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  1. The absolute magic man. At 22 years old he could quite easily go on to be our best ever player based on his early showings.
  2. It’s 676, it’s HEAVEN for Jamie Vardy!
  3. I don’t think he does, does he? Not sure we’ve had a real boyhood supporter play for us for a long time. Even the likes of Chilwell, Schlupp and King who came through weren’t childhood Leicester fans. Liam Moore claimed he was but didn’t he also used to support one of the ‘big 4’ back in the day as well?
  4. Not a single midweek away game that’s not a public holiday. How does that work?! Everton away on Grand National weekend is the highlight for me.
  5. Or is it that they’ll get leeway to broadcast in this slot instead of one of the other slots they’ve purchased at late notice when they’ve realised they’ve screwed up and want to show an important game they weren’t previously planning to do so?
  6. Anything over £80m and I’d sell. Our top class new training facility is costing £100m and we have replacements waiting to step in his position. That said, I do think he’s more important for our game than many realise as he so often breaks lines for us and moves us up the pitch from the centre of our defence. One thing that does annoy me is how the media fall over themselves to help sell the best players outside the top 6 (and often for unjustifiably low fees when you look at the market). Happened with Mahrez with little lines here and there like ‘£40m-rated winger’ and it’s now a top story on BBC Sport that Manchester United “may be interested in Maguire again”. Last time I checked, that shouldn’t be a news story for the BBC and instead is simply conjecture/gossip/speculation. Makes you wonder who’s helping who out by placing these stories so prominently...
  7. Don’t care if it was just one season, he’s our greatest ever manager. The ‘dilly dong’, the “keep dreaming”, the tears at Sunderland, the clean sheet pizzas, Bocelli... all iconic Two things that stood out for me in that title season: 1) Watford (a) - a tight first half and at half time he makes a sub that 99% of the stadium could never have called with King and Schlupp on. Transformed the game and we got the goal we needed 2) The pre-match press conference - everyone was worried about Vardy’s suspension. For the first time he comes out and says “now, we go for the title”. It just felt like that was the starting gun for the sprint finish and remember getting goosebumps as I heard him saying it with such conviction
  8. Whilst I agree with what you're saying, I think a large part has to do with it being rammed into people's daily lives currently. The women's game is being pushed on social media feeds that were previously just for the mens' teams, in the top 3 articles on the BBC Sport website, brought into the discussion on TV/radio discussion/debate... When people feel they are having something forced upon them, they are more likely to push back by overreacting and going on the offensive about that thing (like the OP has done to a certain extent). It was the same with the Alex Scott stuff this year - I don't believe she was really being 'abused' by online 'trolls', I just think that people were expressing their frustration at turning on any football show and seeing her on it (in the same way seeing Alan Shearer on absolutely everything would become tiresome).
  9. You’d like to think uefa will learn from this. But then I just discovered the 2021 final is either Seville or Tbilisi (Georgia) which is another 7-hour flight away.... Let’s see who gets it.
  10. He’s got a new publicist. I think there’s probably a recognition that his media persona has somewhat bitten him on the backside when it comes to how other clubs in England and their fans perceive him. Looking for another job and trying to get a bit of good PR no doubt.
  11. Thought there was a good player in there at the time but agree with others that it was the wrong time for him to be here. One of the small reservations that I did have about him was that, whilst his right foot was clearly pretty classy, his left foot was League One standard at times. Unless he’s improved that he could find that limits his capability in the Premier League (where you have less time and space typically to get your shots away).
  12. If Tielemans doesn’t sign, the biggest mistake in all of this will be that the club didn’t start negotiating a buy option after getting the loan wrapped up. They didn’t want him so we should have been working on an option to buy from the Spurs away game onwards. Appreciate we might not have had the time to do that before the window closed but there’s nothing to have stopped us having that conversation over the last 3 months. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite us.
  13. Hahaha! It’s simply called a world without Claude Puel my friend...
  14. Couldn’t have won it with him, couldn’t have won it without him. Saved our club twice - anyone with anything but admiration for him is a fool.
  15. I don’t see why you would feel it not possible for me to think the Thai owners have been brilliant owners of the football club, appreciate that they’ve done a huge amount for the club and the local community yet still not agree with them using the club to endorse a political entity in Thailand or to not feel that being great owners of the football club should allow them to push a political message on behalf of if. It’s also possible to express distaste or displeasure at something happening without completely abandoning it. I don’t like many morals of Uber as a company but there are many things about their service that I like, for example, and this doesn’t prevent me using their app. This issue is not big enough or offensive enough for me to completely abandon my support of my football club. But I think that it’s a dangerous precedent to not discuss it, express that it doesn’t sit right with me or to excuse it for many of the reasons that people have.
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