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  1. What about the the ones that don't want their shirt to match the one worn by the team? As far as I gathered on yesterdays kit thread, there wasn't an option on the mens shirts, you had to have it. Is now that not the case?
  2. But there is a strange tattoo of a bearded man on his knee!
  3. We'd merge with Bochum.
  4. So can someone tell me when banter turns into hate crime?
  5. 12th biggest wage bill in the League and finished 12th. Sounds about right to me!
  6. I'm literally on the edge of my seat in anticipation! Any help?
  7. I think this would be a really exciting signing. I just can't see Jon "meek and mild" Rudkin being able to pull it off, the bloke comes across as a real plank.
  8. He may well be a very good manager The FA certainly thought so. It's just that he comes across as so arrogant, the way he slouches back in his chair arms crossed chewing his gum winds me up something chronic. Wouldn't want him anywhere near our club. (unless we're right in the shit half way through next season)
  9. Didn't he go back to Argentina on compassionate grounds. Something about a serious illness to a family member?
  10. It's obviously to take photos of the current team before the mass exodus!
  11. I wasn't a full dive though was it? If the keeper had committed to a full dive one way or another, he would have scored.
  12. Not sure if he "fluffed his lines" or the keeper just read it. Either way, any player taking a penalty that way is absolutely saying, "aren't I clever"
  13. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what he was thinking!
  14. It's all about the money!