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  1. And I've just read some more of the replies... as if people also didn't believe that I was 14 in 2007.
  2. Oh 14 year old me - I'm sure my posts from that age on here are awful. And haha you could say that
  3. Of course Mahrez would get in this side This side is better and has better players but the 2016 team would still beat it
  4. I've had these for four years and paid £210 for them at the time. Brilliant investment, used them at the time for shooter games and hearing footsteps was really useful. Nowadays my gaming tends to just be social on FIFA but they've never failed when speaking in party and really clear - can change the party volume separately to the game volume as well if I can't quite hear my mates or something.
  5. DB11


    I'll only upgrade when the games require me to
  6. Have you got a source for that because that's the opposite of everything I've ever read and I can't find anything to support that claim using Google
  7. DB11


    He had a poor game, accept that. But he's been good all season and he's easily our first choice LB - every player won't play well every game
  8. DB11

    FIFA 20

    Yeah you do still achieve XP but nothing like the same rate as when you play clubs matches. And as you've recognised skill points are only awarded in clubs games also.
  9. I’ve literally never put a £1 in a fruit machine. Just don’t understand it and I wouldn’t even know if I’d won anyway it’s all too confusing. I guess you either like it or you don’t rather than making a conscious decision not to use them.
  10. Never changed it from default. Never really knew you could or looked at it
  11. If you're travelling at national speed limit and there's a hedgehog in front of you do you genuinely believe it's safe to suddenly brake or swerve to try and avoid it? Just gotta carry on
  12. Use ExpressVPN. I use it for all of my browsing just as a general security tool for my personal data rather than to bypass anything.
  13. It's a rip off of GAEMS, which has been around for much longer and is much more established https://gaemspge.com/
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