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  1. Izzy Muzzett

    Your kid being bullied

    Yes mate. She started about a month ago. Thing is, she’s skinny as a rake and hardly eats. One of her ‘issues’ is that she’s got a thing about germs and she’s known as a ‘hygiene freak’ at school. She doesn’t eat at lunch time because the other kids take the piss out of her. Shes also going for physio on her knee as it’s weak and gives way. As I said, she’s a broken mess.
  2. Izzy Muzzett

    Your kid being bullied

    I’m afraid this is very real life Ashley. This has been two years of hell for her but thankfully my daughter is leaving this school in July and it can’t come soon enough. I was bullied for years as a kid. I was skinny with ginger hair and a loner and couldn’t defend myself. My parents had their car trashed, fence broken, fireworks through the letterbox you name it. We had the police around ever week and eventually had to move. Now my daughter is going through the same shit as I did. I try and forgive but it’s tough. I’m sure these bulllies have a shit life themselves and it’s their way of dealing with it but it doesn’t make our situation any easier...
  3. Izzy Muzzett

    Your kid being bullied

    How does an 11 year old girl stand up to a gang of 4 bullies and one horrible nasty bitch in particular? How do I as a 9 stone 5’8” bloke stand up to her 18 stone 6’5” Dad? How does my daughter say no to them in a way they might understand when all that does is encourage them even more? How do I stop her coming home from school every day telling me and my wife that she wants to kill herself? How do I get her to sleep at night when she can’t sleep because she’s scared to go in the next day? How do I have yet another conversation with the Head Mistress that puts a sticking plaster over it for a few weeks before it all starts again? She’s 11 and she’s fvckin broken.
  4. Izzy Muzzett


  5. Utter dog shit. Going down at this rate. 13 matches and not one draw, what's all that about?
  6. Izzy Muzzett

    Your kid being bullied

    Many kids who are being bullied are scared and intimidated. Telling them to 'twat' the bully doesn't mean they'll do it if their preference is flight not fight. Too expensive Easier said than done. When scared and intimidated, laughter is often the last thing on the kids mind. Not when the Dad is 6' 5" and 18 stone as I mentioned earlier And what's that? Please do tell mate... Assault charges impending. Under pressure and threat my kid panics, and if she said that she'd wind the bully up even more. Sorry mate, you know I love you but I can't see the humour in this No it's not. Some of us aren't capable of being bullies ourselves. The idea of taking things into our own hands sounds heroic, strong and protective but getting the police involved and being potentially prosecuted for assault could be life changing for your whole family. If the answer was simple, there'd be no bullying - but it's not.
  7. Izzy Muzzett

    Richard Hawley

    Yeah man, I saw them a couple of times around that period too. I thought Rick Witter was cool as fvck (although not the best looking ) but I loved his voice and the tunes were tops. Chasing Rainbows is one of my all time favorite tracks and I still get emotional every time I hear it on the radio I haven't heard any of there new stuff and I'm not that bothered these days. I'd rather just have the memories of when they were at the top of their game. My gigging days are well and truly behind me Great times though X
  8. Izzy Muzzett

    Your kid being bullied

    That’s fine if you’re a big guy yourself mate. The Dad of the kid who is bullying my daughter is 6’ 5”, 18 stone and head of a security firm. Not sure that tactic will work for me...
  9. Izzy Muzzett

    Your kid being bullied

    A bit too close to home for me is this I find it the most helpless and painful feeling as a parent when your kid is being bullied.
  10. Izzy Muzzett

    Former Player Remembers: Jari Rantanen

    Jari, Jari, Jari, Jari Rantanen His shorts were so small and tight on him that you could see his meat and two veg
  11. 5 out of 5 Book your ticket – you’re off to the World Cup You scored better than 50% of readers
  12. Izzy Muzzett

    Name this Leicester team

    Must go bed Thanks agian @49er mate
  13. Izzy Muzzett

    Name this Leicester team

    Cyrill Regis and a younger Kenny Sansom?