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  1. Freeman's Wharfer

    Big Banter Ben Departs....

    Amazing that some idiots thought Pearson wasn't playing him in our first season in the PL because he had a beard when in actual fact it was just because he was distinctly average
  2. Freeman's Wharfer

    Remembering When LCFC Moved From Filbert Street

    I'm 29 so was lucky that I got to experience both. Filbert Street was full of character and some great memories for me from the O'Neill years there - the time I really got hooked on LCFC. That said, it was time to move and what history we've built at the new place! We've certainly had problems with the atmosphere at the KP but during the great escape, the title-winning season and the Champions League campaign there were atmospheres that surpassed anything from Filbert Street and, in actual fact, anything I've seen elsewhere in English football.
  3. Freeman's Wharfer

    Fousseni Diabaté

    He's class and I really like what I've seen of him so far. Sell Gray to the first bidder stupid enough to pay £25m+ for him because he's English and overrated by anyone who doesn't watch him flatter to deceive on a weekly basis and give Diabate more game time to flourish.
  4. On pretty much every goal we conceded against Spurs, Wes was lumbering around desperately out of position somewhere. If he stays in the team next season it'll be a sad sight.
  5. Freeman's Wharfer

    David Wagner

    I like Wagner and think he's done a great job with Huddersfield but I question whether he'd be the right man for us... Firstly, if we sack Puel then there needs to be a major clear-out on the playing side too (Morgan, Simpson, Huth, Okazaki and Fuchs all need moving on IMO) to the extent that Vardy and Schmeichel lose the power base around them as the only two survivors from when player power was accepted at LCFC. We need a manager with a big enough reputation and standing in the game to make that clear-out happen and not be undermined or questioned - someone who players will instantly respect. Secondly, it was reported that Wagner was Rudkin's first choice before he made the recommendation of Puel. Knowing that Puel was Rudkin's pick and that it's him that is championing Wagner instantly makes me question whether Wagner is the right choice. Rudkin should be leading the way in the summer clear-out. For both of the reasons above, Benitez is the kind of manager we should be looking for.
  6. Freeman's Wharfer

    Adrien Silva

    Willing to give him a summer given his disrupted start here but at the moment he looks like an expensive Portuguese Marty James.
  7. Freeman's Wharfer

    Christian Fuchs Off Next Summer

    Almost psychological with him. Originally this was meant to be his last season, now it's next season. He's dwindling down his playing days, more interested in focusing his efforts on what he's doing away from the pitch. Love him and he's a legend but it's time to move him on as well.
  8. Freeman's Wharfer


    If those who are wanting him In are being honest with themselves (and I've been on the fence for a couple of weeks now), it's not that they want Puel in, it's just that they want 'A.Manager' in. We're rightly tired of the chopping and changing but that's no reason to keep him when he's clearly lost the players and the style and results are dire. I get that we need a transition in style (although I question why it needs more than a tweak when it took us to the title and the CL quarter finals) but you can still get results and not shatter the confidence of a squad whilst doing it. Pearson changed the style and got rid of the characters he needed to but he still got results whilst doing it. Puel Out.
  9. Morgan's finished. Spent a good amount of time today hands on hips or bent over looking like his back was giving him grief. Gary Neville always talks about looking back at a game at West Brom and knowing he was finished at this level. If Wes is as honest with himself as he should be, he'll realise his equivalent was the Newcastle home game. Leicester legend but time to drop down a level.
  10. Freeman's Wharfer

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    Please God, don't let it look like this...
  11. Freeman's Wharfer

    Is N'Golo Kanté a Leicester City legend?

    We had arguably the best central midfielder in the world that year playing for us. Of course he's a legend.
  12. Freeman's Wharfer

    Two years ago this happened, will it ever happen again?..

    Won't happen again but it doesn't need to either. The feelings just wouldn't be the same if we did it again - we've literally hit the peak of football fan experience. A few more forays into Europe, an FA Cup and we've completed English football.
  13. Freeman's Wharfer

    Silva giving his shirt to a Palace fan

    Couldn't believe what I was seeing. Amazing naivety from him. Fair enough if you want to get your shirt to someone. Ask someone to go and deliver a message to meet you outside the players entrance or something but don't walk past an away end that's just watched us take a 5-0 hammering to give a shirt to a fan of your old club. in that moment he showed more regard and more respect for his old club than he did the one that's now paying him and the one that's spent a lot of money with very little reward so far. Spoke volumes about where his head's currently at.
  14. Freeman's Wharfer

    Robert Huth

    He's been amazing for us. Club legend but it's rightly time he moved on. Surely him going back to Stoke to help them in The Championship is nailed on?!
  15. Freeman's Wharfer

    Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    Amazes me the number of Slimani apologists that exist... So many excuses made on his behalf it's mad!