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  1. Never changed it from default. Never really knew you could or looked at it
  2. If you're travelling at national speed limit and there's a hedgehog in front of you do you genuinely believe it's safe to suddenly brake or swerve to try and avoid it? Just gotta carry on
  3. Would take Matic and Jones over Choudhury and Evans
  4. Use ExpressVPN. I use it for all of my browsing just as a general security tool for my personal data rather than to bypass anything.
  5. It's a rip off of GAEMS, which has been around for much longer and is much more established https://gaemspge.com/
  6. There's no evidence shown in that article that anyone was racist so what are the FA meant to do? They can only deal with facts and evidence. Likewise this, if there's no evidence what do you expect to happen? The team were losing and the only people that heard it were all on the bench for the losing team? Come on. I'm damn sure that if anyone heard it on the opposition bench they too would have made a stand as there's no place for racism in society. But on the facts given in the article, what do you propose happens? Let teams walk off the pitch when they're losing citing racism and then oh ok it might have happened it might not have but we'll replay the game/award you the game. Football is hardly the most sportsmanship sport at the best of time any opportunity to gain an advantage would immediately be abused if The FA set a precedent of making decisions without evidence to support them.
  7. Keep getting this on iPhone @Mark
  8. That Tottenham game though I remember De Vries scoring the winner. It was amazing
  9. You can’t use code in the forum as it opens vulnerabilities and could be used by hackers. Just copy and paste the link and the software does the rest in the background
  10. Welcome - looking forward to the future!
  11. Boring to watch. Wtf Albrighton doing? Ah well let Newport fans celebrate
  12. To prevent a dictatorship I believe
  13. The 'moderator note' for the other one states it was for accusing another member of being a paedophile
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