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  1. Great…. Our most successful captain signs up for another year what's not to love about that?
  2. Best Englishman…. Not too shabby for your debut prem season Still makes me sad…. I rated him well ahead of Drinkwater when they came through…. We’ll never really know what he could’ve become…
  3. Cool place, but, have your wits about you…. See if you can get up the coast to Buzios (it’s where Bardot used to holiday)…. You can go diving too (I saw a huge Manta Ray and a giant turtle ) I went to see a game at the Maracana…. It was the equivalent of their league cup final… One of the worst games I ever saw! 0-0 and then they kept missing penalties! Stick to impanema or Leblon for places to stay…. Copa Cabana was a bit meh cristo de redentor is a must enjoy…
  4. WTAF!!!! Is she an Ostrich?
  5. The Ghezzal of recruitment …
  6. Because we really missed out there…
  7. Wolfox


    Lend us £40m mate
  8. 4 votes…. Fvck me sideways…. We’re governed by morons…
  9. Mahrez “"I told them, if you keep a clean sheet, I'll buy pizza for everybody. I think they're waiting for me to offer a hot dog too."
  10. Ah he’s Dutch as opposed to French speaking Belgian…. I guess it works it works in either language then!
  11. The last 7 years have all been a lie #heartbroken
  12. This was my pre match pub for years…. Including 15/16 of course…. Many great memories I went back once…. Beer is cack and decor/ atmosphere is worse…. It’s been completely ruined
  13. Please don’t anybody put this on their penis…. This ad could be misleading/ highly irresponsible
  14. "Normally" in that context with French means that based on current circumstances he’s on loan until the end of the season…. Consequently he’d return… However, clearly there are things that could happen in the interim…. Like we make an offer! I just wanted to be clear that he wasn’t suggesting this’d be a likely outcome in case anyone started to feel dismayed 😩!
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