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  1. Wasn’t able to watch the match so thought I would check the player ratings out from the newspapers. One scored Maguire and Barnes high (8 & 7 ) the other scored them both low with Maguire given 4 and Barnes 5 . I suppose we all see different things but these people are supposed to be pros!
  2. mazarron fox

    We need a bloody striker and attacking midfielder!!!!

    I like my morning coffee and catch up with the news and sport and of course foxestalk and all it’s various opinions of Puel in out shake it all about but when I see @Bunyip posts I feel like throwing myself off my 4 th floor balcony. You really are the glass half empty sort of guy that makes us all seem upbeat ‘ we’re doomed I’ll tell ye foxtalk we’re doomed ‘
  3. You can get 4 Netflix subscriptions for that 😂 just saying
  4. mazarron fox

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    The training facility and new stand are major outlay. Puel has said before there Is little value in the January window and this is pretty well known. My humble view is the club/ management consider we are safe and have Barnes back which to all purposes is equivalent of a new €20 m player. We need to unload which we are doing and likely we will push on in the summer with or without Puel.
  5. mazarron fox

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    However you dress it up Vardy was piss poor today and despite the defeat we had some decent young talent on show
  6. mazarron fox

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    For those that know jack shit about football hamza played attacking midfield our other midfielder had 2 brain farts and Vardy however you dress it up was total shite no effort fook all.
  7. mazarron fox

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    We look superb now can’t we play against 10 every game
  8. mazarron fox

    Who is our worst value for money signing ever?

    Lee Philpott ( pisspot more like ) he really thought he was the dogs bollox
  9. mazarron fox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    What is the matter man! How dare you come on here and spout complete sense, you will be hung drawn and quartered by some
  10. mazarron fox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Well how can I possibly answer that with a straight face, but to summarize let’s sack the manager because he’s a whispering weirdo 😂 I know let’s get a raving lunatic like Holloway back because he makes us laugh. you couldn’t make it up
  11. mazarron fox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Works at Primark, striker for Merry monarch f.c 😂
  12. mazarron fox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Where has all the negativity come from within our support? I think it is because hope has been replaced by expectation that a club of our size/ stature cannot sustain let alone deliver. Outside the top 6 I can think of at least 20 teams that would consider to be the same size or bigger than us in both terms of fan base and history. Where it has all gone very wonky is the title win whilst we wouldn’t swap for the world has made our fans think we are now an entitled superpower. The hope which all fans cling to for future aspirations has gone from us we have become a bickering bunch of deluded fans where anything other than yearly success is failure. Of the 20 teams in my mind all of them would swap for our set up and league position, our youth policy and would drool at the signings we are able to make. we really are in danger of becoming a laughing stock and we ought to be careful what we wish for in terms of management changes etc because we could be setting ourselves up for a very big fall and soon become one of the 20
  13. mazarron fox

    Could a former player do the job?

    Not wishing to be pedantic but you said quote ‘ we need to change everything ‘ so having read your post again I stand by my comments. In my reply I did mention recruitment, coaching I didn’t feel I needed to as we sit 7th in the league and 2nd in PL 2.
  14. mazarron fox

    Could a former player do the job?

    I really don’t get it, you are criticizing the academy and U23 when we sit 2nd in the league and bringing a plethora of youngsters through the system more thann most clubs so please explain to me how that could be bettered currently? scouting we make mistakes but have success to so again harsh. As many others have said we are currently 7th in the league so could you please enlighten us in your blueprint where you see the club in say 10 years.
  15. mazarron fox

    Iborra Joins Villarreal

    I think you will find Reynard was being sarcastic