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  1. DB11


    So my completion day might be on Friday, depending if final queries are answered from the one I’m buying on Monday. Doesn’t give me a lot of notice to arrange moving!! Obviously I knew I was approaching so I’ve packed up what I can but in terms of removal companies no one was interested until I could give them a definite firm date, but then said they were booked up weeks in advance. Not sure what I’m gonna do if I can’t find anyone, hopefully the bigger companies will have last minute availability but it’s obviously going to be much more costly.
  2. Being as we’re not in Wales my answer still stands
  3. Had the chance? You mean Leicester wouldn’t sell... he’d have gone if we were willing to let him. No sympathy for him, he made his own decisions and everyone could foresee he’d be a bench warmer if he left and he went anyway.
  4. DB11


    I guess if you were desperate to sell might have been worth going with a commission based estate agents instead of an up front fee? More motivation for them to sell it then
  5. DB11


    Why would the seller be an idiot? I accepted a lower offer on my property because I felt the people I accepted from were more reliable and in a better position so I was more confident that the sale would complete and not fall through - if it fell through I would likely have lost out on the one I wanted.
  6. I had it a few months ago, I elevated and iced it and it healed after about three weeks - Recovery time was maybe a bit longer as I kept thinking it will be okay and going for short runs when it was feeling better, and during the run itself it was fine but then the pain and agony came once I got back.
  7. DB11


    I wouldn’t call an oven that’s less than five years old and in full working order crap but each to their own
  8. DB11


    Is it normal to have to remove a free standing oven/cooker as condition of sale? Seems unreasonable to me, seeing as I’ll be using it right up until the night before the move and no idea where to even start with that?!
  9. DB11


    New users need their first post manually approved by a moderator before it appears on the site and they can post freely. Most bots are weeded out this way so you never see the spam posts.
  10. On a treadmill do you stick at the same speed or alternate it? How do you decide what speed you’re going to go with and what makes you adjust it? And what incline do you use?
  11. DB11


    At least you know your car is safe though
  12. On my driving test I don’t know how but the topic came up of narrow boats and the examiner was really into then and went on boating holidays. I played along to seem genuinely interested and said I liked them too I passed though
  13. I’m not a cyclist but it’s safer for them to cycle side by side. To pass a cyclist safely you should give them half a lane width - this means that if there is a car coming in the other direction you shouldn’t be overtaking as you can’t give them sufficient space as you’d hit the car coming the other way. Therefore you should only overtake when nothing is coming the opposite direction, in which case it would be safe to go into the other lane regardless of if they are single file or two abreast. It’s safer for them because it forces drivers with your attitude to only overtake them when there is enough space
  14. Managed 15km today! My previous longest has been a few 10kms but with varying pace splits so today I decided to try and go for a consistent steady pace and maybe push myself to 12km. Not only did I reach 15 I set a personal best for the 10k in the process
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