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  1. No player is bigger than the team I know, but for me, missing Jonny Evans for the next few weeks could be the difference between Top 4 and winning the cup or not. I think he's that important to us right now.
  2. Any news on his injury? Just pray to God it's not too bad. His absence tonight showed just what a vital player he is to us.
  3. Post match from BR. We've got young players Made too many mistakes We weren't 'concentrated' Losing Jonny was a big miss Respect to Newcastle, punished our mistakes Not up to our usual level But still proud of the players
  4. As Brian Clough once said..."Tactics and formations don't win you games - players do"
  5. They've got 4 games in 10 days so will have to rotate. That's my only reason for optimism tbh
  6. Look at the size of Newcastle's goal compared to ours though. Not fair
  7. I wonder who all these geniuses who want him gone would have instead?
  8. Could be standing room only in here tonight
  9. Keep clapping Brendan. That’ll fix it
  10. Poor start but still early days. No need to shit the bed yet
  11. There must come an age where it becomes impossible to beat your own PB. I mean, one can't keep on getting faster and faster forever! I wonder what that age typically is? I set my 5km PB about a year ago and despite my best efforts, I can't beat it. I'm not getting slower, but I'm definitely not getting quicker. Maybe we all just have to accept the aging process at some stage?
  12. I'll be on my own, in my office (man cave) with a cup of tea. However much I encourage my son to be interested, he's really not arsed and would rather play Minecraft. Lived away from Leicester for nearly 20 years now so all my mates are miles away, and as a non drinker now, I ain't driving up to Leicester to watch it surrounded by everyone else who's pissed. I'll be on the match thread on here as always. Had my days on the piss at Wembley in the 90's and enjoyed every minute, but quite frankly I'm more than happy watching us on my own these days
  13. Izzy


    Bollocks to moving house atm, the markets mental. We're desperate for something bigger but down here the prices are taking the absolute piss. Fvck having a massive mortgage and working until I'm 72. We'll have to stay put and live in each others pockets for the next 9 years until I pay the fvcker off and retire at 57 instead.
  14. That's the thing I suppose. Similar with the Liverpool team of the 80's. A time where your average football fan could relate more to the players I guess.
  15. Even as a midlander and Villa a localish rival, I thought it was amazing when they beat Bayern Munich in '82. That Villa team had some great players.
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