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  1. Milan are rubbish and we would most likely beat them but it'd be annoying to get them and have no fans in the stadium.
  2. 8-8 in pens. Milan will scrape through.
  3. Our friend is back in business
  4. Celtic fans on social media are desperate to avoid us.
  5. Napoli, Leicester, Hoffenheim, Lille... group of death.
  6. I hope we get an easy group so we can piss it without exhausting our first team players. The Europa League starts properly in the knockout stages.
  7. We would probably batter Milan if Rodgers doesn't pull any funny selection and tactics.
  8. Most teams in Pot 1 want to avoid us. We must be the best team on Pot 3 (if that's where we end) and better than most teams in evem Pot 1.
  9. League One pay Tesco wages to their plsyer. King was on circa £35,000 here. Most Championship clubs don't even pay that to their star player, nevermind a,32 year old who long past his best. He would have to take over 70% pay cut to even get a mid/lower end Championship club to look at him.
  10. Barkley is an OK player. Will do good for Villa.
  11. Once again triggered Chelsea fans in the comments. But seriously, Drogba was a great striker but not prolific I think he scored 20 league goals once in his Chelsea career. He did also have much better players players around him than Vardy did.
  12. What are Lampard and Mourinho fighting over? Just for celebrating a goal?
  13. Interesting... maybe Rodgers have wanted him for a while
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