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  1. This way with VAR we get double the emotion for example man city thought they had won their fans ecstatic and the spurs fans distraught a minute or two later it’s reversed in dramatic fashion
  2. Came to the Newcastle match heard no singing except of course from Newcastle fans bit crap really. Where’s that atmosphere gone?
  3. Absolutely this plus the fact the refs won’t give contentious decisions to the big boys in the future so much for fear of looking stupid when VAR overturns.
  4. Well just back home in Spain after that, £420 for 3tickets in the fosse, £40 taxis £100 for Chang, £35 for trains £15 bus and £100 for my flights thank you City you plonkers 😂programme and pen were free but I forgot them
  5. Really buzzing for this, flying over to watch the game with my two boys. First time we have all been together since beating stoke when we won the league. One son lives in Sydney and me in Spain so difficult to all get together. COYB
  6. Rodgers is clearly a good manager and if we dont secure this fella he will know the type(s) of player he needs to take us forward he will even know which big money player(s) he needs to sell to progress. I think we are in good hands I think he’s an upgrade on Puel who started a very difficult rebuilding program
  7. You need to put some more liquid in your half empty glass I bet you’re great company😴
  8. Ok so the Birmingham mail are saying the main reason the manager got the tin tack was the fact they lost the quality Harvey bought to the team and the inability to replace him. I think we have a gem of a footballer on our hands moving forward.
  9. My honest perception was we continued from the season before with maximum confidence. The first match of the season against Sunderland if you recall was before the change of full backs and was without the newly signed Kante. I was in the posh seats next to two Sunderland scouts who said to me either you have suddenly turned into Barcelona or we are total garbage. Has it happened there was a bit of truth in both. Ranieri tweaked but didn’t tinker and kept the fire stoked up. With Kante that season it was almost cheating and like playing with 12 men. Another factor was because the big teams and most of the others thought it was little old Leicester we won’t change how we play and kept a suicidal high line and that lesson that season was never learnt.
  10. Ndidi very good half don’t know what some of you are watching, gray and Barnes good Vardy total passenger
  11. Was jock Wallace in bradgate park and when I was in charge of fitness training at our rugby club around the same time we copied his preseason regime and our team were very fit
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