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    Also TV star and friend of Bananarama
  2. Many a great session over the years in the Balloon, sorry to hear it's closed It used to be packed during World Cups and I'll always remember being in there when Des Lynam muttered his famous "Shouldn't you lot be at work?" line in '98
  3. I read somewhere that during his 9-10 year career, he's never spent a dime of his basic salary - only the money he's earnt from his endorsements. At $30m a season in wages, that suggests he's got a fair bit stashed away for his retirement. Smart boy behind the goofy exterior
  4. Top bombing @Alf Bentley Not enough HMHB on this forum. You've made my day
  5. Izzy


    Doesn't sound ridiculous at all mate. Sounds like you love your kids with all your heart and care deeply about their welfare and well-being. Although you say that you don't know where this over-protectiveness comes from, you then describe a very plausible reason why it might be so. I think it's perfectly natural for us to want to be in control of our kids growing up, and I too struggle to 'let go' and trust that mine will be O.K. I was going to ask if there was anything in your own childhood that might have a bearing on this, but I'm no shrink. I would seriously consider speaking to a Councillor though as it sounds like Well Being course isn't doing it for you. And of course it's all your 'thinking' as I've said many times on this thread. Those constant "What if...?" thoughts that send us down make believe rabbit holes where we end up catastrophising and making stuff up really bad. Btw, you can stop it if you 'catch' your thinking and notice that it's not your reality. Our thoughts are not always to be trusted - especially when our mood is low. Here's a book I read and it helped me enormously. If you like reading I'd thoroughly recommend it: Finally, someone gave me this poem a while ago and it really made me think. Our kids are only ever 'on loan' to us... Best of luck and keep posting on here mate
  6. It's only the Young Guns on here that do that
  7. Quality. That Brazil '82 team is still one of my favorite ever International teams
  8. Bobby Davison JD & Greavsie? May & Wilcox Rush & Stuart Robson Barnes and Johnston
  9. Spackman Gillespie? Johnston, Burley? Willie Miller Albiston Dennis Law? Cascarino Martin, Rush, Gregory? Zico, Coppell, Eder
  10. HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I
  11. Izzy

    The joke thread

    O.K, you asked for it One day Jane walked into a bank to deposit a large sum of money she had recently won in the casino. Jane walked up to the cashier and handed over a cheque for £850,000. The cashier insisted on verifying such a large amount, and so a few minutes later the bank manager appeared to take a look. The bank manager, curious as how Jane came to have so much money, started asking some questions. “How did you get so much money?” “Well”, she replies, “I’m a bit of a gambler.” “Oh, really…” the manager replied, and started to give Jane a lecture about the evils of gambling. “No, really, it’s a lot of fun!” insisted Jane, “for example, I'll bet you £10,000 that your balls are square!” The manager was a bit shocked, but after thinking it through, thought that there was no way he could lose the bet. So they shook hands and went out into the car park so Jane could check his balls. Standing in the car park was a man wearing a gray suit. “This is my solicitor,” said Jane. “He’s here to make sure everything is legit.” “OK” said the bank manager, so Jane stepped up in front of him, unzipped his trousers and gave his balls a good old feel. “You’re right, they’re not square!”, she declared. The manager smiled and looked over to the solicitor, who at this point was banging his head on the car and appeared extremely frustrated. Confused, the manager asked Jane, “What’s wrong with your solicitor?” “Oh, I bet him £100,000 I would have your balls in my hands in 30 minutes or less…”
  12. If your body was creaking, your wife is getting saggy, the kids are still a drain on your finances, you've never reached your potential, you're in a dead end job and you realise your pension is so shit you've got to work for another 20 years....you'd probably be pretty rude too
  13. Campbell, Stoitchcov, Scholes Molby, Cottee, Rob Jones? David Whyte Ken Monkow, Ince Leighton, Pallister, Platt Tuart, Bowyer Watson? Ripley Stapleton, Whiteside, Sansom Power, Hougton Megson? Glyn Hodges
  14. One for @davieG or @Crinklyfox is that
  15. Martin O'Neil Clive Allen, Gary Stevens, Mark Hateley, Dave Watson
  16. Stewart, Peake, Houchen? Arteta, Wenger Fortune, Forlan, Rio
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