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  1. Would be lacking some pace nowadays I think 😀
  2. It’s all a matter of opinion , for me my fave cities are Buenos Aires,Porto, Lisbon, Valencia,New York, Córdoba, Madrid and Berlin. Not impressed are Dubai, Miami, L.A. and the very very overrated Barcelona. All conjuncture.
  3. That’s a very deep and profound reed at this time of the morning so on a lighter note just back from a few days in Berlin very impressive city and on Saturday during a walk along the spree was treated to singing and joviality by Hertha Berlin fans who had taken en mass to a river boat cruise going past the Reichstag 😀
  4. I’m in Berlin and Hertha Berlin fans were singing and drinking on a river cruise having fun at lunchtime can imagine some of our numpties on a barge down the straights 😀
  5. Better tell the club in Jan then to get the deals sorted in 5 hours because you get too stressed. That should do the trick
  6. Tielemans, Perez and the sale of Maguire were done in plenty of time some people just like a good moan! Get a grip
  7. He could of said the vision of Leicester is every bit as good if not better than Man utd but they are paying me twice as much
  8. He’s gone he’s a plastic manc nothing more to do with us move on
  9. Wish we could somehow distance the pillock from enderby or even transfer him to forest
  10. He happens to be a half decent footballer if he was a half decent heart surgeon in the same contract period he would / might get 600k so let’s have a bit of perspective
  11. I would be indifferent just cheer us on yes we got a good profit but so will he somewhere in the region of 60mil plus other add ons within his contract and the move so let’s cut the sentimental bit it’s business
  12. And if we had him in our amazing season with Huth and Morgan he wouldn’t have got a kick just played in cup matches
  13. A good reception doing a job for about 2 years on 90 k a week don’t make me laugh I did a job for 10 years very well and when I returned was told wasn’t welcome as I cost my old boss money ? it’s a job he’s taken the shilling he’s a man utd player won fook all here so treated like any other transferred player. Now the immortals who gave us a lifetime of memories heros the lot of them different story not a gold digger who achieved nowt and left when we were on the verge of potentially something special.
  14. I think Brendan knows exactly what he wants / needs if we sign anyone then he feels Soyuncu and Benkovic are not up to it if not it speaks volumes
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