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  1. In this mad rush to slate most of the team, have I seen more than a brief mention of a brilliant goal by Kelechi? That goal is what I'm going to remember from this match a year from now! Not who was "crap" or "dog turd" (or whatever insults you prefer).
  2. Well, it was a rather flaccid display.
  3. What is it about Kabak and kicking it into his own net Got away with that one, but please, let's take him off our list of targets.
  4. I for one have begun fasting, wearing sackcloth, and praying for my eternal soul.
  5. Further proof Ole's job is to secure the Champions League loot. That club are just not bothered to try to defeat the likes of Chelsea.
  6. In a glimmer of good news, the Optimistic Bus has been located.
  7. First time I've ever felt more relieved than pissed off by the other side's diving and time wasting. Get the guys back in the locker room and BR, get to work on their heads.
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