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  1. Lone Foxes coming tomorrow

    Anyone got Samaritan's number?
  2. Come to prince of punjab pub before the match

    I asked for the Bombay Duck and the waiter came and sat on my knee!
  3. BT SPORT One Sided Or What

    They haven't told the truth since 1952!
  4. Are our owners ambitious?

    Oh thought it said ambidextrous.
  5. Can we keep everyone happy?

    Not with threads like this.
  6. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Horrible tin pot Tottenham
  7. Price increases food and drink

    Your understanding is entirely correct, although I believe they only have a couple or so years remaining.
  8. Burton Away - 1st August

    Send him to the donkey sanctuary
  9. Time for an eye test, I thought it said, 'who's the biggest bell end'.
  10. The Italian perception of Leicester City

    Unless anyone makes you an offer you can't refuse, I reckon you'll be ok.
  11. Happy Revolution day

    Happy Mummy's Day!