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  1. Looks to me like there’s a bit of expansion on the north stand there with an overhang out the back out it. Looks like that could potentially be where some extra seats come from? (A small upper tier on the Family Stand)
  2. I have no doubt the stadium expansion will be great. I think we’ll also get safe standing. But I think the club will mess it up by putting the safe standing away from the away fans. What this stand will do is displace L1 standers and they will want to be next to the away end wherever that is in the new layout. They won’t head to ‘the Kop’ or a corner near the south stand just because it has safe standing - their main motivation is the atmosphere next to the away end. Shift the Family section to where Union FS are now, keep away fans in the North East corner and make the
  3. Would be interesting if it’s Leicester vs Chelsea the first game after he dies...
  4. Eric Hall dead. Was he not Dennis Wise’s agent when they were trying to send LCFC into liquidation? Twitter awash with people’s fond memories and what a great man he was. If I’m remembering correctly that he was side by side with Wise trying to send Leicester City to the wall then he also did some pretty shitty things in his time too...
  5. I’m a subscriber of The Athletic and when it comes to LCFC I’d agree. Some of their national journalists/football writers (Daniel Taylor and Oliver Kay etc) are worth paying for but the Leicester City stuff on there by Rob Tanner is often a lot of fluff. When I read his articles there’s 90% stuff you will already know and 10% quotes from whatever the latest press conference has been. Compared to some of the other team-specific writers like Phil Hay for Leeds and James Pearce for Liverpool it’s night and day in terms of access they get and quality of writing. Someone pos
  6. Exactly this. He’s doing a decent job but every game he’s susceptible to letting someone drift off him and have a chance. Dendonker today and if you go back and watch the two Bamford chances at Leeds he was culpable on both. It’s all to do with age and experience at this level where opposition players have such sharp and clever movement, but he’s not quite ready to be relied on week in week out in a side pushing for where we want to be at this moment in time. He’ll get there in time, but right now he’s still a weak link defensively.
  7. Exactly this. He deserves credit for the tactical masterclasses he’s pulled off at Arsenal, Man City and Leeds this season. However, this appears to be a lesson learned after circa 19 games of real tactical underperformance last season when the pressure was on and there was so much on the line. So good job Brendan. Keep it up. But don’t get too far above your station too soon. The praise will come when it’s due.
  8. Indeed. Fofana and Soyuncu either side of Evans with Ricardo and Castagne on the flanks is as good as anything in the league.
  9. Open invite to the Christian Fuchs appreciation society. Defended resolutely and played some crucial passes in the build up to a couple of the goals. Gets left in the garage and brought out for a quick spin and 9 times out of 10 purrs like a Rolls Royce.
  10. It’s amazing that Labour can call for a lockdown 3 weeks ago and the government then have to U-turn, and more or less acknowledge that a lockdown was needed, and it be called ‘political point scoring’. It’s amazing that we can have one of the worst records in the world, it be scrutinised by the opposition and it be called ‘political point scoring’. It’s actually one of those phrases like ‘fake news’ that is designed to bat away any form of scrutiny or criticism that you cannot objectively prove to be unjust. It’s desperate. If this was about ‘political point sc
  11. Whether people have or haven’t followed the rules this is all quite clearly a result of the government chasing it’s tail since March. Late to react meant we locked down hard and late and the economy took a huge hit. Economy being hit meant we had to open up sooner than ideal and encourage people back to work and into the hospitality sector. That’s only manageable if you can have that social mixing but test, track and trace. Government gave expensive contracts to firms that couldn’t deliver (and never had a track record to suggest they could). Now in a situation where people have do
  12. Vardy, Morgan and Schmeichel. These guys are more than club legends, they’re part of the fabric of our club. Biggest compliment you could pay Vichai is that, along with Pearson, he built a culture that meant our players want to be at the heart of everything the club does.
  13. Will be a good player in time but he's very susceptible to some basic errors like not tracking runners or failing to deal with high balls to the back post. Chilwell was a little like that when he first broke through and more or less sorted it out over the next couple of years so hopefully Justin can too.
  14. Disagree completely. He wasn’t correcting anything in the second half, it was part of the game plan from the off that we’d become more expansive at that point knowing that he’d only have Vardy available to him for 30 minutes or so. Had we gone 1-0 down I don’t think anything about the plan would have been changed. Huge kudos to Rodgers. There haven’t been many occasions when I’ve seen Leicester City managers get results from mapping out how they think a game could play out more or less from start to finish. He’s done it twice this season. Yes we’ve had manag
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