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  1. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    The songbook is a tradegy at the minute. Most of our most popular chants over the last couple of years related to winning the league, heading to/being in Europe and Ranieri. We can't sing any of them now. You then have those who want to start the new chants wanting them to be European in style which isn't conducive to large numbers joining in... Thought Man City fans were good today. Quite a few unique chants for their individual players whereas when we make chants for players people would rather go for joke chants (ala the Silva and Iborra ones) rather than just taking a well known song and working with it. The massive comedown from the last couple of years is then just the cherry on the cake.
  2. Leicester vs Leeds - League Cup match thread.

    Simpson's been one of our best players for the last 18 months
  3. New chants and songs

    If you'd like to point out where that accusation was made then I'd appreciate it. Baffles me how people can draw negative inference from something in no way derogatory... Big fan of what Union FS have done and what the group stands for. As a group dedicated to improving atmosphere there's a real opening for more good work here. I know new chants are hard to get going but Union FS have the numbers to get the initial weight behind new chants. Get the group together to run through some new chants, vote as a group which ones you think you can really get going and then persist persist persist until we've got an away support back to be proud of.
  4. New chants and songs

    Can't believe that, despite some great suggestions, we've not got a couple of chants about winning the league. The Leicester songbook at the minute is a right state with Leicester boys are we (pretty drab and widespread confusion over the last line) and Champions of England 5000-1 about as adventurous as it gets. We're even clinging on to ring of fire recently which came and went as a trend for everyone else about 10 years ago. Come on Union FS, your time to take some of the great suggestions in this thread and get them going in the stands.
  5. Ohhhayoh Adrem

    Can anyone help me find European heavyweights Nottingham Forest on that list?
  6. Shakespeare's Final Act

    I think that's a tad harsh! He did a decent job but I think he ultimately didn't have the experience and ruthless streak to make the decisions that needed making to take us to the level we should be at if we're going to have a legacy from the title-winning season.
  7. Shakespeare's Final Act

    It was indeed so I've edited it. Thanks Time flies...
  8. Shakespeare's Final Act

    I've just written a blog with my take on the Shakespeare sacking. For anyone who cares to read you can do so through the following link or just below... Thanks! http://theposthorngallop.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/shakespeares-final-act.html It’s mid-December 2015 and, such is the cyclical nature of football, as one man’s story is just beginning, another’s is ending. As Jose Mourinho, the man who had once famously described him as: “too old to change his mentality” and ridiculed the absence of a mjor trophy win on his CV, stood in the technical area adjacent to him, powerless to claw back any semblance of influence over his dissenting playing staff, Claudio Ranieri was about to prove that he who keeps learning stays young. On that balmy night at the King Power Stadium, Mourinho’s second Chelsea chapter closed. The pen depicting Claudio Ranieri’s fairytale was about to start scribbling away. In a season which dominated headlines and captured imaginations worldwide, this was the first result - a 2-1 home victory over the previous season’s champions Chelsea - that thrust Leicester City into the limelight. The thing about limelight though, is that it can change complexions. As this became a tale which just had to be told, football writers, journalists, pundits and supporters scrambled to try and construct the narrative. A club that had built steadily off the pitch and achieved a sumptuous blend of grit and finesse on it - thanks in no small part to the work of predecessor Nigel Pearson and his trusty aides Steve Walsh and Craig Shakespeare - were daring to dine at football’s top table. The plucky underdog, the perennial underachiever, was wearing the dinner jacket of top dog. After they’d stayed for the main course following this impressive starter, Leicester City got their just desserts. A maiden top-tier title. When fairytales come with a dollop of enchantment, they have a tendency to capture the imagination of an entire globe and to break down those linguistic, geographical or political barriers that exist. The Leicester City story became everybody’s story. Fast forward almost two years and that reader’s grasp of the story remains. The fairytale came to end in the orange-infused streets of Seville when orange seemingly became the new black as Claudio Ranieri’s sacking led to the kind of widespread mourning reserved for treasures of a national proportion. The obituaries were as glowing as the pointed words about Craig Shakespeare and the Leicester players were sharp. The fairytale had become a tragedy, the heroes the villains of the piece and everything had all gone a bit… Shakespearian. Time has passed, Leicester City faded almost back into the background, and those who previously had no reason to speak of them returned to their ‘Big Four’ daily read. That was until, after four months and 26 games, Craig Shakespeare was sacked earlier this week. Everyone, again, had an opinion. Everyone wanted their say. This Leicester City story clearly still belonged to more than just those who had been travelling the country to watch underwhelming performances this season. But had those who cared to criticise the casting directors in this tremendous tale of Leicester City’s, the Thai owners of the club, also taken such effort to travel up to Huddersfield to watch an abject display against a newly-promoted side who Tottenham Hotspur (the same Tottenham Hotspur who finished a full 11 points behind Leicester in the title-winning season) dispatched with ease a couple of weeks later? Had they been at Arsenal for the season’s curtain-raiser to see what should been an opening day victory turned into ‘nul points’ through some questionable substitutions? Had they consistently despaired at a sentimental reluctance to change from a predictable and dated 442 formation which only endured through an unwavering sense of loyalty to the self-policing dressing room that had delivered former glories? As the sequel to the Leicester success story was written, Shakespeare was unable to break character. ‘Shakey’ to the players, he couldn't quite shift those unintentionally undermining tags; ‘nice guy’ and ‘great coach’. Andy King starting games in central midfield over three years after promotion to the Premier League caused some to question his ability to ad lib. In the wake of Ranieri’s departure, Leicester fans had to endure the mud that was thrown in their club’s direction. The crazy notion that Ranieri had somehow earned the right to take their club to a point lower than that which it was at when he arrived. That consistently poor performances were acceptable just because of what had gone before. Since Shakespeare departed, the afterword has been much the same. “How could they?” “The game’s gone”. “He deserved more time”. But is there not something admirable about a club wanting to achieve again? To try and make that fairy tale that brought with it the world’s affection something more than a one-story series? To create, for the likes of Shakespeare and Ranieri, a legacy that reads as more than just one season of wonder instead of the club becoming the old drunk in the corner of the bar talking about how he was once everybody's friend and on top of the world? It seems as quickly as people were happy to build Leicester up, they are content to just as swiftly tear them down. That old British thirst for a fall from grace. There is no doubting that the decision to cast aside Shakespeare was ruthless. But also without doubt is the message that it sends: Leicester City are no longer happy to be perennial Premier League strugglers or bouncing between English football’s top-two tiers. In years to come, as we dust off the cover of the old Leicester fairytale, Craig Shakespeare will be remembered with reverence. Managers will come and managers will go as that football cycle doesn't stop turning. But Shakespeare's name is written in Leicester City folklore. Just as Mourinho found his, such a respected figure within the football fraternity as Shakespeare is, another role will come calling for ‘Shakey’. And when he looks back on his instrumental part in nine years of unprecedented success at Leicester City he’ll realise that such longevity was the exception and not the rule. Enter stage left, Leicester’s next protagonist.
  9. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    He gets the next two league games for me. Anything less than 3 points and he has to go...
  10. Bournemouth (A) - 3pm Sat 30th September

    1 x spare adult ticket for this (£30) I'm based in London so will have to be collection from me there or in Bournemouth on Saturday DM if interested
  11. Team Bonding!

    Slimani walked straight down the tunnel at full time again today as he did at Huddersfield with Mahrez. No staying on the pitch with his team or shaking hands with the opposition. I would love to know how he's integrated with the team because he gives off the vibe of someone who would be toxic for team spirit.
  12. Running a Half Marathon

    In three weeks time, I'm going to be running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London so thought I'd draw on the support and experience of the LCFC community... Have you ever done a half marathon? And, if so, what tips would you give for the day? Training was going pretty well up to a couple of weeks ago when I injured my knee playing football. Really hoping that it will be ok as I don't want to have to pull out of the race but it came at a really crucial period of training where I was due to up my distances (I've only done about two-thirds of the distance thus far). I'll be picking training back up again over the next week and that will be the real test of the knee (completely innocuous incident which led to a sharp pain in the centre of my knee cap - possible ligament tweak/strain - and never felt a sensation like it) but I'm pretty determined to get through the race even if I have to take it steady. In all honesty, one of the hardest parts so far has been raising the sponsorship so I'm also going to shamelessly plug that here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/JamieBarnard88 I'm running for the Alzheimer's Society and any support you can give would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Slimani and Mahrez

    Another thread about Mahrez and Slimani? Because Mahrez and Slimani just showed a complete lack of unity with their team mates and respect for the supporters... I never slate Mahrez. He's easily our best player and a joy to watch. But that spoke volumes at the full time whilstle today. Doesn't happen in a harmonious dressing room or with players who give everything for each other. If that's not worth a discussion and justification for pointless memes then what's the point of a forum? Never get why people would comment in a thread to say that thread's not worth commenting on...
  14. Slimani and Mahrez

    Walked straight down the tunnel at the final whistle. Zero acknowledgement of the away end or their team mates. Can't help but feel Slimani is toxic for the dressing room and an influence on Mahrez's attitude. They frequently seem to come as a pair and there were no questions about Mahrez's conduct before his arrival. Given that he's supposedly trying to force his way into the side, Slimani's application and attitude absolutely stank today.
  15. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    Jon Moss should never be allowed to referee one of our matches again having ****ed us over twice now. I hope the whole away end gives him the stick he deserves from the moment he emerges.