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  1. Or even bored... Totally this though ^^^^^ Some get their kicks from getting a thread to 'x' amount of pages, and others toss it off by posting jokes and meme's. And then there's the serious dudes who only want posts to be about that specific thread topic - which is fair enough. Personally I think it's all just harmless banter and not doing anybody any harm. It's just a way of people getting through the day/week and to pass the time away from their boring jobs and worthless existences really It's called the 'silly season' for a reason. So just let people be silly for a few weeks before the real stuff starts again I say..
  2. Q: What's green and smells like Bacon? A: Kermit the frogs finger
  3. Time to roll out all the old cliches here Whymsey.. 1) We all know what fear stands for - False Expectations Appearing Real. Your fear of being negatively judged is just that. How about making it up in your head that they'll love you and think you're brilliant instead? 2) You're bound to feel a bit nervous if you genuinely care and want the job - that's a good thing. The key I find is to use those nerves as a positive, and enjoy the excitement of what might happen rather than worry about what might not. Look how pro footballers channel their anxiety and nerves when they cross the white line. 3) We're living in the feeling of our thinking - 100% of the time. You don't have to trust or believe those negative thoughts to be true, so let them wash over you instead of paying conscious attention to them. When you have positive and empowering thoughts, shine a light on those instead and you'll always feel much better. 4) Just go and be the best version of you. Try your best, be truthful, open and honest and embrace the opportunity. What will be will be...
  4. I play golf with a couple of MK Dons fans who were gutted when he came back to us. They thought he was the nuts and clearly too good for that level. Nurture him well Shakey...
  5. "I've HAD to have a nibble" I'm desperately trying to avoid the temptation to place more bets today. Trying to save what little money I've got left to bet on 'in play' on the last 9 on Sunday instead
  6. Sorry, I just thought you mixed with criminals - I didn't realise it was part of your job!
  7. I'm a little concerned that you'd admit on here that the criminals are speaking to you about this to be honest...
  8. I think Rory was about 20/1 before the start? I checked his in play odds after his disastrous front 9 and he'd drifted to 70/1 to win the thing. Being the mug that I am, it looked tempting and once again I had a 'feeling' he'd turn it around. So another tenner potentially wasted on Rory or a cool £700 if he ultimately pulls off the miracle At this rate I'll have a bit of money on everyone in the field! This is why I don't bet full time and only on special occasions thank fvck..
  9. G'won Vince! One of the very few politicians I respect and believe. Funny how on the Pensions thread there's plenty talk of people being unemployable once they reach their 60's and ready for the scrap heap, then Vince gets the leadership at 74 years young to prove that's all bollux. Great stuff. Good luck to him
  10. Only 17 days, 9 hours and 32 seconds until me, the wife and kids fly out to Disney Orlando mate. Can't fvckin wait! (I'm only 44 btw)
  11. Since November 13th 1982 aged 9 I flirted briefly with Liverpool and Kenny Dalglish as a 7/8 year old glory hunter but then my Dad wisely took me to see my local team for my first live game. It was a 2-2 thriller and Keegan scored both for Newcastle and Lineker scored one of ours. He instantly became my hero and I've been hooked for 35 years since that day...
  12. He'll be fuming at your lack of commas and full stops there mate
  13. I love how you take all our spelling and grammar so seriously. It's really quite endearing old chap
  14. Had a feeling it might be Poulters time so stuck a fiver on him at 70/1 last night. Decent start and he's now 20/1. Early days but come on Poults my son!! Also had a little nibble on Westwood (I'll never learn) Garcia, Scott and Leishman. But Speith or DJ will probably win it
  15. Oh I totally agree with all of that. Fair play to him for getting away with it for so long is what I meant!