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  1. Okazaki gets knocked off the ball too easily and has average pace. I can name you dozens of attacking players in this league who have little to no pace so I'm sure Knockaert will do fine this time around in the PL.
  2. Not sure 352/343 will work with our defenders. It works for Chelsea cos they have quick mobile defenders. We got old slow CBs who are uncomfortable with being dragged out wide.
  3. Schlupp is shit. I dont care what he does at Palace, we got a good price for a guy who's only attribute is running fast. He's had good games for us but he's had some utter disgraceful performances for us as well (Chelsea, Porto). Lazy, disinterested. Schlupp is like Musa. Very fast but no technique and lacks a functioning brain.
  4. James is better than King so there's that. Plus as a bsck up CM he's sufficient.
  5. Ulloa refused to play for the club just a few months ago so he wanted out due to lack of playing time. He's had couple of sub appearances under Shakespeare and now he's suddenly happy to stay here? Or maybe he just hated Ranieri.
  6. Rooney has been dropped by Man Utd and he has had a 10x better career than Morgan. If someone as big and decorated as Rooney can be dropped then so can anyone in our squad.
  7. Palace is a good fit for Allardyce. They're a small club who are just hsppy to be in the PL. They're not like West Ham who demand free flowing football. Palace will be content with AllardyceBall and finish 13th every year.
  8. There are 90 seconds left and Man City are passing the ball to each other on the half way line. Maybe if they started hoofing 5 minutes earlier they might have equalised. But that's archaic 18th century methods.
  9. Incoming Man City fans conspiracy theories.
  10. Mansfield could sneak into the play offs. I really hope they do. Shame Notts County are in the wilderness at the moment.
  11. I watched the reserve fixture earlier in the season and the football on display was absolutely dire. We think the bottom half of the Premier League is terrible but the Championship is by and large utter turd, bar a couple of teams (Brighton, Fulham, Huddersfield)
  12. Boro away is the most annoying. We parked the ****ing bus against the lowest scoring team in the league. And that was dressed up as a good point (by me asvwell). Shows how abysmal we were back then. Sunderland away. Utter turd we were. Words cannot describe how shocking we were from October til February.