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  1. An amazing coincidence! The same instructions I hear from my wife.
  2. From a Tanner piece on Youri in the Athletic today: Of all the midfielders in the Premier League this season, he is in the top five for passes attempted, successful passes, passes into the final third, interceptions, recoveries and possession won in the final third.
  3. We all bought into something a little too good to be true. Desperate for another CB, we found a teenager with game reading to match his athleticism! Ready to neutralize the best in the world from his very first day as a pro! A miracle cure!! Suddenly we’re shocked that he has mental errors in him. Lunges and misjudged challenges which lead directly to goals. Ball watching on set pieces. Flawless as he looks against lesser competition, we’ll have to accept that he’s a 19 year old learning a position that is the haven of wise old men. Braga have good enough attacke
  4. Roofe just put Rangers up 2-0 v Benfica. Totally in command of their group. Meanwhile Celtic get drilled by Sparta ****ing Prague and still have AC Milan and Lille to play ... they're nailed on to finish last in theirs. The trap door must be opening for Lennon?
  5. Happy Thanksgiving US Foxes … and how about our crafty old fox who got into the coop just when it seemed locked tight!
  6. Since when did Leicester get Fergie Time ?!
  7. Honestly I'm shocked they didn't turn the field microphone off at his end an hour ago
  8. Mahrez-esque control, turn and pass from Madders.
  9. I've heard three times as much commentary from Kasper as from either guy in the booth
  10. If Barnes sees it that way, he may be seriously motivated to get something back! His first senior appearance for us, the type of memory one would like to erase.
  11. I feel it’s the other way round, and checked fivethirtyeight. They give us a six times bigger chance of making the next year’s CL via PL top four than via winning the EL. Seems about right to me.
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