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  1. Castagne average over 15 games is 7.02 so how is that miles better than JJ ?
  2. Can you imagine the scenes on here if for example we put him in against Brentford he was bang average and we lost? It would go into meltdown saying what we doing putting a young Ladin a comp we wanted to win , shambles, Rodgers out etc
  3. This and some Newquay been trying to say this but some on here think they know better than the club
  4. A very measured and informative response well done
  5. And you know he is premier league standard how exactly? You want him in the team but the club don’t certainly at the moment and I would sooner back their judgment than the likes of yours. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes? He may well be talented he may also be disruptive a poor trainer , won’t listen and think he’s bigger than his team mates and the club. Maybe as you know so much about him you can throw some light on his day to day attitude. There has been plenty of players who are incredibly talented but ultimately can’t grasp the concept of teamwork thinking they are bigger than the
  6. Why does everyone presume he can cut it at this level? Pep has managed Phil Foden well to the point he is and will be a superstar for Man city. Clubs were queuing up to take him on loan, he could have gone anywhere. Maybe just maybe this Tavares fella isn’t as good as he thinks he is. One thing is sure I’m happy to let the club make the call rather than some on here who have only seen or heard about him play in a few U23 games
  7. It’s Madness getting rid of him a Gray day indeed
  8. I’m probably going to get some pelters but I find Shearer very good and brutally honest .
  9. It’s that long ago now for most it’s Forest who? Who would care?
  10. It’s the other end he’s a liability, hence pep always targeting him.
  11. From a Newcastle forum ‘ Albrighton is a great player, Bruce thinks Ritchie is an Albrighton but he’s clearly not. ‘
  12. Here comes the we should be beating everyone these are so poor look at us we are big time Charlie’s brigade
  13. No excuse by who from who how long have you been supporting us ?
  14. You really do let yourself down at times talking like a ladies urinating device and disrespectful why o why do you do it ? Are we now a European powerhouse ffs
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