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  1. Loved the fact this came on. A song I associate with Leicester success!
  2. That’s what this thread was meant to be about. Beautiful memories for you!
  3. I’m 32 years old and well aware that there’s a generation or two of LCFC fans older than me for whom the FA Cup means even more. My memories of the FA Cup include the Wycombe debacle when we thought we had an easy passage to the semis and didn’t recover from the shock for a long time, vague memories of the Chelsea quarter-final during the O’Neill years when we were robbed and that dire period from 2004-2008 when we were playing the likes of Tottenham at home and Charlton away and a win felt like a ‘giant-killing’. I’m in the camp where winning the FA Cup felt like the m
  4. In the interests of balance, you could say that the MP has not fully understood what LCFC have done or has been clumsy with his wording. But 100% everyone deserves transparency on this and there needs to be accountability. I can’t imagine it’s in the club’s interests to mandate 3,600 going on the buses but the way they’ve decided to fill that quota has been appalling. They’ve misrepresented government policy and offered a flimsy explanation to try and further protect their stance (even when other tickets are suddenly appearing and random partial refunds are being given).
  5. This was my email to him (I put it earlier in this thread as a template for others if they wanted): Hello Edward, I hope you are well. I’m writing to you to request more details about the government’s stance on travel for Leicester City supporters attending the FA Cup Final at Wembley on Saturday 15th May. Initial information released by the club was that all supporters with an LE postcode had been mandated by the government to travel on coach only only and not other modes of transport (such as train or car). As my local government representative, can you please
  6. Reply to the email I sent to my local MP asking if it was genuinely government policy that all those with an LE postcode had to travel by coach (when the 3,600 figure was being speculated on)...
  7. If they’re going to all members and season ticket holders then that’s, what? Roughly 30,000 people. Production and postage for this maybe £2.00/£2.50... Total cost £60,000-£75,000. Save the money on this junk and put that £60,000-£75,000 towards the price of the 3,600 mandatory coach tickets and you’re taking £16-20 off the £38 for those duped into going. Just a thought!
  8. It just shows what the pecking order is like in the mind of LCFC. Either these were tickets given to club staff (and why should they take precedence over fans who follow home and away - one group already gets paid by the club to do a job, the other sustains the club and puts money in at regular opportunities) or they’ve not sold as many as they were expecting to their hospitality/corporate contacts (which shows you who the club wants to really look after). For a normal cup final, this would be pretty poor but with only 6,250 allowed to go and after all of the recent tal
  9. Unbelievable. So you’re now telling me there was 450 odd tickets for ‘operational staff’ and this somehow has an implication for the cost of the coaches being reduced by £7?! People question why Union FS ask questions like the ones they did. I have no doubt this is partly as a result of that pressure. What a monumental balls up this whole thing has been from start to finish. How many who missed out before will now have to change plans again? Farce.
  10. If we can get champions league football and have a summer window where we keep everyone we want to and bring in 4 more players who are at the level of recent additions like Castagne, Soyuncu and Tielemans then absolutely we can challenge again. Our first XI can beat any team in the league on its day, but the problem is often when you look to the bench you see the likes of Perez, Albrighton and Choudhury. Solid enough but can’t be the difference in coming into the side to turn a draw into a win. If our recruitment only throws up a couple of solid players who are decent e
  11. How does that list look based on only the last 40 years?! All-time honours lists can be pretty deceptive. If judged in recent times (the last 25 years) there aren’t many outside the ‘Big Six’ that can match our trophy haul - if we added another next Saturday I think it would be undisputed.
  12. Feels like neither deserve to start on principle. You then look at form and neither are showing any kind of form that would warrant abandoning any principle. Get Praet in the side instead.
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