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  1. I am pretty sure that the planning starts way before now. However, they will now be in a position to finalise them.
  2. The guidelines agreed between the German FA and the clubs are that: - No away fans in 2020 - No standing/terraces until 31/10/2020 - No alcohol until 31/10/2020 - Track and trace However, it still needs to be approved by the government. Also, those dates could change at any time and be extended, I guess those are minimum based on current circumstances.
  3. Leverkusen is good because it is near Dusseldorf/Cologne. Oktoberfest is cancelled this year anyway.
  4. Makes sense as Trevor has now retired.
  5. So UEFA are making rules on the spot? I am sure they always had the stance that max 7 teams from one country. The rules are not very straightforward.
  6. Only a maximum of 7 teams allowed in Europe. In this case it would be 5 in CL and 2 in EL. Spurs would miss out. Unless something changed this season.
  7. So if Wolves win the EL, Tottenham are no longer in Europe. Come on Wolves!
  8. Maybe they're having a consultation on the consultation.
  9. Yes, EL patches are at no extra cost.
  10. The first 16 or so games, most of them, I thought we played really good football and the results were there too. After that there was a handful of good performances but generally mid table rubbish. We seemed to struggle for a complete 90 min performance. There was always 30-45 min glimpses of what we were before mid-December.
  11. We'll finish 10th or 11th. Europa League Last 32. FA Cup 5th Round. League Cup Round 4.
  12. I think there may well be differences between clubs/countries. Some will allow fans, some not. Not sure if UEFA will try and intervene to say no away fans anywhere to prevent advantages to some clubs. Who knows. We'll have to wait and see.
  13. I couldn't figure out if you meant that particular shirt or not. I thought the same, would be nice but not waiting until November. Instead I opted for the normal one with the free EL badges.
  14. That's just the 'Thailand Smiles...' slogan shirt. The normal King Power sponsored ones are shipped immediately.
  15. I love how they made that a thing. Like we are not being ripped off already. We are treating our loyal fans by keeping shirt prices at ridiculously high prices.
  16. That would be option 2 if you don't win Europa League. Want either Arsenal or Spurs to miss out on Europe
  17. Championship next season. Then League One and within no time we will be playing Barwell FC.
  18. Let's hope Arsenal win the FA Cup and you win Europa League. That would be incredible
  19. Good season overall. A massive missed opportunity, no hiding from it. But, we did well to get here. Negatives are blowing Top 4 and the shocking no shows in the cup games and big games in general. However, if we don't spend well we will really struggle next season. Need to enhance backline cover and we need quality and creativity.
  20. It might not matter if Chelsea fail to win a game! It'll be the difference between 3rd and 4th! But above has answered.
  21. 5th it is. We are gonna be in a position where playing Man U a draw is not enough and even a low win might not be enough. We're gonna end up needing to win by at least two goals at this rate.
  22. They have a tendency to look average but someone get the job done though. Their goal difference is miles behind us and Utd but they are a point ahead. Shows they have scraped points/wins.
  23. It needs a swing of 6 goals to really make a difference (e.g. us lose 3-0 to Spurs and Man U win 3-0 against West Ham). Otherwise, we are still in the driving seat against Man U (we would need to beat them but even a 1-0 would do).
  24. It could make for a boring game between us and Utd. I doubt both teams would agree to play out a draw as that is impossible with integrity of the game.
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