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  1. I read your book whilst on holiday this summer in about two days…. I had read so much around the time of the ‘event’ that I wanted to hold something back for a later date. Insightful, personal, evocative and well written… i really enjoyed it… Ben
  2. Next up.. West Ham (a)..Friday 8pm ko

    The side that beat Everton so comfortably - I’d go with that and I think Claude will too
  3. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    Damn…. If only we’d scored and they hadn’t
  4. Man City Match Thread

    Only took 10 minutes to get the thread started…. Bowling Green is bloody noisy…. Need to keep searching for a pre match boozer to replace the S&R as for the game - GULP
  5. LCFC.com

    I had a problem with this too…. Used my ST number or client number to login and seemed to work oh - and I think you have to transfer your details across?
  6. Vardy in the jungle

    Agreed If I were forced to judge, I would say that she’s probably ambitious
  7. Avenue Rd Junior school is great little school - really impressive for a small kid as it’s 150 year old Victorian building St Johns is very popular, but, a C of E school Avenue Rd school has more charm! i think there is a Facebook page for Clarendon Park, which is quite well used - good for understanding what’s going on great little Library for the young lad too as well as l Lots of little hidden play areas as well as a massive park!
  8. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    That’d be a shame…. It’s been the way of world since flirting involved hitting a cave lady over the head and dragging her off to the nearest vacant cave! im more optimistic, it may evolve - for example, flirting can now invlove swiping right or left
  9. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    This is all quite sinple if people don’t want to be touched, don’t touch them…. Otherwise, just carry on Nothibg else about girls and boys getting together (breeding included) has changed
  10. Leicester is a nice town… i live out in the sticks now, but, would move back to Clarendon Park (Queens Rd) if it were purely down to me…. I was brought up round there and went to Avenue Rd junior school youll rent a two bed terrace for about £650 round there Grounded kithchen is great for lunch a few nice bars (I like Babelas) pavlos do do the best Doner in town And, most importantly, it has a nice atmosphere try and get a house between Adderley Rd and Queens Rd (the sweet spot) One of the nicest urban walks anywhere to get into town via New Walk My neice went to Uni in Oxford and although beautiful, it was rammed with tourists and over priced I don’t think you’d regret the move
  11. England squad

    I’m bored this is boring
  12. You are Vichai and I claim my £10
  13. Transfer Window - January

    I’ve had it on good authority that Silva is likely join in Jan - you heard it here first folks