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  1. Wolfox

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    I get the expected goals whats the % at the top? how did we score 2.1 goals
  2. Wolfox

    Ricardo Pereira

    Looked mustard… first time I’ve seen him play and and I really liked what I saw... great attacking intent
  3. Wolfox

    Söyüncü Signs

    I’ll take that one…. And so will @Wolfboyand @Woof!!!!
  4. Wolfox

    Söyüncü Signs

    The Turkish chap…. Simple!
  5. Wolfox

    Most overrated City player

    I think (I hope!!!) he was joking!
  6. Wolfox

    Most overrated City player

    What you taklin’ ‘bout? loved JJ…. You’d have a point on VillasTalk!
  7. Wolfox

    Most overrated City player

    Yep…. My minds made up after a 10 minute cameo too
  8. @Woof - one of your favourites!!! Mine too!
  9. Was there every home game of the 15/16 and (because totally skint) watched us win the league cup there (v boro) many fond memories found a new boozer now which I marginally prefer…. I’m sure I’d only go back and wince as it would look and feel so different They had to change as you can’t cater for a 19 day a year audience…. If you’re a pub, you have to do food and attract a more regular crowd
  10. Wolfox

    Leo Says Farewell

    Breaking out a beer in tribute to the lad…. Thr Vardy quake was actually Leo scoring…. Never worked that one out…
  11. Wolfox

    Legends please respect them

    That’s an entirely reasonable point!!! I’m 45 BTW!!! Ps…. I get the impression there a bunch of whipper snappers on here, judging by some of the back and forth!
  12. Didn’t realise any of them had any!!!
  13. Wolfox

    Legends please respect them

    Of course the fan base (in the main) respects the legends (not many more than I who waited 35 years to witness the miracle)…. It gets a little ‘cringy’ when someone calls out a failing or bad performance and gets a quote and a ‘don’t disrespect the legend’ post for a guaranteed 20+ likes…. Don’t disrespect the legends, but, they’re not out of bounds for any criticism….