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  1. Guyana just concluded their first tournament appearance in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, and managed three goals. Neil Danns bagged all three -- two here in Cleveland v Panama Saturday, another tonight v Trinidad and Tobago.
  2. Skids, if this window is stressing you out, this product may help … supposedly resistant to your eponymous stains. Good luck! https://twitter.com/skidmarkundies
  3. A forum member realizes the effect of Foxes Talk on the human brain: - 5 posts in: clever OP, how did I miss this thread? - 15 posts in: have I read this thread? - 22 posts in: sees own reply
  4. I had a dream where Liz Hurley was breastfeeding me on a tram. She was begging me not to nibble ... but I showed no mercy.
  5. Works for me. Bring ‘em home safe and sound and give them their holiday. Overall I’d say our trio played above the level of the rest of the squad (Hamza’s mistake notwithstanding).
  6. I'd say his natural position is "substitute, not used".
  7. That was about as watchable an entry to the quarters as Cameroon v England. US giving away a howler, Spain spending 80’ kicking the crap out of Alex Morgan, then the decider on a ridiculously soft pen. Love Megan Rapinoe, though, she’s badass. God knows what to expect next v France. This tournament looks wide open to whoever lifts their game.
  8. https://twitter.com/paddypower/status/1143130190966611968/
  9. 150,000.00 million is 150 billion pounds. Just about a month's worth of the Gross Domestic Product of the entire UK. Yeah I think that might get us to top 4 Would make Ed Woodward's spending look sensible though ... and leave FFP a smoking ruin
  10. NGL, I fancy my chances in this contest Consultants picking the finalists ... what could go wrong?
  11. Finally a decent VAR call, quickly initiated, quickly finished, corrected a game-changing mistake,
  12. Getting through is everything. But I can’t help thinking England would have been better served by playing a team with the quality to defeat them, rather than dragged down a few levels by Cameroon. Only in scattered stretches have they looked like one of the better sides -- and this cannot be helping them reach the higher gear needed for the knockouts.
  13. But somewhere, an Arsenal fan has stored it away. Forget ever getting that knighthood Izzy.
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