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  1. Lineker’s so out of touch with match-going LCFC fans’ sentiment sitting there in his tv studio each week watching our games. Shows it time and again.
  2. Contrast with Puel saying we shouldn’t try to compete with the likes of Wolves... Rodgers, Rodgers, Rodgers. Is taking us to Europe, to Europe, to Europe!
  3. The atmosphere will never reach its full potential until there’s a designated singing section, allowed to stand, where Union FS are also located, next to the away fans. It’s inevitable that a large proportion of those who want to create an atmosphere want to be next to the away fans. I fear the club will do everything possible to try and avoid this however.
  4. If we’re looking anything like we could potentially go down and not picking up points over a prolonged period then it’s a valid debate. Until that point, they’re worlds apart and there’s no debate.
  5. Pass the problem from Sporting. You don’t have to know him on a personal level to see that he was a disruptive character. Remember him skulking off the pitch at Huddersfield away after he’d been brought on and never seen such an average player throw arms up and bemoan team mates as much as he did. Always felt Mahrez’s attitude was never quite the same after Slimani arrived as well.
  6. Seems that a certain portion of our fan base are obsessed with imagining the size of our players’ manhoods which is a bit weird. We need to get working on the songbook for our new players though. It’s just Vichai Had A Dream and the old usual at the moment. Perez: Who’s that scoring goals for Leicester? Plays up top and on the right Oh, his name’s Ayoze Perez and he plays in blue and white And we all think he’s ****ing dynamite (To the tune of bring on the Sunderland and Arsenal - with a quicker pace)
  7. Said to my mate, I was pretty sure he was only warming up late in that second half so that he could coach from the sideline. Will have to see if it becomes a feature of his substitute role.
  8. Saw Chilwell on Soccer AM saying he gets the most fines. That’s the frustrating thing about him: has all the attributes but just can’t apply himself. Quite clear that the problem isn’t in his feet but in between the ears and unfortunately you can’t train that.
  9. Club legend and surely has enough to absolutely boss it up there. Hope he has a blinder as he deserves a great end to his career.
  10. It’s a completely valid, and very interesting, point he/she’s raised. Unless of course we’re meant to never question the decisions the club makes and swear blind allegiance and loyalty to our masters over there at King Power Stadium? Fans who refuse to question anything the club does baffle me. Yes, there’s an element of being a supporter but there’s also an element of holding the club to account. If fans didn’t do that you’d likely be supporting a club that plays 50% of its games abroad, let’s the tv companies dictate the fixture list, has less blank space on the shirt than sponsorship and charges £80 a game for those who can afford tickets. If there’s a fans fund from the Premier League then fans surely have a right to question how that is spent?
  11. They’re running out of ideas now. And when I say ideas, I mean marketing ploys. Want to push the #fearless thing? Print 3,000 cheap shirts with it on. Got a pink kit that needs flogging? Give away a load of pink hats to go with it. There are usually two types of people with discussion on these kind of things; those who say “people are so ungrateful and the club is the best ever for giving us a gift” (not seeing the bigger picture at all - or that this likely comes from a PL fans’ fund) and those who would just like to see something that will make a meaningful difference like giving fans some money back in the pocket or a free journey. Our club is, and has been, great in so many ways. But they really do try and peddle a particular type of match experience to us and really don’t effectively engage with the full fan base on these type of things.
  12. Most interesting quote in that is “Jamie definitely plays. He’s top class” Compare with Puel leaving him out of the side because he wasn’t getting the service thanks to his overly cautious set up. It’s rare that a manager comes in and rights all of the wrongs of the previous manager but Brendan seems to be doing it.
  13. Think they could have done with signing a couple with premier league experience. Not all of these new guys will adapt to the prem and a couple of older, if unspectacular, heads could hold it together a bit for them. There’s also an abundance of them available this summer for free/next to nothing: Simpson, Cahill, Delph, Jagielka etc.
  14. The absolute magic man. At 22 years old he could quite easily go on to be our best ever player based on his early showings.
  15. It’s 676, it’s HEAVEN for Jamie Vardy!
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