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  1. Thanks mate. I know you've been shielding too, so I assume you've also had your first jab by now? If so, did you suffer any side effects?
  2. Ah right. I'm a twat aren't I?
  3. Went for my vaccination earlier and most impressed with the military precision of it all. Even though we're out in the sticks here, there must have been 25-30 staff/volunteers involved and a steady stream of people being jabbed. Nice to see my old retired GP there volunteering too The only strange thing was the paperwork and card I ended up with said I had the Astra Zeneca one, but the nurse told me "it's the Oxford one today" (none of this foreign rubbish ) Feel a bit queasy/light headed now though
  4. Leach & Bess are the new Edmunds & Emburey
  5. You could say the same for the likes of Soyunchu, Fofana, Ricardo & Castagne IMO mate. Can't believe what talent we have in this squad atm. If we can keep hold of them all, I think we'll win something this season or next.
  6. Youri with the standard 'qualitee and intensitee' in his post match interview
  7. What a squad we've got, probably the best ever. Growing up to be a very professional outfit these days.
  8. WHAT!!?? Where does it say this? No way my kids will survive until then. I’ll have strangled them long before April/May time.
  9. Sending cash in birthday cards and being told by the recipient that there was no cash in the envelope. I sent my nephew £20 in a card and my sister rings to ask if I forgot to put it in the card but I defo put 2 x £10 notes inside. We had the same issue last year when someone sent money to my boy for his birthday but just a card arrived in the envelope. Oh well, lesson learnt. Bank transfers from now on. @Trav Le Bleu are you aware of this happening? How easy is it for someone in the process to steam open the envelope, nick the money and re-seal it in transi
  10. Got my first jab next Monday and practicing my excuses as we speak tbf
  11. This is quite amusing. Tyrell Hatton
  12. I think most of us know that tbf. There's only one Jamie Vardy etc, etc..
  13. I think Perez has been O.K. for us since he joined but no more than that. I know he's been in and out of the team and personally I'd play him more centrally than out wide. I reckon in hindsight we paid over the odds for him but if he scores 5 in 5 when Vardy's out then all is forgiven! It's a good chance for him to step up in Vardy's absence and show us all what he's capable of but whether he gets the chance or not only Brendan knows (I'd still prefer him up top to Nacho though)
  14. Not saying he's done fook all positive mate but I expected a bit more from Perez for £30 million.
  15. I'd leaves Barnes where he is to continue wreaking havoc coming in from the left. Perez up top for me and about time he started to repay some of that £30m fee.
  16. I read it as each party goer gets fined £800 each (I might be wrong) No idea where they plucked the number 15 out of the air from though. Seems a bit random.
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