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  1. FA Cup 2018

    Don't know how anyone can argue with a red card. He's slid in out of control with his studs showing and caught the player! Pep is a real classless cock with his reaction after what he's said lately about challenges being punished.
  2. Footballs Cringiest moments

    https://en-gb.facebook.com/BlueandWhiteFriendship/photos/pb.520852518014938.-2207520000.1517860755./1263175190449330/?type=3 Winner!
  3. Everton away - 7.45pm Weds 31st January

    Just had a look 1,545 sold, 292 left!
  4. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    About three times as many as any of our players by the looks of it. Pogba in the first half did three that I saw, and I'm only half watching.
  5. History Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 97 seconds  
  6. Fleetwood Replay Ticket Details Confirmed

    Yeah, more than likely. The thing is, I'm not sure whether to buy tickets in the corner of the west stand, or see what other area's get opened up.
  7. Fleetwood Replay Ticket Details Confirmed

    Just counted roughly 700 tickets left in the west stand. Surely with six days left before the game, lots more people will want to go. When will the club decide the demand is high enough to open more areas, does anyone know?
  8. I'm Old Enough To Remember...

    Playing knackeroo in the playground. Linking arms around your mates shoulders chanting " All join in if you want to play... (insert game you wanted to play) until you had enough players! And "kiss chase" with the girls.
  9. FA Cup 2017-18

    Holgate appears to say "He just fvcking called me a n****r"
  10. Liverpool 2 Leicester 1 post match thread

    Absolutely spot on! The very same thing also happened when we played against Man U and Man City. One of there players commits a foul to stop our breakaway allowing them to get players back behind the ball, it happens time after time throughout the match. The thing is, they seem to get away with it, look how many times Pogba got away with it.
  11. Adrien Silva

    Ndidi's ban was only for one game, that he served by missing the Man City match!
  12. Misheard Lyrics

    There are two that spring to mind for me, Kasabians Shoot the Runner, was Ship to Rudder for me, and UB40'S Ivory Madonna was; I'm a Prima donna I'm quite sure there are plenty of songs that I still sing the wrong lyrics to.
  13. Iheanacho

    Surely any player needs a run in the team, especially a striker. We haven't seen much of him yet to get excited about and personally I think his main problem is that his shorts are too tight!
  14. Questions Thread

    What make and model is it, or can you post a picture?
  15. Questions Thread

    OK Good, on some machines there is a drain tube next to the filter that allows you to empty the rest of the water in the machine before you open the filter. If there is not, put a couple of towels down where the filter is to soak the excess water up, good luck!