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  1. MurphyMagic

    Fleetwood Town (A) Match Thread

    Pathetic performance
  2. MurphyMagic

    Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    Missed the chance in the summer to bring in a new man with fresh ideas. Now were left with Shakespeare who won't deviate from the tried and tested formula which worked two years ago but is now past it's sell by date due to the personnel we have. Better to make the change now rather than wait for us to be cut adrift.
  3. MurphyMagic


    Hard to criticize Kasper, and whilst he is here will always be our no1. However he is so poor when facing free kicks. All they have to do is get the ball over the wall and there is a good possibility it will go in. He said he couldn't see yet he set the wall up. Very disappointing.