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  1. World Snooker Championships 2018

    I've put a few quid on Ding E/W, he's done pretty well at the World Champs in the last few years. I love Ronnie but I can't see him getting to the final with it being such a long tournament, I'd also like to see Kyren Wilson do well, his coach Barry Stark has some pretty good Snooker Youtube videos too.
  2. Fortnite Battle Royale

    I just won a game with 2 kills. My last kill came when there was 4 of us left. I was on 10 hp and managed to get a headshot on him with the pump. A few seconds later there were just 2 of us left. I noticed the only guy had built a pretty high metal tower which would be outside of the next circle which was tiny, so I snuck behind a tree, using my camera to see what he was doing whilst he couldn't see me. Storm came in and he eventually jumped to his death for my 2nd solo win
  3. Formula 1 2018

    THIS. Found it crazy how Crofty was in despair with being able to get a net gain under the VSC and wanted a rule change, but when it is in Hamilton's favour he turns a blind eye to it. Yeah its a shame that Vettel won the race because of it, as he didn't really deserve the win, but its swings and roundabouts over the course of the season.
  4. Formula 1 2018

    Pretty good race that, nice to see Mercedes having to play catch up. Thought Verstappen was pretty poor today, but clearly not an easy track to overtake on, the extra DRS zone didn't seem to help that much apart from 1 Ricciardo overtake. Not sure how Haas can make the same mistake twice within a few laps, drivers must be fuming, and they needed to make the most of their good position now as I can't help but think Mclaren and Renault will develop quickly and eventually be faster than them later on in the season.
  5. McDonald's Monopoly

    Correct, there's one of each set which is the tough one to get. Collecting 10 stickers and exchanging them for a now tv pass is the best thing to do
  6. Formula 1 2018

    May as well add my top 5 drivers: Hamilton Vettel Verstappen Ricciardo Bottas Heard a lot of good things about Haas from many journalists and even from Lewis himself on one of the latest videos on F1's Youtube, think Williams and Sauber are gonna be the real strugglers with a bit of a gap to the rest of the pack.
  7. Formula 1 2018

    Less than a week to go! My predictions for the season: Mercedes - LEWIS WDC Red Bull Ferrari Renault Mclaren Haas Force India Toro Rosso Williams Sauber
  8. Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    Thats an unbelievable free kick
  9. Formula 1 2018

    Yeah, it was alright, massive shame that it was only preseason. Couldn't believe how bad the partnership was with Honda though I'm feeling really optimistic for Red Bull, they've got my favourite driver line up by a mile, Ricciardo was quickest in testing yesterday although that probably doesn't mean a great deal.
  10. FIFA 18

    What? I'm not expecting him to be given an 80 rating. Just something to show that he has come straight into a premier league bench/starting 11 and performed better than people have expected...
  11. FIFA 18

    I know this thread is mostly about FUT... but why the hell hasn't Diabate received an upgrade on career mode?? Think he deserves a lot more than 62 OVR and 71 POT
  12. Formula 1 2018

    Looking forward to the car reveals in a few weeks time. With regards to the actual racing, I'm hoping Renault have got their act together with their engines, if they have then it could be a great season. Williams line up is dreadful, and I really wish Ferrari got rid of Kimi because as much as I like him he's just not good enough for a top 2 team.
  13. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Maybe Aubameyang will change his mind?
  14. Subway

    Big beef melt is underrated
  15. Peterborough Away FA Cup Match Thread

    Took that beautifully!