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  1. So what fee did we get for him? Did we even make a profit on him?
  2. He's actually not a bad player fbh. Sheff Wednesday are pretty solid defensively. Would rather we went for Evans or Smalling though.
  3. I wonder what Shakespeare felt when Ranieri talked about 40 points last August as reigning champions. Or when Ranieri said we were underdogs against a League One team. Shakespeare already talking a better game than CR.
  4. Big fan of James but we can't keep using the argument that he was better than DD in the promotion season. That was 3-4 years ago. DD has improved a lot since then and James hasn't due to injury sadly. As for Clucas, we got enough squad fillers. We need starters.
  5. No I'm saying managers sometimes make mistakes and have bad judgements. It's weird that you're trying to dispute that fact.
  6. I was just gonna say . This guy is so similar to Mahrez it's amazing.
  7. He looks really old for a 28 year old. He's got more wrinkles than my dad.
  8. I'll be disappointed if he doesn't name his son Jerry.
  9. Jacob is a better name than Harry so I will refer to him as Jacob Maguire from here on end.
  10. £12m plus add ons. Good signing. Rather Maguire than pay £30m for Gibson.
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4585198/Leicester-agree-125-000-deal-sign-Chester-s-Sam-Hughes.html
  12. This from a North East football correspondent.
  13. Moore isn't that good. He's not good enough for our level. I wish him all the best but we can and should do much better than Liam Moore.
  14. In the great escape he only played 24 league games. He missed 1/3 of the season to an injury. In the title winning season he played all 38 games. And in 16/17 he played 30 games.
  15. We went to Boro and parked the bus against the lowest scoring team and then afterwards after like it was a good point. Still, Millwall was an abomination. Ranieri said we were underdogs. The reigning champions being classed as underdigs by our manager against a League One team was probably the lowest point under Ranieri.