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  1. Koke


    When I use public transport I can smell it more often. Not so much on the street. I know a few police officers who have kids who smoke it. Will be legalised before 2030.
  2. Koke

    President Trump & the USA

    Two years ago, they got great mileage out of talking about how Hillary was up to her neck in Wall Street (which she undoubtly was) but the corruption and authoritarian of Trump is remarkable Trump supporters amaze me with their cult like mentality.
  3. Hoping for a Spurs win today. The Liverpool hype train need to be halted.
  4. Koke

    Rap & Hip Hop

    I like Eminem. One of my all time favourites. But his fanbase has to be the most annoying and cringey in hip hop.
  5. Might as well make it a Vardy appreciation thread. 22 goals last season. What continues to amaze me if the sheer amount of goals he scores against the big clubs. 3 v Arsenal 3 v Spurs 2 v Liverpool 2 v Chelsea 1 v Man City 1 v Man Utd That's 12 of the 22 against the top 6. Thats 54.5%. The others were 2 v Everton 1 v Huddersfield 1 v Sheffield United 1 v Swansea 1 v Brighton 1 v Watford 1 v Newcaste 1 v Burnley 1 v WBA Unbelievable player.
  6. Koke

    What grinds my gears...

    The "best XI outside top 6" have become quite popular these days. Very boring.
  7. Koke

    When do you turn your Central Heating on?

    First week of October.. The wife wants to put it on now. She will wear a thin tank top and complain about feeling cold. I tell her to get in the bin.
  8. Koke

    James Maddison Confirmed

    At the 10 min mark. Before that is a lot of England chit chat
  9. At Spurs he would actually develop a lot under Poch. Look how good Rose and Walker became under him. Puel has already improved Chilwell but I think Pochettino would do it even more. That said, Spurs are tight bastards. They won't pay what we require.
  10. Fuchs worst game was that 0-3 home defeat to Man Utd. He was terrible most of that season but that game was the pinnacle of how bad he had become. I love Fuchs but he did get an easy ride on here despite his diabolical mistakes. Understandably so as he is a club legend. .
  11. I'm glad he is doing well. Both Chilwell and Gray have taken an absolute kicking on here. Quite disgraceful really considering one is an academy product and the other was signed aged 19.
  12. Gray and Chilwell have more top level experience than Madisson. Congrats to both. They have both worked very hard and have improved a great deal under Puel.
  13. Bournemouth and their fans are the most inoffensive in the league. Their manager is also decent. I have nothing but respect for Bournemouth.
  14. Koke

    Rap & Hip Hop

    Mac Miller was one of the few personalities in hip hop that I actually liked. Sad.