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  1. nice Freudian slip! calling @UpTheLeagueFox ...
  2. A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is played or touched* by a team-mate is only penalised on becoming involved in active play by: preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision Could Alisson have positioned himself better, and broke on the header faster, if Phillips wasn't a few feet in front of him? Matter of interpretation, but I'd say yes. Frankly I was raging at Phillips when I saw that angle, because he made it too easy for Dean, and for VAR to uphold him. He co
  3. Because Matt Phillips was just in front of Allison, and between him and the ball when it was headed into his box. The keeper's sight was impeded. I'm sick about the ending of that game, but I am not going to make myself sicker over this call. I'd be furious if that was Kasper and offside wasn't given.
  4. Any guy whose distance between his eyes is greater than the length of his **** is bound to be an absolute weirdo. And a Chelsea fan.
  5. Robson-Kanu you little godling you! How about a brace?!!
  6. Three clubs for two spots. In fivethirtyeight's reckoning it is dead even. We need to beat Chelsea, or draw and beat Spurs, else we’ll need the others to drop points.
  7. Given that every one of us died a thousand deaths -- collectively a million deaths? -- I think we held our nerve damned well on the match thread. You might have got pages of “we suck, we’ve bottled this” posts, but I don’t recall a single one.
  8. Well that's disillusioning. If she was truly an all-knowing betazoid, she'd never follow Spurs.
  9. This is crazy. Long story short, I go every Saturday for lunch at a culinary school in rural Geauga County, Ohio. We get a high-end meal for a few bucks and drink lots of great wine. Even during lockdown I never missed. Our little group masked up and went every week. But today … no way could I go. Bigger fish to fry. So my buddy texts me at 3:00 from the lunch I blew off. A guy came in who’s a Leicester native and came in after the match for a celebratory dessert I received his details and will have a new City mate -- unless any of you recog
  10. A close-run thing it was ... a bit of hubris Ric had to be sweating out bigtime. Could have been a statue of a horse riding him.
  11. I bought three bottles of this rare old brew years ago. Drank the first on May 7, 2016. Drinking the second right now, May 15, 2021. * Follow that trend and in late May 2026, I’ll drink the last as we lift one last major trophy in a stadium somewhere on the continent. Youri, with a little help from Kasper and then Top. It is written. * It’s nectar BTW. But those of you drinking Bud right now, I imagine it tastes just as good!
  12. You'll make it Izzy! But I love you too mate AND I LOVE YOURI ... AND KASPER ... AND EVEN VAR
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