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  1. Why all the hate for the lad? Bit pathetic really turning against one of our own
  2. There are thousands that have it across many countries who only generally find themselves in the statistics when hospitalized here in Spain you ring the authorities if you have symptoms and are told to isolate but are neither tested or hospitalized. A friend of mine in the uk who has just returned from Spain has all the symptoms of the virus. He rung the hotline and they agree he probably has it and to stay isolated. Whilst he has been very poorly he has not gone hospital or been tested. How many more thousands like him are there?
  3. We are in southern Spain and the whole population is in lockdown, all bars restaurants shops are closed from today for 2 weeks only farmacias and supermarkets are open and you can only leave the house for work or to go to the above
  4. Reina certainly made a sprint towards Barnes was shit on a shovel 😀
  5. Surely with the brains we have on here it wouldn’t be difficult for a pro to find out who the bellend is
  6. We are slowly drifting towards Europa qualifying in June
  7. Sorry mate but you don’t know what you are talking about this will stick they need to set an example next is PSG
  8. Just a funny quip yesterday landed at Saigon and our son was there at the airport. He lives in Australia but was resplendent and proud wearing his city shirt. We pointed out to the taxi organizers the badge and that we were a proper team he pointed to the beer advert on the shirt and said good beer. Twat
  9. Come on you lot leave the lad alone top talent and he’s ours give it a rest please 😀
  10. If your watching the Liverpool match they have had a nail on penno go to VAR and not given all clubs think they get the crap calls
  11. Other than that he reffed it quite well if you take the goggles off and incidentally Madison on another day could have walked for serious foul play
  12. I think we may have dodged a bullet for a different reason. Yes had we won we would have had a final to look forward to but that might disrupt our league form along with if we took a 3 or 4 goal beating at Wembley the confidence could have been shot. Our focus needs to be in cementing a champions league spot and then we can give the later stages of the FA cup a real go and as the later stages are towards the season end it wouldn’t be a distraction
  13. I was going to post the very same Keith, it’s all well and good a decent FA cup run but we have bigger fish to fry.
  14. Because it’s a business and even though he’s never likely to be near the first team squad he may improve enough to get some sort of fee further down the road thus justifying this move
  15. This bloke would be in a real state if we were bottom half, sack the team sack the board sack the manager bin the lot play the u23.play my mrs play the neighbors play Anstey Nomads. Calm down lad
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