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  1. We're not favored again until Cardiff City. We really need to snatch all 3 points given Zaha's and Tomkins' suspensions, and Puel has to know this. Very, very interested to see who he chooses.
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    In a word....

    Two words. My Club.
  3. Ndidi has not regressed as a passer. He was never good. He’s improving slowly. What has changed, is fans’ patience running out, combined with our inability to create enough outside of cross-and-hope. I’m OK with rotating him out against the likes of Burnley. But would be more OK if we signed a more than just decent option (Iborra). Against offensively proficient sides, it’s nuts to suggest removing Wilf’s speed and ball-willing ability. He is a top, top tackler and interceptor at this level. Guys who can do that and quickly pick out a pass are rare -- the reason the one we had is now making £290K/week at Stamford Bridge. The same reason the Club remain patient trying to develop Wilf. When he uncorks his long row Z shot each game, at least it’s a shot. He should be told to aim straight at the keeper. Some would spray into the top corners. With Harry back in, we’ll have another option for playing the ball out -- and another reason to keep two proficient DMs in the formation.
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    The OH Leuven Thread

    I think I've seen this movie. It has a good ending
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    Ricardo Pereira

    He's going to be an absolute gem in the role Puel asks his fullbacks to play. When I was looking at ball-winning stats for Ndidi, and also found Ricardo in the top 15, that was an "aha" moment. He covers ground, is one of our few pacy, creative threats, passes well and intercepts a ton of passes. He's adapted to the PL in a third of a season. And has a "what can I do to get better" attitude.
  7. From the moment he became a regular starter, he was in the conversation with Kante, Gueye and Milivojevic as “the” tackling machine in the League. Some pundit estimated the value of his contract at £50M or £60M. So we got very excited about a 19 year old. But lately, we seem to be focusing on his passing woes. According to whoscored, he is not regressing. He has improved in success %, key passes and through balls in each of his PL seasons. Not that his numbers are good by the standards of his position. And CM is an area where wayward passing does not go unpunished. Are his ball-winning numbers holding up? I toted up Tackles + Interceptions to find the most prolific PL ball winners. Wilf remains elite at the thing he does best, despite being in a more possession-based side. 1. Gueye 96 2. Bissaka 90 3. Ndidi 83 4. Capoue 81 5. Billing 78 6. Boly 75 7. Lemina 74 8. Sol Bamba 70 9. Milivojevic 68 9. Zanka 68 9. Luka 68 12. Ricardo Pereira 65 12. Ecuele Manga 65 (Yes, Sarri has played Kante straight off the list.) I find it of interest that Ricardo “can’t defend” Pereira is also among the leaders. The other, more eye-pleasing half of our CM duo is not a ball-winner, though. Mendy has just 13 interceptions and 19 tackles. He also has the ball less than Ndidi (49 passes/game v 54), but passes much more accurately (90%). FT does value a safe hand. Anyway, I came away from this thinking (news flash) we are focusing too much on the negatives. Ndidi remains a highly rated player, and is improving his main weakness, albeit gradually.
  8. Cured me of having a "favorite player" on Spuds for damn sure. What was I thinking? I'd still have him here in a heartbeat tbf.
  9. KingsX

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    It’s the players’ job to inspire the fans. Yes, the manager’s job is to inspire the players. Most of that has to be behind the scenes. What is a manager supposed to do to inspire the fans directly? Charge around on the touchline (and pitch) like an 8-year old cheerleader on a sugar binge? Even Pool fans cringe when Klopp does that. Entertain at pressers? That was great by Claudio because it took the heat off the players. But did it really change what we got from the football? I personally found Puel’s statement after the tragedy to be inspiring. Also the way he kept the team together and functioning when everyone in the building was on fumes. That's the type of thing I looked at when evaluating the managers who reported to me. You have to be inside that building to truly judge his leadership (unless the situation hits "Claudio season 2" level). So just opinion, but I don’t see disappointing attacking play as a result of our players’ lack of inspiration or application.
  10. Quoting myself both as right and wrong on Ndidi. He still more than earns his keep fishing the ball out. But I assumed, he was bound to develop more tools. Instead we keep seeing the same player. There's still time to be patient -- and I would keep him in the XI (except maybe a match like yesterday, when the non-CM attacking options were so meager) -- but the curve seems horizontal, not upward. Claude the Developer still has work to do here.
  11. KingsX

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    the streams? Or Fulham?
  12. KingsX

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    Kaspar screaming "Wake the f*** Up!" setting up his wall, doesn't fill me with confidence.