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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triangular_corner_flags_in_English_football
  2. Nah…. I want an FA cup… It then means that we have the domestic clean sweep of everything other than a 4th division championship We can then have funny shaped corner flags if memory serves me right?
  3. Elton John has bought a miniature treadmill for his tiny pet rabbit... It's a little fit bunny.
  4. Wolfox


    Good grief I thought the final settlement was wrong when we were moving, however, I was knee deep in boxes and misread the message from my solicitor, so, signed it off that morning Reviewed and checked it only to discover that my mortgage provider had charged me an early redemption fee when porting a mortgage (a few £thousand!) Called HSBC and had an apology and money back in my account… Please check and re-check all those figures!
  5. I wouldn’t be adverse to Nacho starting…. Granted he’s had a couple of ropey moments of late, but, I suspect he’d do fine
  6. Me included…. Not because I don’t think he’s a fantastic player - he is I just don’t think he has the right attributes for the way we play…. Hard press is not his style and we rely on every last player to execute that effectively…. He’s also out of form…. Do we have 6 months to help him recover it? Big wages could upset a very happy camp too… It’s a no from me (not that this makes any odds!)
  7. That fact that we are still considering champs league never fails to blow my mind!!!
  8. It won’t change…. Is likely to be very light touch…. The same guy still running the store
  9. He was in most pundits prem team of the season…. The force is clearly still as strong…. He was clearing everything when he came on What do you do? You have 3 of the CB’s in the division and 2 spots…. He’d walk into pretty much any other side in the division
  10. Love all the lil Wes chat (who has been great) And I get it…. coz he’s the NKOTB However…. Evans had an absolute stormer too
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