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  1. Definitely a 0-0 draw with lots of nasty tackles, red cards and injuries. Realistically, Liverpool will win 2-1 through a late goal.
  2. The problem is that the gap to 5th, 6th and even 7th is probably smaller than last season. If we have a collapse like last season then we will struggle to even finish 5th. Last years points total for Top 4 was very low, this year could be similar but I think 2nd to 6th/7th will be fine margins.
  3. It would be nice to get 6 points on the board next two games just for some confidence. Then pick up a few more wins against lower oppositions and get one or two results in the run in. Who knows. Whatever happens on Saturday, beating Sheff Utd is a must with all due respect.
  4. We may be OK with 6 wins (or 5 wins 2/3 draws). However, unless we win our next two games, I struggle to see where we pick those points up.
  5. Brighton can't buy a goal. So Brighton 4-0 Leicester. We need to win really as we will have much tougher games. Would a draw be bad? Who knows, end of May will tell us.
  6. Decent point, got Schmeichel to thank. Could easily have been 3/4-1 Burnley. Not a great performance but one more point. Really need to get 2 wins now though before a tough April.
  7. I was just using Palace as an example. The Newcastle stat is quite powerful in context. Any injuries are bad but of course some more than others.
  8. I said he would fit perfectly but unfortunately out of our league. That just confirms that we are well away from being a "Top 6" club. We are challengers at best and have to deal with key players leaving and having to recruit "unknowns" to gap fill.
  9. Sometimes you have to look at who is injured too. For example, Palace might have 7/8 fringe players injured whereas us or Liverpool have 6 starting XI players out. So the above is a good indication but possibly still limited in giving the "whole picture".
  10. That team on paper sounds awful. Going for the 0-0. However, what do I know. Rodgers will know what he is doing. 4 CM's?
  11. The best we could do is lure him over for one or two seasons before he goes to a bigger club but even that is out of reach. We do need someone young and talented and therein lies the skills of the scouting department. They have to beat all the big clubs and take a gamble.
  12. It's a real shame we don't have the power to bring in Haaland because he would be the perfect replacement for Vardy. If we could bring him in this summer, we could have had him starting and Vardy becoming a backup, super sub who is slowly getting reduced playing time to manage him. If we finished Top 4 and Dortmund fail to qualify for CL it would have been a slight potential, however, he is destined for one of the big PL clubs who will play CL on a regular basis. I have seen Abraham mentioned on here if Haaland does rock up at Chelsea. I wouldn't say no. I really hope t
  13. More than 11% of those have been scored against Leicester.
  14. This is pretty much it. It seems that Brendan knows without Youri, we would be mid table so he would rather play him and get points in the bag.
  15. Normally yes, but he has nailed a lot of our results this season.
  16. Play him for 60 mins and take him off at 3-0 after he has bagged two goals.
  17. Lost 3 of the last 4 games at Turf Moor. Not a happy place for us!
  18. That would be an awful appointment. If so many people hated Puel, then they wouldn't want Favre. Dortmund couldn't wait to get rid, such a negative manager.
  19. Exactly, and it's Man CIty straight after the international break. In all honesty, that is a write off game so we may as well rest players in that. Of course we haven't lost the game in advance but out of all games remaining, that is the least likely for us to get anything. Concentrate on West Ham, West Brom and the other games in April (Southampton and Newcastle?). March is a massive month to keep in the Top 4 and April is huge to establish ourselves in that position and keep a healthy gap before the final 3 games.
  20. We can say that every time we miss out but surely our high ambition is to get Top 4 so why should we accept not getting it. I am not saying we are under performing, absolutely not. Saying that CL might be worse for us than EL is rubbish though. Players thrive to be on the big stage and unless we do it this season, I think some players will move on (and Rodgers eventually too). Are we having a good season so far? Absolutely. As long as we avoid a complete collapse and finish 7th/8th, we can be happy. Before the season I was expecting 7th/8th at best so the team (including Rodgers) h
  21. Can say the same about the FA Cup, why get past Round 3 if we're not going to bother to attempt to win it? If we were in Arsenal's position, you would go all out for EL, or if we had a squad like Man City, Chelsea or Liverpool. When we are fighting for Top 4, EL takes a back seat. If we were fighting for 6th/7th then EL would be a higher priority. I am sure priorities change in your life depending on the situation you find yourself in?
  22. Could you imagine if we had two European games to fit in this month as well! Then we would have been past running on empty. It was a blessing in disguise. Hopefully it allows us to play CL next season. Or at least another shot at EL. Worst case the Conference League, how exciting!
  23. Everton could be 3 points behind us with a game in hand after that match. Not something to think about for too long...let's hope it's a 9 point gap after Thursday!
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