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  1. If its been said I apologise Looks like Puels back
  2. Most important take our chances We had enough against spurs and Everton as well as bournemouth
  3. A win is needed on Sunday to gaurantee a top 4 spot. Its in our own hands
  4. Not sure this is the absolutely the most up to date version, but must be close if not as VAR is taken into account. RETROSPECTIVE ACTION If video evidence clearly shows that a player has committed a dismissal offence that was not seen at the time it occurred by the match officials, or reviewed in time by VAR, The FA may take retrospective disciplinary action. Retrospective action was originally introduced to address ‘off-the-ball’ incidents of violent conduct or serious foul play that were committed out of the match officials’ eye line and to put the player in the same position as if the
  5. Sheff u are home against Wolves this wed then home against Chelsea on Saturday, Lets hope they can steal a few points
  6. Win 5 = 3rd win 4 draw against united top 4 guaranteed, 3rd if Chelsea drop any points win 3 and with our points diff should be enough for top 5
  7. Hi i think you will find max points man city can get is 90 51 + 13x3
  8. a win today and max points required will be 26 more for Champions league football with our goal diff 25 should be enough obviously this will lower if chasing pack drop points only liverpool 6 points man city 2 points Southampton 1 point have taken the advantage of our 2 losses in the last 5 games
  9. 29 points as it stands to finish 4th
  10. Ranieri won the league thats the difference. With a team at 5000 to 1.(we had to sack him it had gone horribly wrong)
  11. jose to Levy how much can i have to rebuild? levy 200 jose can you go 300 Levy ok I have 6 £50S in my wallet
  12. and wally downs, david o'leary and allan pardew
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