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  1. A lot of people suffer from this lockdown. Claude from AFTV lived for going to the Arsenal and socialising. It was his life. When that was taken away from him he suffered greatly with his mental hralth. Heard stories that he would just go out to the local park to watch random people play just to interact with other humans.
  2. Doncaster have fallen off a cliff 5 losses in a row. No win since 2 March
  3. Leicester 2-0 Southampton Maddison 12' Perez 70' Can't wait til we all put this behind us.
  4. Rangers to Villa is definitely a step toward, as is Celtic to Leicester. Smith isn't taking Villa anywhere upwards anytime soon so might as well bin him in the summer.
  5. Nobody is saying RodgersOut mate. I support the guy. Just like I supported Puel, Ranieri & Pearson. All had flaws and merits, just like Rodgers. Rodgers is a good manager for us, but not a great world class manager like we're being told by large sections of the media. Also, West Ham may have a bigger wage bill but our squad is far superior. They play Michail ****ing Antonio up front, who would struggle to make our subs bench.
  6. If PSG win the CL they will have beaten Barcelona, Bayern, Man City, and Chelsea/RealMadrid in the knockout stages. It would be one the most impressive CL wins in a long time. Thats some serious oppostions.
  7. Fair point. However, I will say though it is frustrating to build up such sizeable leads only for us to surrender that lead. Not saying it happen again this season but people are getting a dreaded feeling about what's to come.
  8. You'll be laughed at but you make a few good points. This is the best ever squad we've had. Our first 11 is on par with Spurs, if not better. It's better than Arsenal's, Everton's and West Ham as well. Our wage bill is about 7th I accept. But its not wrong to demand a bit more from this team and manager. Also, harping on about or past is irrelevant. Us playing Hereford in 2008 is irrelevant. What's that got to do with our current situation? Our club is worth nearly half a billion. Our revenue is nearly £400m. We are much bigger than we were a decade ago and it's about time our fans
  9. In terms of Premier League rivals, Everton really have a hate boner for us and have had for years now.
  10. If the squad stays together + Rodgers we will be around the top 6 again next season which is success. Agree with your last part. It's hard to swallow if we miss out again. We had a 10 point lead on Liverpool about a month or so ago. But injuries have killed us.
  11. Can't tease us with Champions League football only to surrender sizeable leads towards the end thsts shat infuruates people. I don't really have a problem with Rodgers. I just don't think he's this great manager that he's been made out to be. The media love him. If you listen to Jim White, Simon Jordan, Danny Murphy etc you'd think he's an elite manager, which he isn't. Rodgers is good for us and we are good for Rodgers. Mutually beneficial marriage. He'll be staying here for a good few more years, as I don't see a bigger club coming in for him (maybe Spurs).
  12. Unfortunately I don't see it. Liverpool have a really nice run of games left with United away being the only hard one. Chelsea are looking sensational and are rarely conceding bar that WBA debacle. Neither us nor West Ham will get top 4
  13. Imagine saying this just last year.
  14. West Ham look unimpressive in general play but they keep winning. Such a Moyes team..I don't think either of us will get top 4
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