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  1. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    More and more this match looks like MLS. And these are top half sides.
  2. Slimani

    King! King! Joshy Joshy King nah.
  3. FA Cup 2017-18

    Don’t take it so hard, Spuds. Next one’s on me.
  4. Progress Report 1. Demonstrates improved flexibility - Patient was able to move the dominant 30 minutes from the end of the match to the beginning.
  5. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Damning with faint praise?
  6. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Snow on the ground this late April morning Just knew it was an omen of change! Let's get at 'em and score a few. Ain't gonna be no clean sheet. COYF
  7. So unlikely, you don't need a computer to analyze it. The only mathematical possibility of LCFC ending up 18th begins with us losing all 5, Southampton winning all 5, and them bettering our goal differential by 4.4 per game the whole way. Plus enough mayhem among 9th through 17th, that all nine of those clubs finish on 44 points or better. Your arguments often strike me as intelligent. This one I suggest you can drop ... because we aren't.
  8. The NBA Thread

    Quite possibly, but after tonight my pick is Indy in six. Cavs team defense is putrid -- not a good thing in the playoffs-- and they are a finesse team outside of LBJ and Thompson. Pacers are all grabbing and shoving, especially off the ball. The refs swallowed their whistles, and the Cavs looked unequipped for extreme postseason rules. LeBron still has the energy to carry an entire team for a half, but as you saw tonight, not for 48 minutes. Just glad I had another chance to enjoy a great, great player in Cleveland colors.
  9. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    On this day, he can get away with rasslin' in the box that would be a stonewall pen on any other defender in the country.