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  1. Our fans have spoken they don’t want another Algerian because of the fan boys. Great logic maestro ever thought about quitting your day job to be a premier league manager? I think we are missing wisdom like yours 😂
  2. We could get trips to Real sociedad ( San Sebastián) imagine the boys coming across on the 24 hr fun ferry for that or Valencia, Getafe which is Madrid or a Portuguese team much better than a certain shafting don’t you think? Let’s enjoy the ride
  3. Or king power are feeling the pinch after COVID and feel getting income from a shirt deal from an outside source makes more financial sense
  4. As a fan since the 60s let me give you my view on it. We were always in the shadow of big teams so any result against them was gold. After years of being a very second best to Forest and Derby took its toll on ardent city fans. I said if we won a cup ( pref FA cup ) then I would be happy. The clubs best seasons in decades arrived inc cup wins and before that regular trips to Wembley we had what lots of clubs only dream of. The support was always there and the craving of success was apparent with 7000 LCFC fans away at Notts County in the pouring rain was an epic away end. Anyway fast forward the unimaginable happens we win the league with breathtaking football the best owners ever and now the new normal bar is raised higher than ever. Some of our younger fans may expect success this old fan constantly pinches himself that my little very average Leicester City has put itself and still is in an era of unparalleled success. Enjoy it peeps it may not always be there.
  5. Or he’s that pleased with Thomas that he’s given him a massive confidence boost by announcing early.
  6. Pretty much boils down to us beating Man U last match of the season. If we are good enough we will if not then bring on the Europa league where unless I’m mistaken we will be seeded going into the groups. There will be some mighty fine away days in there 😀
  7. The bbc said Tielemans is so good in a midfield 2 the Sheffield utd 3 can’t get near him leaving Leicester one extra up front
  8. I am saying if we are not good enough to be there onmerit we really shouldn’t be there can’t you see that?
  9. There will be some cracking venues in the Europa league where we might not get twatted. Villarreal Valencia both from Valencia an amazing city Getafe from Madrid for example I’m in Spain so very excited.
  10. Either way man city are between a rock and a hard place. Get exonerated and the rest of the clubs will say **** this it’s open season Ffp is done and man city will be hated from now on. Lose and they are still cheats. Do us as a respectable club want this shit? Let’s do our best and see where it takes us
  11. Ok we are 4th currently with 4 games left so it’s in our own hands. If we can’t do it then we are probably not good enough to be in it anyway. We have just fallen short probably of breaking this year into the top 4 , squad depth inexperience is going to cost us. We will still have some great away days hopefully in cities that are better than lots of you think . Enjoy shipmates if we are good enough we will beet Man Utd last day if we don’t we have to accept our cannon lacked a bit of powder.
  12. Watched the match and just want say Tielemans put in a quality shift in a 2 man midfield wilf was wilf awesome
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