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  1. Much better performance than the Everton & Watford games, although I thought we were too open in the first half and their goal before half time gave them a lift until Evans brilliant header. Very difficult to be critical of a 4-1 away win, but some of the chances we created should have been buried, especially from Barnes. The difference in Iheanacho is like having a new signing, and I just wonder where he's been for two seasons. Neither Pep or Puel could get the best out of him, but it seems something has clicked with how Rodgers is handling him. I just hope Iheanacho keeps this standard up because we'll have another decent player pushing for a start rather than settling for cup games and the subs bench. I hope we take Norwich seriously, because it would be easy to think we'll win it easily without the effort of the Villa match. Kasper -6- No chance with the goal. Otherwise pretty much untroubled. Ricardo -8- Some blistering runs, although caught out a few times defensively first half. Evans -8- Brilliant header (reminded me of Huth at Spuds). Defensively solid as a rock and positional play was superb. Soyuncu -8- Another excellent performance. No wonder our fans were singing 'Harry who'! Chilwell -7- Some good runs, but end product wasn't up to recent games. NDidi -8- Had to work hard, especially first half as we were too open. But coped well. Praet -7- Took a while to settle, then played well. Superb ball to Vardy for our forth. Tielemans -7- Some really solid work in a different role. Worked hard. Maddison -7- I marked him down by one point for some slack passes. Should have scored, but still overall decent. Iheanachio -8- A completely different player to the last two seasons. Keep it up. Vardy -9- MOTM. Being critical he could have scored two more, but what a performance again by him. Brilliant. Subs: Barnes -7- Just wish he could finish because he'd be scoring 15 goals a season. Looked very lively again. Albrighton -6- Worked hard as normal. James -N/A- Not on long enough. Rodgers -10- My first ever 10. Not because we won, or the way we played, or the set up. But because he's got Iheanachio playing. I never thought that would happen! Officials -5- Far too quick to whistle or flash cards in a passionate match. Aston Villa -6- First half they looked a decent side. I hope they stay up because we need midland clubs in the P/L. But they'll need to start getting some results soon otherwise confidence and a long winter could pull them into real trouble. Norwich next up. If we play like yesterday we should win. I hope the players are not thinking too much of the upcoming cup match and the Man City & Liverpool matches. One match at a time!
  2. Great result from a tricky match, with both managers under the spotlight for different reasons. Wilf was outstanding and my MOTM. I've been very critical of Iheanacho on here for his attitude, but hats off to him for a game changing performance yesterday. Now he has to keep that standard up or we'll know it's another one off like he has shown so many times. Everton came to draw and it was good to see BR change the system and we fully deserved to win. Although the cross for their goal was decent, but being critical, I thought Chilwell should have closed him down more and both Evans and Soyuncu lost their scorer. Kasper -6- No chance with the goal. Otherwise a reasonable game. Ricardo -7- Best of our defense and some great energy sapping runs. Unlucky not to score. Evans -6- Solid. Soyuncu -6- Another good game. Chilwell -6- Gave the winger too much time to pick his cross for the goal. Otherwise did well. Nice dive too! Ndidi -9- Outstanding. He was everywhere. Perez -6- Maybe should have done better with a decent chance. Otherwise I thought he was OK. Tielemans -6- Some lovely touches. Maddison -6- Like Perez, should have scored from a great Vardy cross. Barnes -7- Some of his driving runs were excellent. Needs a few goals to give him confidence to shoot more. Vardy -8- Yet again he comes up with the goods. Unlucky with a brilliant header too. Subs: Iheanacho -8- Changed the game. I hope this is not another of his flash in the pan games. Albrighton -6- Always gives his all. BR -8- Did well to change the team around. If he can get Iheanacho playing like that every match he'll be getting 10's from me! Everton -5- Devoid of ideas and looked nothing more than an average team. No interest in trying to win the game. Officials -7- Referee did well to let play continue for the second goal, so he gets an extra point.
  3. I've watched City since the early 60's. Taylor is a top contender for our worst ever manager, no question. But the football we played under Pleat was 10 times worse than anything we played under Taylor. as were McLlintock, Megson, Holloway and Levine. Taylor was dreadful. He destroyed a decent team and made very poor signings. But at least his first season was reasonable until he destroyed a decent team and signed very poor players for exorbitant sums. Pleat was so bad he almost relegated us to the third tier. His football was truly dire, he took the team backwards from day one and it was only by luck we survived that season after his sacking. It took some years to recover from the damage he did.
  4. Prefer him to go to North London and take Arsenal down!
  5. Apart from Woy, they are all currently available........let's hope someone doesn't poach BR!!
  6. Maybe you are too young, but 1990/91 was my most stressful year. With the dreadful David Pleat in charge (in my view the worst manager I've ever seen at the club) we struggled all season. I'll never forget that last match, needing to win to stay in what was then Division 2, we played Oxford United at home and won 1-0 to stay up with a goal from Tony James. Those last 30 minutes seemed to drag on for hours, days, months, even years. I thought that would be our ever lowest point in our history, until 2007/8 when the same feelings came back, and we lost our standing of being one of the only clubs never to have played outside the top two divisions. Of course winning the P/L was stressful too, but a much happier stress because it was totally unexpected. Your story of the bloke being so stressed up that season could have been because of his gamble. That's always likely to add extra stress, especially as £25K could have been life changing money for him. This season just feels like pure joy at the moment. No doubt the stress will come in should we be in with a chance of winning the league with 10 games to go. It's way too early in the season for me to get too stressed up yet......maybe a sign of experience and age!
  7. Has to be Morgan because he knows what to do and has played with all the current defenders. With Ricardo and Soyuncu, who are quick, either side of him, that helps covers Morgan's biggest fault. Benkovic has no P/L experience, and no experience playing with our other defenders in big game situations. But could be brought on in games if we are winning well to gain some experience. I think we'll sign another young centre back in January.
  8. This season is great. We've already won the P/L league so that's been done, Liverpool must be far more stressed because they are trying to do something they haven't done before. We've got a great team, manager, and owners, We are bringing in players better than the ones we're selling and have a superb set up and training ground (soon!) in place. Maybe it will be more stressful if we've got 5 games to go and we are tied with Liverpool or Man City, but for me it is much more stressful watching us in past seasons fighting relegation!
  9. Not a bad performance first half, not a great performance second half, but it was good we started so positively and the first half was better than the second when we let them into the match. Our defense continues to impress, not only have we only conceded 8 goals, but we also are first in the P/L ratings for allowing opposition shots, so hats off to all four defenders. Vardy was my MOTM, because he created so much and both Perez and Maddison spurned great chances from Vardy's assists. Soyuncu was superb again and after watching Maguire lumbering around in a poor Man Utd team on Sunday, we are far better off. Kasper -6- Nothing much to do, not a shot to save. Distribution was OK. Ricardo -7- On another day could have conceded a penalty. Otherwise a decent game. Evans -7- Solid as usual. Hope his substitution is only a minor problem. Soyuncu -8- Superb again. Reading the game so much better too. Chilwell -7- Some great running, decent defending too. Ndidi -7- Does what he always does. Often goes unnoticed but his contribution is vital. Perez -7- Set up well by Vardy for his goal, should have had another hat trick. Tielemans -6- Quiet game. Maddison -7- Some neat passes and lots of effort. Barnes -7- Looked dangerous and linking up much better in the past three games. Vardy -9- Should have scored two more. Blistering header well saved and another decent keeper block. Set up Perez (twice) and Maddison for other great chances. Morgan -6- Decent performance coming on for Evans. Praet - 6- Neat touches and fits in the team well. Gray -7- So much better as an impact sub. If only he could play full games like he does in those cameos. Rodgers -8- Easy team selection but great to see him getting the team to start with intent. Getting the best out of the players. Brighton -5- Poor first half and we should have been winning easily by half time. Better start to second half with some neat play,but really never looked like scoring. Should be OK holding on to their P/L status. Officials -6- OK and even VAR didn't mess the game up for once.
  10. Anyone reading through this thread will know my views on VAR. Last weekend yet again confirmed what a disaster it is. The Sheff Utd offside goal was a disgrace and the Man City handball non 'penalty' was a penalty. If VAR is to be taken seriously it must start changing these obvious mistakes. Otherwise it must be binned.
  11. It was only a week or so ago that Kasper was saying how Mahrez (and Kante) always came into the Leicester dressing room because they felt such a bond with the club!
  12. Like to see us start with plenty of pace, passion and drive. No point in giving them time on the ball. I'm sure BR will have got the side down from cloud 9 and will be stressing that this is a new game and the 9-0 counts for little now, in fact it could make Palace more determined. Much as I have no love for Hodgson he is a decent manager for a side like Palace and always seem to get the best out of his players. I'd go: Kasper Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Perez Tielemans Maddison Albrighton Vardy Bring on Barnes and Gray (who had a decent game in midweek) if we are chasing the match, and Hamza if we are trying to close the match out. We owe them a few beatings after what they've inflicted on us during the Puel era.
  13. You forgot David Pleat, Gary Megson and Frank McLintock!! (Ye Gods, we've had some dreadful managers!) For me Pleat was the worst manager I've seen at Leicester City and I still switch off the volume if he commentates on any match. Holloway was just out of his depth, his entertaining and often baffling comments with the media were just a cover for his incompetence as a manager.
  14. After their "One step from glory" champions League book, and looking at the table this morning, it had me wondering if Spuds are currently producing a new DVD entitled "Top of the bottom half of the P/L"
  15. Yes, another terrible decision. Add in the Brighton v Everton match and we have yet another weekend (so far!) of farcical decisions. There is no consistency at all and it actually seems to be getting worse and is definitely creating more problems than before it's introduction.
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