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  1. As Martin Tyler so often warns you
  2. There's an SBC for a swap deals player in case anyone didn't know, costs around 10k
  3. Why would Sam get killed 1st?
  4. What do you mean your chemistry isn't great? If it isn't 100 that might be why you're struggling
  5. 2 mega packs as my rewards for rivals... 1st pack: Buffon 2nd pack: Thiago Silva I'll take that!!
  6. Yeah with season 3 coming out this summer!
  7. Decided to do the Ramsey SBC, got about 50k worth of players from the packs too which is alright, and hopefully after the Rivals rewards come out on Thursday I'll have enough money to get my old squad back together so it should look something like this: Hoping to get IF Roberston at LB from the swap deals, and then eventually looking to get Ricardo's IF. Who's the best Prem keeper for a reasonable price? Schmeichel has made loads of mistakes for me.
  8. Doesn't seem like it's been fixed yet
  9. Tempted to get that Ramsey SBC, but I think my whole club is only worth about 300k, so unless I get lucky in the packs the rest of my team won't be great Looking forward to getting that IF Robertson using my swap deals
  10. When did they move you? I've not really played FUT much this year so I don't really know how it all works, but I'm pretty sure I've been in Div 4 for ages. Also, if I go below the 1190 points will I immediately be relegated?
  11. I've been in Division 4 for the whole time I think, but I've barely played the game. I have spells where I play it for a week or so and then get annoyed with it. I can compete in Division 4 but its really tough, keep coming up against Van Dijk who is impossible to get past. I think I might relegate myself to Division 5 and see if its any easier. Also, what is the best formation on this game? I've got a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow atm but wondering if there's anything better?
  12. Finally got round to watching the race this morning, and wow it was absolutely brilliant! Especially the first 20 laps or so. Gutted for Leclerc but it was good to see that Ferrari have mostly fixed whatever their issues were in Australia in terms of pace. Great to see McLaren looking quick, if Sainz left Verstappen a bit more room he would've easily finished in the points too.
  13. Yeah as others have said I'm very intrigued to see how he does a 2nd series of Afterlife, surely his wife couldn't have made many more of those tapes? I'm not complaining however, as I'm sure it'll be enjoyable anyway.
  14. Did you not watch Juve vs Atletico?
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