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  1. Wolfox


    Oh Bollox …. Hope it gets sorted out soon
  2. Interesting discussion You can be a lot braver behind a keyboard of course…. Consequently people’s normal politeness deserts them…. Also so much in communication is missed when reading flat text However, we’ve generally been moulded by a certain age to hold certain values…. My kids (in the main) have similar views to me on many topics…. They simply have a rather clunky way of expressing them and can be quite forthright…. The need to be outraged! I was certainly a lot more of a zealot when younger but didn’t have access to a phone keyboard… The key point in
  3. Give him a hot dog and tell him to loosen up…
  4. Wolfox


    Oh my word…. They don’t do pragmatism do they? Heavy clay soil here…. Like most of Leicester…. The rest of the house seems to be fine on a few pillared out engineering bricks!
  5. Wolfox


    My build has just kicked off…. They’ve made nice progress so far you’re into a whole new world of pain with regs…. Our planning officer is a nice bloke and works with us, but, the requirements are insane…. Because I’m having a loft conversion and don’t want to do major work to my 110 year old pine 4 panel doors I need a commercial analogue addressable fire alarm system installed with detectors in every room - that’s just mental!!! But, I quickly worked out that this was a far better solution than a standard interlinked residential system…. And the additional work that goes with it
  6. My favourite were those disco biscuits - bloody lovely they were too!
  7. This is clearly not funny…. And you’ll go straight to hell if you even giggle a little bit
  8. Wolfox


    Everything is negotiable…. The post I quoted stated “if it’s above what it’d cost for Tarkowski”
  9. Wolfox


    Couldn’t disagree more Cags is younger…. Is improving and already a standout centre half in the league…. His development ceiling is potentially very high
  10. Wolfox


    I read your post Dave…. You weren’t sure what the chant was…. But, remembered Joe being very proud of it! Like his woolly hat (remember the pics?) Saw him last night a booze up in his garden…. The lustre of following ‘the Wednesday’ is wearing thin…. He doesn’t discuss football too much
  11. Wolfox


    Wednesday did it When the balls on the floor and it’s not di canio it’s Carbone
  12. Wolfox


    I think I quoted the wrong post…! No need to sign another DM if Mendy is happy to stay…. He’s a more than adequate back up and was getting rave reviews earlier in the season (lest we forget)
  13. Wolfox


    I wouldn’t have had Mendy in that list
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