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  1. Robert Huth

    He's been amazing for us. Club legend but it's rightly time he moved on. Surely him going back to Stoke to help them in The Championship is nailed on?!
  2. Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    Amazes me the number of Slimani apologists that exist... So many excuses made on his behalf it's mad!
  3. Slimani

    He's bang average at everything other than heading a ball into the net from a cross. Hope he does well there if only to recoup as much of the money we wasted on him as possible.
  4. Claude Puel lays out his vision for Leicester City

    Mixed opinion on this... Yes, we needed to become better at breaking teams down. But if the intention is to change the style of the reserves and academy in line with what we've seen recently then we need to have the players good enough to play that style. As we've seen with the first team, if you ask the likes of Morgan and Simpson to play this style then they struggle. How many technically brilliant players have we brought through our academy in the last 20 years? If the intention is to develop better players then that's going to take 5 to 10 years for us to see the effect. Many clubs have tried to change their style away from what made them successful (Stoke, West Brom, Swansea to name a few) and have looked worse for doing it. It seems that possession-based football is back in vogue thanks to Guardiola. Something which doesn't take into account the fact that he's a one-off and that success has come for others (us winning the league, Atletico being one of the strongest teams in Europe and Burnley getting 7th) by trying at style which suits their players and isn't about keeping the ball for the sake of the possession stats.
  5. Name a better option than puel

    Is this a parody account?
  6. Vardy - 60 in 3 seasons.

    He's too good for us now. Thankfully he's also too old for anyone else...
  7. Grand national 2018 Sweepstake.

    1. Webbo 2. Matt 3. Walkers 4. Suzie 5. StanSP 6. scouse 7. Facecloth 8. pSinatra 9. Otis 10. Tuna 11. lestajigs 12. Mike Oxlong 13. Stripey 14. One F in Fox 15. Jammie82uk 16. Osavo 17. Izzy 18. Ian Nacho 19. Adam1 20. Craig 21. Chrishlcfc 22. Bert 23. Kingcarr21 24. Smuts 25. NorthfieldsFox 26. Hitesh 27. Goose2010 28. daddylonglegs 29. HowardsBulletHeader 30. AKCJ 31. Milo 32. TiffToff88 33. oakman 34. SouthStandUpperTier 35. Freeman's Wharfer
  8. Award Voting Opens For End Of Season Dinner

    Player - Ndidi Young player - Ndidi Goal of the season - Mahrez Bournemouth (h) One of the things Puel gets most credit for is playing younger players but then you look at that Young Player nominee list and there’s only one viable option which says a lot. Ndidi should win both player awards but some people will feel they can’t vote him for both. Went for Mahrez for the goal. To rescue a point, with the last kick of the game, from that distance... Vardy’s at West Brom will win it because it’s fresh in the memory. Whilst it was undoubtedly technically brilliant, I went for Mahrez because of the context in which it came.
  9. Puel

    Time that the power came back to where it should be: with the manager. Those senior voices in our squad of Morgan, Schmeichel, Simpson and Vardy have held a little too much power for the last couple of years. We were poor on Saturday but I'd take a few more of those performances until the end of the season if it means we have the clear out that we need in the summer. Many of them have achieved great things here but it's time for an overhaul and addressing this player power imbalance in the process.
  10. Puel

    Completely disagree re.Diabate. He changed the game at Brighton and I thought he was one of our better players yesterday. He's sharp, tries to make things happen and plays at a great tempo. Whilst he may be young, I don't see him as 'one for the future' because I think he has the quality to offer a lot now.
  11. Danny Simpson

    He was always looking a little like he'd struggle with Puel's style but then he absolutely killed him by dropping him completely. Gone from a solid performer who looked a little uncomfortable going forward to one completely lacking in confidence and still struggling when going forward to make things worse. Been brilliant for us for a couple of years but he's finished here this summer.
  12. Hamza Choudhury

    Thought he was distinctly average and people saying he had a great game says a lot about how bad the rest were. Thought he was hiding a little (hence why he ended up between/level with the centre halves a lot) and didn't offer anything going forward. Couple of decent blocks/interceptions but I'd need to see more to be convinced he can be a Premier League player.
  13. Iborra - Key Player?

    Plays the adventurous pass like no one else in our midfield. Has to play every game when fit for me - occasionally gets passes wrong but that's because he attempts those that others would never even try. Classy player.
  14. Fans perspective

    Not really sure where when I started a post 'I think' I made my opinion out to be that of others... Oh and if Everton, Newcastle, Watford and Bournemouth have been world beaters this year then I must have missed that?! So I'd say that describing the rest of the league as 'dross' this year outside of the top 5 is actually pretty accurate and a fair assessment (just 15 points separates 7th and the relegation zone as things stand). And who's to say that a fans' team selection wouldn't be better than some of the ones Puel has put out? Most on here would have played what's widely considered our strongest team against City in the cup but Puel's rotational team with fringe players in it was the better selection for a quarter-final was it?
  15. Fans perspective

    I think a lot of it has to do with Puel's character. If he was a Klopp, Ranieri or even Mourinho style manager with a bit of personality then he'd be afforded a lot more patience than he is currently being. There's no connection between fans and manager - this is the first time I've ever known a Leicester crowd not have a chant referencing their manager - and that leads people to scrutinise more closely than they otherwise would. On the face of it, 8th and a couple of decent cup runs is good. When you dig deeper you see a massive opportunity missed to be well set in 7th or even 6th (especially given the dross outside of the top 5). And in the cups you see a couple of questionable team selections in two massive games which didn't go our way.