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  1. The Iborra Thread

    Thought he did alright…. My word he's a unit! 4 observations simple passing, getting up to speed with a new pace, doesn't mind picking up the ball, and fulsome challenges he'll do ok I reckon and I think he may start on Saturday
  2. There's only one stat that counts baby
  3. Put it on players onto the pitch and keep your fingers and toes crossed
  4. Getting Mullered here mot many fans in Islington…. Whole pub to myself
  5. We'll see…. Seems odd, but, being 'glass half full' I'm quite enjoying having a melt down when we're unleashing £38m of attacking talent !!
  6. What if Ulloa and Slim works???
  7. Will our fan base ever be happy again?

    This makes it all the sweeter for me, as lifelong 40 something fan, I've seen the whole bloody lot... I've enjoyed massive highs (playoffs/ league cups) and endured massive lows (relgstion to third tier)... because you, I and many others have experienced this, it makes the last two years all the sweeter. Imagine starting from a position where you expect to win the league, there is no way you could appreciate it as much when you see your team lift the trophy. Some of our fans (all are welcome by the way) may have been spoiled to soon. I don't blame them (although a sense of perspective is always handy in life) I simply pity them a little, as they can't have enjoyed it as much as I did. i will die happy and dine out on 14/15 for the rest of my life... any future heroics will just be a Brucey bonus and I'm sure I'll enjoy it
  8. £5 for a pre match curry is the going rate for City fans...
  9. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    I'm a born worrier and I'm not worried about this one... We do love to get our knickers in a twist on here!
  10. Should Chilwell get more game time?

    Sam Marino??? Where's that?
  11. What is our best team?

    2 in 3 - He's on fire let's drop him!!!
  12. What is our best team?

    Keep it simple Kasper simpson maguire dragovic Fuchs Mahrez Silva Ndidi Albrighton Iheanacho Vardy
  13. The IMMORTALS - where are they now ??

    Was there a question / point to the thread or has the OP just emerged from a coma?