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  1. Because he’s clearly league 2 standard isn’t he?
  2. Söyüncü and Nacho not sticking to the FoxesTalk script there…
  3. That’s completely beyond the pale from The Sun…. You’d have thought they’d be more sensitive post Hilsborough….??? Shameful in fact
  4. You sound almost menacing in this post…. !!! lets all imagine Harry is actually called Bill in order for this meme to actually work!
  5. Most fans of opposing teams who venture on here tend to be decent…. It would be a bit embarrassing jointing a forum and bating them… anyway…. Isn’t that what Twitter is for
  6. Wolfox

    Papy Mendy

    Chuck some filthy luka at him #Mendy2024
  7. Hang on Söyüncü is now cr@p again on the basis of one game… keep with the programme!!!
  8. Stick it on a horse / football result or whatever…. It’s all the same have a car worth X and then punt out a load of tickets at y and make some profit on the delta minus marketing costs
  9. I know we get giddy about our own team and that’s lovely…. But, the fact remains that there are other clubs with high quality squads, big grounds and big ambitions i’m delighted we’re even being considered for top ten - that’s huge progress based on our historic standing
  10. Been in the Eric Hollies for the Ashes! Mitchell… Mitchell…. Mitchell…Mitchell
  11. Jos Butler is a robot - ice cool 😎
  12. Epic doesn’t cover it…. What a game
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