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  1. Robbie Savage and Danny Drinkwater.
  2. Used to dislike Stoke but not anymore. I want them back up. We have a good record against them in the PL.
  3. Leased til the year 2269. Forest fans will still mention the European Cups they won 280 years ago.
  4. I like the wage cap. Lakers are now considering whether to max out and go for a superstar after acquiring Anthony Davies, or go for 2/3 good solid players that will do their job and compliment Lebron and Davies. Imagine if Man City had that dilemma.
  5. And we'll have Jamie Carragher calling Loris Karius a bonafide scrub 8 million times.
  6. Good business by Palace. They can use those funds and the potential Zaha money to strengthen the team. They need a striker and creative player.
  7. I'm a big fan of Danny Rose honesty and straight talking.
  8. Koke


    Can't be bothered going through all these pages. Any actual new news?
  9. Funny how the alleged price keep going up
  10. Man Utd home last game of the season, winner gets 6th.
  11. People are only willing to sell Maguire if we get Tielemans + a winger, and possibly another striker. Nobody wants to sell Maguire if it means we will sign Jay ****ing Rodriguez. And since Maguire is easier to replace than Maddison or Vardy then it is him people pick. We have to sell to buy and balance our budget. We aren't Man City. FTR, I think Maguire is a phenomenal talent and we are a better team with him in our side.
  12. I didn't watch any of the England games. How did Maguire play? And Chilwell?
  13. Koke

    James Maddison

    West Ham West Ham couldn't buy a bottle of piss from us.
  14. I forgot Chris Wood yet again such a boring forgettable player.
  15. Sarri got too much abuse from his own fans, and disrespected by some of his players. I hope be does well at Juve. Might not be related but for me I want guys like Sarri and AVB to succeed. Guys who never played the game professionally. It makes some ex pros, who are total failures at management level, seethe with anger.
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