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  1. Our squad does not need a drastic overhaul; we have some very good players who simply need to be (correctly) coached. I can see 1 or 2 CM's coming in and 1 striker. I'm hopeful that we will sign Tielmans. In regards to strikers, I think Alfredo Morelos has the potential to be a bit special; and more importantly attainable.
  2. I see can no theoretical reason why they cannot play in the same team. The days of when forwards are pigeonholed into set positions is long gone. Look at Liverpool for example. In in regards to width, we are blessed with full backs whose natural inclination is to bomb forward in wide positions.
  3. Exellent victory. Our players wanted it more; quicker at both tackling and retrieving the ball. Chillwell, Ricardo, Simpson, Evans and Choudry played particularly well. This may sound silly, but still think Vardy is underrated and unappreciated by a wider audience; he is a very good striker and on a par with most other strikers who currently play on the Prem.
  4. I totally agree. I felt sorry for both Maquire and Soyuncu; both were full of intent, bring the ball forward. The problem was that there was no one who was capable/willing in midfield to accept the pass. On a related issue, although I admire and encourage our attacking LB/RB, I do believe they hide our frailties in the wide positions. Today, Ricardo seemed to be particularly irked, shaking his head at the debacle he was witnessing.
  5. This debate over Puel/players is to a large extent an irrelevant side issue. The problem that needs to be resolved (ASAP) is fundamental flaws in the team. It was clear to anyone at the match that we desperately need a CM who is both composed and can pass. Moreover, we need at least one wide/forward of genuine quality.
  6. That was pathetic. What was the game plan? It was neither counter attacking or possession. The lack of options and movement was particularly worrying. Cardiff deserved their win, congratulations. Seriously questions need to be asked.
  7. We played really well. The team who finishes the season above Liverpool will most probably win the Premiership. The progress the team is making is impressive. Our composure on the ball is particularly nice to see (similar to England in the World Cup). It's a young team who will get better. I am particularly keen to see how the Maddison and Vardy partnership develops. In regards to future transfers, I think number wise, we are fine. I hope we splash the cash on a central midfielder and a forward he can play on the wing and up front.
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