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  1. No value in the odds for this tournament at all. Definitely very tough to call, I've not watched that much snooker these last few months but I think Robertson might win this year. Can't see Ronnie winning and Trump can be hit and miss. Looking forward to it, love the worlds!
  2. Brewed by Brewdog though which might not be great
  3. Mandanda isn't great is he?
  4. Coming up against so many idiots using Mbappe and normal players in the Keeper friendlies. Guessing they are just trying to get some friendly wins, but how sad do you have to be!
  5. It's worth ringing them up telling them you want to cancel now, they will definitely give you an offer for a much cheaper box next month to get you to stay
  6. Been drinking my freshly brewed Stars and Stripes APA from my Pinter. First beer I have made and I'm really impressed. Added some extra brewing sugar to increase the ABV. Making a stout in it next. Anyone else got a Pinter on here?
  7. Just realised my RTTF Ndidi won't get any upgrades and has obviously massively dropped in price Finished Fofana and Reiner last night, and got What If Lees-Melou in my 5 85+ pack. When he gets a +2 upgrade he'll be a brilliant box to box with an engine. Might get him in the team with Kante and Fofana
  8. Icon swaps looks pretty underwhelming
  9. I played a couple of games with him on draft and wasnt a fan either.
  10. Was fuming this morning. Was on 10 wins as didn't gt much chance to play this weekend. Woke up at half 6 this morning to try and get the win needed for silver 1. Won the game 3-2 and as soon as the whistle went for full time I lost connection to the ea servers and it kicked me off the game. Checked an hour or so later and it didn't give me the win So finished on a pretty useless 10 wins in silver 2.
  11. It is slightly annoying but doesn't take too much time. I just sim all of them.
  12. I got him in one of those packs too
  13. Stopped at 14/9 yesterday. Would've been a better record but I had a disconnect, and 3 penalty shoot out losses
  14. Got Prime Koeman from icon swaps. The plan was to swap him and RTTF Ndidi in game to have Koeman CM and Ndidi CB. But couldn't really get along with Koeman at all so i've now got a 91 rated icon sitting on my bench Ndidi is much better as a CDM than as a CB too
  15. Anyone know why RTTF Ndidi has suddenly jumped up massively in price? Was 230k 2 days ago but now is around 290k. Waa just about to buy him but dont have enough now. Anyone think he'll go down again or will he stay at that price with the next rounds of the Europa coming up soon?
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