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  1. I've got a memory of Warren Barton dominating a game from right back for Wimbledon v us @ Filbo in the very early nineties... am am I going insane, or, can anyone remember? either that or that hatrick from Bergkamp !!!
  2. Something happening tomorrow???
  3. "Dad, how comes my sister is called Teresa?""Because your Mum loves Easter and it's an anagram of Easter.""Thanks Dad." "No problem Alan"
  4. 1 draw and 2 defeats in the last 3 Shakespeare out…
  5. Nearly…. Would've taken it at kick off…. Bit gutting having been ahead twice
  6. Just got an email from Union FS The club has refused the TIFO for the Atletico game it was one of the biggest moments V Seville they've got got that horribly wrong…. What a shame Ps Union FS…. In asnswer to your question - keep my donation for semis (we'll just need to work on the powers that be)
  7. Really pleased for him... strikes me as a thoroughly nice guy... Makes a difficult year for him a little easier well dome Knocky
  8. Barely kicked a ball…. And not really heard of him since…. One. Swallow does not a summer make I even remember some Manc coming on here , proclaiming him to be the next great hope and wanting regular updates…. FT had little to offer other than his choice of bench warming attire
  9. And the Lord said unto John: "Come forth, and you will receive eternal life."But John came fifth and won a toaster.
  10. Boo inane threads boooooooooo boooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooooooooooo
  11. I'm Mystic Meg…. What can I say? he oozed calm and quality
  12. I love it when people talk bollox in absolute terms…
  13. It was as much a penalty as there's I'm afraid… but, he does worry defences even when he doesn't bring his A game
  14. Threads like this infuriate me…. He had little or no opportunity and is well capable (have you seen him play before today???) of creating pure magic it doesn't happen all the time, but, he fires more than he misfires so, we need a goal at the KP… here's a plan…. Let's drop the most gifted creative player I've seen play in a City shirt
  15. Bugger…. Have arranged for my little nephew to come to the Spurs game…. It was to be his first football match (his dads aren't into footy). He lives in Nottingham, so, always nice to get a convert…. Will have to rearrange everything and it took ages to work out the right bloomin weekend ehat a faff edit - thank you for the early heads up OP