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  1. Wolfox


    It was his poorest game…. All part of his grand plan to throw the ‘elite’ clubs off the sent Anyway…. Who coined this term ‘elite’ clubs? And why has slipped into football vocabulary inn the last 6 months? They need shooting… The top 4 has morphed into being the top 6…. Everything’s gone mad!
  2. So they’ve put an AVFC badge on a forest shirt…. Okey Cokey!!! Next level half and half scarves 🧣!!!
  3. Help me out here…. What an I looking for that I haven’t seen yet?
  4. I wish…. But I like my job! Nah…. That was on a comedy programme, but, the others are genuine Not to be confused with a reach around!!!
  5. Good thread! slightly off topic, but, I come across some incredible business speak and it always makes me wince… personal favourites Let’s send that idea on a cruise and see if it comes baxk with a suntan is Mike ‘inside the tent’ on this one? can you reach out to Charlotte on this one? lets take that one offline… Americans bloody love it…
  6. Wolfox


    Horses for courses…. He looks good there and that influences his value…. He’s worth quite a bit in a slower league
  7. Surely this is all nonsense? Doesn’t fit our profile one bit…
  8. Wolfox


    Anything I want to believe is definitely true…. So I’m going with true #announceyouri
  9. Wolfox


    If you’re in the market for a nice house in east Leicestershire drop me a PM people! Marketing via FoxesTalk…. Now that’s a novel idea! Just guidance on good estate agents is what I’m after at the moment!
  10. Wolfox


    Thanks So why pay for bricks and mortar? i am a bit conflicted to be honest…. The range of valuations were huge and because mine is finished well and has very nice country views it adds some kind of premium I would have thought…. I’m just not sure how much! I have a gut feeling if it’s market position but I’d rather be optimistic rather than undersell it… anyway…. Still on the hunt for a good local Oliver Rayns came across well and will likely get James Sellicks in… we’ll see!
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