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  1. Celtic fans have had it too good for too long and now Rangers are back making it an actual competition they just can’t handle it. The joke was that anyone could manage Celtic ( even the tea lady ) and they would still win the league. What Stevie G has done has been fantastic, and the league is so much better for it.
  2. It will be so great to see him back, an early Christmas present 🍺📦
  3. Nu - No. haven’t we been burnt too many times by Sporting.
  4. For me a role model is someone who knows how to conduct themselves in public and who offer wisdom and inspiration to people. Someone is is able to listen to another persons view without yelling or screaming or all the theatrics. Someone you can look up to and maybe they’ve made mistakes but they own and learn from their mistakes. Someone who is humble not “ hey everyone look at me”. Someone who enjoys helping others. And wants to make society better for everyone not just themselves.
  5. foxy boxing


    If there are Aliens the sheer distance of the cosmos and the amount of time it takes probes to get anywhere, it means the likelihood is that they will forever be inaccessible to us.
  6. The guys a dinosaur, and just like dinosaurs people like this need to be extinct in the F.A. Just goes to show you can have all the pr in the world and all the diversity training but some people clearly will never change their attitudes or their way of thinking. It wasn’t just an unfortunate error it was deep rooted conditioning which needs to be eradicated. There needs to be more diversity and be more inclusive within the F.A.
  7. Mendy has done really well since he came back into the team especially since he was on loan and looked like he might leave, but Ndidi has been great for us and is clearly more valuable in terms of transfer fee and how many more clubs would want him. It’s just great that we have both and both have the potential to do very well.
  8. We want something from the match to Braga about ⚽️🦊
  9. Happy Birthday Kasper ⚽️👑🎁🎂.
  10. They even have schoolchildren cleaning the schools. Can you imagine trying to get children in this country to do that. They’d likely tell the teacher to F off.
  11. A really great win and a great defensive display. The pass from Youri, the cross from Under and a fantastic header from Vardy. I just love sending Arsenal fan tv into it’s almost weakly meltdown. 😜🦊. Vardy now level with Giggs on Premier League goals.
  12. The big six basically want to play less domestic football and play more European games and more lucrative friendlies and more foreign tours. They also want less relegation and fewer opportunities for clubs to get into the Premier League. They certainly don’t want another team to do a “Leicester”. They just want more and more money, they want to cream more and more off the top of the game, remember the 39th game they wanted played abroad. They are trying to blackmail the smaller clubs into accepting millions, in the short term it might be good for small clubs but in the long run it won’t be. It
  13. Chewed up and spat out, we didn’t get much of a meal from him, barely even a bite. See if he tastes better with Turkey!.
  14. West Ham and West Brom...... for the headline gone West, it would be a shame if Sheffield United got relegated after being so good last season.
  15. The guys a chump who expects all opposition to Man City just to let them walk all over them. He’s trying to deflect from his own pathetic performance against us. Our players just ran and passed him like he wasn’t there. No team that scores five away from home against a team of stars like Man City can be called lucky. Yes we got three penalties but they were well deserved from mistakes his team mates made. Pep was wrong calling us counter attacking, yes we can play that way but we were on the front foot most of the game while Youri and Mandy ended up running and dominating the midfield. Excell
  16. I think we are more limited defensively personally. Obviously without Vardy upfront we are severely lacking upfront with both Nacho and Perez not scoring enough goals that they are capable of.
  17. To the tune of going underground by the Jam beat him Under on the ground, beat him Under on the ground. he’s Under and he’s on the ground , he’s Under and he’s on our ground whay, whay, ta ta ta ta, whay, whay , la, la , la
  18. It’s good to see Team Ines/sky not dominating the Tour De France for a change with Bernal struggling and has now quit the race. It’s also great to see very young riders like Pogacer and Hirchi doing so well. This year seems a much more relatively open race for all the classifications.
  19. I’m sure he will be able to cope with his pay cut, might have to eat less bags of crisps ⚽️. The BBC is Funded by the public through the TV license so of course his and all people who work for the BBC should have their pay scrutinised so the license payer gets value for money.
  20. The sprinters race for the Green jersey is looking really interesting this year with Peter Sagan not looking as invincible as he has for the past five or six years. The race this year is being overshadowed by Covid with teams worried that any positive tests and they will be sent home. The race director has already tested positive for Covid.
  21. Are they well liked because they are not very good!. If they were always winning would people like them less. People always like galant losers.
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