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  1. Can you imagine the meltdown on red tinted cafe if they sold Pogba and announced Tielemans?
  2. What I’m saying is as he has quoted football makes him unhappy so the answer is leave football. What he fails to say is football is making me obscenely rich so fook it I will put up with it yet tell people how crap it is
  3. There are plenty of people who are depressed but don’t share it in the public domain so if he is that depressed leave football and choose a different life with all the money he has don’t keep on playing and moaning I completely get it
  4. I think I completely got the point that he’s piss poor as a team player and ought to jack it in nothing to do with depression he owes it to his fellow team mates
  5. Exactly this his depression is f all to do with this . This is a man with the hump because he didn’t win and using ‘ depression ‘ to make his point I’m not buying it when he earns in one week what most people do in a year or two get a grip man
  6. Tieleman Sam your my main man tieleman Sam yeah - T. Rex
  7. I like Danny Rose as a footballer but his heads not in the right place. I think he needs to just do his job for the next few years take his huge salary then when he’s retired do what the hell he wants. Telling hard working people how crap his life is doesnt really wash when your on the money he’s on. Sorry only my opinion
  8. Why don’t we let the people in charge of the club decide what’s best for the club and we can all relax to be honest we have the best young team in the league and a manager that knows his stuff let’s just enjoy the ride or is that beyond most of us here?
  9. Right my lovely FT people who I wake up to and keep you by the side of the bed like an old pair of pants I need to be cleansed and put you to one side for a couple of weeks and hopefully come back to some news. Sleep easy my fellow fretters see you soon .
  10. Why? Does everyone get a free pork pie ? 99 or 100 how does that impact on our lives?
  11. I think we are in a decent position due to the fact he will play week in week out for us but is not ( yet ) good enough to play in one of Europe’s top clubs. A big contract offer may come in but I think he’s level headed to know he’s a rich young man anyway and a couple of years here could propel him to huge things and riches later. Time will tell
  12. I live in Spain and DAZN are showing every premier league game live for €4.99 month so Iv got that happy days.
  13. Then you get some silly twats in their 30s that are easily amused 😂
  14. We have some proper tools on this site anyone who thinks that is good is just well an ostrich
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