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  1. Me and the wife did a US West Coast road trip years ago before we had kids. We drove down 'Big Sur' and took in the beautiful scenery - it was amazing. Being a bit of a golf nerd, I got very excited about doing the 17 mile drive and stopping at the world famous Pebble Beach golf club to take a few pics, visit the pro shop and have a few drinks in the club house - a true 'once in a lifetime' experience for me. As we got closer to the exit I asked the wife to get the camera and check we had enough film (no digital in them days - good old fashioned 35mm roll) only to discover we'd left the camera in San Francisco Of course I blamed her and she blamed me and it resulted in a massive argument that carried on for ages. I was trying to look out for the Pebble Beach/17 mile drive exit but was distracted by the wife constantly gobbing off at me. It eventually dawned on me that we'd missed the exit and it was too late to turn back as we had to check-in at another hotel. So not only did I miss Pebble Beach and will probably never get the chance again, but we also lost all of our photo's of SF and the Golden Gate bridge/Alcatraz etc. Apart from that it was a great trip.
  2. I frequently skip work to play golf. I like his style
  3. Me too. My favourite toy as a kid was that white Lotus car he had that went underwater. And his run in's with 'Jaws' were brilliant. RIP Roger Moore. He had a great life..
  4. Just woke up to see this horror. Pictures of kids the same age as mine. I feel sick and vulnerable this morning. It's all so heartbreaking and I can't imagine what the families of the victims are going through. A pop concert where people are out having fun. The world is broken. RIP
  5. I'm of a similar age to you Stripey and a doing a will has been on my 'to do' list for ages I keep putting it off as it sounds too complicated and I really can't be arsed. I think you can get them done properly for a few hundred quid so I should just bite the bullet and get it done really. I work for myself and all my business and personal finances are separate to my wife's. If I popped my clogs she'd have no idea what to do so this thread has prompted me to get my arse into gear and sort my will out. Thanks!
  6. What did Floyd say just then? I'm not Floyd Mayweather Junior, my father was? Arrogant ****
  7. I know Walsh has got no hope, but I would piss my pants if he knocked this kid on his arse
  8. And what the fvck is Davis wearing!!? Floyd dressing him up like his doll. Embarrassing
  9. I think what we're saying is get laid while you can still get it up, and then get pissed on free whiskey and pass out. Unless you just don't fancy a shag tonight which is fair enough I suppose..
  10. What on earth does Mayweather look like? What a cock
  11. Where does shagging one of the bridesmaids fit in to the nights plan?
  12. Did Warren say he'd be fighting for the WBO European belt on July 8th? I'm not sure I heard him right!! Edit. Yep, just seen BT confirm it
  13. "I could of took him out in the first round if I wanted to. But I wanted a few rounds to get used to the atmosphere and boxing in front of this many people" Loving that from Yarde...
  14. How far do you think he can go mate? He looks the real deal to me. Confident, brash, smiling his way along And what power - fvck me Reminds me of Benn in his early days because he just knows he's going to win.
  15. Yarde reminds me of Nigel Benn in his pomp