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  1. My God, Smith has put Pepe Reina in goal against Liverpool.
  2. All I want to know is, did @Jattdogg last 101 seconds?
  3. The fivethirtyeight model sees the top five as nearly done and dusted. But predicts a photo finish for third/fourth/fifth. I believe that is correct. With only five games left, fifth place is a huge ask for Wolves (still to play SHU, Everton, Burnley, Chelsea) or Arsenal (us, Spurs, Pool, Man City). Arsenal would have to run the table, and Wolves take at least four from five. Their fixtures don't set up for that. We're nearly home and dry unless Man City are reinstated and it becomes a top four race.
  4. Been waiting for this small Wolves squad to run out of gas, and this looks like it.
  5. sorry for re-posting halftime stats ... the good stuff from whoscored to make up for it:
  6. Bennett wears shirts and puts his Black boots in. Give him a five year deal
  7. Easy to see why ManU went for him ... he fits in at Old Trafford like he's been there forever.
  8. hmm, what is worse? Pointless possession at the back, or pointless loss of possession (crosses with no targets)? I hate that I'm asking that rhetorical question. Hopefully not a discussion point after this match.
  9. That was a bit half-hearted compared to the respect Chelsea gave us
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