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  1. Got a serious pulled calf having jumped up for the winner silly old sod I am
  2. Cantwell would do well with us good player
  3. Enjoyable game watching on my DAZN €4.99 month 😀
  4. Just had a quick look on Everton fans site and they aren’t very confident. We also have a couple of our idiot fans gloating like the juvenile tossers they are! Talk about embarrassing.
  5. To all of us City fans young and old the title win and now are truly heady days. Living abroad with all the different fans made it special as they were all genuinely pleased for us ( spurs fans excluded ) . Growing up with the memories and pain of Forest and Derby doing well was instantly vanquished by that remarkable success. Let’s enjoy the ride and hope it continues for a long time
  6. You really are the merchant of doom we are 2nd in the best league in the world and you have issues with our team. I can only guess you are either a youngster or a newbie because you need a bit of perspective here mate
  7. And what year did they win the league 😀😂
  8. Would we swap this clown for our man no no no and a few more no’s he’s past his sell by he’s dated and more importantly he’s got no interest in anything other than his ego. He will get new manager bounce like they all do then when it drops off will blame everyone but himself then fook off with another wedge. He’s been a fraud for years
  9. Did people really tip toe through the Trent end with an hammer and a sawn off shotgun? I personally dont think that would be allowed
  10. Give your head a wobble mate ,skill is one thing being a total dick is another. He wanted out our great club maxed what they got. Disruptive petulant and more importantly the worst kind of role model for young Leicester fans. My view is good riddance you have made your whingy French bed now lie in it
  11. Riyad Riyad Riyad Riyad you used to be so good but now a dud you left here and it was a wrench to go man city and warm the bench and say it is all our fault Riyad Riyad Riyad Riyad Riyad you used to be so good but now a dud to joleen
  12. That sir is it in a nutshell otherwise known as ( gone missing )
  13. Bloke was great for us helped win us the league but he’s been a bit of a c u next Tuesday for a while now he’s a bit of a splinter arse on the bench at Man C so we are well rid
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