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  1. We’re his level right now. He’s a bit akin to Kasper in that regard: majority of the time he looks top quality but every now and then will have a bit of a clanger which shows that we can’t do better than him but he probably couldn’t do better than us right now.
  2. Only a short term deal which is sad to see him have to take again. That caricature that has been built of him outside Leicester really has hurt his prospects. In reality they should be giving him 3 years and free reign to change whatever he sees fit.
  3. Can see him being our manager one day
  4. Won the golden boot last year and right up there again this season and people are questioning if he’s past his best and well on the decline?! Madness.
  5. Using that word on here about Ranieri should result in a lifetime ban!
  6. Said it in the transfer thread but I think it’s a really bad move for him. What he needs right now is regular game time and a step down from LCFC and I’m not sure Leverkusen is either of those things. There’s talent in those feet but unfortunately what holds Gray back is between the ears: when to pass not shoot, how to put the yards in to contribute to defensive shape etc. The problem for him is that in training he probably has technique that is up there with the best of them so he sees people in the team ahead of him and can’t understand why. But the reality is that at
  7. I think this is the issue though with many female pundits: they can’t give that level of analysis. The new generation of male pundits who can give that analysis have come through academies since they were knee high. They’ve been coached daily for years of a professional career. They have had the brightest and most progressive football minds managing them both as children and adults. The female game is decades behind in terms of the level of sophistication and the support female players have had. It cannot compete with that. It’s therefore not a surprise when women who a
  8. The big hope has got to be that the likes of Fuchs, Morgan, Schmeichel, Vardy and Albrighton are instilling in the likes of Soyuncu, Fofana, Justin, Thomas, Maddison and Barnes that mindset and spirit that led to the incredible title win. Hopefully that can be part of their legacy.
  9. We improved once Castagne and Ndidi came back into the side. They’re not playing and suddenly it’s a deficiency again. Vardy also does a very underrated job at the near post on corners too.
  10. Let’s not mess about trying to give people a chance here, Brendan. Amartey and Mendy off. Fofana and Ndidi on.
  11. Makes sense. We’ve been finishing around or above the ‘Big Six’ for the last few years so we’ve often had a side as good, or better than, them. We go as deep into the cup competitions as they do so we inevitably end up meeting them. No Leicester fan can complain about recent cup draws when Puel threw away two quarter finals against Manchester City’s B team with favourable ties waiting in the semi-final and when we bottled a League Cup semi-final against a poor Aston Villa side.
  12. In order to get there I think we’d need to spend on a top quality striker this transfer window. We haven’t. I don’t think we will. Close but no cigar.
  13. I think we might have landed in quite a nice niche with him. To let him go, we’d demand a stupid fee. The market of clubs he could go to from us as a step up is relatively small (the European super clubs more or less). I think those clubs will look at the price and his lack of pace and conclude that he might not be worth the investment.
  14. This whole notion that footballers should be expected to adhere to the same restrictions as the rest of the population is nonsense and just deflecting attention from the real issues. These guys are tested more regularly than 99% of the population, they’re doing a job that is bringing some enjoyment to huge numbers across the nation and billions of pounds to the economy. If they have got someone cutting their hair whilst I have to wait for the hairdressers to re-open, do I care? Not one bit. When we’ve been at the heights of this pandemic these guys have been
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