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  1. 1st game when he only bags 2.
  2. when did i compare daka to haaland?
  3. ye but most cases where a lot of big clubs are interested, they tend to work out well. we can only dream he reaches his potential.
  4. absolutely. tbf if 23mil is true its not even that high risk. hard to imagine he will be bad enough we would be unable to recover that kind of fee to at least a decent extent.
  5. sure 68 in 125 is less impressive. however its not like i was quoting half a seasons worth of stats. thats a whole season. however, his stats last season were elite also, with 24 in 31. counting the games he played when he was in his teens as evidence of his ability seems a bit disingenuous, especially as with age he has become consistently outstanding. of course there is risk. there is always risk with any signing, especially one from a weaker league, but there is definitely less risk with this one than with most
  6. his stats are way better than Mane's at salzburg in terms of goal. and 27 goals in 28 games isnt off the charts for you?
  7. why is he not mentioning bertrand? been openly linked and hes mentioned a LB, is there someone else? surely not gosens also
  8. not really a suprise. while west ham are a similar sized club, we are a club with a much stronger standing, and a club that players will without doubt have more faith in to match their ambitions. one season from west ham wont change that
  9. second this gets announced im on the gear
  10. 4 letter name means gerrimin. saves on shirt costs
  11. probs a good organiser cause whod tell that massive **** no.
  12. For all the people against this, just remember, we've never had a Brazilian.
  13. 45 for a delivery fee from belgium to england is ridiculous. i could literally send it myself as a normal human with no company infrastructure around me, to the usa for less than half the price...
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