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  1. Fair. But then theres also the small matter pf treble/quadruple their wages at United. Look, I'm not saying any City players would walk immediately but I just wouldn't be surprised if in the summer or next United nicked our players. For us to withstand that we have to go on a Spurs like run of finishing top 4 consistently.
  2. Kante left the reigning champions to join 10th place Chelsea. Granted they recovered but how was Kante to know that? Who's up say United wont recover in a year or two. Unfortunately they can keep throwing money at it until something works, and that's probably what Maguire thought - and what Maddison thinks as well.
  3. Unfortunately what he is saying is true. He's stating the bleeding obvious.
  4. Would Rafa had gone to Newcastle if they weren't perceived to be a big club? Would he have gone to Brighton instead? Their finances are not far apart. Would Bielsa had gone to Leeds if they also weren't perceived as a big club? Bielsa wouldn't have gone to Bristol City or Birmingham City. The "big club", debate are tiring but they do matter. Supposed big clubs can attract better names than clubs around them who have similar finances
  5. Enjoy this on a Wednesday evening. 2005/06 Premier League. Some old names I had forgotten. Morten Gamst Pedersen, Luke Moore, Nigel Reo Coker, Harry Kewell etc. Some decent goals as well.
  6. I dont know man, I never rated Man City as a club, even before takeover. They had a decent trophy haul pre 2008 but I always viewed them in the same context as West Ham/Sunderland level. Well supported but a bit meh otherwise.
  7. You would think anyone who has spent 15-20 years in the same profession would be expert in their field. Football seem to be the exception.
  8. Pedro the Chelsea player? No thanks. Not only are his best days behind him but he's also on about £110k a week.
  9. His link up play is fantastic and the way he carries the ball is brilliant. His finishing though, Christ almighty! I'm backing him 100% and I believe he will get better but 1 PL goal this season in a team that creates shed load of chances is very poor.
  10. 10 seconds in and Michael Owen says "When I watch Leicester City they dont dominate possession" yes quite clearly he doesn't often watch us.
  11. Literally never heard a Leicester fan care about Aston Villa. Maybe in the 90s but in this era cant remember a single Leicester fan saying anything negative about Villa. Most of us are completely indifferent towards them.
  12. Craig Butley and Steve Nicol are arguing over whether the title is over hahaha. ****ing hell why are there so many ex Liverpool players in the football media. It's like any player who pulled on that red shirt is wheeled out as a pundit. Even Don Hutchinson is on our airwaves. Cliff notes: Burley is saying 8 points is not impossible to claw back as proved by last season. Nicol is saying Leicester are no Man City so the league is over for all intent and purposes.
  13. Watford got some decent players. Pearson should be able to get a tune out of them.
  14. No secret amongst whom? Never heard anything about that.
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