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  1. On my driving test I don’t know how but the topic came up of narrow boats and the examiner was really into then and went on boating holidays. I played along to seem genuinely interested and said I liked them too I passed though
  2. I’m not a cyclist but it’s safer for them to cycle side by side. To pass a cyclist safely you should give them half a lane width - this means that if there is a car coming in the other direction you shouldn’t be overtaking as you can’t give them sufficient space as you’d hit the car coming the other way. Therefore you should only overtake when nothing is coming the opposite direction, in which case it would be safe to go into the other lane regardless of if they are single file or two abreast. It’s safer for them because it forces drivers with your attitude to only overtake them when there is enough space
  3. Managed 15km today! My previous longest has been a few 10kms but with varying pace splits so today I decided to try and go for a consistent steady pace and maybe push myself to 12km. Not only did I reach 15 I set a personal best for the 10k in the process
  4. Thoughts on the changes? https://www.strava.com/subscription/from-our-founders?utm_source=strava&utm_medium=dorado&utm_campaign=founders_letter https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2020/05/strava-cuts-off-leaderboard-for-free-users-reduces-3rd-party-apps-for-all-and-more.html
  5. I’m listening on Spotify instead but just refreshed podcasts and still no trace
  6. This article doesn’t seem to have anything new in it? That’s all quite common knowledge that’s been written about before...
  7. The Apple one doesn’t seem to have the latest episode?
  8. https://www.netflix.com/title/80200549?s=i&trkid=13747225
  9. I hardly think that should qualify as sportsmanship He dived in the first place, probably realised the TV cameras would humiliate him retrospectively so damaged limitation
  10. I've long just been a 'Leicester City' fan than a wholesale football fan. Watching other games on TV just doesn't interest me.
  11. You would need a USB to ethernet adapter
  12. I suspect it’s been going on/planned in the background for a while. It’s not going to have just been done on Boxing Day? As to why it’s only just been leaked or made it in the media today who knows
  13. Try compatibility mode https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/how-to-run-old-games-on-windows-10/
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