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  1. We have a training ground worth £100 million and play under 23 football that would not look out of place On a public park.Something needs to change
  2. The next week is crucial , for the fans the FACup would be a great prize , for the club and the future the Champions League is essential it has been there to lose two seasons in a row and I feel if Rodgers falls short this season then it might Be worth taking the compensation and using that to bring in a top flight manager from Europe. He seems to have lost the players, has obvious issues with the likes of Praet and Under and a new man in could be the answer This week will tell us alot
  3. Yanited are caught between a rock and a hard place playing Villa on Sunday, us on Tuesday and the Scousers on Thursday ain’t doable They will field a full strength side against the Scousers , there is too much pride at stake here so must be a chance on Tuesday their side will be weakened. As for us , unfortunately three points is the only option
  4. Vardy has legendary status not just at Leicester but in the game.We need him over the next four games to get back to some sort of form.He still has the pace maybe in shorter periods of the game and he will finish off chances . We need to stick by him because after him and Nacho man there is zippo to offer
  5. Over the season there has been a problem playing at home. Only the bottom three and Everton are worse and 10;defeats in league and cup competitions spells a huge issue.Rodgers is too cautious and it is costing and again will probably result in failing to qualify for the Champions League when it appeared nailed on.All the rumours of him leaving the Covid party fiasco have not assisted but something needs to change
  6. The chairman attending tonight’s game and here for the Cup Final. Hopefully he will get a round of golf on the new Course at Seagrave Great to have him back
  7. Think the whole manner of distribution has been badly managed. The few tickets should have been available to all season ticket holders and not just those with points This game is a one off and nothing to do whether you travel or not. Some season ticket holders can not afford or able to travel through commitments.It is another case of the club shooting itself In the foot on big ticketing decisions
  8. It seems Cengiz is confined permanently to the bench.He is named in the squad but never gets onto the pitch no matter how desperate we are for width. He looked good at Arsenal and Leeds but something has marked his card regarding his relationship with Rodgers.Shame it has not worked out but Roma will be his next port of call In the next few weeks. Appears to be a similar situation that affected Demari Gray regarding Rodgers
  9. Fantastic achievement and the club has maintained a presence around the top six for a few years now The training ground has been built but I feel until the club plays in a Stadium that only holds more than the current 32,000 then it will be classed as a club punching above its weight Top mentioned the possibility of the stadium being expanded after the 2016 title success Five years later there is no sign other than rumour of it happening , the club is stagnating regarding this
  10. So called fans on here need to get off his back. Cut the bloke some slack , he has not scored many in recent Weeks but has assisted a good few,The bloke needs all the support we can muster , there are no alternatives
  11. I hope I am wrong but is ominous that he could easily rule himself out of the job but continues to leave the door open.The compensation , rumoured to be over £20 million to get him and his backroom team could be positive, Their squad is poor and again this could deter him. More likely is the Gooners get taken over and look to appoint a manager with a much better track record than Arteta., then I think he would go. Because of the Celtic exit , he does not fill me with confidence than this job is no more to him than a stepping stone
  12. Seen locally getting his fish and thrice with some dooberries on the top
  13. Spurs never won a title since the introduction of colour TV . They are in the Super League , nuff said😂😂😂😂
  14. No Bayern Munich but the mighty Spurs and the Gooners , got to be a April Fool come late
  15. Shocking performance , last season revisited. Players lacked commitment and belief , the next six weeks may prove me wrong but it is all going Pete Tong again
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