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  1. Ah right, so he's been in training for the last 10 games and played against Everton and Swansea did he? Or maybe you think the absence was brought on by genuine reasons which the club just chose to keep quiet to build this media storm and fan displeasure even further? Or perhaps he was given time away from the club but they chose to just keep it quiet and make their best player look like a petulant child and jeopardise their chances of victory against West Brom and Swansea? Alternatively, the club had an interested party not willing to pay the required amount and cratfed this situation to paint him as a bad apple in order to put suitors off and potentially drive down the value of a player whose asking price isn't being met currently? Speculation, right? Unless any given situation is confirmed 100% then we shouldn't possibly deduce what might have happened from what appears to be most likely, huh?!
  2. Amazing how many people are willing to turn a blind eye based on the fact that he's our best player. Imagine if this was Simpson who'd acted like this or Albrighton... Should he be involved tomorrow? Absolutely not. If the power is ever to shift back to clubs from players then Mahrez has to be punished for his antics of the last 10 days. If, by some unlikely miracle, the club authorised this absence then someone needs sacking. The statement from Mahrez is absolutely pathetic. No apology or explanation for the fact he's missed three important matches and two weeks of training but instead a feeble attempt to pass the buck and blame others for the stories that have appeared in the national press for the last couple of weeks. Exactly the kind of petulance and lack of ownership over his own decisions that created this situation. If the stories in the news were so wide of the mark then there was a simple solution to put an end to them: get back to doing the job he's paid handsomely to do. Fine him, sideline him, boo him. If you are happy to just let Mahrez stroll back into the side as if nothing's happened then you're part of the problem.
  3. Should Riyad Mahrez play for the club again?

    If he's still absent without permission then we shouldn't be "seeking talks with his representatives". Don't pay him for every single day he's been off. Fine him additional on top if you can. When he's stopped being a petulant little child then he can come back to us. If he plays his arse off in training and apologies for the disgraceful behaviour of the last week then he can have a chance back in the side in order to play his way into a move in the summer (provided his team mates accept him back). If he doesn't then we'll pick discussions up with any interested parties where they left with Man City: £75m+ please. If there are no interested parties at that rate then he can stick around in the reserves for a couple of years and ruin his career. it's going to take for one club to hold firm, disregard the transfer fee they could get and just let a player rot for the duration of their contract for the power to shift back to the clubs. Pulis did a half decent job on Berahino and Mahrez should proceed with caution.
  4. Should Riyad Mahrez play for the club again?

    Tough one. If he comes back and has a poor/average end to the season then no one will be coming in with £75m+. If we cast him aside for the remainder then we can sell him based on how he finished with us up until January. The best scenario for me would be one of two things: 1) we carry on talking with Man City and see if they want to do a deal now to take him when the window opens (true test of whether he was just a stop gap option for them) and have him finish the season here like Keita is doing at his club. 2) he signs a new deal with a determined buy out clause. Make it clear as day that we're not standing in his way, we just want what he's worth. Such a shame that he's massively tainted his legacy here.
  5. Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    Good riddance to Slimani. He'll probably do ok there but he had enough chances to fight for a place here (in games other than against lower league or reserve cup sides) and never showed enough.
  6. WBA away - 3pm Sat 10th March

    I might need help with getting 2 tickets if anyone's looking for the points? DM me if so!
  7. New chants and songs

    Iheanacho's chant should be the one England fans sing for Defoe. Naaa, na na na na, na na na naaa na na na na, na na na IH-EAN-A-CHOOOO
  8. Iheanacho

    He's a goal scorer. One of those that if he gets a shot off at goal then more often than not it'll be on target. If he can add work rate to that gift and fashion more shooting opportunities for himself then he'll be deadly.
  9. 54th minute applause for a fellow Fox

    The amount of times when one of these things happen people stand there applauding whilst saying "what's this for then?"... There really are better, more meaningful, tributes you can make to your loved ones who have passed.
  10. one cup down, one to go.

    So frustrating that if we'd not let those winning positions slip at just a couple of West Ham, Watford, Liverpool or Stoke within the last couple of months then we could tonight be talking about going for 6th and a guaranteed European spot...
  11. A very reasonable reply. I've, on very rare occasion, given my ticket to someone else and also benefitted once from someone else lending their priority when I needed more than the two I could get on mine and my old man's tickets. I guess the issue comes when it's large numbers en masse that are benefiting this way. I've also dropped slightly down the pecking order this season despite going to a good number of away games and it's definitely to do with people regularly selling on tickets for games they never had any intention of going to. Like you, would hate to have a system like the one for European tickets but there must be something the club could do to make things fairer all round. On previous history I wouldn't trust them to get much right in that ticketing operation however!
  12. Not really justification though is it?! I don't have any problem getting away tickets thanks to my priority but I can understand why other people might be annoyed. Knowing people who have priority shouldn't really guarantee you a ticket (nothing to do with bitterness). In fact your point that these guys get tickets because they know people who let them use their priority (thus giving them even more points) is argument enough for why the away ticket priority system isn't working currently (although not speaking personally on that).
  13. Happy Birthday Jamie Vardy

    Anyone else's first thought: "If he's that old today, I wonder how long he has until he loses his pace..."?!
  14. Slimani

    How about making something happen for yourself if the service isn't the best? No one would be complaining if Slimani had run his arse off, put himself about but ultimately not scored. Or even if he'd had limited service and missed one or two from that service. It's about attitude and desire with him. Okazaki is one of our most appreciated players for having looked limited but completely committed for three years now. Is it too much to ask that a £29m player who's supposedly trying to force his way into the team give it 110% against opposition from the third tier of English football? Or does me wanting that mean I'm a 'boo boy' or just scapegoating?
  15. Andy King

    He's become a cog in a machine. When the team's playing well he's classy, composed and technically sound. However when the team's playing poorly he doesn't step up and grab a game by the scruff of its neck. I think that's where the criticism comes. He'll never stand out for making mistakes or being truly dire (hence the 'anonymous' criticism he gets), but equally he'll never be the only shining light in a poor side or really dictate or dominate a game. He's evolved as a player (probably just to survive in teams as we've gone up the levels) but unfortunately that's been away from the exciting goal-scoring midfielder that we saw in the Sven era.