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  1. Elite two way fullbacks are like gold dust … even the biggest clubs can’t find them. How did we grab both Ricardo and Castagne @ 25M ?!
  2. A pretty fun watch for the BBC crowd after all.
  3. Burnley's whole approach belongs in the NFL. The National Farmers League.
  4. I once made that very point in the NFL thread. And failed to convince any nouveau Ravens fans of their error. But ... each to his own. Curious how you recognized the restaurant?
  5. They have spent so much, largely on marginal players. It looks like they are finally getting better at recognizing (or attracting) decent PL talent. They may well stay in the League for years.
  6. I am. I still haven't met a single City fan here (nor even seen a City shirt on anyone but my Mrs). Blows me away, as the fit with Cleveland sports is like hand in glove. That said, I have got one of my best mates to the point where he texts me during every match. I think we've got him.
  7. our favorite local joint didn't waste any time. 2008 through yesterday today I am going to wear a City shirt next time and see if we get some VIP treatment.
  8. Jordan loved the new keeper kit, until he tried it on.
  9. That away kit is right for them. Bar-code Norwich.
  10. that kind of fantasizing will only produce disappointment ... and worse.
  11. behind the scenes with "Tout Ou Rien: ASSE" (All or Nothing: St. Etienne) Nous avons une offre de 30M pour Fofana. Superbe! Sortez le Cristal! ... et de quel club? C’est Leicester. allo? allo?! Le garcon est clairement un superstar! Quelle est cette merde?! 50M ou faire une promenade, Leicester!
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