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  1. Koke

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Joey Barton got a job quicker with a worse playing career behind him and he’s a bigger bellend. Sol Campbell is still a Tory cvnt though.
  2. Haven't read anything in the press regarding Hughes sacking but has Robbie Savage stepped up to passionately defend his mate and call Southampton fans deluded yet?
  3. Aubamayang is class. One of my favourite non City players.
  4. I'm about 15 years older than Loftus Cheek but either I look remarkably young or he looks about a decade older than he is.
  5. Yes Lee. It's definitely a coincidence. It's not because they're both in their mid 50s.
  6. Would have been nice to finish the day 7th but Hughes is a cvnt so him throwing a 2 goal lead away is still great.
  7. We get extended interviews and quotes from LCFC players/manager on Sky, BBC, BT and several other outlets. So I'm completely indifferent about this situation. I agree it's getting very petty now, but I'm not particularly bothered.
  8. Koke

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    Ranieri's last 7 signings.
  9. Koke

    Who decided to sel Krameric

    Enjoyed his lung busting run away at Anfield when Benteke missed the sitter. Can't fault his effort. Wrong player at the wrong time unfortunately.
  10. Koke

    Why can't we win at Arsenal?

    Even though they are superior to us on the playing side and a much bigger club, we have at times been unlucky there. Remember when we were drawing 1-1 at Highbury and Frank Sinclair scored a stunning own goal? And they do seem to score late winners against us. Giroud last season. Welbeck the one before. Their invincible season when Vieira got the winner. I can accept our shocking record against Arsenal. It's our dismal record against Bournemouth that annoys me more.
  11. My favourite Dyche moment is one I unfortunately can't recall with great detail. Burnley played away at Swansea. Burnley got a pen when it should have been a Swansea free kick (blatant handball by Burnley player). Swansea turned it around and they themselves got a dubious pen to win it. Dyche was whining extensively about that decision whilst refusing to acknowledge the equally bad pen his team got. That game for me summed up this bellend. He's got a small penis syndrome. If anyone could recall the details of that game, it'd be a greatly appreciated. It was a couple of seasons ago.
  12. Koke

    Chilwell 2024

    Is Chilwell running as a Democrat or Republican?
  13. The second Watford goal was a thing of beauty. Fantastic play.
  14. Singhsation? You should've called it Singhstation and show us your sexy breasts.
  15. Don't know why FT is seen as kids playground. The average on here is pretty high, must be about 40. Also, they never seem to talk about City on BR. It seems like a politics forum with the odd football thread.