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  1. I just did a quiz LCFC posted about our 30 PL highest scores. I got a bunch wrong but shat stood out to me was hiw far ahesd Vardy is of anyone else.
  2. This is unprecedented. Never thought we would see a health crisis like this bring our game to a lockdown.
  3. Thought this was a really cool piece on Notts Forest
  4. Monday night game. Surely we can put these away. Every other team does it.
  5. Never quite understood why Americans get angry at non tippers rather than at the service industry and the government. They should rslly against the vicious corporate machine that treat them like slaves.
  6. We also have the least amount of yellow cards in the league.
  7. Brighton are in the bottom 3 as it stands. I hadn't realised they had slided down the table so quickly.
  8. I'll take the draw tbh. Aa long as we didnt lose. Chelsea needed the 3 points more than we did.
  9. Would take a draw right now tbh. Chelsea' need the 3 points more than us.
  10. Decent enough Championship side. Good luck to him.
  11. I refuse to believe that this is true
  12. "Bournemouth have a small club mentality" They're literally a small club. The smallest in the Premier League. On another note, when will the fetish for Notts Forest end? Im 35 and Forest have been rubbish for nearly all my life. Likewise for Sheff Weds. Saying that, people will probably view us that way in 25 yesrs time when we are rubbing shoulders with Bristol Rovers and Millwall in the bottom half of the Championship. "Relegate Oxford Utd and get Leicester back up, they deserve it cos they're a big club who won stuff 25 years ago".
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