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  1. That Forest fan fart has done me
  2. Izzy


    Reading this thread is depressing. If it's anything like last year, we've still got another 8-10 weeks of shite weather to look forward to. Bring on the spring ASAP.
  3. Izzy

    The joke thread

    Bloody hell mate, you're repeating your own jokes now
  4. Izzy

    The joke thread

    As defences go, that’s a pretty crap one mate tbh
  5. Izzy

    How Was Your Day?

    That’s just what I did mate. They responded to the email saying “I think you meant to send this to someone else” so I gave them a call. Managed to limit the damage but I still feel like a twat. Note to self: don’t send important emails on a Friday afternoon when you’re knackered
  6. Izzy

    How Was Your Day?

    Just got an e-mail from a client that I then 'forwarded' on to my business associate with my thoughts and comments... ...to then realise I'd actually pressed 'reply' straight back to the client instead by accident Luckily I didn't say anything too controversial or derogatory, but that doesn't stop me from dying with embarrassment. Nightmare
  7. Izzy

    Favourite Film Openings and Endings

    Not as good as the closing scene Never have so many blokes sat in a cinema with their other half's feeling so ashamed and inadequate
  8. Izzy

    Marc Albrighton signs deal until 2022

    There’s not many modern day pro footballers I’d like to sit down and have a beer with, but Albrighton is one of them. Good for him and good for us. Everyone loves a player who always gives 100%
  9. Bye bye Benny boy. It's been emotional
  10. Izzy

    Favourite Film Openings and Endings

    Great thread btw @bovril
  11. Izzy

    Favourite Film Openings and Endings

    Best ending - ever
  12. Izzy

    Favourite Film Openings and Endings

    Turn it up to 11
  13. Izzy

    What's in the news?

    Surprised Prince Phillip is still driving aged 97. Would have thought he could afford a chauffeur tbh.
  14. Izzy

    Best opening lines

    Sector 5 - bloody hell forgot all about that place. Good times indeed
  15. I'll give you The Doors mate but the other three...
  16. Izzy

    The joke thread

    Yeah I did post that before mate. A long, long, time ago. Last month
  17. Izzy

    What's in the news?

    That's a pretty impressive black hole I must say. I imagined it would be more round then rectangular but hey ho
  18. Izzy

    Spiderman signs...

    Be still my tickling ribs
  19. Rod Stewart. I've no idea how he's sold millions of records. I don't get it. I think his voice is awful.
  20. I'm sure he'd admit now that he handled the whole situation badly. Shame really as that shouldn't tarnish what he achieved here, but I guess for some it always will...
  21. Izzy

    Toto forever

    There was also a story recently about a DJ who played this repeatedly all night in a club I recall. Back to back for 8 hours or something. I love it and sadly know all the lyrics. Probably in my top 10 tunes of all time. Classic song.
  22. I think we've got a lot to thank Brian Little for and he gave us some great memories. I was livid with him for taking the Villa job but looking back now I can see why he did. Still like him as a bloke.
  23. Izzy

    What's in the news?

    I think our friend @lifted*fox made this correlation in the Safehouse thread recently. In his usual, direct, straight between the eyes, no BS kinda style