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  1. another way to pass the time when you’re laid up in hospital
  2. Do they? Further research from University of Oxford (remember who indicated an actual fatality rate of around 0.2% based on far more people having been infected than records indicate). They have conducted more research based on Icelandic data (where testing per capita is much more widespread) and have a case fatality rate of between 0.05% and 0.14% https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/global...atality-rates/ They’re pretty smart these people making the calculations…. Good news I hope…. But, time will tell…
  3. You can’t get anything precise, but, there is enough data to make some reasonable assumptions…. We’ll find out soon enough what the reality is…. I do a lot of data modelling in my day job and as long as your solid data and assumptions are reasonable, you can make some remarkably accurate estimates…
  4. Works a bit like XG… But what would they know?!
  5. I’m 47…. You just get used it! It would be odd if you didn’t feel the strain…. Had a full on off-roader today and saw two other people in 9km…. Belting down the hills, sun shining with great music on was life affirming!
  6. Latest University of Oxford research is estimating actual fatality rate of COVID-19 at between 0.19% and 0.24% factoring in ALL infections not the ones hospitalised (and therefore known). Their findings are that there are very large numbers of infected people not counting in official infection stats. https://www.cebm.net/global-covid-19...atality-rates/
  7. So…. Some people mentioned they liked the engineering of watches, so I thought I’d share some rather dry - yet interesting to those so inclined - information on super compressor watches…. After much searching I managed to track down a watch I’d been hunting for years…. The vintage game takes patience and research…. I brought it a few weeks ago and, in current circumstances, it feels like a bit of frippery! But, none the less I’m very happy to have acquired it…. A Rodania Waterman, which is as rare as rocking horse poo So the technical bit - compressor and Super-compressosr were originally names used and registered to EPSA (Ervin Piquerez SA) - case makers to various companies. You get the trade mark diving helmet engraved on the inside surface of the watch case and it was quite a breakthrough in dive watch technology… They were characterised as being cases designed to seal better and better with greater pressure, as the pressure itself pushed sealing surfaces closer together. There are different types of compressor, the most sought after being the twin crowned variant…. The upper crown turns the internal bezel (for timing your dive) and the lower crown changes the date and time… jacques Cousteau used to use them…. Various brands used the case including Hamilton, IWC and JLC (amongst many others… some detail on the case types
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