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  1. Turned it on at half 10 when I got back in from work. What a waste of an hour
  2. At least they have gone with the fortnite model of letting you earn back these cod points so every other season will be free if you don't spend them
  3. Is there any reason to save my packs for tomorrow? Or just open them now?
  4. Finished 11-4. I'm always working on the weekends so its hard to get any more games in. I wanted to get to 14 wins but the speed up lag was doing my head in so I stuck at 11.
  5. D5 R2 rivals didn't even get a board. Gold 3 Champs I got 3 walkouts in a row, Kimmich, IF Onana and Veratti. With McGinn and Moreno as my red picks. Nothing spectacular but pretty decent coins wise.
  6. Think I'm gonna go for Gerrard in the Icon swaps, just need to grind out a couple of the squad battles tokens and I'll have him for the weekend league.
  7. Going to settle for gold 3. 14-9 is what I'm finishing on, gameplay was less laggy today but even more frustrating lol. Now to focus on those icon swaps.... FUN...
  8. Lots of speculation that rage quitting doesn't count as a loss when they calculate your form, so you wont come up against easier opponents if you keep quitting games. Good start for me at 5-1, but the gameplay felt so laggy and unresponsive
  9. Got Lewandowski and Barella for my red picks after finishing gold 3. Absolutely nothing in the packs but I can't complain too much. Lewa is unreal, 13 goals and 4 assists in 10 rivals games today
  10. Bit late to the party on that one
  11. Icon swaps 2nd set of objectives are out. Almost a copy and paste of the last set
  12. They've been out for a month mate, there will be new icon objectives released in the next few days which will last for 6 weeks I presume. So you can get a max of 12 tokens out of this second set
  13. I forgot to buy the Romanian players even though I saw you all talking about them a couple of days ago That Joe Gomez SBC seems very pricey
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