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  1. This might come back to bite me but I reckon we will cope quite OK. Perez up top. We got goals from the rest of the team.
  2. Yeah that's all really. The front 3 are in poor form. TAA is crossing to the Burnley right back.to head away.
  3. Annoys me everytime Burnley kook like they're about to go down they pull out results like this. Bastard club.
  4. 4 points ahead of Liverpool currently. Cheers Burnley.
  5. Man is a ****. Always waited for someone to elbow him and take him out.
  6. Pure sensational. That second goal was also special.
  7. I know it was against us but Ozil was majestic that game. The 2nd goal he completely splits our defence apart with 1 pass. 3rd goal was total football. Sad to see his demise because on his day he was beautiful to watch.
  8. That game is completely erased from my mind. Cant remember anything from it at all.
  9. I was also just thinking I can't even remember last time we lost at Stamford Bridge. So I looked it and it was way back in 2014, Diego Costa and Eden Hazard scored in a 2-0 win. Chelsea are a top club so not losing there in 7 years is quite impressive.
  10. I agree. Mings had like 2 touches. At what point can Rodri then tackle him? 3rd touch? 7th touch? It was a legit goal.
  11. Well done for pulling up a quote from 12 months ago pal Reality is at the time he didn't offer much other than the backhanded compliments of "but he works hard". I still maintain i want to see a few more goals & assists from him or whoever plays in that position. He scored his first goal in 2 years the other day. Its not unreasonable to expect more from Albrighton. But we'll done to him for regaining his form and fighting back into the starting eleven.
  12. Speaking of Max Rushden, I feel the same way about Barry Glendenning. He almost takes pride in being miserable and a contrarian for sake of it. Michael Cox also has that bad habit of wanting to be a contrarian so often just because. I stopped listening to the Guardian podcast since Jimbo left.
  13. This guy is on a fast track to become an elite player. I remember last season away to Spurs he looked all over the place. We lost 3-0 and was poor. The difference between now and then is night & day. I can only think of 3 Premier League full backs who are equally good as RB and LB. We got two of them (Azpilicueta is the other). Amazing really.
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