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  1. Terry Mac, Shilton, Dutchess of Kent, Birt Milichip Metgod & Butch Wilkins
  2. Keegan, Thompson? Jordan Roberts & Dalglish?
  3. Bernie Winters? and Dennis Law
  4. I'm guessing at a young John Hollins, Ron Harris and Tommy Doc
  5. Great shout @oakman We could have a whole thread on the Madchester scene. Can't beat the Inspiral Carpets for me
  6. Well done mate It's two and a half years for me, three in October since I last touched alcohol. This is the time of year I miss a cold beer but I know myself well enough that if I have one, I'll become dependent again. I reckon a conservative estimate of £5 a day spent on booze means I've 'saved' about £4,500 since Oct '17. On that estimate, what you gonna do with the £9,000 you've saved?
  7. Izzy

    80s Classics

    I forgot how much I love this and the 90's thread and really should hang out here more often. Some proper legend posters in here too
  8. I think I've become a bit institutionalized if I'm honest. I got a letter/texts telling me to shield until end of June so subconscious I've planned to not venture out again until at least then. It's strange because my job involved quite a bit of travel and face to face interaction but going back to all that feels a million years away. I've got used to my hermit lifestyle now I think and feeling quite nervous about taking on the outside world again
  9. Izzy

    80s Classics

    Legends all three of em. My favorite O'Neal & Benson tunes are probably..
  10. Izzy


    There's only one Bond for me..
  11. Yeah I do miss the "What on the roads has annoyed Babylon today" thread
  12. I remember as a kid I always wanted to be an Astronaut like my Dad. He wanted to be an Astronaut too.
  13. Crikey, there's a blast from the past! I'm sure I saw them support The Cast or The Charlatans back in the day. I remember this track the best..
  14. Izzy

    80s Classics

    Love Luther. What a voice..
  15. Izzy

    80s Classics

    I remember taking the piss out of Erasure back in the day and not taking them seriously. But listening to them now I can appreciate they were actually a very good band. Probably my favorite track of theirs now is this..
  16. Stick me down for AC Milan Des. If you could do the default selection for me too please, that would be great
  17. Tony Daley Larry Lloyd? Brian Hamilton?
  18. If its yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down
  19. Great day and a great night. Doing the conga all the way back up the M1 on the coach then having a lock in down our local boozer until about 4am Happy days
  20. Must admit I enjoyed watching Steve Coppell play when I was a youth.
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