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  1. State of him, honestly...
  2. It really is silly money to take the tribe over there these days. I could have payed a decent chunk off the mortgage instead of three trips to Orlando, but you only live once and can't take it with you etc, etc.. At least you got to see us in the CL mate. That's something I missed out on this time around
  3. I hope my missus looks this good at 56!! Karen Woodward is still as beautiful as ever
  4. You're on fire tonight Bucey old chap!!
  5. Seeing as I iz a bit fick and can't contribute anything intellectual to this debate, I'll just leave these here instead...
  6. You've hurt my feelings once again Buce I'm thinking the two reps the joke got may just be for effort (or maybe out of sympathy )
  7. What can I say mate - it's the way you tell em!! Anyway, hope you enjoyed your Maths lesson today
  8. I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm boasting, but I'm lucky enough to be taking the kids back to Orlando again for the third (and final) time this summer. Before having kids I wasn't arsed about Disney, but now I'm their biggest fan It's a truly magical experience out there and last year my wife secretly filmed me singing 'Let it go!' at the the Frozen sing a long attraction at Hollywood Studios Looking back it's a bit cringeworthy watching a bloke in his mid forties belting it out at the top of his lungs but what can I say, I just got caught up in the moment I can now easily spend a Sunday just vegging with the kids watching Disney films all day. I love em' !!
  9. Best news of the day: Bananarama reforming and touring this winter Still looking as gorgeous as ever, a triple tribute to the fab three:
  10. Have a good day at school mate
  11. It might well be I took my 7 year old lad to the chippie last night for tea and remembered this joke. He nearly pissed himself laughing
  12. A chap walks into a fish and chip shop and says "Can I get a steak and kidley pie please?" Bloke behind the counter replies "I think you mean a steak and kidney pie" Chap goes...."Well that's what I said diddle I?"
  13. @Countryfox is proper trouble Comes across all nice as pie but ex SAS I reckon
  14. This is a local thread for local people. We'll have no trouble here!!
  15. Sometimes on this forum I can't believe that we actually all love the same football team I bet down the pub everyone would just get on famously