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  1. Managed 30 mins 29 seconds on my first park run. Started at the back so could probably have knocked a minute or 2 off that but it wasn't the time that I was that bothered about. Managed to complete it without being absolutely knackered at the end so pretty pleased with how it went. However the thought of having to do 4 park runs in a row to do the half marathon is a bit daunting
  2. I could watch that Mahrez goal on repeat for hours
  3. Been roped into doing a half marathon in April so figured I should get started Not done any running in a couple of years but I'm only 21 so hopefully won't find it too difficult to get up to speed with it. Downloaded the app this morning and did a quick 3k run to see if I could manage that, and it went alright. Doing 5k park run on Saturday so that will be the 1st test. Requested to join but I think I'll be last on the leaderboard for a while aha
  4. Need to do some brain training to get me prepared for this again
  5. Normally when people post their Wetherspoons table number on twitter they get sent a load of pints and weird shots. Looks like this lad got cans of monster and a pint of milk
  6. Was good last night, very enjoyable and seemed so much more positive for some reason. Barnes chant was decent, even the Ricardo one picked up a bit more than usual. Then obviously 'European Tour' and 'We're on our way' were very loud towards the end. Good stuff, lets keep it up!
  7. Honestly mate you'll definitely get it sussed pretty soon, once you get used to the car you'll soon just be able to pull away without even thinking about it. I've gotta say that was the bit that I hated the most, coming up to a roundabout on one of my 1st few lessons was so daunting cause I didn't want to stall it and end up being stuck in the middle of the roundabout but then after an hour or 2 of more driving later it was fine.
  8. Yeah the 2nd one with Paz was a little strange, we've got no real connection to her son or father so it was a little odd. Was still quite enjoyable how they did it though
  9. Double lessons are the way forward if you're gonna go for a normal instructor, the single hour ones are a bit pointless as half of it is driving to and from your house. Obviously depends how busy the instructor is but they'll often be able to do multiple lessons a week so it won't take too long to get the hours in and everything learnt.
  10. New episode of Power was good, just 4 more to go now until its all done.
  11. Good idea guys When will these tickets go on sale? And can I buy more than one?
  12. Turned it on at half 10 when I got back in from work. What a waste of an hour
  13. At least they have gone with the fortnite model of letting you earn back these cod points so every other season will be free if you don't spend them
  14. Is there any reason to save my packs for tomorrow? Or just open them now?
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