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  1. Leicester player to get clattered and carried off and Wenger to say “ I did not see it” one last time, when asked about it later in the post match interview?
  2. Player on loan from Leicester looks sort of decent in a game for a relegation threatened side. So some fans want him back and think he would be brilliant for us! Gotta ?
  3. Has been brilliant for us and one of our best signings, helped us stay up which laid the foundations of our title success. Amazing that we were able to sign him.
  4. Get ready for the Arse showboating and then taking selfies at the end. Heart 2 - 1 foxes. Head 0 - 3 Arse
  5. Doesn't Arsene and Arsenal get presented with the sixth place trophy tonight!
  6. Some players out. new man, fresh broom. sweep the dead wood out.
  7. We should applaud him before the game but to sing ' there's only one Arsene Wenger' is best left to the arsenal fans. we owe him nothing. we showed when we won the league how poor a manager he had become!. at best he has been living on past glories for over a decade now and a few F.A cup wins can't change that. he was great when he first came to these shores but failed to adapt when the competition got fierce and clubs like Man City and Chelsea rose to the fore. he failed to change and freshen things up at arsenal with always keeping the same staff where as Ferguson at Man Utd was always chan
  8. We need a win or Puel is bacon (if he isn't already) we need to avoid being stuffed or he is well and truly cooked!. another defeat will leave the owners and fans steamed!. we need the team cooking with gas!. another defeat and Puel is going to be grilled on the situation. we need to give West Ham a Stuffing!.
  9. When we won the league he was one of the best players for us that season and will always be remembered for what he achieved with us but he was only here one season and made no bones about the fact that he wanted to leave for a bigger club with more opportunities to win trophies. he is a Leicester city title winner but not a Leicester city legend! Legends are built at clubs over time not one season!
  10. I still watch the footage of Hazard scoring the goal at least every few days, and I still well up. incredible the feelings will never go away.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me if he ends up back in Portugal!
  12. tick, Tock, Tick, Tock..............
  13. I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 95 seconds  
  14. G.o.t.s., Jamie Vardy vs West Brom Y.p.o.t.s, Wilfred Ndidi, yes Ndidi P.o.t.s., Harry Mcguire
  15. No thanks, the guy has been on cruise control these last few years managing a team that will always win their league and he thinks that's a fantastic achievement!.
  16. Thanks for the memories Christian, and good luck in America. we defo need to buy a new Left back as Chillwell has been here a number of years and hasn't developed as well as we all hoped he would!
  17. the old ways say a defender or a midfielder should be your captain but it should be the most experienced or the one that inspires the team the most and that clearly is Jamie Vardy. he leads by example and of course is very vocal.
  18. Papy come back, da da da da da Oh Papy come back, da da da da we need someone to rescue the midfield we've heard all your injuries have healed! Papy come back, da da da da da da Papy come back da da da da da if your in the team you'll be are engine people had forgotten you not to mention Papy come back, da da da da da Papy come back, da da da da da
  19. How many of them were glory supporters only supporting Liverpool now because they may win the Champions League, next year it will most likely be a different team they are supporting!.
  20. Gone into Labour on St George's day, shame that name is already taken, if it's a girl call it Georgina!
  21. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 85 seconds  
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