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  1. Our right back has more league goals than Perez, Albrighton, Barnes and Gray combined.
  2. Decent start to the season for them but they have faded lately. Not scored a goal in 3 games. Currently 6th still.
  3. Speaking of ex players, what do we think of Chris Wood? He looks a decent competent striker but nothing spectacular. I'm happy he's found a home at Burnley FC.
  4. Liverpool fans are insufferable on the internet. Been to Anfield a few times and they seem pretty decent there but I guess the internet magnifies the worst of a group.
  5. 402 appearance for Forest. 300 for City. Most of those 700+ career games in the top 2 divisions. Quite a remarkable career for someone of his talent. I remember watching him for Forest against Yeovil in League One. Absolute calamity. Who would have thought that guy would become a PL winning captain.
  6. What did we think of Wolves 2 disallowed goals? First one looked a handball but thought the yellow card was a bit harsh. Second one was harsh on Wolves but his foot was offside. A friend who is a Wolves fan told me they struggle to create chances against the likes of Southampton and Burnley. Yesterday Saints had a higher xG than Wolves. I think Wolves will finish where they currently are, 10th-12th.
  7. Imagine if we hired Sean Dyche after sacking Ranieri and Shakespeare. Burnley and Dyche are a perfect fit. If he was at any slightly bigger club and he'd be hounded out within months.
  8. I wouldn't call Tielemans a luxury player. He's an important cog in our machine. He has gotten better as the season has gone on. He also benefit most from having Maddison next to him rather than 2 DMs. Great player to have.
  9. I think the arctic is fair. Although it doesn't take into account who we have played so far.
  10. Sean Dyche hates football. I'm convinced of that.
  11. Burnley are a well oiled outfit. Still can't stand the pricks. Good win but our xG doesn't look impressive. .
  12. Garth Crooks is a literal idiot. Not everything is black and white. Nuance is required. Poch has elevated Spurs to another level. Pre-2014 Spurs were Everton 2.0. Since then they've been solid top 3 material. Yes he hasn't won anything but you cant say Poch isn't a top coach.
  13. Why would Evan's fall if he wasn't clipped? Evan's would have cleared the ball.
  14. Friday night game. Another team we should put to bed but we never know with our current side. I would stick with the same 11 that started today.
  15. Many Brits and Americans support their military vehemently despite said military sometimes committing shocking atrocities. Soyuncu is Turkish so I expect him to support the Turkidh troops as I'd exoect an American player would support American troops. Erdogan being cvnt is neither here nor there. But I expect the Turkish players will get condemned on podcasts and radio. I guess our atrocities is more tolerable than their atrocities.
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