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  1. We'll all be using self driving (driver-less) cars soon anyway
  2. Unfortunately not, he genuinely thinks he looks cool. Funny really because from what I recall, he's the only US Ryder/President cup player without a wife or girlfriend
  3. Nightmare. Gotta be purely down to nerves that.
  4. Good start by Darren Clarke. Would be surprised if he's still up there by Sunday afternoon but you never know. Looks like he's binned his fitness regime and back on the Guinness
  5. That's a great wind up. And brilliant marketing by Paddy Power
  6. Izzy

    The joke thread

    A cheeky bastard, an ugly fella and a virgin all walk into a bar. The barman says "What can I get you to drink @TiffToff88"?
  7. Izzy

    The joke thread

    How dare you mention me and him in the same breath.
  8. Stole from Facebook but make me chuckle
  9. Really can't get my head around that!
  10. Learning about all this and seeing all the old footage and gear at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida was one of the all time great days. My old man often talks about the night he stayed up and watched it live.
  11. A week in Carmarthenshire end of August
  12. Haven't been this excited about an Open for years. Portrush will be amazing and soon a regular on the rota I reckon. Over 200,000 crowds expected and it will be buzzing. No idea who to put my money on this time. I'd usually wait for @Ric Flair to post his predictions but I know he's retired now Just hope the wind blows a bit and it's a proper test. I'll be glued for 12 hours a day Thursday to Sunday. Can't fookin wait.
  13. Mixed according to this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48783913 Dylan's on-stage patter is non-existent now, but one thing that remains undiminished is his ability to play the harmonica, and while some of best-loved songs - including Forever Young and Don't Think Twice - were omitted, such is his arsenal it would have been impossible to send everybody home happy. After a long day of music in the sun, large sections of the crowd began to lose interest as Dylan embarked on a hat-trick of later career tunes, although he soon won them back with an upbeat You've Gotta Serve Somebody, followed by an encore of an intriguing Blowin' in the Wind and the brilliantly-titled It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry.
  14. I'm guessing you were at Hyde Park this weekend? I heard he came on, played a few songs and never said a word to the audience
  15. I remember once at a corporate works conference and there was a magician called Paul Zenan doing tricks. One of them was balancing a full pint of beer on a snooker triangle and twirling it around in the audience. A tiny drop of beer landed on a muslim guy sitting down and he stood up and went fvckin mental at Paul Zenan. Everyone was in stunned silence as the guy stormed out ranting and raging. Zenan didn't know what to do with himself afterwards.
  16. Credit to NZ this WC. They reminded me of our PL winning team, greater than the sum of it's parts.
  17. They'll be talking about this games for years. Incredible drama. Bloody sport eh?
  18. So pleased it on free to air and the whole country can watch
  19. Morgan "What's your plan Joff?" Jof "Bowl the yorkers man" Morgan "To be sure, to be sure"
  20. No way NZ score 16, surely not
  21. Ben Stokes is my favorite New Zealander since Andy Caddick
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