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  1. Disappointing result, but not a disappointing effort. One a hideous mistake at kickoff, one unlucky offside call, and a missed sitter among other opportunities -- change any and we would have secured the points. Riyad came to play today, you could see it in his body language, effort, even his face. Can’t help thinking it he knew it was his valedictory game here. Slim looked all game like he hadn’t played in months. Was trying though.
  2. Blindingly great free kick! Slim missing beautiful chances today.
  3. Slim, you could have controlled that!
  4. If it weren't for the Simmo/Fuchs suicide at kickoff, we would be seeing this game a lot differently. We have been outworking them since 35' or so.
  5. Finally tilting the pitch the other way ... we can win this game.
  6. They are certainly the pressing, fast-countering side.
  7. Nice ball Marc !
  8. Bournemouth playing our game.
  9. you are kidding me.
  10. This game will make such a difference in the taste in my mouth the next few months. Gig em !!
  11. Wanted to see Andy dominate King v King
  12. What's up with Josh King?
  13. It isn't so much that every thread turns into a Mahrez thread. It's that every thread turns into the same Mahrez thread.
  14. Of all the clubs that have reached 40 points (including top five, and us), only Bournemouth and Spurs have improved on a points-per-game basis after getting there. Of course for the Cherries that is all of two games, vs Stoke and Burnley, who were already there.