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  1. Just saw you're willing to split- one wd be good, but possibly more. but not sure about meeting in Bournemouth??
  2. Any spare tickets - would take a single, to pick up near the Bournemouth ground? I usually go in the home end but they buggered up their phone system last week..
  3. Looking for one Arsenal ticket - last minute trip to Leicester for the weekend.
  4. Looking for one adult ticket v Arsenal please. Last minute visit to Leicester from Thursday - sunday
  5. Agree, they shouldn't go to general sale as any mufc fans can get them. We were late getting ours sold, but the club didnt rule it out. when i spoke to them they thought it 'unlikely'. not very helpful!!
  6. Can't believe some of the rubbish people spouted out about none going on general sale!! Ques: how many rows are there in the cheap seats? i'm row 24 and just wondering how high we'll be...
  7. I'm guessing the reason they're not sold out yet is people like me waiting for them to go on general sale as they usually do after a few days selling to members. Only this isn't happening and members are being given longer and longer to buy. (Poss have to be a member to get a ticket but they haven't made this clear). Meanwhile the match gets closer! I've finally twigged and bought a membership. Sod all use after this game thou...
  8. Got in a bit late at 66/1 but won 350 quid. It's probably paid for all the petrol money going up to Leicester so often
  9. magic magic magic. Came up to the Swansea game and am coming up next weekend but at home in Bournemouth today - missing the atmosphere at home in Leicester hope it's massive!! I will be wearing my shirt and waving my scarf with pride tomorrow....
  10. FA cup quarter final at home versus Wycombe. They were all over us in the last 20 mins and we had no answer and, I felt, no desire to win an 'easy' game and a chance of a wembley semi + final. Their 'ceefax sub' scored the winner with a few mins left. I recall screaming at Izzet for passing the ball backwards once again. Only learnt this year from his book that he was injured but couldn't come off as we had no subs!
  11. Think it's brilliant that Spurs are singing about hunting us down. What a great end to a football season and we'd be singing the same. My brother in law is a spurs season ticket holder and most of his mates would love us to win the league if it isn't them. And imagine how you would feel if your arch rivals had finished above you for decades..!
  12. Thank you Tony, sharing your excitement with us helped bring home to me just how big this season's is. Glad you enjoyed as much of it as you were able. RIP
  13. Many thanks @@SydenhamFox for sorting tickets for Southampton and Swansea. Promptly sent and excellent communication cheers
  14. I will travel up from Bournemouth to Lesta on whichever date the title could be won... certainly for the Chelski game, looking for a boozer in town showing the match - any suggestions? I've not been out in town for many years! Did someone suggest they may show it at the Kingpower??
  15. This is all playing into our hands. Not having a really close rival in the Midlands means there are no derbys which lets face it can go either way. Who can predict who will win out of man city/utd, or arsenal/west ham, spurs/chelsea. Meanwhile we are noones hated rivals. Most fans want us to win the league!! We just laugh and carry on eating up the 3 points....