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  1. Better keeper and a few quid up on the deal with Zeiler.... whats not to like ? chapeau Mr Rudkin...
  2. Panorama shots gone wrong... tickled me! http://www.sadanduseless.com/2017/07/panorama/
  3. Fixed that for you…
  4. Come on…. Fess up…. Who clicked???
  5. Wague…. Had a big impact
  6. Ah…. Looked good in the under 21's I thought he was one of the best players on the pitch
  7. Swap for the Albino lad?
  8. Give Adam Buxton a listen... Generally interesting Friday night comedy R4 saturday live with reverend Richard Coles is easy listening A point of view - find the archived Clive James ones if you can
  9. 7 pints makes my head hurt
  10. Davor Suker made a reasonable career from being totally left foot dominated...
  11. Missed out on LCDs last tour.... really looking forward to the National - so many good albums and always sound fresh
  12. Everything Everyhting were amazing in the rescue rooms... 500 people and some class stuff to come out on their new album leftfield and Pixies at Bluedot on Friday The National (massively underrated band) in Manc September did anyone see the Hot 8 brass band on Sunday - would love to have seen them
  13. I am Wolf... 🐺