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  1. Koke

    VAR yes or no ..... Discuss

    It gets more things right than wrong. The Peru pen was correct as was the French. The fundamental problem with the anti argument is they expect VAR to get everything 100% correct. There are many decisions that are 50/50 and many more that are debatable or borderline. I'm just ****ing tired if the tedious inane chat about VAR after every goddamn match.
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 177 seconds  
  3. Koke

    Russia v Saudi Arabia - Match Thread

    Asia have 4 teams. Just 4. They are by far the largest continent with highest population. What do people propose, that Asia get 3 spots? 2? So we can have more Northern Ireland and Hungary in the WC instead. Increasing the WC teams was a bad idea as was increasing the Euro teams. 2026 will see a Canada v China openung match. 32 WC teams was just about the right number.
  4. Koke

    Brendan Rodgers

    For a manager who hasn't achieved a lot in his career, his arrogance knows no bounds. He enjoys the smell of his own farts.
  5. Koke

    Marcus Rashford

    Where exactly will he play? Out wide in a 4231? He will never be central striker for us. And either way, I'd rather we signed our own players outright. I like him a lot but he's a striker, not a winger.
  6. Koke

    The "do they mean us?" thread

    The lcfc website has improved with free extended highlights and general user friendliness, lcfc twitter account is decent imo. I rarely go on the lcfc Facebook page.
  7. Koke


    Very clever signing. Low price for a good solid CB..
  8. Koke

    James Maddison

    The current going rate for top Championship players is £12-15m. I appreciate inflated market and all that but it is still a huge jump to £20m.
  9. Koke

    James Maddison

    £20m for a player in the Championship is insane. At least Maguire had spent a season in the PL and showed he was good enough..
  10. Afobe is pretty bad at this level though. Like Ahmed Musa level bad. £12.5m is an incredible fee by Bournemouth. I agree. They are becoming unbearable.
  11. Koke

    Felipe Anderson

    Good. As a lefty, I don't particular like right wingers anyway.
  12. Koke

    Russia 2018 - The World Cup thread

    Tunisia might as well pick up a random fella off the streets of Tunis
  13. Not bad for someone who supposedly is a) lazy, b) throws his dummy out and c) goes missing a lot.
  14. Koke

    FT Bingo

    Yakubu, all he does is score goals!!!
  15. Koke

    Jack Grealish

    I'm not totally convinced either. Is he any better than Gray? Probably not. Gray would look like a world beater in the championship (Derby, Sheff Utd etc). Harvey Barnes had similar stats playing for an inferior team. Tom Lawrence had better stats playing for Mick bloody McCarthy. Attacking players are judged on goals and/or assists.