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  1. What's got 813 legs and 16 teeth? The queue outside Wetherspoons tomorrow morning...
  2. 5 team shoot out for 3 spots and we are currently in the second best position with three highly winnable games coming up My boots are chilled… Todays game was just a bit mental
  3. No mentality issue with a treble treble… smacked Man Utd Man City were better than us West Ham - just a bit mental Three winnable games now will define our season…
  4. Pip speaking.to a driving instructor in Scotland: "How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to get them through the test?"
  5. Yeah…. You should definitely do it…. A really nice route and I will do it again I’m sure
  6. Well I managed to work it out…. Ended up being a really lovely run…. Signposts were a bit random and I made a couple of errors…. The route appeared to dissolve between the bottom of Abbey Park and Woodgate, but, I found my way and picked up the canal again… so, I stayed on the canal from Watermead all the way to King Power lots of interesting development around Woodgate its a really good route…. The city should make more of it 15.6km in total - the legs ache a little!
  7. A little nudgette- I want to run it tomorrow !
  8. Can I run along the Soar from Watermead park into town? Is there a towpath for the whole route? I am dropping off my car in Hamilton and was looking for an interesting run home!
  9. Wolfox


    No different to elsewhere as far as I can see…. Market still racing away… New house prices are likely to inflate too as material to build them are tripling in some areas (timber for example)
  10. Back on topic…. He was one of our more effective players yesterday I have been thoroughly fed up with him in recent months but credit where it’s due…. He deserved to stay on
  11. Harumph 😤 it’s a lot more fun when we win…
  12. Wolfox


    It’ll come good…. My previous home was nice and in good nick…. Had to compete with brand new stuff being built all around me…. Took way too many viewings to shift it stay patient
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