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  1. "Who's fault is it that you're a professional northerner." Boondocks reference.
  2. He's 32 in July. Increasing the average age of our defence even more.
  3. Bournemouth also paid £8m for Lewis Grabban. They must have wasted close to £75-80m in the last 2 years.
  4. What tipped me over was when Chelsea revealed that John Terry arranged his own guard of honour he insisted on it being on the 26th minute as well. I don't mind Terry but talk about being self absorbed.
  5. They ran rings around us first half. Their passing and movement were superb. They tailed off second half. Only worry I have with Howe is many of his signings have been flops. He's still heavily relying on the players who got him out of the Championship. Very similar to us in that regard. Good manager thouhh.
  6. I hope Reading go up so we can have Wagner. For a tiny budget not only does he get a small club like Huddersfield in the top 6 but he does it playing amazing football. Very impressive.
  7. Here are some possible names. David Wagner Roger Schmidt Eddie Howe Wanted to add Marcelino but he's gone to Valencia.
  8. Journos and politicians have a habit of doing that. Phrase everything like it's for the concerns and will of the public. Hence the most overused words in politics are "The American people" - coming out of the mouth of the most self serving politicians.
  9. I wonder if Mike McCarthy will take his slot.
  10. Shakespeare wanted to win the game.
  11. 7 goals in two away games for Kane Harry Kane is too big for Spurs IMO. It's not even a dig. He deserves to win titles and challenge for the CL. And he's only on £100k a week. Far worse players than him earn a lot more.
  12. Millwall are a tinpot club. Their claim to fame is being known for being thugs. I guess it's better to be Millwall than insignificance like Port Vale or Colchester.
  13. In the 09/10 seadon he got us within a Kermogant penalty to the Championship play off final with a mostly League One squad. We had no business being anywhere near the PL in 2010. He's very good at building teams. Gets deadwood out of the team and signs useful players. To put it into context, our current starting 11 is made of 9 Pearson signings, 1 Sven signing (Schmeichel) and 1 Ranieri signing (Ndidi). Bear in mind, Pearson left us in 2015, two years ago. We are still relying on players signed in the Pearson era. Some of the players he & his staff signed: Morgan - £1m Mahrez -£400k Huth -£3m Vardy - £1m Drinkwater £1m Fuchs - free transfer Albrighton - free transfer His record signing was Ulloa for £8m, and Ulloa has served us well. He also got the best out of aging veterans like Konchesky, Nobby Solano, Wasilewski, Steve Howard, Bruno Berner, Kevin Phillips, Chris Powell etc. Pearson is a legend.
  14. Ayoze Perez didn't know what had hit him. Gonna miss the big Pole. What a man.