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  1. Reminds of the way sky used to curtail the full name of the programme on the programme guide Clicked onto ‘Extrene Fis’ imagine my extreme disappointment to see a load of sweaty old men with fishing rods!
  2. If your parents are elderly, I Would give it a swerve maybe…. If it’s non urgent work, it can probably wait…
  3. Take it easy mate.... get well soon x
  4. It’s a very high benchmark (I discovered retrospectively). Most don’t have high enough antibody levels (even many who were hospitalised)…. I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t help, However, I can now return to licking handrails around the streets of Leicester! Good luck 👍🏼
  5. Yes - 19 Symptoms were comparatively mild…. One night of fever…. Cough and sore throat as well as a bit tired…. Was fairly certain it was CV19…. My wife had it and my daughter was sent home with a temperature (one dose of calpol sorted her A friend of mine is a social worker and she encouraged me to sign up as I’d given blood before…. As I’m a 35+ male I was prioritised…. Unfortunately my antibody levels weren’t high enough to help with convalescent donor programme, but, I am back in next month to donate blood as I can do relatively safely for everyone involved…
  6. I went to donate blood plasma last week…. Turns out I have COVID antibodies in my system…. Quite reassuring, but, goes to show how many people Probably had it…. Scary things is that I was at the KP for the Villa match 2 days before I started getting mild symptoms…. I’ve had trickier colds if I’m honest…
  7. Agh…. I thought that as I was typing it…. Damn my tenuous grasp of the English language…. My Mum (the English teacher) is constantly correcting me!
  8. I was amusing myself…. Can’t stand Wolves!!! I do like my Wolf name though, which is why I did a Wolf Fox mash up… Please don’t renounce me, I’m not sure I could bare it
  9. My name represents the animal associated with my two favourite teams in order of preference Wolves (Wolf) Leicester (Fox) Avtar…. Who doesn’t like a stuffed squirrel galloping around on a horse?
  10. Vardy red card being analysed…. What utter utter b@llsh#t… May as well analyse his goal for dangerous play…. It’s about as relevant
  11. Wolfox


    Potential stamp duty holiday to be announced tomorrow: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53319433
  12. Well that is precisely what people have been asking for… lets see what it can deliver !!!
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