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  1. Felt like we’ve found our bounce again…. Terrific yesterday
  2. Pa ha ha …. That just made my weekend complete!!!
  3. They were easily the best side we’ve played this year…. On balance they could probably feel a little aggrieved to have not to have at least got a point… Kane is one of the best in the business…. His strike was exceptional… Nobody outside the new ‘top two’ has a chance of winning this year…. Spuds will be a safe bet for top 4 based on what I’ve seen… This is why our performance and result was so good!
  4. You have to stop voting for the player based on the accepted FoxesTalk narrative… Gray was excellent when he came on… Vote based on what you’ve seen that game not on what you saw before or have read on here… Evans MOTM by the way…. Tough on Madders who was a ‘Son kneecap’ away from pipping him…
  5. I have no words… money can’t buy taste or style apparently loved his final fist pump to reignite the kop… I’d forgive most things for his winner…. That backpack however…………
  6. First opportunity to pop into FT today…. Genuinely bemused that anybody could see that he didn’t have a good game… One or or two max errors (that were fairly evident) but, I thought he looked good…. I’m very encouraged…. He doesn't half get stuck in too…. I get the impression that he’ll become better and better… well done Ayoze
  7. Good lord…. Fantastic effort !!!
  8. Made even better by the fact, that they were easily the best team we’ve played this season
  9. Sounds fun/ exhausting…. How far? And how did you get on?
  10. Wolfox


    Well…. It makes me laugh 🤭 <some of the time> However, I’m a great big woolly, tree hugging lefty and they talk to me inside my little echo chamber !!!
  11. The lake is beautiful…. There’s a restaurant on a pontoon that’s worth a visit… expensive part of the world, but, you’ll enjoy it
  12. Wolfox


    Perfect summary on the Mash Report
  13. No shame in being beaten by Burnley…. Man Utd however………
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