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  1. Get him in for another 2 years (at least)…. He’s our best centre half and we have some very good ones at the club…
  2. To be clear I wasn’t making comparisons…. we have a minimum wage in the UK… anything short of that is not ok and not excused because other countries pay less in worse conditions…. In fact it’s illegal for good reason
  3. Hang on…. Much to are shame Leicester is hardly synonymous with wonderful working practices in the rag trade?! That really was a disgrace…
  4. Sarah Cox…. A big foxes leisure fan who new?
  5. Post the details…. I may not be bothered to click the link though seeing as I’m also a lazy f@ck!!!
  6. He was an exceptionally bright student apparently…. Moved up a year I like his tv although he does play up to that pastiche of himself that he’s created! A might have a look at it?!
  7. Any good…. I’m reading the Adam Buxton book… I think Adam Buxton is great and I love his podcast…. This is my issue, but I’m always a little suspicious of people who appear down to earth, but, are quite clearly ruddy faced poshers… It appears that if you attended Westminster you were made…. I detest how posh public schools simply elevate those with the means to go there… it’s not ok
  8. If you’re doing 5km in 20mins…. If you went out at a relaxed pace you’d knock out 10km no problem at all expanding your distances >5km comes far quicker than properly running a 5km (which you are)
  9. Fantastic…. What an achievement…! Have a big beer 🍺!!!
  10. Quite…. I hate it when it’s excused as ‘part of the modern game’ its a sport and the game should be played honestly if you’re honest - you’ll be accused of being naive - I hate that part of the game
  11. It looks like it’s insane right ? if you looked at it front on as opposed to a side angle, I’d imagine it would look far more sane… I’m not suggesting it was a great idea…. I am definitely implying the photographer found the most ‘dramatic’ angle…
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