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  1. He's 21. Had some great cameos last season, played well in a few at the start of the season and got into the AFCON team of the tournament. I wouldn't write him off just yet.
  2. Sell, sell, sell. It doesn't get better than last season for Morgan and, as things stand, we're lumbered with a declining player on big wages and a long-term contract because we had to do that to keep the squad happy ahead of this season. Whenever Huth doesn't play alongside him he looks like the Championship Wes Morgan but Huth won't go on forever. This summer feels like a natural point to overhaul that title-winning side after what we've seen this season. Let Mahrez move on if he wants to, sell Morgan whilst there's a taker, bring in two young top class centre halves, let Ulloa go in search of his first team football and give Kasper the captaincy to try and keep hold of him.
  3. I ended up watching it alone at home in my house in London. I'd toyed with the idea of going to a pub but I didn't know any other Leicester fans who were around in London and my dad was up in Blackpool staying with family after the United game. If I wasn't watching it with him then watching it in peace alone seemed the best option. Next decision was whether to drink, and whether or not to buy in some champagne, and I made a late call (within the 15 minutes prior to kick off) to do so. I can remember to this day standing in Sainsbury's a little torn in not wanting to tempt fate but also not wanting to not have anything in if we did win it. It gets forgotten how good Spurs looked in that first half given the magnitude of what was at stake. At half time, I'm resigned to us needing something from the Everton match which doesn't sit well with the pessimist Leicester fan within me - particularly as we'd be without Drinkwater. We'd seen, thanks to Jon Moss, how just one bad referee or poor call could undermine everything and the prospect of needing anything at Stamford Bridge made me queasy. I'd posted a photo online of my little set up in my room with the beer and the champagne and at half time there were a couple of comments telling me to put the champers back in the fridge. I wasn't going to respond until full time. Just in case - he who laughs last and all that... 2-1. Instant feeling that Chelsea could do this. Texts are going back and forth between me and my dad dissecting the game and the belief is back. If Chelsea can just... Then it happens. Hazard. 2-2. I never normally cheer that loudly when watching Leicester on tv, never mind any other team, but I shocked myself with the roar that escaped from me when that goal hit the net. "Is this really happening?" The rest of the game is a bit of a nervous blur. Whilst the run in was magical and exciting, at times it was scary as hell. I didn't know how I could ever recover if Leicester had blown it and those final few minutes at Stamford Bridge were the culmination of that fear. To be so close and for it to not happen was a petrifying prospect. The heart should have been used to it by now, but it was racing. I'd cottoned on to the fact that BBC Radio Leicester's commentary was slightly ahead of Sky so watched the final moments with their audio describing the action a few seconds prior to what I saw on my screen. It felt more authentic to me than Sky's eulogising. Full time was relief, euphoria, joy, surrealness. My phone rang - it was my dad and we shared in the climax of the most incredible story we could ever have possibly imagined. It was only when I came off that call that it hit me; the lows we'd experienced, the pressure of the previous few weeks relented, the fact that me and my dad had witnessed first-hand the greatest of sports stories. That was what this was all about. At that point I balled my eyes out. I couldn't explain why, I had never cried happy tears before but I was a wreck for a good while. Onto Facebook, Foxestalk and Twitter to savour the reaction. It's times like those that the connectivity of the modern world is a blessing. I might have been alone in my room at home, but I could share in the joy of fellow Foxes across the globe. Radio Leicester did a great job in covering the scenes in Leicester and the rest of the night was spent listening to that interspersed with 'We Are The Champions' and a couple of songs that were steeped in nostalgia and synonymous with Leicester success for me; 'The Best' and 'Rocking All Over The World'. I just sat, in a chair, listening to that and reflecting on everything. I don't remember going to bed. There was sick in the sink when I woke for work the next day. I'd drunk every bit of drink in the house. It was the greatest one-man party ever. We'll all take that day to the grave.
  4. Sporting Capital of the U.K.
  5. Never really revealed any inside info when he did them though did he? And now that none of the players will speak to him he'll have even less!
  6. Revelled in our relegation to League One, had plenty of horrible scrotes in their stadium whenever we played there (including Dennis Wise) and deserted their club over the last few years as shown by their attendances. They'll rise back up in time but I have no sympathy for them right now.
  7. People grimaced at the prices quoted for Keane and Deeney last summer when the likelihood is that we'd have been in a much better state with them this season than without. Our first choice centre halves have a combined ages of 65 and our back up options are a guy who's had to wait almost two years to get a chance and another who should have retired two seasons ago. I don't care if we spend an obscene amount on two centre halves this summer as long as they're successors who can be the foundations of our defence for years to come.
  8. Shame. Union FS ones have infinitely more authenticity that the marketing-heavy ones the club trot out. Poor decision.
  9. Quick final question from me on this: how do we explain the fact that, after the match, back in the Plaza Mayor as I was sat having a quiet drink with my dad and a scattering of remaining Leicester fans, the final van load of police in riot gear decided to charge into the seating areas with their batons? There was no singing, no one stood up or in front of them, no litter as that had all been cleared up by then, no flares or smoke bombs. Literally could have been any other European city in the world at that point with a few people having a quiet beer. Obviously you won't have heard about that as it was just pure police aggression with no response. My guess would be that it happened because those police actually quite enjoyed the aggro and wanted one last little bit before heading home for the night - which might well explain why it was so quick to escalate earlier in the day. Questions about the motives on both sides have to be asked which is why I'm loathed to see this finger pointing and stereo-typing of our fans.
  10. Incredible how many of those who support the police's conduct weren't there either because they weren't in Madrid and have just read stories in the press (with a very intentional angle) or they were in Madrid but not in the square because they "had the sense to leave" or drank elsewhere because they knew what was going to happen. Same problem exists in both instances: they weren't there to see first-hand and in-full what unfolded.
  11. The biggest point being missed by the media and many on here (some of whom weren't even there) is that the atmosphere there was fine for a long time. People were drinking and singing, tourists were photographing and videoing everything and the chants were football-related. What changed was that a flare was let off. Within ten seconds the police had stormed in and started throwing their weight around as if it was the excuse they'd needed. That created tension, a stand off and the chants that have been widely reported. I've seen it painted in so many places as Leicester fans being louts and singing offensive chants to which the police responded. Just not the case. What then followed was a re-grouping, some police vans hurtling round the square at dangerous speeds to try and force people away and then, when they had more numbers, the police wading in to hit anyone and everyone in that square. You can blame a few idiots, you can blame some senseless chants and you can blame English hooliganism but our European tour has been fine with no problems until the same police force decided they wanted to start whacking people in Seville. So what's the common denominator? If the Spanish police were reacting to provocation then why, when me and my dad went back to the square after the match for a drink (when there were no more than 50 or so Leicester fans left there and no singing), did the final set of policemen (after all the other riot vans had exited) decide to charge into the bars where we were sat to have a final go at whacking people? Some of our fans were not blameless but I'd quite confidently say that the Spanish police started it and ended it.
  12. I've been frustrated... with his dire performances. Can't kick further than the halfway line, no communication, can barely remember him making a save in all honesty. We'd do well to get rid of as many of last season's summer signings as possible. Re-coup as much money as we can, put it together with the Champions League money and try again!
  13. We left the square a couple of hours ago but could see it had the potential to kick off. Group congregated to drink and sing and someone threw a smoke bomb. After that about seven police vans drove into the square and what looked like the head honcho came along to observe and plan strategy. As far as I could see at the time it was the kind of thing that would have been fine to be left alone but the police obviously wanted to break things up and disperse people. Could see it coming after Seville.
  14. Need one ticket for this for a mate. We're already in Liverpool so would need to meet at Goodison to exchange.
  15. Hopefully this isn't true. Never want to see Leicester players involved in these kind of stories. Just to pre-empt the inevitable response given his poor form: anyone who claims he should be sold or booted out of the club for this had better have maintained the same stance on Simpson for 18 months.