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  1. It's so mood dependent but if I had to choose right here right now, I'd pick these I think.. Boys of Summer - Don Henley Africa - Toto Down Under - Men At Work Chasing Rainbows - Shed Seven Through The Barricades - Spandau Ballet Red Light Spells Danger - Billy Ocean Something About You - Level 42 It's My Life - Talk Talk
  2. Yeah, must admit I get bored shitless on the treadmill and had enough after 30-40 mins. The kids did junior park run a few years ago but I never thought about trying it so thanks for the reminder. Only problem is my knees are fvcked so not sure about pounding the pavement in case I make them worse. Always figured the treadmill would be kinder on my knees but if I want to increase my distance and stamina I’m gonna have to get outdoors I think...
  3. You must be hurting mate. What a shite way to lose
  4. That’s some going Bob is that I ran 5km in 40 mins on the treadmill today nearly flat out and was totally fvcked afterwards. You’ve done 21km at a much quicker pace than me (I think we’re similar age) so big respect to you mate. Ive got a long way to go to get to your standard..
  5. I reckon Raab could win this contest. Tempted to stick £20 on him @5/1
  6. All this talk of paint. Where’s @Webbo when you need him eh?
  7. Yeah I'd definitely invest in a few lessons mate. Golf is so much easier and enjoyable if we can get it off the tee on a regular basis. My ex golf partner played off 8 handicap and had an immaculate short game but he just couldn't drive it straight. It was so frustrating to see him get in trouble off the tee all the time and it was constant battle for him. He tried buying about 5 different new drivers thinking that would 'fix' the problem but his swing was the issue. If you're hitting it right it could be a number of things (ball position, swing path, open club face, wrong shaft etc.) so I'd ask a pro to sort you out. Especially if you're going to play more regularly it can make all the difference and give you loads of confidence if you smash it down the middle on a consistent basis. Best of luck
  8. You lucky boy Edit: that's signature material is that mate
  9. Love Ally McCoist me. Not sure who the tall fella who speaks like a farmer on the far right is though
  10. Thanks Mr Google search expert So his name is Mr Albert Randall but Google doesn't say who he is and why he's on the sauce bottle? I'm obviously not using the correct search criteria am I
  11. You mean this bloke? I've no idea who he was and a quick Google search doesn't say. Now I'm really intrigued
  12. Yeah that's put me right off, thanks bro
  13. That seems a ridiculously cheap price mate I've never used airbnb before but considering it this time around. Have you had good experiences with it in the past and is there anything to look out for?
  14. No idea, you'd have to ask the 63 million Americans who voted for him.
  15. Hope you recover O.K. mate What is 25mpw? I've just started running again recently (after 30 years of not bothering) and gradually increasing my speed/distance on the treadmill. So far I'm only at 5km in about half an hour but on the treadmill I run at gradient 1 and speed 11. Would that be in km?
  16. Maybe we should vote for PM the same way the yanks vote for president. I reckon many people's votes are based on the perceived leadership qualities of the candidate more so than their parties policies.
  17. The gravy that KFC do for their chips is fvcking awesome
  18. My old man recently upgraded from a 5S to a 6S plus on my recommendation that it's a good phone. (he's also got shit eyesight and needs a bigger screen ) He bought a 64MB one off e-bay for £199 in 'pristine' condition and it really was as good as new. Unless you need facial recognition and a 100 mega pixel camera or whatever on the latest one's, then the 6S plus does the job I reckon
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