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  1. Vardy scored 20 goals last season. Under Puel.
  2. 20 league goals last season. Imagine if he surpassed tbat this season. Iconic player. Imposters like Callum Wilson and Morata can't hold a candle to Vardy.
  3. We won't finish 7th so now I hope Watford win the FA Cup.
  4. Gotta say im glad we've left that cesspool of league. Look at the state of Stoke and Swansea.
  5. West Brom v Villa in the playoffs. Villa are on a roll so momentum could carry them all way up. I prefer West Brom to come up via tbe play offs. Leeds & Villa fans are annoyingly obnoxious, and can't be arsed with Mr Anti Football himself back in the PL so Boro can stay down.
  6. Leeds and Sheffield United are even more inconsistent. One lost to 10 men Wigan today and the other drew 2-2 with Milwall last week at home. Norwich will be promoted guaranteed. Nice inoffensive club. I quite like them.
  7. Not bigger than us. But great away day though I agree.
  8. Agree. Such a boring club, and very overrated as supposed "big" club, which they are not.
  9. Koke

    Jarrod Bowen

    He has better stats than Harvey Barnes. £15m is a bargain for Bowen. He could go for over triple that within 2 seasons of being here.
  10. YPOTS - Chilwell POTS - Ricardo GOTS - Ricardo v Man City (nearly forgot about this goal).
  11. Kante could, and still can, play football. Kante can actually carry the ball and pass it. He ca receive the ball under pressure and still keep possession.
  12. I really hope so because I'm up to here with Ndidi. How a Premier League footballer can be so abysmal on the ball is bizzare. Against Newcastle he couldn't even receive the ball and pass it on under a little bit of pressure. I said post Newcastle that I would love it we found a young 25 year old Steven Nzonzi. 6'5, can slot in as a 3rd CB; great passer and extremely composed on the ball. All the things Ndidi can't do, and probably never will be able to. People say Gray hasn't improved since he came but has Ndidi actually improved in 2 and a half years?
  13. We will nver know but I doubt it. Right now Rodgers have 2 attacking full backs, a #10, 5 CBs, Tielemans and Barnes Puel didn't have any of that when he arrived. So if Rodgers came post Shakespeare he would produce equally inconsistent results and heavy defeats like Puel did. Rodgers and Puel are actually more similar than people think. They just inherited 2 completely different teams.
  14. He did an important job for us. We're going over old grounds but he inherited an old team tbat didn't have the technical ability go evolve so he had to slowly dismantle that and rebuild the squad. He moved on deadwood via loans and sales. He stuck with the likes pf Chilwell when many on here wanted to ship him out to the Championship. He solved the #10 creative issue by signing Maddison, and he signed Ricardo (with help from Rudkin). The average age is about 22/23 now. Puel got so much abuse yet he was an important part of the club transition period. Results weren't perfect and in the end his position was untenable so he had to go, but he kept us comfortably beteeen 7th-10th for most of his reign here. Respecf to the man. He was a net positive for the club.
  15. This guy is on the same contract he originally signed back in 2015. Hasnt gotten a pay rise, even after all the success he helped bring to the club, but still got on with life and never kicked up a fuss, unlike a certain Leo Ulloa. He's the most underpaid player at the club. Even Benalouane was on a bigger salary than Okazaki which is criminal.
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