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  1. The web app is now for fifa 20. It's your new club for the game so when you go on console it will all be the same
  2. Got an invite to play career mode. 1st game 0-0 vs Liverpool, extremely boring game with no chances for both teams and the gameplay felt very slow and sluggish. Try to play the 2nd game against Wolves to see if that will be any better and the game crashed. Rebooted it and it crashed at the same point again. The link to report bugs that they sent in the email doesn't even work either. What a load of shite.
  3. Looks like its gonna be a wet race, touch wood. Verstappen and Hamilton will probably just drive away from the rest of the field until a safety car comes out to bunch them back up, should be really interesting with Vettel and Leclerc coming through though.
  4. Yep He retired at the end of the 1st season on my save
  5. I liked the piece on Lotus and ground effect.
  6. That's my main gripe with COD. They start off with purely cosmetic stuff in the supply drops but then eventually start adding in weapons that you can only get in these loot boxes.
  7. I started a Man United save a week or so ago, seeing if I could do any better than they managed in real life. My mid to long term focus is on the academy and developing young players, but also signing high profile players without paying ridiculous wages as has become the norm at Old Trafford. Season 1: I identified the LB position as a real weakness and felt that Luke Shaw wasn't quite good enough to be a starting left back at a top 4 club, so I signed Telles for a very cheap £26m, and he is also only on 92k p/w. I then really wanted to sign a top quality CB, so I was targeting Varane and Sule, I had bids accepted for both of them for ~£55m but decided to go with Sule as he only wanted 115k p/w compared to Varane who wanted 200k. This left me with very little left so I didn't make any other summer signings. The season started off with injuries to De Gea and Romero so I had to play Grant in goal for the first 3 games, and Matic and Valencia were also already injured. I ended up losing the opening 3 games of the season, but they did include away games at Liverpool and Chelsea. We then went on a really good run in September and October winning everything apart from a loss in the Carabao Cup to Preston. This form continued for most of the season and we pretty much floated around 3rd/4th in the league for the rest of the season. We got to the final of the FA Cup but fell short to league winners Liverpool (2-1) despite us going 1-0 up in extra time. I made a couple of signings in January, the main one being Sancho. Who I managed to unsettle at Dortmund so they had to let him go for £40m. I then brought in Morilla as a young attacking mid option for his £1.9m release clause and then signed Sandro Tonali for £10m on deadline day to be my future Matic. But the real highlight of the season was the Champions League campaign, we topped a group consisting of Bayern, CSKA and Young boys, winning 5 games and losing 1. Then in the last 16 we somehow got beat 3-0 away at Porto in the 1st leg, but miraculously turned it around with Pogba scoring a hat trick in 90 mins, and then Rashford grabbing the winner in extra time to win 4-3! In the quarters we beat Real Madrid 1-0 at the Bernabau but then got beat 1-0 at Old Trafford, we eventually won the game on penalties with De Gea saving 3 out of 6. In the semis we managed to beat Juve, we played at home 1st and managed to knick 2 late goals to win 2-1. We then won the away leg 1-0 to set up a final against Man City. I was expecting a really tough game vs City, but somehow we started off brilliantly and due to VAR giving us a penalty early on, we went into half time 2-0 up and managed to see out the game adding a 3rd in the second half to win the Champions League in my 1st season! Season 2: Now the focus is to try and win the league, but Liverpool seemed unstoppable last season, in other news Pep and Poch have both been sacked. My main aim players wise is to bring in a world class CAM, but apart from that I just want to give even more opportunites to all the people in the academy, as we won U18 and U23 league by an absolute mile, I've included a screenshot of all our best young prospects, the future is bright!
  8. How is he talentless?
  9. Can't afford it atm I'm hoping for some good packs through Rivals rewards
  10. What a load of shite.
  11. I see you do a lot of complaining about squad battles Tbf I probably only play about 9/10 games of it a week but I've never had any problems, I do play quite a bit of career mode though so I know how to beat the AI.
  12. RIP Niki. What a great character he was. I'll have to watch Rush again at some point in the next few weeks.
  13. Finally got round to doing the Vardy SBC. Only got 120k to spend on the rest of my team. All I've got is untradeable IF Robertson, and EOAE Ramsey. Think I might buy TOTS Madders soon and then gradually upgrade the rest when I eventually get more coins.
  14. Oh yeah, it'll probably be the crap generic one
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