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  1. I watch every match in full out here. Often I watch a re-run of the match too. They are both mainly slow possession based managers. I agree the performances picked up with the appointment of Rodgers, but this was to be expected as players try to prove their worth and others relieved the old manager has gone. It'll be interesting to see how we develop through the season, especially if we start badly and confidence dives. Watching us v Liverpool (towards the end of Puel) we played well with lots of commitment. I could name several other matches under Puel where we played well. I can name several under Rodgers where the play has been poor. It's about tempo, and both managers to me are quite similar in set up and tactics. The team BR put out last week, no wingers and 2 defensive midfielders, at home, against a team who had traveled a long way in a Europa League match was negative and Puel would have been slaughtered on here if we'd played that team, and that badly, even if we'd won (like Everton away). Don't get me wrong, I really hope BR succeeds here. I loathe changing managers every season and I want some stability. I think managers should be given more time, and Ranieri, Shakey and Puel were ousted far too soon to put a real stamp on the club, although I do think Puel did an enormous amount for our club in a very short time, which went unnoticed, and he's given little credit for. But I really do see similarities between the two and from the comments I'm reading, I'm not the only one. I also have kept in contact with an old Scottish school friend who's a Celtic fan, and he tells me there were lots of very negative, ponderous displays under BR up there.
  2. it's reported on the Sky News App 'paper talk' thread. (So it's probably questionable journalism!) However, it'll still cause as much discussion, more debate and more arguments as there was before VAR. The Mail on Sunday reports a claim that there is a margin of error of up to 13 cms, (not the 33 cms as I stated in my earlier post - sorry!).
  3. Puel seemed to have the full support of the younger players to me. From the outside, it looked to me the senior players were worried about being fazed out under Puel as he was introducing so many younger players, so they started putting it around there was discontent. Rodgers saw this straight away and got the main senior players (especially Kasper and Vardy) on his side. Other less senior players (Simpson, Okazaki) have been quickly moved on. Tactically they seem like almost identical managers. Some good performances, some poor performances. No one can say v Wolves we were any better than anything under poor old Claude, and so far I would think the percentage difference in good/tedious performances are about the same.
  4. Except there's a report out today that says VAR can be as much as 33cms out on offside decisions!
  5. Thanks for the clarification on that point, although I'd be interested if they look at all the pushing and pulling throughout the entire process, even before the kick was taken? It still doesn't alter my opinion of VAR. I loathe it and it's actually putting me off watching games now. Yesterday's match Man City v Spuds there was an 100% stonewall penalty. No sign of VAR when it was really needed. That incident alone would have given me a little more confidence in the system. (Just as Adrian was off his line in his match winning penalty save in the Super Cup last Wednesday, as was Pickford when England won a bronze in the Nations League 3rd match play off v Switzerland, not to mention the many wrong VAR decisions in the women's world cup). What's the point in VAR if they miss these most obvious incidents? Then we get a decision. It was correctly given under the new law, and although not one Spuds player appealed for handball, it disallowed the goal. However, it's totally crazy that if the ball had hit the defenders arm it wouldn't have been a penalty because it wasn't deliberate! What idiot thought up this rule? Why are we penalizing attacking play, and not encouraging it? OK, that's not VAR's fault, but wasn't this law specifically brought in BECAUSE of VAR? So now, the FA and FIFA are changing laws to accommodate VAR! There's even a report out today that VAR can be as much as 33cms out on offside decisions! So goodness knows what rules they will now introduce to counter this! Ye gods, it's going to get so complicated the matches will never end! Today all I've seen on-line in the media is VAR, VAR, VAR......it's now taken over the whole after match process. I can't watch MOTD out here, but I'd bet there were more pundits/managers/players talking on MOTD last night about VAR than the actually showing highlights of the match. This may settle down, but I still maintain it will provide just as many (if not more) controversial decisions than before it came along.
  6. I am not a prisoner of the past. I was just pointing out that BR's tactics and playing style are very similar to those of CP. Therefore what was the point of sacking Puel, wasting a lot of money on ending Puel's contract and paying Celtic £6 million compensation? No-one can tell me that performance v Wolves (or several other matches) were any better than anything we witnessed under Puel. Several of the games under BR have so far shown very little difference in tactics or performance, with plenty of slow possession. So I can't agree the performances under BR have shown any vast improvement, more like the usual circumstances of players reacting to a new manager, especially the senior players (who seem to rule the club anyway) and who feared Puel was fast fazing them out. I will agree that Rodgers is far better with the media. However, that part of the job doesn't bother me at all, as the media are so full of the supposed 'top 6' they don't give a rats ass about us. Their questions are so moronic anyway, as Pearson showed when replying was to their often childish questions. They fully got what they deserved with him. I really wish Rodgers well, just as I have supported every City manager in the 55 years I've supported the club. I hate changing managers and I want stability for our club.
  7. I think fans were just happy to be rid of Puel! I agree things take time......if he's allowed time. Few managers are, and it certainly wasn't given to Ranieri, Shakey, or Puel. I remember some really decent performances under Puel, as well as several dire ones. But as I said in my previous post, it's almost like we've replaced him with a tactically identical manager. Don't get me wrong, I loathe changing managers and would love some real stability at the club. I really hope BR fits for us and stays a long time.
  8. Yes, Puel has gone. And we've replaced him with an almost identically tactical manager, although he comes over much better in interviews. But if you thought that performance v Wolves was anything better than the 'gruel' served up from Puel, I suggest you watch the match again! In the after match interviews I've seen with Rodgers, he mainly talked about being so happy with VAR. I bet he was, because it got him off the hook.
  9. Totally agree about the Puel reaction on here. I said the same in the match ratings, and the post match Wolves thread, that if we'd played v Wolves like that under Puel he would have been slaughtered on here for that performance and his approval rating would have been around 10%. I suppose it's because BR is still in a honeymoon period coupled with the relief on here that Puel has gone. But BR must up the tempo or his ratings will quickly fall. As for the top 6, I absolutely think we should be challenging for that. I see this season as a huge opportunity. Man Utd, Arsenal & Chelsea are all in transition. But we've no earthly chance if we're going to play like we did last Sunday. However, Everton, Wolves, West Ham will all be striving for that too. I see the league in 4 parts. Man City & Liverpool, then it's Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spuds, Us, Everton, Wolves, West Ham, then 5 of the rest, then 5 fighting relegation.
  10. The 'spirit of the game' comment will be made constantly by managers who are on the wrong side of decisions. We've already heard that after just one weekend of games. As for blatant penalty decisions, the womens world cup was full of terrible VAR penalty decisions. Japan were robbed by VAR against the Netherlands. And I still would like to know, if a penalty is (correctly) given after pushing by defenders at corners, does VAR then take into account the pushing and tugging of the attacking side on defenders? Also, would the Wolves goal have been allowed if one of our defenders had pushed Boly so that the ball hit his arm instead of his head? All decisions are still debatable, and will continue to be because VAR is operated by humans making a decision 'as they see it'. Watch the Andy Gray clip on my earlier post and you can see the problem.
  11. I agree. At Celtic, in a piss poor, tin pot league, he could get away with poor, even dire, performances. Once a 'tough' match against a second rate Hearts is over, next is a match against a bunch of third or forth rate players. In the P/L it's unforgiving and teams need to be much more flexible. There are few, if any, easy wins. And even thought BR has good experience of the P/L, I hope the experience of the Scottish League hasn't softened him too much, because it's very different in the P/L.
  12. This season it should certainly be the aim for top 6. I see it as a great opportunity, with Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd going through transition periods. However, if we play like we did against Wolves last Sunday I can't see us anywhere near the top 6. Fingers crossed the tempo is very different from now on. 70% slow possession is pointless if you don't score, or the first, and only, shot on target is in the 80th odd minute. Puel would have been slaughtered on here if we'd turned in a performance like that. As for entertainment....of course we all want us to play well and win, but I'd take an ugly win any day of the week over a losing, but great display.
  13. This is exactly why I loathe VAR. There will be just as many (if not more) controversial decisions as before.....so what is the point? Not that I can watch it out here, but I'd bet MOTD will be showing and discussing more VAR decisions than actual match highlights!
  14. Of course, and I know he was manager of Swansea who he did well with, before he ditched them for Liverpool. However, that was a few years back with a very strong team, and since those days he's been away, managing in a tin pot, piss poor, Scottish league with no real opposition or pressure. I hope that hasn't softened BR too much, which was the point of my comment. Time (as always) will tell. But however we look at it, there's no getting away from the fact that was a poor managerial and tactical performance by BR last Sunday. Poor old Puel would have been slaughtered on here with that performance if he was still in charge.
  15. BR must quickly realize this isn't Celtic playing in a league against third and forth rate opposition. The P/L is unforgiving and there are no easy matches. Posted the below on the match ratings thread, but thought I'd add it on the post match thread too. Didn't watch the match live as I was at a family event, but I watched the whole match last night. If this is how we are going to play, I can't see any reason we sacked Puel. No point in 70% slow possession with only one shot all match in the 80th odd minute. No width and a huge mistake from Rodgers not to play a wide man. Or if he wants to use Ricardo & Chilwell as wing backs he should go for a back three. Couldn't see much point in playing both N'Didi or Choudhury either. Puel was crucified often on here for using two defensive midfielders and if this team had played under Puel and got this result he would have had an approval rating of 10%! Only consolation is we didn't lose (only due to a lucky VAR decision) and we (hopefully) will improve a lot, and quickly. Wolves looked sluggish and having had a very long trip in midweek I was really disappointed with our tempo of not really getting at them from the beginning. They actually looked stronger than us as the match wore on, which concerned me as it should have been the other way around.
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