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  1. DB11


    This is probably why you keep getting ‘messed about’ by estate agents and not taken seriously. Of course you need to prove you have the funds to back up your offer
  2. DB11


    When I was looking for a new house around Coalville I ruled that estate out despite some houses looking nice on the basis of how busy Bardon Road is and trying to turn right during rush hour!
  3. Ross Barkley https://metro.co.uk/2020/04/21/chelsea-midfielder-ross-barkley-accused-fake-5k-time-12587179/
  4. DB11


    The reaction button is always grey? What happens if you press it the list of reactions should come up to choose one?
  5. After not running much at all recently and doing spin instead at home went out the other day and did my longest distance ever of 22km so my first half marathon! First 15 or so km was also my fastest pace so managed a PB 10k and 10 miles before my legs were in bits.
  6. DB11


    2% below, I rejected an offer outright that was £500 below asking price out of principle the same people came back with asking price so then I sold it to them
  7. Went for a 5k this evening, first one in six weeks (two 10km’s in that time) and it is certainly a rubbish feeling seeing the slower pace/time from when I was running more regularly. Just goes to show how quick you lose it - it’s not as if I’ve stopped exercising as I’ve been using the exercise bike but still, different sorts I guess! No doubt I’d get the pace back within a few weeks if I carried on going but still. Just for a reality booster though I checked my runs from a year ago - I’m still 20 seconds a KM quicker than I was managing 4k (and 1 minute 40 seconds a KM quicker tha
  8. DB11

    The gym

    I’m loving it to be honest! I used to go to the occasional spin class at the gym and enjoyed that but this has so much variety, ranging from a short 10 minute one to 90 minutes and everything in between. Depending on how you feel you can do low impact recovery rides, music themed rides or intense HIIT and hills type rides. I don’t know how they do it but even the on demand classes the instructors are all engaging and it is enjoyable. The cadence and resistance are obviously guides and you can adjust them according to your needs, I’m not competitive so I don’t watch the leaderboard but if that’
  9. DB11

    The gym

    With the darker and colder nights I’ve traded running out and substituted it with investing in the Peloton bike
  10. Although I've done a couple of 15k runs 10k is my maximum comfortable distance. Good point though
  11. Now that I've moved house I've got to start looking for new routes. I do think I'm going to miss my previous route that included going through a woods and a nice off road trail - all main roads and bypass now! Other than Strava's route map (I had the trial but never paid when it expired) what route mappers do people use? Or is it all about going out there and trial and error
  12. DB11


    Friday's house move went great, sale completed shortly after 10am and I had the keys to my new house at mid day! The people moving out were still loading the van when I got there at 1030am so parked up round the corner and waited for them to finish and they handed me the keys once the phone call came in to say purchase had gone through. Went really smoothly and if anyone is struggling to find house removals I used the website anyvan.com and would certainly recommend Now the next week or so is getting utilities, Internet, etc all set up!
  13. DB11


    Finally had confirmation from my solicitor of a completion date for this Friday
  14. That was terrible and we were never going to score
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