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  1. I’m working on a tragic scene … Friends, Foxes, Englishmen, lend me your clappers; I come to bury Claude, not to praise him. The losses that men cause live after them; The victories interred on the day; So let it be with Claude. The noble Foxestalk Hath told you Claude was unambitious: If it were so, it is a grievous fault, And grievously will Claude answer it. He hath brought many stars to the KP Whose transfers will the general coffers fill: Did this in Claude seem unambitious? When the callow youth have cried, Claude hath played them: Ambition should be made of sterner stuff: So Lestah says he lacked ambition, and Lestah is an honourable town.
  2. Those who need a dose of Patriots schadenfreude (i.e. every fan of every other club) got a huge one today. But it’s so gross and so sad, there’s nothing that feels good about it. A man worth six billion dollars alleged with visiting a strip-mall massage parlor to pay for sex acts with trafficked Asian women. Charges imminent. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26055197/patriots-owner-robert-kraft-charged-solicitation-prostitution
  3. Lucky them, they have a Chief Executive and acting Technical Director (DoF) with the experience needed for this type of situation. Granovskaia was a student at a Moscow school which specialised in music and dance, but offered students no sports. She started working as Roman Abramovich's PA at his oil company,[3] and later became involved in transfers and contractual dealings for Chelsea FC.[4] Granovskaia was promoted to chief executive of Chelsea FC in 2014.[6] May you live in interesting times, Chelski fans.
  4. I read that people in developing countries “cannot afford to follow small clubs”. They go through life struggling to make ends meet and avoid the depredations of over-powerful, corrupt authorities. Like anyone else, they follow a club to be part of something bigger. They are going to choose something that shows power over its rivals, and every chance of coming out on top. There’s no pleasure in following an underdog which may steal some bones from the big dogs -- but eventually must roll over and submit -- when it’s already the story of your life. This would explain why Spuds don’t have traction either. If they can eventually establish themselves as financial equals in a true Big Six, that would change.
  5. He's breaking up as many attacks as ever. It's just that a third of them are now Chelsea's. From high on the wings, he simply can't cover the pitch to get to the ball wherever the opponent has it = an extraordinary talent partly negated. He has looked somewhat more comfortable (and productive) recently. But I still feel like I'm watching the world's fastest greyhound being trained to walk on its hind legs. This is demonstrably stupid from Sarri.
  6. how about this then? Top money paid for gently used LCFC strikers.
  7. Wealthy guy gets swindled out of a hardly-ruinous amount = 3 pages in 3 hours. Halfway into the OP, you knew this would be equal parts jealous moaning about the Vardys’ wealth, defending them, and “that’s not even news”. If only Foxes footballers had the consistency of Foxes Talk. Back to moaning about Puel then.
  8. So you guys are going to build a Kaaba, for your ancient King’s remains, and attach it to an Anglican cathedral? That strikes me as daft and truly original. Like good English comedy.
  9. 3-0! LIQUID FOOTBALL There's only two matches left. They would have to win out and get a lot of help. touchy, touchy It's a compliment, not a bleedin' insult !
  10. How very American of you ...
  11. 2-0 to Leuven at 58' ! Header and a fine strike two minutes apart, early second half.
  12. Long run, I agree with you. Next several years, they’ll do well just to consolidate. For a self-financed club, the stadium loan is a huge albatross. Much of their transfer budget for years to come, is now spoken for by the banks. Tough to compete for hardware with doped clubs which simply “spend over” their mistakes year after year. Levy’s model of parsimony which got them there, will have to change to keep them there. Their current group is so good, he has to pay the market rate for the players he wants to keep (e.g. Kane, Son). This is a whole new wage structure, and there won’t be room for everyone (e.g. Eriksen). They must maintain their hit rate signing future stars. Not least because they must have Champions League revenue. Can they afford the quality-in-depth to both make the knockouts, and finish top four in the PL? They are doing it this year, but by the skin of their teeth due to injuries. They are on a knife edge IMO. Two years outside the top four might be all it takes to turn them into a selling club.
  13. Except Pochettino himself. He extended for five years at £8.5million per, so you would think he was satisfied where he is. But his recent spasm of poor-mouthing his chances with his current squad might support your point? He's going to have to compete with less, except for his own packet, which is up there with the gods. My guess is, he's OK with making of go of it, except he doesn't like the idea of being judged up against the lavishly supported likes of Pep. Fair enough, but he can't have it both ways.
  14. Really sporting of you to design a new avatar for @SuperMike
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