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  1. Agree man. How can you be in the Premier League since its existence and barely achieve anything. 1 Cup win and no CL football in nearly 30 years of football. And its not like Everton are a small club who are just happy to be there like Charlton and Wigan. And of course last night's result was funny as ****.
  2. The 2 biggest clubs in England with the 2 largest fan bases, yeah of course the viewing figures are so high. Stick to spitting at little girls, Jamie.
  3. Play a strong side against West Ham and Villa, and a mixture of first teamers and squad players against Brentford. If we play a first 11 v Brentford we will be dead on our feet after 55 mins at Villa Park next Tuesday.
  4. Unlucky lad. He was just getting into some form.
  5. Koke


    He's an OK player but thats all he is.
  6. Good times man. I enjoyed our 3 week title challenge.
  7. Good thing the teams below us are inconsistent. We need to win this though.
  8. Good thing the teams below us are inconsistent as ****.
  9. Very scrappy this. Burnley are anti football and we cant get our rhythm rhythm right
  10. There are couple of guys who are a huge drain on our wage bill who dont contribute. Slimani, Silva, Ghezzal, and this will trigger a lot of people but i add Morgan and King into that mix. If we can move those guys on we will chuck a huge % off the wage bill. Diabate, Kaputska etc are probably on poverty wages (in footballing terms).
  11. Huddersfield are pretty bad. If King can't get a run of games in that team then i worry for his future at the top 2 divisions. Good luck to him.
  12. At some point we have to pay big wages to keep top players. We had to pay Vardy for example a lot to keep him here. The same will happen with Maddison, Soyuncu, Ndidi, Tielemans.
  13. A 6 month good form in 16/17 doesn't disprove my point. Albrighton also had a decent CL campaign. Does that make him more talented than he is? Maddison and Tielemans are much better than Drinkwater.
  14. He wouldn't get anywhere near our starting 11. Not on ability and not on form. Maddison and Tielemans are CL level players in the making, Drinkwater never was and his talent never suggested he would ever be.
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