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  1. Leave all the artificial fan noise out of it. This is a time of reckoning for football and a well overdue reminder that live matches aren’t even half the spectacle without fans in the stadium. Let the club, the league and the tv companies hear what a bland viewing experience it can be without vocal fans in stadium.
  2. What you have to ask yourself is, are all of those reasons the reasons why he went in the first place? Or would, maybe, a man prepared to claim on live tv in front of the nation that he went for a 30-minute drive to a beauty spot to test his eyesight also be prepared to fabricate everything else in his account? If the entire story stood up then it would have been so easily refutable and not an issue at all. What I suspect has happened is he’s thought “I need to cover up everything I can, what can I say that sounds plausible?”. He’s failed to do so and it has blown up big time. I imagine there was a lot of time spent deliberating about how to address the Barnard Castle trip and that it was the hardest to cover up of all parts of his actions. He referenced in his tale seeing an old man from a distance and saying ‘Happy Easter‘ so I imagine they thought the risk was just too great to claim that trip never happened and the eye test was, astoundingly, the best they could come up with for it to look like a well-intentioned trip. Dominic Cummings wants you to think of him as a well-meaning father, he wants you to think that he followed the rules as best he could and he wants you to think that any time he did break the rules there was a good explanation why (that didn’t involve his wife’s birthday). Think about the story you're being sold - if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. The vast majority of the nation have not believed it one bit and I think they’ve read him like a book.
  3. I think you’re missing the point that this is a multi-faceted issue. This is not as simple as bloke jumping in a car and driving to Durham. If it was then it wouldn’t be high on the agenda for the media right now. It’s about a government undermining it’s own advice, showing contempt for the general public, lying and deceiving at will, breaking all convention to protect the interests of a few key individuals. How this issue is handled has ramifications for how they lead us (both through the virus and thereafter) and reveals dysfunctional leadership that could justifiably account for the unnecessary death of thousands. The media are completely right to shine a light on this and then to make that light stronger and brighter when the reaction is not in the interest of the general public. If they don’t hold the government to account and standards then who does? You sat in your house? Or maybe you don’t think a government needs to be questioned.(in which case you’d love North Korea). So as much as the government and those who will blindly put their faith in that government might want the agenda to move on, it’s completely fair and right it hasn’t. And in actual fact it will not make recovery from this any quicker/slower.
  4. This is now getting a bit “stop, stop, he’s already dead”
  5. File alongside Prince Andrew’s Pizza Express and sweat condition gems in terms of credibility.
  6. People are expecting him to just tell the truth and that to then prove he’s not done anything wrong. If he just did that he wouldn’t be so flustered. So yeah people want a clear and open delivery.
  7. Also, the ‘harassment of Dom’ nonsense that many are desperately clutching at with only a few straws left to grasp is hilarious. Probably the same ones who posted that years old photo of a flustered Boris from the Conservative party conference years ago as if it was current with a caption akin to “this man is doing his best - get behind him” - if you need to resort to stuff like that rather than rationale then it says a lot. Two simple solutions for Dom if he feels harassed: 1) Apologise 2) Resign He’s done neither thus far. Fingers crossed we have both to follow.
  8. Mad that this is even happening. Some nice delaying tactics happening already to cut into the time for questions no doubt. Looking forward to seeing what other dirty tactics come into play...
  9. Has a Prime Minister ever stood in front of the nation and lost such credibility in one go? He’s screwed up from start to finish and if you can’t see that then you never will and are most likely letting political allegiance cloud your judgement. Johnson needs to go now - genuinely don’t think anyone could do a worse job even stepping in mid-pandemic.
  10. Boris doing the daily briefing. Must be seething that his bank holiday weekend plans have been interrupted and he now has to do some work...
  11. These last 48 hours have just shown what a sorry state British politics has become. At the centre of it all a man who has generally shown contempt for the intellect of the British public. Sling a few slogans around, tug a few heart strings re. the NHS, play on people’s fears about immigration and you really can “get Brexit done”. A man who’s genius is to spoon-fed political issues to the masses and revel in it when they gulp it down (“take back control” and a deal being “oven ready”). It’s no surprise that a man who you hold up as some kind of heroic figure - and vindicate by being influenceable enough to prove right in the referendum and the election - then feels he is somehow different to you, to us and to the rules that he has no doubt influenced for the rest of the country to follow. That he would, when bang to rights, feel completely untouchable that he feels no need to even come close to an apology. The most depressing thing is seeing the dark arts kick back into play. Everyone talks about Dominic Cummings on Twitter when the story first breaks yet no ‘Dominic Cummings’ trending on Twitter? An absent Prime Minister shunting out his transport secretary to front the music. MPs simultaneously executing a PR campaign with those same tones (“this is about a 4 year old child” and “what would any reasonable parent do?”) - you only have to read this thread to see that same old Brexit target audience taking these lines, gulping them down and going on to do his bidding by making the discussion about them. Ever feel like you’re being played? It’s now in vogue for a media - whose job it is to scrutinise, to find out about these types of misdemeanours and shine a light on them - to either be called out for doing their job and their profession, which is essential to a functioning democracy, questioned. On the other side of the coin you have the BBC’s Political Editor essentially doing the government’s dirty work for them. When you throw out the term ‘fake news’, do you ever think about the man (Trump) who originally popularised that term? And why it might be advantageous for an inept or unscrupulous government to have you spouting it on their behalf? It’s all just a sorry mess right now. The ineffective leadership, the dirty campaigns of lies and deceit, the divisions in our society by those who fell neatly into line in making the whole Brexit discussion so toxic. In an era of nationalistic tone and British exceptionalism, is there really anything to be proud about in British politics right now?
  12. Just another point - this isn’t about politics, it’s about leadership. Let’s say executive A at organisation X had to determine some crucial advice for the health and safety of the public for which organisation X was responsible. Having initially deliberated about the best course of action, based on what organisation Y and organisation Z had done, executive A advised a very clear strategy for organisation X’s public to do the same. Executive A then breaks those guidelines himself, putting organisation X’s public at increased risk, refuses to apologise, asks executives B, C and D to support his excuse to the point they contradict the original guidelines. It then emerges executive A had broken the guidelines on more than one occasion. I think most people would find it very hard to believe executive A was fit for the role he was in or to trust his advice again. Put your left-wing/right-wing or the petty ‘Remainers’/‘Brexiteers’ bull crap that should have ended 31st January to one side and assess the situation objectively for what it is. Got to go.
  13. This is exactly the problem. Boris is a puppet who has got to where he is based on Cumming’s strategies and slogans and he’s probably bricking it right now that he’ll get even more found out if he has to sack him. Sad state of affairs when the government’s response to Dominic Cummings misdemeanours is clearly being orchestrated by Dominic Cummings. Clear tactic to talk about 4-year old child and “what would you do in this situation?” and get all the loyal aides that Dominic would tolerate in the cabinet pushing the same points. Laughable to see the same old usernames in this thread then trot out the same lines. They’d also make excellent puppets for the government!
  14. Yeah, don’t discuss politics or politicians on the biggest political issue of the last 70+ years.... Like it or not, the impact of this pandemic is intrinsically linked to a number of political decisions and events over the last few years. So it’s absurd to try and separate the two. Forums like this are at their best when there is reasoned and articulate debate/discussion happening and this is one topic where everyone should have an opinion and a perspective and be encouraged to share that (after all we’ve all been impacted by it). I’ve not seen anyone overstep any mark yet - plenty of opinions I disagree with but each and every one valid. We have a freedom of speech in every day society so I’ve no idea why that would need to be restricted on a football forum!
  15. None of us know for sure but I personally think that the level of illness a prime minister would need to be at in order to receive additional medical care is likely a lot lower than the average man on the street. So I’d urge everyone to keep that in perspective. He had some oxygen to assist with his recovery but let’s not pretend he was in a coma on a life support machine/ventilator. I don’t doubt that coronavirus is an illness that will take some getting over and time to get back to 100% normality but if he’s not fit to do the job then maybe he should step aside? The country needs a prime minister more than ever right now and if Boris is not fit enough to lead in the way he should be then that needs addressing. After all, if any of us were on sick pay or subject to a company policy we wouldn’t remain on full pay whilst we took as long as we felt we needed to recover would we?!
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