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  1. Ditto NBC Sports here. However, they do a usable stream of all PL matches they aren't otherwise broadcasting. Though I wonder if a single soul will stream Boro/Sunderland. Would have thought (Arse + LCFC) > (Spuds + Palace) for the US audience, but apparently faulty math. (sorry, maths)
  2. You knew right off where this thread was headed. Bored Forum, desperately seeking dinosaur … all replies considered
  3. Chilwell over Vardy? Sure, if he had bagged one of those close calls, and put another couple crosses straight onto noggins. I can't wait to see more of him starting, but methinks we have a new golden boy here.
  4. Pick your jaw up off the turf, Kloppmeister.
  5. The Cup semi may add some impetus for more incremental change. High profile game and clubs, missed call changed the outcome, technology already in use which would have allowed the correction.
  6. That or Chelsea for the double. Pick your poison.
  7. Own goal there would have been sweet.
  8. Good post but poorly timed, Tuna
  9. This is a LOT broader discussion than the Prem 16-17 thread where some are also watching this game !
  10. I like the way this has opened up. So much more entertaining this half ... and a lot more energy being burned.
  11. That's OK. Let's see extra time, wear the bastards out.
  12. Loved the look of that counter. Let's do a few on Wednesday
  13. The difference was a few inches, called from over on the touchline. The chances of a human getting that right 100% of the time are nil. (1) Expand video review (2) Put a lid on conspiracy theories. (Which -- well done bagging a sitter Koke -- are already filling up half of the match thread on Blue Moon.)
  14. Where is goal line technology? Applicable only within the frame, or what?
  15. We want to ride our Arsenal We do them how we like We have our way. We got the drill Get in on every single strike We want to ride and score at will A whore’s as tight ya think? Can’t buy a side for half a bil Just pile up the shite and stink We like to ride our Arsenal We do them how we want Straight up Sanchez and Ozil and Wenger that washed-up old runt