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  1. Oh Leicester City Oh Leicester City We are the ones who conquered all of England We are the ones who made it to the top The world watching on, 5000 to 1, the champions Ranieri our king, forever we’ll sing for Leicester...
  2. I’ve been watching Leicester since 1997 and there’s only one or two seasons where Forest or Derby could make a reasonable claim to be top dog in the East Midlands. One of those years was Derby’s record breaking season in the Premier League... We’ve been so far superior to them for so long that there’s just no rivalry in that sense. Sure it’d nice to have a local derby with a bit of needle every year but i’ll take European tours and Premier League football over it any day.
  3. We've got Ricardo He’s the best in the whole world And we all think he’s ****ing brilliant He’s probably worth a hundred million
  4. The mad thing is we still have £80m in the bank... For me a top class winger is the order of the day and let Perez and Barnes fight it out for the other flank. Neither are really on song at the moment.
  5. Just this verse alone is class. Get it going!
  6. Do we think that with a few more goals and some consistency to his performances Harvey could sneak into Gareth’s squad for the Euros? Currently 16/1+ to get in the 23-man squad...
  7. Anything that meant I didn't have to miss 5 minutes of the match given the magnitude of it at the time - Leicester vs Burnley at Turf Moor in a midtable clash, Leicester vs Chelsea when we're 8th and they're 2nd, Leicester vs Brighton when we're in the bottom three and they're 10th... I'd happily miss 5 minutes of any of these but not any of those games in second half of the 15/16 season when we were seeing a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Something visual in the away end, something verbal, a sit-in protest at the end. I wasn't, and am not, the ideas man here. But I could have told you in advance that wouldn't work for that fixture. I'm not sure it does prove the point. If a German club who'd yo-yo'd between top and second tier were coming to crunch time in a season they looked like they could win the Bundesliga for the first time ever were playing Bayern Munich at the Allianz then I think you'd find that the fans of that club wouldn't want to miss part of the match. Same across the top tier of any of the major nation in Europe.
  8. This was one of the only things Union FS have got wrong in recent years. I was at that game, thought the short notice of date and kick-off time was a disgrace and happy to protest. But was I going to miss 5 minutes of a top of the table clash in a season Leicester City were challenging for the Premier League title?! No chance. The method of protest for that one in the context of the magnitude of the game was completely wrong (hence the 100-150 in a 3,000 away end).
  9. Stop start clock. All time wasting and feigning injury would stop instantly as there’d be no point.
  10. I need one adult for this if anyone can help out with a reference please? DM me.
  11. Will be 5 Prem teams, 2 League One/Two teams and Leicester or Burton in the quarters...
  12. Loved Lloyd. Wonder if he kicks himself a little thinking he could have had a year with us in the Prem (where I think he’d have done a job for us with the pace he had) and maybe been a part of what happened in the 15/16 season...
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