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  1. Beaten for Burnley’s first goal, probably both. It’s almost criminal what they’ve done to him, not only playing to his weaknesses, but doubling down to install him as captain when he is not the type. He isn't wired to be the player answerable for United-as-shitshow. He’s taken the weight of the world upon himself in a team of players who don’t give a damn, and seems more careworn with every interview. Their forum has been understanding … until today.
  2. He plays like a cross between Slabhead and Lurch from the Addams Family. Acceptable bench cover (could start v Burnley), but not worth what Saints paid nor what they would charge us. OTOH, I already have his chant, so gerrimin. (ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay) He's Leicester's Vestergaard His mama had a laugh He popped out half and half Part donkey, part giraffe
  3. Harvey Barnes has scored two goals in three Premier League appearances in 2020, as many as he netted in 35 games in the competition in 2019. He has been directly involved in eight goals in the Premier League this season (three goals and five assists) - the only English midfielders to have been involved in more are Jack Grealish (12), Dele Alli and James Maddison (nine each).
  4. Ole and the boys saw Burnley in Man City blue and crapped themselves.
  5. Useless minor thugs, glad we abused them.
  6. 77% possession ATM. They do NOT want the ball. But we're doing a decent job of keeping it moving and probing ... AND finishing!!
  7. IMHO we have one top, top player at each level of the outfield ... Ricardo in defense, Ndidi in mid and Vardy up front. Lots of other fine players, but those are the other two I'd pay the 100K/week that Vards gets.
  8. Wow. The whole Watford side switched off at the death of extra time and Villa got a lightning counter, their easiest of the day. NP will not be happy.
  9. The only thing that has disappointed me about the Athletic is Tanner. Such bland and anodyne stuff. I don’t know if he’s trying to protect his access at the club, but he avoids addressing any meaty questions in the Q&As, and sticks to what the public already knows. Almost anything truly insightful about LCFC (or other PL clubs) there comes from Cox or Ornstein.
  10. This forum melts down if - Choudhury is spotted near a pub - Maddison and Chilwell wear pricey gear - Any Twitter account in existence says a player will (or should) leave An actual loss on an actual pitch, FT is the reliable answer to “what happens if you put butter in a nuclear reactor?" This is news? How many have we won since you put it up? A zombie tree with a zombie curse. It's the chipper for "Ron", get to it.
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