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  1. Yep…. I was regular in the double decker and later a season ticket holder in SK4 many great memories 7-1 v Sheffield Wednesday 3-3 v Arsenal A proper ground with proper heritage…. Unlike out identikit ground (which obviously I still love!)
  2. Wolfox

    The joke thread

    Ring any bells???? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cza37D...ature=youtu.be
  3. Wolfox

    BARGAINS - Put them in here!

    Happened to me once with Honey Nut Shredded wheat clocking in at 37p in a Tesco Metro…. One of the best days of my life…
  4. Wolfox

    Pizza Oven

    Just had Costco ribs, Chicken thighs and Halouni washed down with a nice red…. All cooked covered on the Weber…. Even threw on a Tuna steak for the pescatarian wife!…. The best way to barbecue…. Good choice! PS…. Invest in a rotating skewer…. They’re amazing…
  5. Wolfox

    Pizza Oven

  6. Wolfox

    Pizza Oven

    This made this in about 2 mins im looking forward to the pizza dough making thread! what every serious outdoor cook really needs is a Weber…. Indirect barbecue cooking has been a revelation!!!
  7. Wolfox

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    Nice submariner on wrist I notice….
  8. Wolfox

    Three Lions @ The King Power.

    I was at that Serbia Montenegro game... it was sooooooo rubbish
  9. Wolfox

    Five Years Ago Today 12-05-13

    Was gutted at the time…. Felt it was a bit of karma for the slightly cheaty moment from Knocky
  10. Wolfox

    A love letter to Steve Claridge

    You were pleased to see him then?
  11. Wolfox

    A love letter to Steve Claridge

    I ended up two rows behind me hugging some woman in a yellow coat…. The place just went nuts I only saw the goal go in…. Like everyone else I was too focused on spider coming on! got a lift there and back in a cronky old camper van…. Treated like returning hero’s on the Narborough Road Good times…!
  12. Jakupovic 7 nice and solid…. Stops were competent Simpson 6 did nothing too much wrong Morgan 6 Fine Maguire 8 - loved some of his passing coming out…. Launched a beauty into Mahrez cross field in the second half Fuchs 8 - had a very good game on the left…. Lots of energy and quality Choudhury 8.5 - finest game I a city shirt and was more progressive than normal…. I am getting more confident in his potential and fair play to Puel for playing him Silva 8 …. I like him and he’s setting in very well…. Always tries to be positive in possession and gets stuck in Mahrez 7.5 - best he’s been for a long while…. so sad that it’s last time i’ll see him in a city shirt :-( Diabaté 6 - he has talent, but, it just didnt go for him yesterday more miss than hit Iheanacho 7.5 - high impact first half and faded the second…. Looking better Vardy 7 - Vardy did what Vardy does…. Level with Sterling on 18 (I have a £50 bet on with a Man City fan) ref was ace Arsenal were god awful
  13. Wolfox

    Demarai Gray

    I think he’ll be good when he gets his confidence/ rhythm…. The raw potential is evident @Wolfboy went nuts when he took that ball down…. Lovely! You have to allow them to have bad/ not good games…. Is the only way they’re going to learn and improve…. It’s called patience!!! Will be interesting to see how they both develop next year… He was better first half…. Still (other than the assist) he just lacked a bit of cutting edge and buggered it up too often! Gray brought that penalty!