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  1. Barnes is a brain dead thug. Cant stand the ****
  2. We wont do the double over either of them, that's the problem, and that's why the likes of Arsenal are gonna finish above us again. They are flat track bullies. We are not.
  3. Interesting discussion but it will descend into mud slinging because some people will get PTSD the moment they hear the name Puel. All rationality goes out of the window
  4. I'm disappointed she didn't mentioned Soyuncu, the Turkish Lord.
  5. Funny how the football talk heads I respect the most weren't even pro footballers. Rafael Honigstein and Gab Marcotti are far more intelligent and nuanced about the game than alcoholics who played it for a living like Danny Mills, Paul Merson, Charlie Nicholas etc. Anyone who has been in the same profession for 20+ years should be a solid expert in his/her field. Footballers are an exception to the rule evidently. I'm sure there are many retired League 1 & 2 players who could do with the gig on Sky or BT. I'm sure they would put more effort into research and analysts than millionaires like Rio and Owen do.
  6. Paul Merson and Soccer Saturday still peddling the myth that we sit on our 18 yard box and counter teams. **** me, am I back in 16/17? What year are these guys living in? We've dominated possession most weeks for about 2 years now. Puel and Rodgers play Maguire on the halfway line.
  7. Swansea had Dyer, Routledge, Michu, Joe Allen & Angel Rangel. We have Maddison, Tielemans, Vardy, Ndidi and Ricardo. Our players are better and have a higher ceiling.
  8. People forget that Swanses were more than just keeping the ball. They were sensational to watch between 2010-2014. Some truly outstanding football. Rodgers under Swansea were brilliant. And he did that with Dyer, Routledge, Michu and Joe Allen.
  9. Barnes wont give us the 7-10 goals we need from our wingers. Mahrez in his last season here was supposedly "sulking" and yet he scored 12 from the wing. That's the drop in quality we have seen.
  10. But you were a good and effective team. You were a decent side under Rodgers.
  11. I agree. Players get more praise when they move to a big club. Ricardo will give through another excellent season without OTT hype, but when he moves to PSG next summer he will be treated like Jesus & Mohamed rolled into one.
  12. You can tell Mourinho wanted Maguire last summer
  13. Winning again at Stamford Bridge like last season maybe? They're not looking too good.
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