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  1. The point is we don’t get the chance to make the top 4 every season. Every season we have the chance to win the FA Cup. I think we’d all agree that this squad with a couple of additions would have the chance to be contenders in each of the cup competitions. But if we don’t get Champions League then the Maddison to Man United, Chilwell to Chelsea and Ricardo to Spurs links start to sound less and less ridiculous. This season is a point of reckoning for our club. Either we get top 4, add to what we have and potentially build a golden period. Or we miss it, players want to leave when the Champions League clubs come calling and it’s back to being happy shooting for 7th. Brendan has to prioritise top 4 and I’d even take it now at the price of a defeat at Villa Park. It’s the choice between wanting a trophy this season or giving ourselves a strong chance at a trophy for the next 5 or 6 in my opinion (with the bonus of a European tour).
  2. As a young player looking to break into the first team of a Premier League team in the upper reaches of the league table, why on earth would you make that switch?
  3. Still baffles me that some fans judge him on that same media persona when we, as Leicester fans, were close enough to hear that this wasn't the real him and to see what he was trying to do in creating an us-against-the-world mentality. Not to mention that he provided such success on the pitch after the bleakest period in our history.
  4. They need to change the photos on they have before the foxes eyes too. Make it so it’s only moments of real glory for the club and not the likes of Nugent and Steve Howard. Cup finals, European nights and the Premier League winning season only please.
  5. Outrageous this one. Ricardo was clean through to run at their box and the guy just took him out...
  6. Poor tonight. Nothing before the teams came out whilst those stupid lights were flickering on and off and there was some bizarre music being blasted out. A few years ago, when we went 1-0 down it would have roused everyone and it would have been cranked up a notch. Tonight there was nothing.
  7. Union FS will face the exact same mindset that’s lead to a big Tory majority in this country... Is the atmosphere being better good for the majority? Yes. Do I myself want to sacrifice a little or have a little inconvenience of having to move seats in order to achieve that better situation for the overall majority? No way. Shall I therefore oppose it to protect what’s easiest or best for me first and foremost? Yes.
  8. I’ve said it before but any ground extension would be the perfect time to get something sorted. If you’re building a shiny new East Stand with corporate hospitality in then that’s the end of L1 but you’ll still have that very loyal group of fans who have been there for 20 years and want to be a) able to stand and b) next to the away fans. I’m assuming part of a big new stand could be a new club shop (which they’ve wanted to keep near the Family Stand traditionally) so turn the South East corner where Union FS are currently into the family section, make the current Family Stand/North Stand a safe-standing/singing section and let ‘the Kop’ stay full of the sitters and moaners who are currently there. Everyone wins: you don’t upset those who have been in the South Stand for years, you move the Family Stand away from the away fans and L1, Union FS and anyone else who wants to stand can do so in one stand behind that goal. I live in hope but not expectation.
  9. He literally told the club he wanted to leave. Either you’re with us or you’re not and he chose not to be so he deserves all the stick that comes his way (as decent a bloke as he may seem). Unfortunately for him you can’t tell LCFC you want out, in pursuit of a move to a club that quite clearly only had more money as an attraction at that moment in time, and maintain the affection of the club’s fans.
  10. There’s a whole load of inconsistency with Stringer. Whenever he’s gone into investigative journalist mode (which is when he’s at his worst: he’s a radio presenter not a tabloid journalist) he trots out the line “look, we’re not here to be fans, we have to maintain impartiality and ask the difficult questions”. But does this article read like impartiality? When he commentates on goals with cringeworthy antagonistic lines like “good night Unai Emery” and “how do you like that Newcastle?” does he sound like a professional or a fan? You quickly learn that the common denominator is that Ian Stringer is whatever it is best for Ian Stringer to be. That he inserts himself into the story to the point of making it about him than the actual story.
  11. Birchenall said on the Boot Room a few weeks back something like that they’d calculated that they could currently sell 40,000+ tickets for 60% of our fixtures. I’ll leave the club to do their calculations with all of the hard data to hand rather than Dirkster The Fox’s maths on the back of a fag packet based on a one-off cup game. Their calculations currently say an expansion is feasible and plans are already underway so it’s a futile discussion.
  12. Happy New Year! This is the one we hear that Champions League anthem ring round our stadium once again and make that pilgrimage down to Wembley
  13. 1. Pele 2. David Attenborough 3. John Motson 4. Roy Chubby Brown 5. The Queen Under 40: Shamima Begum
  14. Can see what he’s trying to do in this piece but unfortunately it just shows that he’s not a writer. Most BBC Local Radio reporters will have been to university and studied a journalism course that requires them to do written pieces as well as broadcast pieces as part of their training. Stringer’s the work experience kid come good and, when he’s trying to turn his hand to writing pieces, it shows.
  15. The tactical foul on Felipe Anderson late on showed a maturity and awareness beyond his years
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