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  1. They obviously made a huge mistake and will have deal with the consequences. I find both the ‘lynch mob’ and ‘what’s the problem’ posts hyperbolic. They’ve presumably been reprimanded, so we should move on. If I’m being generous, ‘youthful exuberance’ could excuse Maddison’s and Choudry’s actions. I’m sure the 27 yr old Pérez could you the same excuse.
  2. For me, a world class player is one who steps up and produces the pivotal moments in massive games. Off the top of my head, ZZ performance n the champion/World Cup finals, Berkamp’s goal against Argentina and Gerrard’s FA cup final performance against West Ham spring to mind. Youri’s performance yesterday felt a bit similar. At 1-1, the match could of gone pearshape. His goal and determination was pivotal.
  3. The term world class (W/C) is too casually bandied about and I don’t think any of our players can currently be defined as W/C. That said, both Ndidi and Youri are not far off from becoming W/C. Moreover, a couple more of our players have the potential (Fofana and possibly Barnes).
  4. I’ve always knew we had a set of ‘very good’ players, but after that performance, I really need to start evaluating my opinion. Both Youri and Ndidi are becoming w/class players. Apart from Kevin De Bruyne, I don’t think there’s a player in the Premiership who matches their quality.
  5. A worth while read: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/12232505/liverpool-leicester-and-crystal-palace-top-premier-league-for-current-injuries
  6. Crazy, but also to some extent predictable. If you look at the minutes played for 2020/21 season, it’s startling the number of our players are in the top ten (for the respective position). It’s a similar picture for the previous season as well.
  7. I imagine the reasons behind our ever increasing injuries are both varied and complex. However, some injuries don’t occur in a vacuum and cannot be simply down to bad luck. For example, it’s basic logic to assume that the more minutes a footballer plays during a season, the more likely they are to gain injuries. In regards to this season : Justin was ranked 5th in the number of minutes played by a fullback. Youri (Def Mid category) was ranked 3rd, Maddison (Att Mid category) 6th, Barnes (Winger Category) 8th and Vardy (Striker category) 10th. Also, I don’t th
  8. Maybe, but I would be happy if we could call on Mata, Pogba, James, Cavani, Van De Beck and Greenwood. Crikey, I’ll be happy if Ole was on our bench.
  9. I’m not saying we haven’t got better players. But like it or not, we are over dependent on certain players. Consequently, it’s not a surprise when they get injured. Other clubs may get away with one or two (Kayne), but they have genuine replacements. And if not, you end up in Liverpool’s position.
  10. To a large extent I agree. However, our over reliance on Vardy, Barnes and Maddison and the lack of RW options do make injuries to these players more likely.
  11. Earlier this week, I read a couple of articles that explained how Leicester have morphed into the ‘Big Six’. I’m sorry, but a ‘Big Six’ doesn’t get themselves in a position where their RW/ST/LW/AM positions are dependent on: A: a Single Player B: a out of position makeshift option C: on players who the manager doesn’t rate. In doing so, some of our injuries become inevitable. Whether it’s fair or accurate, the brunt of the responsibility fall at the managers feet. What’s worst, is that it’s was completely predictable.
  12. This is painful . Injuries are obviously destroying us. That said, some of injuries are of our own making. BR clearly doesn’t trust Nacho and Under (I imagine you could add a couple more to that list). Consequently, the burden on Vardy and the RW role becomes ridiculous and will inevitable result in injuries. He knew Nacho wasn’t up job and didn’t bring in a placement. This is inexcusable. Moreover, he clearly didn’t rate Gray and to a lesser extent Albrighton. He’s the manager so fair enough. But again he should of brought in replacements. To be in a position where our
  13. According to a french family member, Soumare style is similar to Patrick Viera. He told me that his key strength is his ability in receiving/winning the ball in deep positions and then bombing forward with the ball at his feet and passing to the more creative players. When he’s on one of his runs, it’s apparently really difficult to get the ball off him. If we sign him, I can see him being used in the ‘big matches’ with Nidi, in which we may have less possession and need to counter more.
  14. An excellent analysis https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/sportslens.com/tactical-analysis-how-leicester-city-dealt-a-potentially-decisive-blow-to-liverpools-title-hopes/333166/amp/
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