a bayern or real came in would be different, but who would blame him if he went to one of those clubs? also we would likely charge an obscene amount of money for him.
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