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  1. It’s 2032 and the latest episode of Inside The Dressing Room is out with Kasper Schmeichel: “Brendan brought me in for a quiet word and asked me to tell the lads that we couldn’t possibly compete with the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea because we didn’t have the resources that they did. He wanted to emulate what Everton were doing at the time - years and years of Premier League survival without going anywhere. That’s why he went out and signed the likes of Jannik Vestergaard. It’s definitely a case of what could have been”
  2. I rate him. But I don’t think Brendan does.
  3. Wayne Brown, Steve Howard, Gerry Taggart, Barry Hayles.
  4. As soon as Barnes finds his finishing touch he’ll be one hell of a player. Bring in a finishing coach to work with him one-to-one for a few months and get him doing extra after training. He more or less has at least two or three chances a game currently and if we can up his conversion rate then he’ll be a great asset. As for the right-wing, I’d quite happily bin them all off. - Albrighton needs to be playing about the same number of games Fuchs has this season, next season - Leicester legend and reliable but doesn’t suit the style or contribute goals. - Powderpuff Perez flatters to deceive. One productive game in every 7 or 8 but too soft and ineffective the rest of the time. To improve us, he needs to become a bit-part player from the bench with 15 or 20 minutes here or there plus cups. - Gray needs selling before his contract runs down even more. He has the technical ability but not what you need between the ears unfortunately. Can strike a ball perfectly well and has all the attributes of speed, ball control and strength but if the brain can’t help you bring it all together consistently then you’ll only ever play in flashes. Spend some serious money on a proven right winger, have Barnes on the left and then have Perez and another promising youngster on the bench.
  5. It’s almost like we need some kind of priority points system where the more years you’ve had a season ticket and the more times you’ve spent time and money following the team away from home, the higher your priority will be for a reduced capacity stadium....
  6. He plays the positive pass and not the safe one. It’s no surprise that with that kind of approach he’s creating chances. Really hope that fearlessness and positive mindset doesn’t get coached out of him.
  7. I think in the coming weeks and months it’ll become clear that we’re not going to be getting to any European away days. The officials in the UK today are talking about potentially all of next season with reduced crowds - they won’t even get to thinking about away fans until they can get the full contingent of home fans in. You might be able to travel to the country/city but you won’t be getting in the ground and with minimal other City fans travelling then what’s the point? For me, that’s much easier to take now it’s Europa League rather than Champions League. If we get to the knockout stages then we might get one or two away trips then but the more I think about it the less I can see the European campaign we are all hoping for. From reading the comments in here I think the penny isn’t dropping for a fair few just yet.
  8. Quite easy for Ferguson’s Manchester United to move out a 20 goal a season striker when a) the quality around him wasn’t too bad and b) they had the resources to replace either with another or several other top class players. The day we lose Vardy we probably drop 4 or 5 places in the league table.
  9. Get the worst away days out of the way whilst we can’t have fans in stadiums. West Ham and Man City early doors please.
  10. The lack of ambition amongst some of our fan base is astounding. I get European football of any kind hasn’t happened for Leicester City often. But our past does not have to define our future. People will cite how far we’ve come in terms of infrastructure but then see competing at a high level as some kind of magical fairytale. We all criticise Forest for letting their past dominate their present. We say they live in the past but, my God, it seems some of our fans would also let 20 or 30 years ago dictate what we should be satisfied with in this day and age.
  11. Me too. And we are right to be. Several of those who put cash on us at 5,000/1 did so because of the form at the end of the season before. Several of us put money on top 4 last summer because of how we ended last season. By the same logic, it wouldn’t be such a wild suggestion for us to take what will probably be quite decent odds on relegation next season.
  12. I just don’t see how you can be pleased about Europa League if it’s supposed progress for Leicester City. This season was a potential inflection point for English football. Manchester United were as weak as they’d been in a long time with Champions League being a key determining factor on how quick their journey back would be. Tottenham were in turmoil and are Mourinho era failure away from losing a grip on regular top 4. Arsenal walked into it with question marks over Emery and have had half a season in transition under Arteta. Chelsea had Lampard appointed on sentiment with no guarantee he would deliver. The only thing that stops these clubs dominating over us is if we deny then Champions League revenue and take it for ourselves. We haven’t. Lampard is now splashing cash at Stamford Bridge and will have even more at his disposal. Man United will likely spend as well with Champions League on offer there. Not to mention that Wolves are only getting stronger and Spurs, Arsenal, Everton and potentially even Saudi-rich Newcastle could all come on way stronger than this season. You don’t break those power structures without taking opportunities like the one we had: both in terms of the start we had and the state of the other key players in and around the level we wanted to be at. It’s a question of what you want Leicester City to be. If you (unlike our owners) don’t believe it’s possible for us to break into that top 4/6 ‘elite’ then be delighted with Europa League. If you want to think big then you have to feel a little disappointed.
  13. He’s got a huge summer ahead which will define his next couple of manager posts after Leicester and he’s made it even harder for himself by how he’s managed the second half of this season costing him the champions league revenue. Either he doesn’t realise where the issues have come from, he overestimates his ability to coach to improve and we walk into next season without having addressed key areas that need strengthening (such as the wide areas). Or in actual fact the bluster about “great group of lads, hungry to learn, character” is just talk and he actually goes out and buys experience with a winning mentality and is ruthless in moving the likes of Perez, Choudhury and Albrighton to the fringes. If he doesn’t get this summer right then I can see him gone midway through next season and his reputation with a big question mark next to it.
  14. If anyone can show me a single sign from Leicester since December that suggests we can even get close to winning the Europa League then please go ahead...
  15. Nothing to do with corona. Could see this coming a mile off (I personally put money on us not finishing top 4 on the way back from a dismal defeat at Burnley) and that’s the concern: this wasn’t over a condensed lockdown spell, it’s been since December and we’ve not been able to address it. If you’re happy with 5th then it’s a small-time mentality. I get it’s a decent consolation but if you’re willing to ignore the last 19 games because we managed to still end up 5th despite being so poor for so long then you’re kidding yourself.
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