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  1. Grealish wins a freekick = world class, Madison wins a freekick = he's gone down too easily. Regardless of the above, pure shit that.
  2. A back 4 of Ricardo, Fofana, Cags and Castagne... So much footballing class.
  3. There's a delay on the commentary, so the whistle is coming thru the pitch side mic and then the commentators mic. Very annoying.
  4. We're a decent right winger away from a very good team...
  5. I agree it's not a normal transfer window, but that hasn't affected other clubs. The recruitment process does not start the day the window opens. Don't think I'm being unreasonable with my expectation that we sign someone before the season starts, especially when we are clearly in need.
  6. This should be done before the start of the season imo, especially knowing our first choice is suspended.
  7. Kasp Tim Wilf Cags Justin Mendy Praet Perez Youri Barnes Vardy Criminal that we haven't brought in a CB for the start of the season and need to move our best player out if position to cope, but I think it'll be enough to win.
  8. I've just been to buy some Chang, hate the stuff but it's game day and that's the ritual. 2-0 City.
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