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  1. Another smaller airport which King Power was awarded, last November, on a 10 year contract (joint with The Central Group) is U-Tapao, which is located between Pattaya and Rayong. Whilst this is a small airport currently, it is growing fast, and there are high speed rail links already planned between the two main Bangkok airports and U-Tapao. Currently there are only a few International Flights to U-Tapao, but expansion is planned to make this the third biggest in Thailand, with links around all the major Asian countries. It already has a service from Russia, which is a big and fast expanding market. As a Royal Navy base airport, the runway is already long enough to cope with all sizes of planes, so expansion could be as fast as conditions allow. Pattaya is a huge tourist destination, with fast expanding developments in condominiums, huge shopping centres, and massive investments on roads and the beach front. The Russian tourist market has brought huge wealth to the area. Rayong is a huge industrial area with many oil companies and international companies based there. All good for King Power, and for the future of Leicester City.
  2. I was very uninspired by Ranieri's appointment. But he'll always have my total admiration for the way he managed us in that season. There is no question however, that without Pearson's team we wouldn't have won the P/L. There is also no question that if Pearson had been our manager we wouldn't have won the P/L. It was the two situations that won us the P/L. Ranieri will go down in history as one of our greatest managers. But I just hope Pearson will be remembered alongside him, because in my view, they deserve equal credit.
  3. Whilst I agree with some of the points you make, I'm not sure if Iheanacho does have the talent. I would imagine most average strikers would score goal in the Manchester City side of recent years. Pep obviously couldn't see it in him, Puel improved all our younger players, Rodgers the same. All are known to be excellent in improving young players, and all have done, with the exception of Iheanacho. The comments by his National Manager sum him up, and even after being given another chance his manager was still highly critical of his attitude. He has shown very little to me that he has the talent to succeed. He also has shown absolutely no desire to succeed. To have paid £25 MILLION for him, plus his obscene wages, he is stealing a living as a P/L footballer. The quicker we get shot of him the better.
  4. Problems such as? How about the problems that occur in just about every VAR decision?!! I watched the two England matches yesterday, and both had debatable VAR decisions. Wilson's goal being disallowed was a joke. If every VAR is going to disallow such goals for contact every game will be 0-0, or 10-10. All players pull and push in goalmouth situations. A penalty could be given on every occasion, or every goal disallowed. It's 50/50. Arms are flailing, there is shirt pulling, there are players diving, etc, etc, etc. Both of Pickford's feet were off the line when he saved the penalty in the shootout. Why wasn't VAR used then? It was the winning goal! (In fact in every penalty taken one of the goalkeeper's feet was not on the line, and none were retaken). England's women scored their first from a penalty for handball. If the referee gives it I'm fine with that. If they see it as accidental I'm fine with that. Looking at endless replays just allows the situation to be even more contentious than it would have been if it was a straight referee decision. It looked a little unlucky as it didn't look as if she deliberately moved her arm to the ball. She looked in a natural position. The World Cup final was ruined by VAR. Spuds result at Man City in the C/L was ruined by VAR. Spuds 'winning' goal was handball, but VAR didn't pick that up. Stirling's 'winner' at the end, correctly ruled out by VAR, would have balanced things up if it wasn't for VAR. So again, VAR wasn't working properly. VAR is always going to throw these situations up. And it ruins the spontaneity of the game as I made in my previous post. The stopping and starting after every incident which currently covers VAR and the games will end up being two hours long. VAR will suck the soul from football, just like corporate sponsorship, crazy transfer fees, and ridiculous wages have.
  5. I loathe VAR. For me it will cause far more problems than it will solve. It also ruins the spontaneity of the game.
  6. Totally agree that Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd are there for the taking. If Spuds lose big players they could also find it tougher. I'm sure West Ham, Wolves and especially Everton are all as determined as us to take those three top six positions. Man City will win it, Liverpool will be second. They are both light years ahead of the rest. Then it's a mini league of 8: Spuds, Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea, Everton, Wolves, Leicester City and West Ham for the other four top six places. I also think that 6 or 7 of our players (Ricardo, Maguire, Chilwell, Maddison, Vardy, Evans, Ndidi) would slot straight into most of those 8 clubs' first team. With shrewd signings in the right areas, we could easily finish top 6 next season.
  7. I'd go for Arsenal at home. I think they are in a transitional period and it would be a good time to get them. They were very poor away from home last season and I don't see this changing unless they spend huge money on world class signings. Brighton might be much tougher than we think with a new manager bounce. Bournemouth are too unpredictable. Newcastle might be a good first game draw if Rafa leaves. I don't want a promoted side, but if we draw one, I'd prefer Villa.
  8. At the moment, I'd say most Bournemouth players would get in the current Man Utd side! I'll be amazed if OGS is still there at Xmas. Totally the wrong choice and a terrible appointment made because of romantic reasons. I liken it to Ranieri going to Fulham. Does anyone really think that as manager, OGS strikes fear into other clubs that he's going to turn it around, or convince top players he is the man to turn Man Utd around? And if I were a top player, would I choose Man Utd, over Man City, Liverpool, or even Chelsea or Arsenal? Not a chance. Even the dreaded Spuds would be a more plausible choice. If Harry Maguire goes to Man Utd I actually see that as a backward step at this point in his career. I'd say staying at Leicester, or if he wants to move on, go to Wolves or Everton, as they would all be far better options. What's the point in being remembered as a great player in a terrible Man Utd team?
  9. They were three of my picks too. Along with Steve Walsh, Marcin Wasilewski and Neil Lennon.
  10. ThaiFox


    I was actually gutted they were relegated.
  11. And the new King sponsored and gave Vichai a state funeral in Thailand.
  12. I'm not bothered if it's Villa or Derby who come up. However, I'm just happy another midland club will be promoted. Far too many lovie London clubs in the P/L for me, and it's got to be a good thing for midlands football to have several well supported clubs in the P/L. Plus it's great to have more local derby matches. Happy that Cardiff and Fulham have gone, but would have much preferred Spuds (oh how I wish) or Palace instead of Huddersfield.
  13. After we were relegated to league one I was devastated. We were unlucky to go down, but after a season with Allen, Megson & Holloway in charge I suppose the writing was on the wall. Three poor and out of their depth managers in one season is too much for any club to survive! The Nigel Pearson appointment didn't exactly fill me with much excitement either, but I quickly saw how he changed the squad and the mentality of the club.This continued throughout his two spells with us. After winning League One the club had been turned around. NP had proved he was a great fit for us. I was gutted when sacked, but really thrilled when reappointed by Top & Vichai. After promotion to the P/L with over 100 points, the club were bottom for months, but there was not one point when I wanted NP sacked. The players were playing for him and we were not losing by much. The amazing 7 of 9 wins to secure the great escape was one of the many great achievements. His sacking, mainly because of the stupid antics of his son, was a real shame. Putting that squad of misfits and rejects together was what NP was all about. The main reason he hasn't succeeded since is because he hasn't had the time at clubs to change a failing culture. The Belgium failure was for different reasons. I'm sure he'd be a brilliant manager for a team with huge potential, like a Portsmouth type club, if he was given time to build a mentality and squad. Unfortunately, time is a luxury and it's very rare for managers in this day and age, even successful ones. I have nothing but huge respect for NP. His team building won us the P/L, but I doubt we'd have won it with him in charge. After Ranieri went I'd have taken him back like a shot, but not now. That time has gone and he must establish himself with another club. I am constantly amazed why no club gives him a chance. For me NP will go down as one of our top 4 managers, along with O'Neill, Gillies, and the manager I grew up with, Bloomfield.
  14. Of course Leicester City are an English club, but unfortunately politics is involved in all aspects of our life, whatever we do, whoever we are, or whatever club we support. You cannot get away from that no matter how much we all want to. Our owners have supported the Leicester community, and I think they have fully respected the values of our club. The new Thai King also sponsored Vichai's funeral, a point which should not be forgotten by our fans. I also didn't read many people on here complaining when our owners brought Thai monks over during our title winning season? Thai monks are also nothing to do with English values, and religion has just as bigger grip on people as politics has, and has, throughout history, created more trouble. We were winning and when you're winning it's strange how these things are ignored or forgotten! Many clubs are owned by foreign owners, some of which come from countries which oppress women, or have values, politics or ideologies which I have no time for. It will not stop fans supporting them. The double standards are fully shown up when fans only complain if the owners don't invest or are unsuccessful. If success comes they take it, celebrate wildly, and there are very few complaints about their owners standards. Didn't Harry Redknapp once say 'fans would love Saddam Hussain if he brought success to their club'? Personally I loathe gambling, which often destroys lives, and I object to our advertising boards being flashed up with those companies all match. I find those greedy companies far more objectionable than our owners showing respect for their King through our/their club, especially after all they have done for our club, and the support and sponsorship the Thai King gave to the funeral of Vichai. There is no question King Power have gained huge benefits with the KP profile being raised, but that is part of our modern game, and not a part I am that comfortable with, as it's sucking the soul from football. But it's here, it's a two way thing, and is why business people want to buy football clubs.
  15. I suppose it's the same respect as you show if you go to another country, or into someones house, wherever they live. You may not like their rules or views, so you either leave or tolerate them. Although I agree it is not the business of any LCFC supporter (outside of Thailand) to respect the Thai King, it is both in King Powers interests, (and almost their duty being one of the most profitable companies in Thailand). As Leicester City is owned by King Power a Thai company, they are doing what every Thai company does. By the way, I'm not Thai. I just live out here. I see first hand the power of the King out here and the respect he is given. Whether I agree or disagree with that is not up for debate. I was just pointing out a few facts!
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