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  1. Fuchs or Chilwell

    We are safe (ish). We should be promoting the evolution to a new team…. That involves backing some of the youth…. He will make mistakes and I hope (with good coaching and support) he’ll learn from them He has demonstrated enough capability to warrant a run in the side and he’d get the nod if I were making this call
  2. Morgan or Dragovic?

    That’s a cruel question to ask…. I feel disloyal
  3. Adrien Silva

    Thanks…. Interesting read…
  4. Well... There’s @Always Next Year
  5. Tellement interesant…. Il a l’oppirtunite d’etre riches n’est pas? Mais plus importante un hero pour la monde! Il y a encore de nouvelle? ps…. I know my French is a bit merde! But, at least it’s google translate!
  6. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Tatooed on me…<insert options here>
  7. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Great article... Twenty years from now, we will fondly recall the manner in which Mahrez, Vardy and Kanté inspired the greatest shock in Premier League history, and inevitably, the name Shinji Okazaki will be rarely whispered. Not by me it won’t!!!
  8. Great Movie Soundtracks

    Broken Flowers - Ethiopiques Quite amazing
  9. Festival Thread

    Booked for Bluedot and half considering Festival Number 6 as it has quite a nice line up too 6 music in Belfast looks to be worth a visit too
  10. Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    ^^^^^ i like Ken!
  11. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    We should count our blessings... if we hadn’t played a goalkeeper at all I reckon they’d have scored more than five... so, based on that logic, he was better than nothing 👌
  12. Smelly supporters

    This stinking sh@t just sat next to me on a plane to Amsterdam…. Absolutely stank…. OP, you have my sympathy
  13. So he (graced?????) both our stadiums! What a wonderful legacy for Juniour Lewis…