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  1. Because it’s a business and even though he’s never likely to be near the first team squad he may improve enough to get some sort of fee further down the road thus justifying this move
  2. This bloke would be in a real state if we were bottom half, sack the team sack the board sack the manager bin the lot play the u23.play my mrs play the neighbors play Anstey Nomads. Calm down lad
  3. Strange as it sounds I like that but then what do I know?
  4. Me and you both 6 days in it’s going to be a long month roll on the gin party night feb 1st
  5. Yes it’s sad for the lad and he was in the right place at the right time and a vital piece of the jigsaw at that time, but let’s not be too sad when he earns more than double in a week than most do in a year and gets it whether he plays or not
  6. Get to see the ear nurse because I heard it on the Telly in Spain and I’m 1500 miles away 😂
  7. Live soccer tv tells you which channels worldwide are showing the game ie Sportklub Serbia and others then down load live tv go to international sport and go to the channel or channels it’s on bingo
  8. I think regarding the FA cup the Spanish have a great idea. As their league system is a pyramid the 3rd division has 18 x 18 leagues with 4 positions of promotion available only from those 18 leagues. So most teams who win their leagues regionally will lose but their compensation is a place in Spanish cup qualifying. If they win one or two rounds of qualifying then the la liga clubs enter the draw and all will be paired away to a lower league club. If that club has not got a big enough or adequate enough stadium it’s moved to a bigger local ground. Their are no replays and games are completed in that one match and receipts go to the lower league club. The la liga teams are not paired together and only the champions league and Europa league teams are exempt. its all televised and great for local kids to see the big teams and occasionally there is a shock
  9. It says on that list Ricci has an hamstring problem and Barnes too? Is that true?
  10. How anybody can say Rodgers needs to learn from his mistakes when we sit 2nd in the premier league and have lost 1 in 14 is beyond me. Happy Boxing Day!
  11. Double snap bigger fish to fry methinks having said that I’m sure whatever team is picked we will make a game of it !
  12. I live in Spain and subscribe to DAZN which happens to be a U K company it costs €9.99 a month for 4 devices two active at anytime and covers all televised premier league matches plus generally a 3.oclock kick off and all games you can watch in full or highlights during the following week. The subscription also includes copa Del Rey , euroleague basketball all major boxing and motogp. It works like Netflix and you can leave at anytime but if you subscribe for 12 months upfront you pay for 10. They have premier league rights for 3 seasons and it works wherever you are in Europe including UK. Im more than happy and it’s all in HD
  13. Ah thank you for enlightening me I UnDErsTAnd now very clever 😀
  14. Can I ask on here why some people type crap like above in a mixture of upper case lower case is it vogue or is it someone wanting to be different? Would have the same impact if it was written in SrNDarD tEXT
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