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  1. You can’t use code in the forum as it opens vulnerabilities and could be used by hackers. Just copy and paste the link and the software does the rest in the background
  2. Welcome - looking forward to the future!
  3. Boring to watch. Wtf Albrighton doing? Ah well let Newport fans celebrate
  4. To prevent a dictatorship I believe
  5. The 'moderator note' for the other one states it was for accusing another member of being a paedophile
  6. Absolutely shockingly shit performance zzzzz they made it look so easy as well
  7. I’m sure there are dedicated political or Brexit forums on the Internet if you’re really missing the thread and want to discuss the matter
  8. Very emotional scenes at the end there. I thought it it would be 0-0 against Cardiff and a win today so same results just wrong way around! proud of the players in difficult circumstances
  9. 8 of the 11 won the Premier League for us two years ago and you suggest that would not be a competitive side?
  10. Thank you for making the impossible happen. Rest in peace x
  11. DB11

    Forum upgrade

    Where is the button/link for desktop version ?
  12. DB11

    Forum upgrade

    There's no such thing I was led to believe by Mark. Can you provide screenshots?
  13. DB11

    Forum upgrade

    There is no such thing as 'mobile' or 'desktop' - it's a dynamic theme that adapts to the dimensions etc. of the device you are on. You have the exact same functionality regardless of which device you access the site from.
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