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  1. Liverpool looked under par yesterday. Southampton took it to them for the majority of the match. Let's hope Chelsea are showing similar effects from Wednesday.
  2. It is doing to FT what it’s doing to the sport. It is the issue of the day, it unavoidably monopolizes the discussion … but the discussion is boring. There’s only two opinions on VAR, and one basic argument in favor of each. Points are already being made for the 40th, 50th, 100th time. The way it decides so many matches, and threatens people’s relationship to the game … it’s bound to keep crowding out enjoyment and discussion of the actual play. If this is still the case come May, some of us will be in the ward where they don’t allow sharp objects. My one great hope is, the uproar will spur them to find better ways to limit its use. (That’s the worthwhile corner of the VAR discussion for me.)
  3. Fantasy squads are being reshaped as we speak ...
  4. Heaton gives up a pen in the first minute of the "Return of the Premier League to Villa Park" ... Bournemouth up 1-0
  5. KingsX


    I feel your pain. I've got music in my head almost 24/7 but never could produce it with my hands. I tried for years to teach myself both piano and guitar and I'm a bit envious of those born with talent. I've forgotten a lot -- hopefully including my worst technique. Even if I just revert to bashing chords and faking a right hand, that can be fun. I hope you get to where you can play rings around the likes of me Rumble!
  6. KingsX


    This is an amp post, not an axe post. I learned on a 1970-ish SG a bud left with me for a couple of years. I hooked it up through my stereo. Never got any good, but had some fun and built up mean calluses. A few years ago, the Mrs thought I might enjoy getting back into it and bought me this Luna Apollo. Old habits … I hooked it up through my stereo. It sounded like nothing, and I put it away. I knew I was wasting an instrument too good for me, and decided to see what I could get for a cheap used amp. Instead I discovered this little thing called a Blackstar Fly. It’s got a lovely transparent tone. Plus a delay circuit you can adjust for volume and time; and gain and “overdrive” controls to produce all kinds of buzz, reverb and filth. At only 6 watts it’s freaking loud if you turn it up. Did I mention it was all of 80 bucks new? And comes in a box 5” x 7” x 10”. No doubt good practice amps are old news to you musical types? But I was blown away they are now so tiny and cheap. If you have an electric gathering dust … p.s. how goes it on your Gretsch @RumbleFox ?
  7. Losing to Atletico in the CL quarters on some unbelievably dodgy VAR call.
  8. true point ... was offered for a laugh. Not only way too many words ... but I can't imagine the KP managing a tune that's 2 bars silent after every 2 bars singing. Pile-up on the highway by the third line?
  9. I asked the coach, what he wanted to see He said don’t show me Dunk or Tarkowski I want a guy, who’s a concrete block But one who’s faster than a rock Brendan, you can play Chaglar Yes, he’s gonna be a star Got feet that aren’t stuck in tar Farquaad we love you Beep beep m beep beep, yeah! I told the coach that the Turk was smack Mags ain’t the only boat-size hat on the rack Playing the Slabhead was all very fine But Soy can show you a better time Brendan, you can play Chaglar Yes, he’s gonna be a star Jawbone bigger than a car Farquaad we love you Beep beep m beep beep, yeah!
  10. Wolves fan suggests leaving our MotM out of the side for the rematch ,,, shocking
  11. Lots of thunder, no lightning.
  12. We're trying the far post play with Cags in place of Maguire. The last one came close. You and Maddison is like FIF and Mahrez, maybe give it a rest?
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